15 Seriously Cool Coffee Mugs in 2017

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Nothing can really perk up our mornings than a cup of good ol’ fashioned, slowly brewed, piping hot coffee. Whether it’s Arabica or Robusta or any other coffee bean type that we put into out coffeemaker, all of these won’t matter if we don’t have the best looking and thermally optimal vessels to pour our golden black beverage into. Our 15 seriously cool coffee mugs in 2017 should help you enjoy better cups of your favorite drink not only in the mornings but any time you feel like needing some perking up.

15 Superbly Cool Coffee Mugs

Heat Changing Constellation Mug by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Astronomers continue to scour the far reaches of the galaxy just to prove that life does exist somewhere else. While waiting for this confirmation, we can always look up to the skies at night and marvel at the peculiar yet stunning groupings of heavenly stars that have been arranged to mimic the signs of legends. Constellations have been around even before the world was born. And these will continue to do so even when the world we know is no more. So, the best way to appreciate our existence in this universe is by sitting down on our loungers at night with a good cup of coffee in one hand and another one fumbling with the ocular settings of our telescopes. But we don’t need to wait for the night to appreciate these constellations. The Heat Changing Constellation Mug now allows us to enjoy these stellar groupings anytime, anywhere. Simply pour your favorite piping hot brew into these novelty mugs and you’d be treated to a spectacular display of glistening stars in all their glory. Known as the thermochromic process, this allows the heat-sensitive molecules on the constellation print to react and produce a wonderful glow, giving you a fantastic view of 11 constellations right on the surface of the Constellation cool coffee cup which were not there before. You’d be treated to Cassiopea, Ursa Minor and Major, Orion, Perseus, Hercules, Andromeda, Castor and Pollux, Taurus, Saggitarius, and Scorpius. A word of caution, though. Only wash the Constellation by hand so as not to damage its thermochromic properties. You can put it in the microwave, however, but never in your dishwasher. The Constellation is the perfect gift for astronomers, star lovers, astrologers, star gazers, zodiac fans, and any other person who wants to pour his or her coffee in a stellar vessel.

What We Like about It – The Constellation is a coffee mug of universal proportions great for turning an ordinary caffeine-drinking session into a stellar experience.

Camera Lens Travel Thermos Coffee Mug by uHome

Camera Lens Travel Thermos Coffee Mug

Cool mugs don’t necessarily have to be the same old style of vessel that you pour your hot deliciousness into. Consider for instance the uHome Camera Lens Travel Thermos. While it’s true this is a thermos which you can actually cover shut to maintain the hot temperature of your drink, nobody will ever actually think that it’s a vessel for your liquid caffeine. Why? It’s designed like the premium professional lens of Canon in is L-series, the EF 24-105 mm f/4 complete with Image Stabilization and Ultrasonic Motor. Even professional photographers have been fooled by the attention to detail given into the thermos. Only when they pick it up will they realize that it is not what it seems as it is too light to be Canon’s premium grade optics. Such unique coffee mugs can really fool almost anyone especially those who know nothing about camera lenses. They will definitely think that this is a true-blue camera lens of the highest possible quality. The uHome mug has a stainless steel interior to help keep your brew piping hot longer while its food grade ABS plastic exterior allows for ease of holding regardless of how hot the liquid inside is. The Camera Lens Travel Thermos is the perfect gift for those who would like to keep their cups of caffeine undisturbed by anyone else since no one will think of the lens as a vessel for the piping hot brew.

What We Like about It – The Camera Lens Travel Thermos is a deceptively unique and functional vessel for enjoying 400 mL or 13.5 ounces of your favorite drink either in the office or on the go.

The Original Prescription Mug by BigMouth Inc.

The Original Prescription Mug

Did you know that caffeine is actually considered a medicine? It is often indicated in premature infants who have bronchopulmonary dysplasia as both a preventative and treatment. It has been proven to reduce the risk of language and cognitive developmental delays in preterm babies as well as help in the reduction of risk associated with cerebral palsy. It is also indicated for the treatment of apnea among premature babies. For individuals who have abnormally low blood pressure especially when standing up from a lying down position, caffeine is a great treatment. With all these medical benefits of caffeine, we believe it is but fitting and proper to get the Original Prescription Mug as the best coffee mug in town as confirmed by more than 2,200 very happy, very satisfied online reviewers on Amazon giving the product a stellar 4.4 star rating. The beautifully designed Original Prescription cup holds a good quantity of your favorite brew so you can enjoy all its health-giving benefits while being reminded of its true medicinal properties. However, if you already have high blood pressure or even abnormally fast heart rate, maybe you really should consider tapering down on your caffeine intake as it may not really be good for you. Nevertheless, the high-grade ceramic Original Prescription Mug should make for a really fabulous gift to someone who looks at this black wonder as a true wonder drug.

