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cool coffee mugs

Nothing can really perk up our mornings than a cup of good ol’ fashioned, slowly brewed, piping hot coffee. Whether it’s Arabica or Robusta or any other coffee bean type that we put into out coffeemaker, all of these won’t matter if we don’t have the best looking and thermally optimal vessels to pour our golden black beverage into. Our 15 seriously cool coffee mugs in 2017 should help you enjoy better cups of your favorite drink not only in the mornings but any time you feel like needing some perking up.

Our Picks Of The Coolest Coffee Mugs This Year:

Bomb Coffee Set

The bombs the military use today are so smart that each can wipe out an entire city block. The same is true with the Bomb Mug. It’s so smart that you can easily take it down in half and serve two of your favorite espressos in a jiffy without exploding in your face.


Heisenberg Sketch Coffee Mug

Followers of the Breaking Bad series can now have the sketch of their favorite family man-turned-drug kingpin and criminal mastermind in this officially licensed coffee mug made of glazed ceramic materials. The silicon lid serves as Heisenberg’s infamous hat that will keep your drink as hot as possible especially during travels.


World's Greatest Farter Coffee Mug

Thinking of a great gift for your coffee-guzzling father for his birthday or even on Father’s Day or Christmas Day? Why not give the World’s Greatest (Farter) Father coffee mug? He’d get a good laugh while relishing your thoughtfulness. Plus, he gets to enjoy his coffee the way he always wanted to.


Coffee and Books Mug

It’s quite rare to see a bibliophile enjoying a good read while drinking alcohol. What is very common is to see people reading while having a good cup of coffee in hand. As such, just as sure as coffee and donuts go together, we’d say coffee and books are exceptional partners, too.


Star Wars BB-8 Mug

Fans of the new darling of the Star Wars franchise can now enjoy their drinks with this BB-8 inspired coffee mug. Whether it will serve as an addition to your collection of Star Wars memorabilia or as a fitting reminder to the intergalactic nature of coffee drinking, this one’s definitely for you.


Spiky Mug

Drinking from the Spiky mug is like drinking your favorite brew from a de-cored jackfruit or even durian. With spikes surrounding the body of the coffee mug, you’d really have to be careful not to allow your lips or your hands to touch this section. The elegantly shaped handle should do the trick.


Floating Mug

It’s magic. You’ve got a plain looking porcelain coffee mug that seemingly floats on air. The thing is, the Floating Mug is actually suspended several centimeters off the surface of your table by the unusually elongated C-shaped handle that connects to the sturdy base, giving the illusion of a floating mug.


Grenade Mug

Whatever you do, don’t pull the safety pin out. Well, this is not so much as to prevent the Grenade coffee mug from exploding, but rather for making sure that your coffee stays piping hot the way you like it. Of course, refilling it is an entirely different issue.


Electric Guitar Coffee Mug

For guitar players, this ceramic coffee mug is the best gift you can get. The handle is designed like an electric guitar with its neck fully shaped to form the classic C-shaped handle. The mug’s walls are adorned with musical notes to really give you a musical feel to your coffee drinking.


Octopus Mug

Creaturecups are novelty coffee mugs that incorporate your favorite animals inside the ceramic coffee cup. Each one is designed according to your preferences so you get a highly personalized mug. Fancy an octopus inside your coffee mug? How about a human skull or even a sea turtle? You name it, they’ll make it.


Pottery Mug

If this is your first time seeing this particular gift item, you’d definitely think of it more as a wonderful clay pot that is just perfect for holding your favorite ornamental plant. But this ceramic is actually an elegantly designed coffee mug that comes with large knobs for a tactile experience.


Self Stirring Coffee Mug

There’s a perfectly good reason why the LEADNOVO Self Stirring coffee mug is such a great gift to coffee, chocolate, cocoa, or tea lovers everywhere. For one thing, you no longer need a separate stirrer or spoon to mix your drink thoroughly. The mug does it already for you.


Sassy Mug

It’s one thing to say the “F” word and an entirely different matter to have it printed. And if you have it printed, there’s no better way to use this curse word than through the F*ckity F*ck F*ck coffee mug. This handcrafted coffee mug should hold about 11 ounces of your F*ckity drink.


Knuckle Duster Handle Coffee

Brawlers know that the best way to win a fistfight is to arm oneself with a brass knuckle. While the brass knuckle integrated into this Fairly Odd Novelties creation is not going to break any bones, it’s sure to draw the attention of the crowd especially with the corresponding curved mug.


Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Serious PC gamers know that their character’s health is what keeps them in the game. And with this Pixel Heart Heat-Changing coffee mug, you’d have to keep on replenishing your coffee if you want to register optimum health for the pixel heart printed on the mug. It’s ingenious and quite fun, too.


Don't Make Me Angry Mug

People who know Dr. Banner very well never to make him angry, lest they turn him into the uncontrollable Hulk. You’d deliver the same message if you’re drinking from the Don’t Make Me Angry coffee mug, shaped like the closed fist of the Incredible Hulk. It’s green and mean and it holds coffee.


