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Top Toys & Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

Your little angel has gone from being a tiny delight to a laughing, crawling and smiling tot over the past year. To make her the happiest princess on Earth, we have carefully selected a range of presents for 1 year old girls that both aid in development and provide hours of entertainment. Don’t you worry – we can guarantee that you will find some peace and quiet with these gifts for little girls and who knows – you might even find yourself joining in on the fun! First birthdays in particular are the most memorable and perfect opportunity to spoil the little girl in your life and give her the celebration she truly deserves. Here are the best girly gifts to keep playtime exciting while also furthering development.

Our Best Gifts & Toys For 1 Year Old Girls:

VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

She’s a very adorable puppy that comes with large, flappy, and crinkly ears adorned with various colorful shapes. Its neck comes with a music button allowing it to instantly play fun songs and phrases. Rattle her a bit and her cheeks light up. This puppy is bound to help your child optimize her brain development.


Wooden Cube Block Jigsaw

It may look like an ordinary 3x3 picture puzzle board, but the Rolimate is actually a 6-in-1 picture puzzle featuring 6 of the most famous zoo animals. Kids can easily interchange the large picture blocks to create a picture of a lion, tiger, elephant, zebra, rabbit, and a rhinoceros.


Gund Winky Lamb Baby Rattle

Winky is a baby lamb that loves nothing else but be cuddled, snuggled, and hugged tightly by your young girl. She’s got lovely eyes, nose, and mouth that have been embroidered to her face so it is safe for your young angel. There’s a rattle inside Winky’s tummy, adding value to your kid’s play.


VTech Baby Lil' Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel

Babies love things that spin, have lots of color, play wonderful music, and come with fabulous light-up shows. And when you give the Spin and Discover Ferris wheel, your little child will be learning a lot of other different things like phrases, animals, and numbers. It’s a wheel that your baby will never grow tired spinning.


Hurley Hippo and Friends Bath Toy Set

Hurley the blue hippo is inviting his friends over for some bathtime fun with your little child. They don’t bite; they only squirt water making bathtime truly entertaining. And if you happen to know the sounds that these animals make, you can help introduce them to your kid, too.


Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil' Rollin' Giraffe Ride-on

Our little yellow and orange giraffe is ready to take your little princess for a ride. Designed as a reverse trike with two front wheels and an extra-wide wheel in the rear, this friendly giraffe can take your young girl anywhere she wants to go. It’s got a smiling face that kids will love.


Green Toys Dump Truck

Whoever said that baby girls cannot play with toy trucks? With this purple and pink dump truck from Green Toys every other one year old girl will surely have a heyday in the backyard or even in her play area for some hauling fun. The dump truck is made from recycled materials.


Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

Is one year old too young to play the piano? As long as she can hit the keys, the Discover and Play should be fine. This is a great tool for enhancing psychomotor development as well as the musical intelligence of young children. It features classical melodies to go with funs sounds.


Lamaze Fifi The Firefly

It’s one of the most beautiful, interesting, and truly fascinating fireflies you’ll ever see. Though it doesn’t fly, it will surely bring your child’s senses to greater heights with its clacking wings, jingling sounds, and multi-textured, ultra-soft body. It doesn’t light up, too, but it sure can light up your child’s imagination.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

Your young princess may not be destined for the kitchen but she really needs to understand some of the basics in kitchen affairs with this Learning Kitchen from Fisher-Price. The play set is perfect for encouraging pretend play among young kids especially in role-playing their ideas about what to do in the kitchen.


Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Think your kiddo has what it takes to become the next Mozart, Bach, or even Beethoven? The Munchkin may look like a round-edged magical cube with different colorful buttons on each side. The magic begins when your princess presses on any of these buttons and Mozart’s masterpieces start playing.


VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet

It’s a tablet that’s built specifically for young babies. The good thing with the Baby Touch Tablet is that it comes with a variety of baby-friendly learning activities such as learning the alphabet, shapes, and counting numbers. There are wonderful children’s songs, tunes, melodies, and a whole lot more.


VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Reading to our babies is an important step in the development of their language skills. While we don’t have to expect our young princesses to understand every word written on the Rhyme and Discover Book, the different images, light up shows, and colors inside its pages can stimulate optimum brain development.


LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Every little girl deserves a pet she can call her own. While Violet may not bark or growl or waggle her tail, she can provide something that all kids want – unconditional love and affection. This is especially true if she cuddles up to your little princes and sings more than 40 fun songs.


Princess Castle Play Tent

Let your young girl truly experience living in a magical fairy castle. Invite her friends as they play pretend in this princess castle from FoxPrint. It’s a kiddie play house that’s designed for easy assembly and easy storage, too, as it can be conveniently folded into a very small profile.


VTech Baby Lil' Critters Roll and Discover Ball

If your baby girl is already crawling, giving her the Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover ball will encourage her to crawl some more and help strengthen her core and leg muscles to prepare her for standing up and walking. The ball has many colorful characters that beckon your child to go after them.


Baby Girl Polka Dot Minky Soft Doll

It’s not just any other stuffed doll that your 1 year old girl will love; the Sugar N Spice Doll is her security blanket as she grows to provide warmth, security, and a sense of love and belonging. This plush doll comes with fully embroidered facial features for added safety.


VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

With 5 sides that provide various learning activities for one year old girls, the Busy Learners is one amazing activity cube that’s just perfect for optimizing the psychomotor, social, and cognitive development of young children. There are 14 interactive elements that include a motion sensor, light buttons, and music.


WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center

The WolVol Play center is definitely a different kind of activity cube. It’s ingeniously designed to stimulate early problem solving skills in one year olds while also enhancing their finger dexterity. The activity cube comes with 15 different functions that are geared for developing 15 different skills in young kids.


VTech Baby's Light-Up Laptop

If mom and dad have laptops, shouldn’t baby girl have hers, too? It doesn’t have to be a really expensive one, though. Something that can teach a one-year old the basic skills of operating a laptop like pressing keys and responding to inputs should be handy. Check out VTech’s Baby’s Light-up Laptop.


VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

It is a well-established fact that babies love playing with lights as a means to stimulate their visual development. With the Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, not only does she get fascinating light shows, she is also treated to a variety of letters, colors, nature sounds, and fun melodies.


Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This bumpy ball from Sassy is an excellent sensory toy especially designed for the youngest princess in the family. It’s soft and just large enough to be held in her hands. It’s got bumps that feature different textures and colors. There’s even one that comes with colorful rattle beads.


VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads

Want a really adorable toy that can help develop as many of your little princess’ senses which, in turn, can optimize her brain development? Then you really have to try the Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads that comes with a variety of sound effects, light-up shows, various textures, and amazing colors.


4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike

The Stroll ‘N Trike is a splendid ride-on toy built specifically for your growing princess. She can safely sit on the trike surrounded by a safety feature while you push from behind. She can steer it on her own while you push. And when she’s ready, she can train riding it like a pro.


VTech Catch Me Kitty - Pink

It’s a lovable kitty that will follow your little princess wherever she goes. This kitty loves playing catch, thanks to a wonderful proximity sensor built up its nose. Once the kitty senses your baby is near, it runs away enticing your little one to run after it. It sings and teaches numbers and shapes, too.


B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

The One Two Squeeze Blocks is a fun way to learn colors, animals, and numbers. Each soft block comes with a number, shape, and animal relief that kids will have plenty of fun learning. Plus, she can use these blocks to build mini towers and other imagination items that she can come up with.


VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

The time is right for your little princess to shine above the rest. Let her vocalization skills be known with the Babble and Rattle microphone. It’s an amazing piece of microphone that comes fully integrated with songs, phrases, sound effects, and melodies, enticing your little one to sing along.


Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On

It’s a lovely day to take the Princess Cozy Coupe for a ride around the neighborhood. Its canopy provides your young girl ample cover while the working doors enhance her gross motor skills. This coupe doesn’t run on electricity or batteries, though, making it ideal for the girl who’s mastering her steps.


LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

Teach your little girl how to share while encouraging her to let her imagination run wild with this fantastic pretend play picnic basket from LeapFrog. It’s got make-believe food items and picnic accessories in various colors. The items come in pairs, too, allowing kids to learn simple sorting concepts.


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Let your kiddo sit comfortably in her own yellow lounger chair and get the opportunity to learn a variety of songs and phrases that can be easily selected depending on the developmental level of your young girl. The Smart Stages Chair comes with a flip book and a number pad on its armrests.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table

Your 1 year old girl may not know the importance of cooperative play yet, but with the Puppy & Friends Learning Table, solitary play can coexist with parallel play as the playset comes with 4 light-up corners that feature a variety of learning activities. It’s a table full of music, learning, and imagination.


Tomy Quack Along Ducks

It’s mother duck calling her two little ducklings. Wherever your young girl goes, mother duck goes with her and her two ducklings tag along. These may not be swimming in a pond but they sure can quack and waddle as they move along. The Quack Along Ducks make excellent pull-along toys for young girls.


MATTEL Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

They say freestyle building kits are better than those that provide for a model to build. The Mega Bloks is exceptional in this regard since it encourages exploration and provides your little kid the means to use her imagination to come up with something that can blow her family away.


Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone

Remember the rotary phone of old with its characteristic ring tone? Well, it’s back, not to replace your digital telephone but rather to stimulate the imaginative thinking of your young princess as she play pretend with this friendly Classic Chatter Phone. It’s a pull-toy that entices young kids to use their imagination.


Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Bathtimes are fun times whenever our friendly purple octopus is around. With her tentacles sticking out upright and a lovable face encouraging your kid to toss fishy rings through her tentacles, Nuby is one creative and truly fun-loving octopus your little princess will always take to the bathtub or her playmat.


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

By the time your little princess starts learning to walk, she will definitely need the Sit-to-Stand walker of VTech. This is no ordinary walker as it comes fully integrated with VTech’s patented learning activities. The walker can be used in three different ways, making it an exceptional toy for growing kids.


Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Cultivate your young child’s early problem solving abilities with the easiest shape and color sorter in town. While it doesn’t come with music and lights, the Brilliant Basics is nevertheless, superb in enhancing fine motor skills in young kiddos as well as their hand eye coordination and color awareness.


The First Years Stacking Up Cups

One year olds simply love stacking things. As a matter of training their hand eye coordination as well as their spatial intelligence using their newly-discovered motor skills, young girls will have plenty of fun creating a variety of combinations with these nesting and stacking cups from The First years.


Baby Socks For Toddler Girls

Your little princess will look adorable in these no-slip, perfect grip socks from Tiny Captain. Each of these socks comes with an elastic strap to make sure they stay providing warmth, comfort, and protection for your little princess’ little feet. They’re exceptionally amazing and fashionable with their colorful polka dot design, too.


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