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Pie Face Game

Pie Face Game

If you’re looking for a really fun way to get everyone in the family together and have some pure, unadulterated fun, even if at the expense of others getting splatted with a pie on their face, then Hasbro’s Pie Face Game is an absolute must. With so many positive reviews about this surprisingly simple yet ultimately engaging game, it’s not surprising why a lot of people continue getting the Pie Face Game for themselves, their family, or as gifts to others.

A Game to Test Your Reflexes

The game has a very simple setup. It comes with a pie thrower and a throwing arm as well as a chin rest, spinner, splash guard mask, a sponge, and 2 handles. You simply need to put the different parts together and you’re on your way to a really fun and entertaining way to test the integrity of your reflexes and determine how well-honed your nervous system really is.

The game play is really easy. Each player takes turns sliding their heads through the splash guard mask with their chins resting comfortably on the chin rest. They will then have to spin the accompanying spinner to determine the number of turns they need to dial the hand splatter mechanism. The sponge attached to the throwing arm is filled with whipped cream, shaving cream, or simply foam.  With each turn of the knob, tension increases in the built-in spring. But there simply is no way of knowing when the tension is just enough to release the throwing arm on the player’s face. This is actually where the fun is. Aside from the tension that’s building inside the Pie Face Game’s throwing arm, tension among the players also builds. And when it gives, so does the laughter that will erupt, filling the room.

It’s a game of reflexes. While you’re not supposed to dodge the incoming pie, you will still have to close your eyes at the right moment to avoid getting those cream or foam in your eyes. It’s a test of the integrity of your reflexes.

A Fun Way to Bring the Whole Family Together

Just having the Pie Face Game is often enough to bring family members together. Everyone can sit around a table and tensely wait for their turn at the game. You can be as creative as you can with the mechanics of the game. Typically, however, the first person who gains 25 points wins. In some cases, it’s a race to see who comes last with a corresponding consequence or punishment. However you wish to play the Pie Face Game, it is critically important that cooperation, fair play, and a good sense of fun are abundant. The thing that we found really amusing about the game is that even parents and grandparents love playing with it. It’s a great way to bring family members across generations to enjoy a very simple yet truly engaging gameplay.

Depending on the material that you’re going to place on the throwing arm, it can really get messy. This is especially true if you’re going to use whipped cream or even shaving cream. Nevertheless, it is relatively easy to clean. Additionally, you can always place several layers of old newspaper on the floor to catch the splatter.

The Pie Face Game is an excellent toy that can bring entire families together. It’s great for birthday parties as well as other social gatherings where absolute fun at the expense of others is a requirement. While the mask can be quite flimsy, it nevertheless, makes up for it by the tons of laughter that will be echoing throughout the neighborhood once the tension gives.


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