Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube

Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube Gift

Professional makeup artists as well as serious hairstylists know that the key to successfully running a vanity business is in systematically organizing all the different tools of the trade. From lipsticks to mascaras to blush-ons and foundation powders to nail polish and nail colors and a whole lot more, it would simply be a huge headache if these tools were all mixed in a sea of miniature bottles, tubes, and palettes. Sure, you can all throw them in their respective boxes but where are you going to store these individual containers? N2 Makeup Co found a solution in the 8-Drawer Storage Box for Vanity Tables.

The N2 Storage Box for Vanity Tables

This makeup and beauty kit organizer storage box towers some 19 inches and is about 10 inches square on all 4 sides. The tower is made up of heavy duty, premium quality acrylic material to give it exceptional sturdiness and durability although it is not really 100 percent impervious to cracking because of the nature of acrylic. Nevertheless, its construction, as the website claims, is made to last a lifetime.

The N2 Storage Box comes with 8 drawers that don’t have any compartments or dividers. It is basically up to you how you wish to organize your things with each drawer. We find this particularly useful since you are actually given the opportunity to customize your drawer and not be limited to what is pre-existing in the storage compartment. The storage compartment located on top has a flip open lid that can be folded all the way to the back, hiding it from plain sight and opening up the entire top portion to storage possibilities. Many use this section for organizing large or tall beauty and grooming products like bottles of hair sprays, conditioners, and other tall items.

A Towering Organizer Not Just for Your Cosmetics

Do understand that the N2 is not only for your makeup kit and cosmetics, although it was primarily intended for such purpose. Based on what we have seen so far, the N2 can be a towering storage cube for other small personal items such as jewelries, mementos, fashion accessories, and other keepsakes. However, because the design of the N2 is intended for instant access to what’s inside, you may need to cover the sides of the drawers for those compartments that will house precious items like jewelries. Again, the customization possibilities are endless. You will just have to whip up your imagination.

For an 8-drawer storage box that is made mostly of plastic, paying a few hundred dollars for it may sound absurd. One can easily purchase 8 containers for the fraction of the cost and still be able to organize their makeup and beauty kits like the N2. Despite claims of being made of Grade A acrylic, it is still essentially plastic. And paying this much for something plastic, not stainless steel, is something that really doesn’t sit well with budget-conscious women.

Secondly, the unusually tall design of the N2 8-drawer at about half a meter in height suggests some structural issues later on especially if you’re going to place unusually heavy objects on the top level drawers. This was particularly noted by some customers who have had to face the prospect of rearranging their stuff to make sure that only the lightweight ones are stored on top and the heavyweights are at the bottom.

It may be pricey for a plastic organizer but the way in which its drawers can be customized can provide one reason for its value. It’s a neat and elegant way to organize things on your vanity table.


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