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50 Loveable Gifts for New Parents in 2017

gifts for new parents

Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility. For first-time parents, the anxiety of awaiting the arrival of their first-born often culminates in a brief state of joy and sense of fulfillment. Once the frenzy has subsided comes the harsh realization that both mom and dad will have to do everything they can to make sure their little one will grow up to be a model kid. It really is nerve-wracking especially since there are no rulebooks on foolproof effective parenting. That’s why our 20 gifts for new parents in 2017 are crucial as these will help make caring for the first-born a lot easier, instill confidence in both mom and dad in the care of their child, and lay the foundation for the successful establishment of warm family ties. Without further ado, here are our gift suggestions especially for new parents.

Fisher Price Play Gym

Play gyms are one of the best gifts you could ever give to new parents. This play gym comes fully integrated with all the sights, sounds, and textures that are guaranteed to stimulate sensory development as well as dangling toys to help with the psychomotor development of their young child.


What To Expect Book

Allay your anxieties and dispel your fears about the stresses of new parenthood. This book is your guide to understanding how your baby will develop in his or her first year. This way, you’ll be better prepared to take care of your baby since you understand already what needs to be done.


Fly-love Animal Non-Skid Socks

They are cute and lovable. Best of all, these socks from Fly Love are especially built for the youngest walker in your family. These are specially soft and smooth and will never allow your kiddo to slip on the floor or any surface for that matter. They’ve got playful designs, too.


CleanWave Sanitizing Travel Wand

Don’t worry about laying your baby on any surface. As long as you have the CleanWave, you can effectively kill germs present on any surface. There’s no need to carry spray-on disinfectants and sanitizers. Just a simple pass of the CleanWave and you can be assured all’s clear and safe.


Bubzi Co Picture Frame Kit

Immortalize your baby’s footprint and handprint with your own white clay. Compose it like a real artist and add the best baby picture of your child on the side. Now, put on the frame and hang it on your wall. This hand and footprint picture frame kit is something worth having.


Playgro Giraffe for Baby

Babies can benefit a lot from handheld sensory toys. Take for example our adorable giraffe. It’s got beads, rattles, and clackers that are sure to stimulate auditory development. It also comes in various colors for visual development while the different textures allow for tactile development. It’s great for psychomotor development, too.


Baby Aspen Shark Robe

If only they made bathrobes like these for adults, we are pretty sure a lot of us will really feel magical about certain things in our lives. That’s what this shark-themed baby bath robe is. The beautiful shark-like features and super-soft cotton fabric make this robe a baby’s favorite.


Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit

Get equipped with all the right tools to care for your baby as they progress through the first year of life. With tools that are made of premium quality materials and designed after those found in hospital nurseries, you can bet you’re more than capable to care for your newborn.


Cozy Greens Car Organizer

Consider your car as your second home. That’s why you should also consider child-proofing it and making it more convenient for both you and your baby. With this backseat car organizer, you can stuff all of your baby’s needs, from diapers to bottles to changing clothes, in one readily-accessible and super-durable organizer.


Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle

Ever wonder why, whenever you say “shush” to your baby, he or she calms down? Babies are responsive to the “shushing” sounds that they have been listening to for 9 months in mommy’s womb. Once they hear it, they calm down. Get the Baby Shusher and you’ll see amazing results.


Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set

Johnson’s well-known when it comes to baby care products. Their Bath Discovery gift set is just perfect for you little angel as everything is especially formulated for babies’ very sensitive skin. it already includes shampoo, head-to-toe lotion, head-to-toe wash, bubble bath, and baby powder. There’s even safety swabs and cream for diaper rashes.


Magic Bullet Baby Care System

By the time your baby starts to wean off milk, you can start feeding him or her your very own baby-friendly recipes. With the Baby Bullet, you can concoct fantastic baby recipes that your angel will sure love. Best of all, everything can be portioned so you can store these in your ref.


Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Don’t leave home without turning on your 24-hour security monitor that’s purposely designed for your little angel. With an ingenious design, wireless capabilities, and fully interchangeable lens, it’s like being there in your baby’s room even though you’re actually miles away. You can talk to your kiddo, too, for added comfort to your baby.


Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Feeding a baby can be quite a challenge for first-time parents. With the Boon Squirt, baby feeding has just become hassle- and fuss- free. Simply place baby’s food inside its food grade silicone body and gently squeeze to push some of the food out into the spoon. Parents will love it.


Boba Wrap, 0-18 Months

Swaddling is a lot better than putting a baby in an infant carrier. This is because babies lie closer to mom’s body and they are positioned in such a way that it feels like they’re in mommy’s womb again. The Boba Wrap is one fantastic swaddling carrier made of high quality, stretchable fabric.


Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Kids love playing with balls. But the Sassy is not just any ball. It’s designed with extra-large bumps for tiny hands to grasp. Each bump also comes in a different color pattern and texture. There are rattle beads, too. This gives babies the opportunity to develop their sensorimotor skills.


Mirror for Baby Car Seat

If you have to take your baby for a ride in your car, make sure that he or she is in an appropriate baby car seat. To help you see your baby from the front, you’ll need this baby car seat mirror to give you unrestricted views of your little angel.


Pro One Step Food Maker

The Baby Brezza is one fantastic machine that simplifies the art of formula milk bottle preparation with just a touch of a button. No need to measure anything. No need to mix anything, too. This simple gadget does everything for you. The only thing left to do is to feed your baby.


Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Why do they have to make baby wipes that feel so cold to the touch? Unfortunately, if they remove the moisture, it will get dry and it will no longer be called “wet wipes”. Fortunately, you’ve got the Munchkin to warm those baby wipes before you use them on your baby.


Munchkin 2-Piece Fresh Food Feeder

Fearful your baby might choke on the food you’re giving? Why not put these inside the mesh nipple of the Fresh Food Feeder instead? Designed like a pacifier, your baby can also learn to feed himself or herself. It comes in various colors, too, to help with visual development.


Double Bicycle Trailer

The InStep is a wonderful gift for new parents as it provides them the opportunity to mobilize their newborn around the neighborhood in style. Whether as a bicycle trailer or as a stroller, baby will love all the things that he or she sees, hears, and feels. It’s comfy and bug-resistant, too.


Safety Easy Bath Kneeler

Giving kids a bath can be pretty challenging for new parents as there is always the fear of injuring young tots. With this safety kneeler, you’ll maintain a safer stance to support your child in the bathtub while kneeling comfortably beside him or her. It’s got pockets, too, for baby’s bath needs.


One-Step Baby Swaddle

If you’re having a difficult time wrapping your baby in a blanket using the correct swaddling or folding technique, fret no more as the Woombie gives you superb ease of application on your young angel. It’s lightweight and breathable and provides baby with a warm, snug-fitting blanket for a more restful sleep.


Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

One of the most important kiddie furniture every new parents need is a crib. However, it is more important to get one that your baby will grow up with. That’s why the babyletto convertible crib is just perfect as your baby can use it ‘til he or she reaches 4.


Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

There are so many pacifiers in the market that are designed to calm down a baby’s fussiness. But the Summer Infant goes a step further by integrating a built-in thermometer in the pacifier’s design which is particularly helpful in situations where babies have fever. Its nipple is designed for optimum comfort, too.


Blooming Bath - Baby Bath

Most bathtubs for babies are made of hard acrylic. These can be particularly difficult for babies to lie on. A much more comfortable bathtub is this one from Blooming Bath, designed like large, thick, cushiony leaves. Infants will love bathtime as they know they’ll be sitting on their throne of comfy leaves.


Rhoost Baby Grooming Kit

Grooming is an essential aspect of caring for babies. New parents become more confident if they use the correct tools for the job. With the Rhoost grooming kit, they get a hairbrush, a comb, a nail clipper, and a bib washcloth that are all made from organic and renewable materials.


Messenger Diaper Bag for Dads

Don’t let daddy carry baby’s floral diaper bag since it doesn’t really look well on new dads. A more appropriate diaper bag is this messenger bag that’s designed specifically to hold baby’s diapers and worn by the daddies of today. It’s ergonomic and features plenty of pockets for storage.


Infant Airplane Seat

Traveling can be so much fun for the little guy or gal in your family. Unfortunately, airlines don’t allot a seat specifically for them. Get the Flyebaby and your little angel will also be flying in style. The Flyebaby is a hammock style of baby carrier that easily attaches to an airplane seat.


