Holy Stone Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Gift

Today’s remote control flying vehicles are largely different from their predecessors both in design and in embedded technology. In this article we are going to review the Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and determine why a lot of customers, especially children, consider it as the best in hobby quadcopters.

Effortless Flying for Beginning Aerial Drone Specialists

Part of the Holy Stone’s charm is in the integration of a headless system. Traditional RC flying vehicles will have to be pointed in the right direction to facilitate flight, much like a real airplane or a real helicopter needing to orient its nose in the direction where it’s going. With the F181C you don’t need such orientation. Kids can simply hold it on the palm of their hands, activate its rotor, and send it soaring through the skies.

Worried that you’ll lose the Holy Stone in the event that it crashes? Well, you can always rely on its One-Key Return mechanism to send it flying back to you. It drastically improves security while also preserving your investment in the aerial rig.

You will love using the F181C’s Altitude Hold functionality. It simplifies the whole balancing act of hovering without having to put any form of external action on your part. Helicopter pilots cannot do this because they have to carefully strike a balance between the helicopter’s forward and backward movements and its tendency to spin. By balancing these forces, a helicopter can easily stay afloat. With the F181C however, there’s no balancing required. Just press a button, release the throttle stick, and it hovers on its own at its current height.

Great Introduction to Aerial Photography

Because of the superb Altitude Hold function of the Holy Stone, you can stabilize the platform while taking wonderful shots with its fully integrated HD camera system. The good news is that you don’t really have to be onboard the F181C to control and manage the camera. You can do this remotely through its own control unit complete with an LCD screen. While the videos that you shoot or the photos that you snap are less than ideal, these nevertheless, are very important in introducing the field of aerial photography and videography to kids. We love this product so much, we featured it on our guide on the top gifts for photographers.

The Holy Stone is just perfect when it comes to encouraging children to use their imagination. Not only is their creativity enhanced with the use and control of the aerial rig’s HD camera systems, they also get to try out a variety of stunts and manoeuvres that are truly stunning. Making this possible is a 360-degree key that allows players to continuously provide user-input into the F181C’s system so it can effortlessly perform barrel rolls, twists, flips, and other tricks. As they say, it’s all in a child’s imagination how well he or she understands the unique characteristics of the Holy Stone and, based on this understanding, how he or she will utilize such characteristics.

The only downside to the Holy Stone is that it only has a flight time of 9 minutes, max, after charging it for a full 80 minutes. Nevertheless, with a range of up to 100 meters, it really is an exceptional flying machine for kids to enjoy.


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