What We Like about It – The Original Prescription Mug is an apt reminder of the wonderful benefits of drinking caffeinated beverages. However, this should always be moderated as drinking too much, like taking too much medicines, can have its disastrous consequences as well.

Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mugs Set of 2 by Better For Your

Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mugs Set of 2

In the culinary world more and more individuals are resorting to the use of stainless steel because of its superb qualities including tensile strength, durability, and excellent heat insulation. From kitchen knives to utensils to kitchen countertops and appliances, it really wouldn’t be surprising if one of the best caffeine cups anyone could ever recommend is one that’s made of stainless steel. For that, we recommend the Better For Your Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mugs Set. The Better for Your cups are constructed or 304 stainless steel of the highest possible grade, ensuring optimum corrosion resistance, superb shatter proofing capabilities, and exceptional durability that will see you drinking or sipping from it for many generations to come. Each set of two mugs come with etched color name which serves as an identifier on which vessel needs some refilling. But the best part of the Better for Your mug is that, thanks to its double walled, air gap, stainless steel design, it is able to hold drinks at their serving temperatures for a whole lot longer. So, if you’re going to put boiling hot coffee in it, you can bet that it will still be hot by the time you feel like drinking from it. The same is true with ice cold beverages. Unlike other liquid caffeine containers, the Better for Your can be safely popped into your dishwasher for instant cleaning. No fuss. No hassle at all.

What We Like about It – The Better for Your thermos cup’s double walled, air gap design is phenomenal. The brushed stainless steel surface is also exceptionally elegant.

Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Contigo

Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you’re planning on doing some long distance travel that will see you on the road for at least 7 hours, don’t forget to bring the Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug with you. This Contigo product is the best coffee mug of its class as it is able to gain close to 5,000 very satisfactory consumer ratings and feedbacks on online review platforms. And it is very easy to see why people are just raving about the Byron. Its gem is in its Snapseal technology which essentially guarantees 100 percent leak proofing while keeping your drinks hot or cold for at least 7 hours or 18 hours, respectively. This is made possible by the company’s patented ThermaLock vacuum insulation system which effectively seals in the temperature of the liquid that is poured into its cavity. The Byron’s Snapseal technology allows you to drink from it using only one hand. Most similar products will require you to hold the canister with one hand while another hand unscrews the lid or flips the lid open. With the Byron’s Snapseal system, drinking is as easy as popping the lid open, sip, and then simply press it shut back in – all with the use of one hand. And with an easy grip body and available in a range of sizes from 16 ounces to 24 ounces, the Byron is simply perfect for outdoor sportsmen, adventurers, bikers, hikers, trekkers, campers, backpackers, fishermen or anglers, and even kayakers and ordinary men and women who simply need either hot or cold drinks in an instant.

What We Like about It – The Snapseal Byron is a superbly engineered thermos canister designed to give you the drink that you need at its correct temperature.

Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug by Got Me Tipsy

Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Some people don’t like the idea of using glass cups to hold their favorite brew. There is a general concern about the heat being too much that the glass might eventually break. While this is entirely possible especially with low grade glass cups, you can nevertheless, rely on the exceptional glass craftsmanship of the Got Me Tipsy Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug. This cool coffee cup is the perfect gift for moms as a Mother’s Day gift or even on their birthdays or on other special occasions. The point is that this 13 ounce glass is made of the highest possible quality of crystalline glass to help make sure it can withstand extreme temperatures. Whether it is boiling hot water for your instant coffee or icy cold beverages that you’re going to pour into the Got Me Tipsy, you can bet it will never break or shatter into smithereens. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what liquid you put into the Got Me Tipsy glass. You can bet that it will taste as refreshing as you’ve expected it while giving you a more elegant look for your drink.