You're So Foxy Mug

You already know the tune. Now, it’s time to answer the question, “What did the fox say?” If you’re a coffee lover, we’re almost certain you’d answer “Coffee, please!” And for that, having the You’re So Foxy coffee mug should be a fitting compliment to your love of this favorite drink.


The Knockout Mug

Boxers need a cup of coffee to boost their energy and keep their metabolism in hyperdrive. Boxing fans also can enjoy their coffee with this 12 ounce boxing glove-inspired coffee mug that is guaranteed to knockout any opponent. It’s the perfect gift to anyone who enjoys coffee while watching a boxing match.


Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Don’t ever leave the Mango Spot coffee mug on your desk or your office photographer might mistake it for his prime Canon EF 24-105mm L lens. The exceptional detailing of this camera lens coffee mug belies its true nature – holding 12 ounces of your favorite beverage, either hot or cold.


Funny Cat Coffee Mug

It has a very simple design but you’d be amazed at just how popular this coffee mug is as a novelty gift idea for coffee lovers everywhere. Its message is quite simple – it talks about one’s independence and freedom just as you would like whenever you are enjoying a cup of coffee.


Prescription Mug

For those who firmly believe that caffeine is one of the best medicines man has ever produced, this Original Prescription 12 ounce high quality ceramic coffee mug is just for you. It’s specifically designed to resemble the bottle of prescription medications we use today complete with realistic pharmaceutical labeling.


Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Can’t get enough of the constellations and other celestial bodies? While you’re enjoying your cup of coffee, you can actually be mesmerized by these heavenly bodies as they appear in their full splendor while your coffee is piping hot. Once it gets cold, though, you only get to see stars.


Mr. P Lick Mug

The coffee drip on the Mr. P. Lick Mug looks so real that you’d be forgiven for attempting to wipe it off. This is actually what Mr. P. is trying to lick with his eyes closed, mouth wide open, and his tongue sticking out as long as it possibly can to catch the dripping coffee.


Ergonomic Wooden Coffee Mug

This has got to be one of the most elegant, most eco-friendly, and coolest coffee mugs we’ve ever seen. Fully handcrafted from premium solid wood, this maryleonen creation speaks of elegance befitting the discriminating tastes of coffee connoisseurs the world over. The grains of the solid wood give the cup its distinct style.


Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

If you need a more engaging cup of coffee, then you really have to get the Crossword Puzzle coffee mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. The entire surface of the cup is a crossword puzzle that you get to solve each week. Simply go online to get another crossword puzzle if you must.


The Toilet Mug

If the last available item that can hold a fluid in the world happens to be a toilet bowl, would you drink from it? If it comes from Evelots, we sure can drink almost anything. This toilet bowl-inspired 10-ounce coffee mug is an exceptional toilet-humor gag gift for pranksters.


Hulk Coffee Mug

Imagine The Hulk smashing his way through your coffee mug with his big, ugly green face and humongous fist breaking right through the surface, sending cracks along the wall of your mug. Now, don’t worry as no matter how mighty the Hulk is, he is not going to leak your coffee through.


Funny Social Media Mug

You know that you cannot just give the ‘finger’ sign to anyone you dislike, especially if you’re in the office. It simply is rude and not the right conduct of a professional. Instead, you’d better show off this Facebook-inspired ‘finger’-printed mug. And with a print that says “Post This”, they’ll get the message.


Porcelain Doll Head Cups

Want something quite unique and whimsical for your coffee-loving friend? Try giving these handcrafted big size doll head coffee mug and he or she will definitely admire just how exquisite these look. With exceptional detailing of the human face, it’s like drinking from a medieval cup enjoyed by royalties.


Donut Ever Let Me Go Coffee Mug

Coffee and donuts are like milk and cookies; they go exceptionally well. The sweetness of donuts tempered by the bitterness of black coffee is harmony in its purest form. There’s no denying this “Donut Ever Let Me Go” coffee mug is an apt gift to whoever relishes coffees and donuts.


I'm Your Favorite Child Coffee Mug

It’s the best gift you can ever give to your mom or dad during his or her birthday or on any other special occasion like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. The words “I love how we all know that I’m your favorite child” are printed on the 13-ounce glass mug.


Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Serious gamers and computer geeks have all the right reasons to be thankful the Ctrl-Alt-Del cup set was designed and crafted. Each of these three keyboard key-inspired cups can hold up to 8 ounces of your favorite drink, just perfect for enjoying a cup with 2 of your gaming or office buddies.


Star Wars Storm Trooper Mug

Loyal Storm Troopers everywhere, rejoice! for the Star Wars Storm Trooper ceramic coffee mug is now here to quench your longing for good old, intergalactic coffee befitting a member of the New Order or even of the old Empire. It’s completely safe to put in your Imperial microwave, too.


The Mug With A Hoop

Basketball fans who cannot get enough of their favorite sport can now add the Mug with a Hoop to their growing collection of basketball items. The handle of this 16 ounce coffee mug forms the base for the hoops and backboard. Now, all you need is to shoot those marshmallows through the hoop.


