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Decorative Privacy Window Films

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Sometimes you might need a bit of privacy on your windows. Or maybe you’re just looking to add a little bit of style to your home. Stained glass windows or frosted glass windows will add both privacy and style but these can both be expensive additions to your home. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a less expensive solution that would still add a chic touch to your home decor? Well, now you can add that frosted glass effect to your windows for a mere fraction of the price of replacing the glass, with these cost effective Decorative Privacy Window Films from Rabbitgoo.

With Rabbitgoo’s Decorative Privacy Window Films, you don’t need any special equipment or any extra tools, you simply attach it to the glass on your window and voila; you’ve got yourself a brand new decorative window in an instant. What’s more, these window films contain absolutely no glue or adhesives, meaning there are no harmful chemicals and they won’t ruin your glass when you remove them. The film simply sticks onto your window and can be easily peeled off. This design means these Decorative Privacy Window Films are environmentally friendly and can be reused as many times as you like, so if you change your mind about the location of the window film you can simply reposition it elsewhere.

As well as adding a decorative touch to your window, these window films also bring an extra design element to your living area. As the sun shines onto your window it will reflect into your home’s interior, making magical rainbow colors and shapes across your room. The abstract pattern transforms the clear film into a multi-colored design when the light hits it. When there is no light, the pattern and the film remain colorless. And because of the pattern, the film will add privacy to your windows regardless of the light conditions.

These window films also have another use; they help to prevent the loss of heat from your windows in winter as well as being able to protect against the heat entering your home in the summer. Just remember that in cold weather you will need to use a hairdryer on the window film in order to get the film to stick to the cold glass. In addition to lowering your home energy costs, the design also prevents 96% of UV rays from entering your home, meaning your furniture and decorations won’t fade as quickly from the damaging sunlight.


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