What We Like about It – The Got Me Tipsy is a slightly bold move to accommodate something very hot using high quality glass. But as they say, there is elegance and sophistication in the glitter that is reflected by glass materials.

Central Perk Latte Coffee Mug by Friends

Central Perk Latte Coffee Mug

Central Perk may not actually be the funny coffee mugs you have in mind but they are nonetheless, a very cool way to bring a smile to someone you know whose life revolves around coffee beans. And if you happen to be a fan of Friends, then this one’s definitely for you. One thing you’d immediately notice about the Friends Central Perk Latte Coffee Mug is that it has a rather shorter but wider profile. Technically, it’s more like a soup bowl with an attached handle on its side. But feeling the Central Perk gives you the impression of its superb ceramic quality. It’s particularly heavy for its size which simply translates to better heat management. Most thinly layered ceramic cups tend to heat the entire surface very fast, preventing you from holding the mug to your lips. Not with the Central Perk, though, as the thick ceramic construction holds heat exceptionally well. The handle is very sturdy and is very pleasing to hold. However, don’t expect to slide all of your 4 fingers into the handle. The Friends logo matches very well with the color of the cup. The Central Perk holds 16 ounces of your hottest brew without scalding your hands. Unfortunately, you’d have to be careful sipping it. If you want to retain the colorful Friends Central Perk logo for many years to come, whatever you do, don’t put it in the dishwasher although the company says you can. It is always a lot better to clean it with your hands.

What We Like about It – For fans and followers of Friends, the Central Perk mug is essentially for you. It’s got great heat holding properties and quite a capacity, too.

Classic Insulated Travel Mug by Bubba Brands

Classic Insulated Travel Mug

It’s designed like the best coffee mug, but the Bubba Brands Classic Insulated Travel Mug is actually more of a small-sized thermos that can really provide you with the right kind of drinks during those days when your ordinary mug simply won’t cut it. Thanks to superb foam insulation separating the inner stainless steel layer from the outer BPA-free plastic layer, the Bubba can keep your hot beverages piping hot for several hours so you get warm drinks when you need to. Putting ice cold beverages will have an even longer lasting effect often double the thermal retention capabilities of the Bubba for hot liquids. This makes the Bubba a great companion for campers, anglers, hikers, and even bikers out in the open mountain trails. It has a very durable and sturdy construction that can withstand accidental bumps, shocks, and even the most serious of vibrations. Its construction guarantees superior shatter proofing. The Bubba also comes with a built-in bottle opener at the bottom of the handle making it a truly versatile cup that’s going to be the outdoor sportsman’s dream companion. Bubba also offers a lifetime guarantee on material issues, replacement parts, defects, and even workmanship issues. The Bubba is your best coffee mug if your ordinary one simply fails to do its fundamental job.

What We Like about It – It’s got excellent thermal insulation capabilities, superbly rigid and sturdy construction, and a lifetime guarantee that’s impossible to pass.

Build-On Brick Mug Coffee Cup by SH

Build-On Brick Mug Coffee Cup

Want some really funny coffee mugs? Consider getting the SH Build On Brick Mug Coffee Cup and you will be instantaneously transported back in time to your childhood playing with LEGO bricks and play sets. Technically, we don’t find the Brick Cup funny as it is a very ingenious way to kill boredom or even while away your time as you get to enjoy sipping your way to your favorite brew. Just imagine an ordinary cup that has, for its side, a building brick panel instead or one continuous smooth surface. Even the handle contains the rounded snap-on building points similar to the building bricks of LEGO and other like toys. You are essentially given a play board with which to build many fantastic things that your mind can think of. It’s like being a kid all over again as you try to create space rockets, buildings, mini dolls, airplanes, houses, trees, and what-have-yous. The good thing is that the convex building surface is exceptionally compatible with LEGO building bricks as well as other brands that are of the same size and dimensions as LEGO bricks. This means that if you already have a collection of these construction and building play sets, rather than these collecting cobwebs in your storage compartment, why not get them out and start building a city right on the surface of your Build On Brick cup? We really cannot think of any other novelty mugs that are as ingenious and playful as this one.

What We Like about It – The Build On Brick is a very ingenious solution to how we can add fun and excitement to our ordinary coffee drinking chores. This also gives us the opportunity to go back in time to our childhood years and frolic in the thought of being able to play with our creativity and imagination again.