Face Mug with Biscuit Holder

Don’t you just hate it if you’re about to enjoy a bunch of cookies or biscuits with your coffee and yet you don’t have any small plate to put these treats on? Get the Creative Cute Face mug and simply slip your biscuits and cookies through its mouth and enjoy.


Motivational Mug

Designers at Loftipop must really had a bad day when they decided to handcraft the To Do List coffee mug. This 11 ounce mug lists the top 4 things that all coffee lovers must do every single day: wake up, drink coffee, poop, and be awesome. Simple yet truly effective.


Game of Thrones Mug

Fans and followers of the Game of Thrones have so much to rejoice with the introduction of this wonderful GOT-inspired mug in the market. Fully handcrafted out of high quality ceramic materials, Caffeine is Coming is an amazing gift to wannabe throne seekers, adventurers, and risk takers of the coffee-loving world.


Melting Mug

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. What you see in the Ceramic Treasure Coffee Cup is all true and very real. It really is melting and is slowly being gobbled up by the surface underneath it. It’s a creative way to enjoy a cup of coffee, giving the illusion of a melting cup.


Extra Shot Coffee Mug

Ever consider giving a zip to your favorite morning brew or even early afternoon perk-me-up? NPW-USA has come up with a nifty solution so you can add an extra shot to your cup of coffee with this set that already includes a mini flask. What you put into the flask is up to you.


Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mugs

If you’re not really bothered by drinking steaming hot coffee without getting burned, then you clearly don’t need these double walled coffee mugs. But the fact is, many of us simply cannot down our coffee in a single gulp. Sadly, letting it sit there a few minutes and we lose that steamy goodness.


The Gun Mug

While James Bond is never known to be a great fan of the coffee and neither is Ethan Hunt or the other great spies in the silver screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy 12 ounces of your favorite coffee with a gun literally in your hands.


Rubiks Cube 3D Mug

You may not be able to manipulate the 3x3 tiles of this Rubik’s Cube to solve the gazillion puzzle challenges that come with it; but, you certainly will be able to enjoy a good cup of your favorite brew every morning or every time you need some perking up to do.


Funny Coffee Mug

Doesn’t it bother you if people will be disrupting your every sip that you simply can no longer find enjoyment in drinking coffee? Try using this handcrafted coffee mug from ArtfulColorDesigns so you’ll have an idea of how to react to someone who’s really into disrupting your coffee drinking bliss.


Build-On Brick Mug

Folks who have a vast collection of LEGO and other similar building bricks ought to have the OliaDesign mug. This coffee mug is designed like the base platform of building brick play sets so you get to build something while enjoying your piping hot coffee. It’s a new way to enjoy coffee.


Interlocking Kissing Couple Mug Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a coffee-loving couple, then the Romero Britto is it. This pair of interlocking 12-ounce mugs is designed like a couple kissing complete with heart-shaped handles to really add to the feeling of love and passion the couple has for each other.


Disappearing Dino Mug

Have you ever seen how dinosaurs turned into fossils that paleontologists dig and study today? If you get the Disappearing Dino Mug, you’d be treated to an amazing transformation using the wonderful science of thermochromic paints. Pouring hot liquids into the mug turns the colorful dinos into fossilized remains.


Gigantic Coffee Mug

Designed for the coffee addict who can guzzle a full half gallon of freshly brewed coffee in one sitting, this Gigantic Coffee Mug is one humongous and hilarious coffee mug. Its colossal dimensions, holding up to 64 ounces of your favorite brew, is often enough to serve an entire office.


Monster Dunk Mug

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies and warm, creamy milk? They’re like these His and Hers Mug Set that are designed like lovable monsters just waiting for their masters to dunk their favorite treats in their warm ceramic caverns. They make the most ideal gifts for the coffee-loving, cookie-munching couple.


Tips to Picking the Right Coffee Mug for Someone Else

It’s quite easy to choose something for ourselves since we already know what we want. The same thing can be said when choosing the right coffee cup for ourselves. However, everything becomes quite challenging when we start thinking about getting a coffee mug for someone else. While it may seem challenging, it is not entirely impossible. Here are some tips on how to choose the best coffee mug for someone else.

  • If the person happens to be an officemate, try to observe the kind of cup that he or she often uses. This will give you an idea of his or her preferences. The problem is when the person you intend to give the mug to is someone you don’t see often.
  • If you are not sure about the type of mug the person goes for, you will never go wrong with a travel coffee mug. Make sure it’s double walled and has excellent stability. Additionally, consider getting one with a slightly smaller base to fit into the cup holders of cars.
  • Unless the person is a lover of large cups, go for the smaller ones like 12 ounces as these have become the standard size through the years. It also makes for a good desktop organizer of his or her other things.
  • As for the shape, it really doesn’t matter unless you know the person’s personal preferences.

Enjoying a cup of coffee has become a very important morning ritual in our modern day lives. It has also become an integral part of our routine of staying fully energized throughout the day. With these 15 seriously cool coffee mugs in 2017, you’re guaranteed a more pleasant and truly enriching coffee experience. For more cool gifts, check out our coffee lovers gift guide.

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