Pac Man Heat Change Mug by Paladone

Pac Man Heat Change Mug

One of the most enduring computer arcade games of all time is Pac Man. And while many kids of today clearly don’t know who Pac Man is and how this game transformed the lives of many kids in the early 80s, those who grew up with the game will truly appreciate the Paladone Pac Man Heat Exchange Mug. This cool coffee cup works pretty much like the thermochromic Constellation also in this list. Whenever you pour a hot liquid into the cup, the heat slowly raises the temperature of the thermochromic materials embedded in the cup slowly revealing Pac Man in mid-game as he tries to devour the dots and evade the spooky ghouls. Without the heat emanating from the inside of the cup, it will look like any other ordinary cup. But once heat has worked its way outside then the magic of Pac Man begins. This is the ideal gift for individuals who are avid fans of the game as well as for those who may have only heard of who the Pac Man really is.

What We Like about It – The Pac Man cup brings you nostalgia, a feeling of being transported back in the 80s when simple graphics games were already a joy to behold and play; much like a cup of coffee without any additives or fancy decorations.

Eeyore “Mornings” Coffee Mug from Winnie the Pooh by Hallmark

Eeyore “Mornings” Coffee Mug from Winnie the Pooh

If you have an officemate who is super pessimistic, always feeling depressed, has been diagnosed with an incurable anhedonia, and is forever gloomy, we cannot think of any other way to remind him or her of who he or she looks like than Hallmark’s Eeyore  “Mornings” Coffee Mug from Winnie the Pooh. The diametrical opposite of Tigger who is bubbly and always cheerful, Eeyore epitomizes gloom and depression at its deepest. And what better way to perk things up than with a good cup of coffee. As a stimulant, caffeine is known to be excellent for boosting one’s mood, making you feel a lot better about things and about yourself. While Eeyore may be gloomy, sometimes his wit says it all. He simply has a very simple explanation to almost everything and anything. For instance, many of us dread “mornings” because it simply signals the start of a long day at the office, getting shouted at, having to face irate customers, and having to don a happy face despite fuming mad inside. Eeyore has an answer to this morning dread of ours. He says we might as well get used to mornings since, whether we like it or not, mornings are bound to occur regardless of whether we are ready or not. There is such depth in the thought of someone who is known to be all gloom and despair all his life. Maybe we can learn a thing or two every time we take a sip in this wonderful 12 ounce, dishwasher and microwave safe, ceramic cool coffee cup.

What We Like about It – It’s an unpretentious cup but it’sEeyore’s message that is really heart-warming. 

99561 Star Wars Darth Vader Oval Ceramic Mug by Vandor

99561 Star Wars Darth Vader Oval Ceramic Mug

For the members of the Empire in your office, we recommend the 99561 Star Wars Darth Vader Oval Ceramic novelty mugs from Vandor. Finished in shiny black exterior and a bloody red interior, this galactic ceramic coffee vessel is perfect for members of the Dark Force, especially for the apprentices of Darth Vader. The 18 ounce capacity of the cup is sufficient to quench the thirst for caffeine of many Stormtrooper wannabes. While Vandor says the high quality print graphics are safe even in the dishwasher, many users actually recommend having it washed by hand as the colors may have the tendency to fade with repeated exposure to the harsh heated chemicals of your dishwasher.

What We Like about It – Vandor Darth Vader is a superb gift for fans of Star Wars especially those still training in the use of the Dark Force.

I’m Trying to Be Awesome Today, But I’m Exhausted from Being So Freakin’ Awesome Yesterday” Coffee Mug by Heaven of Mugs TM

I’m Trying to Be Awesome Today, But I’m Exhausted from Being So Freakin’ Awesome Yesterday” Coffee Mug

Need a really cool coffee cup that speaks of your awesomeness like Poh the Kung-Fu Warrior? Well, we’re not really offering you a Kung Fu Panda product but we thought the message of awesomeness clicks. The “I’m Trying to Be Awesome Today, But I’m Exhausted from Being so Freakin’ Awesome Yesterday” unique coffee mugs are just what you need to excuse yourself from your chores at the moment. Why? Well, you did them already yesterday. While some may think it’s funny, it’s more sarcastic as it shows how some people tend to compensate for doing a good job one day by being lax in another day. It is this lack of consistency that the message hopes to deliver and understood by the persons who will be drinking from the high quality 11 ounce ceramic mug.

What We Like about It – This Heaven Creations mug is perfect for getting someone to start fixing their lives and to do it with a good cup of coffee to perk him or her up.

Ceramic Gun Mug by UCEC

Ceramic Gun Mug

Want real novelty mugs? How about incorporating the pistol grip, chamber, and trigger mechanism of a modern handgun into an ordinary looking cup? Well, if this were a shot glass, we’d say it’s spot-on. But the Ceramic Gun Mug is not a shot glass but rather a very unique and truly funny coffee mug that is sure to turn heads around. Just imagine holding a pistol in one hand just like James Bond. At the other end of this handgun is a beautiful cup that’s designed to hold the hottest 12 ounce beverage you can find. Now, you have an entirely different meaning to the term “hot shot”. The package also comes with a tea infuser made of food grade silicone if you prefer tea over coffee.

What We Like about It – The UCEC Ceramic Gun Mug is a really unique way to enjoy a cup of coffee as you will be literally holding onto a gun.

Stainless Steel Double Wall Mugs by Maki 

Stainless Steel Double Wall Mugs

It’s durable. It’s superbly sweat-free. And, best of all, it has a very unpretentious design making it highly appealing to people who like to keep things very simple and straightforward. If such is your requirements from a cool coffee cup, then nothing can be cooler than the Maki Stainless Steel Double Wall Mugs. This set of 2 cool mugs has a shiny brushed stainless steel appearance giving it a super luxurious look even without embellishments or ornaments. Two walls of premium-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel form both the interior and exterior surfaces of the Maki to give it amazing thermal insulation and retention properties. It’s ideal for campers, picnickers, or even ordinary office workers so they can get piping hot coffee or even ice cold juices anytime they want to. The double layer of stainless steel also guarantees freedom from condensation or even sweating.

What We Like about It – The Maki is built specifically for the coffee lover who wants a very unpretentious yet superbly functional cup to drink his or her favorite brew from.

How We Chose the Seriously Cool Mugs in Our List

Choosing a cup that will hold your favorite drink is like choosing any other highly personal belonging. It remains very personal, to say the least. That being said, even if we consider a mug to be super cute and super cool if it simply doesn’t sit well with your personal tastes, then all of those traits will be worth nothing. But, if we are not the only ones saying that the cup or coffee vessel is indeed cool and worth having, we’re pretty certain you would want to have yours, too. This is essentially how we initially approached our selection process considering that the word “cool” itself can mean a lot of different things to different people. We focused on customer reviews particularly the strong points of these cool mugs to prove our point. In the end, we are confident we did a splendid job shortlisting 15 of the world’s coolest coffee mugs.

Forming a part of our evaluation is the safety of the cup. Since you are going to be sipping from the lid of the cup itself and not from a straw or any other sipping or drinking mechanism, we thought it essential that these products be absolutely free from any harmful chemicals such as phthalates, BPA, lead, and other substances that may pose a threat to human health with continued exposure. Any form of certification attesting the product’s safety profile was duly noted in our shortlisting. Any inherent feature that can elevate the whole coffee drinking experience, whether it is giving you a good laugh, allowing you to ride down memory lane, keeping your drink hot for longer periods, or even giving you the opportunity to enjoy more of your brew in each cup, was also evaluated and carefully integrated into the equation.

Lastly was the manufacturer’s reputation which is already considered a must today since there are plenty of knock-offs trying to copy or emulate more successful products. With these steps that we have taken, we are 100 percent confident that the coffee mugs we have just shared with you are nothing less than the coolest and most amazing in the market today.

Tips to Picking the Right Coffee Mug for Someone Else

It’s quite easy to choose something for ourselves since we already know what we want. The same thing can be said when choosing the right coffee cup for ourselves. However, everything becomes quite challenging when we start thinking about getting a coffee mug for someone else. While it may seem challenging, it is not entirely impossible. Here are some tips on how to choose the best coffee mug for someone else.

The Bottom Line

Enjoying a cup of coffee has become a very important morning ritual in our modern day lives. It has also become an integral part of our routine of staying fully energized throughout the day. With these 15 seriously cool coffee mugs in 2017, you’re guaranteed a more pleasant and truly enriching coffee experience.

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