Daddy and Baby Matching T-Shirt and Onesie Set

Proud daddies are never ashamed to show off their love for their kids, especially their firstborn. With this matching baby onesie and daddy t-shirt set, everyone will know just how close these two really are. Daddy may have created a “monster” but it’s a beautiful and adorable “monster”, nonetheless.


Diaper Genie Refills

The smell of soiled diapers is quite uncomfortable if not totally repulsive. However, with the Playtex Diaper Genie refills, you get to control the odor from your nursery and keep it smelling fresh and clean with the Genie’s sophisticated 7-layer odor protection system. Turn your nursery into a pleasant environment for baby.


Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Every year, young children get injured because of falls. Protect your young child with this easy-to-install gate that can fit easily on any openings that measure 29 to 39 inches wide. You can even bring this portable gate wherever you go to help protect your kiddo from venturing into “unauthorized” spaces.


Pearhead Chevron Baby Memory Book

Forget digital photo albums for a while since you really cannot make a digital print of your baby’s hand- and foot- prints. With this beautiful journal and photo album, you get 50 marvelous pages to fill with your infant’s early childhood memories. It comes with a clean-touch ink pad, too.


Sleep Sheep Sound Machine Soother

Everyone has a comfort and security toy he or she can turn to whenever he or she needs to feel more calm and relaxed. Babies, too, require such soothing toys to help them relax and sleep better. With this cuddly travel sheep, shushing baby to sleep has never been easier.


Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Crawlers are very fascinating to watch. They have just discovered mobility on all fours. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep your eye on them, they might injure their knees. Protect their young knees with this breathable and fully adjustable knee pads designed especially for babies who are already in the crawling stage.


Baby Gold Dots Bodysuit

We just love dressing babies up, especially if you have a baby girl. This bodysuit romper is just perfect for your baby’s first photo session. It’s designed for optimum smooth fit as well as comfort for your little princess. She’ll never fuss during her photo-op ensuring a more stunning pic.


Nautica Baby Boys' Bodysuits

These may not be great for a young boy’s first photo-op session, but it sure is an excellent and super comfy bodysuit to wear during family outings and gatherings. It’s a blend of polyester and cotton giving it superb smoothness and ultra-comfort, respectively. They’re easy to put on and remove, too.


Mommy's Helper Nursery Essentials

Keeping tabs with a baby’s needs is a must for every parent. Keeping all of their nursery essentials in one convenient carry-all bag makes perfect sense. The Mommy’s Helper simplifies the way modern moms take care of their young angels as it already comes with everything needed for optimum baby care.


Burt's Bees Baby Getting Started Gift Set

Whether it is a gift for new parents or a baby shower gift you’re looking for, this set from Burt’s Bees can really make for an excellent present. It comes with baby lotion, shampoo and body wash, cream-to-powder, baby soap, and baby oil for ensuring healthy skin for baby.


Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System

Graco is well-known for producing baby products of the highest quality. This car seat and stroller combo is a testament to the company’s visionary product design. It’s a very lightweight yet super-sturdy and highly functional system that greatly improves the way babies and their respective families travel and have fun together.


3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

Dinner time is a great opportunity for strengthening family bonds as everyone gets to share a meal together. And when we say “together” that includes your little angel, as well. Rather than sitting him or her on your ordinary chair, better to let your baby sit of this Ridgedale high chair.


Hooded Hippo Robe

Turn every bath time into a fun time for your baby with this adorable robe that’s designed after a cute and friendly hippo. It’s made of high quality terry cloth and finished with hippo details and appliques. It makes for a comfy robe that’s just ideal for the sensitive skin of babies.


CribWrap Fleece Rail Cover

By the time your baby has learned to stand, his or her crib may no longer be as safe as it used to. Your child can bump his or her head on the railing of the crib. Protect your child by covering the crib rails with the CribWrap that’s made of polyesterback mattress pad.


Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Organize your baby’s diaper changing set with this Delta Children creation. It’s essentially a diaper changing table but with fully integrated 2-level shelves for keeping and organizing your child’s other essentials. The diaper changing table comes with a water-resistant pad complete with a safety strap as well as safety rails on all 4 sides.


Baby Shusher

Science has unlocked the secrets to calming our babies when they grow restless. With the Baby Shusher, you’re ultimately mimicking the soothing sound of a mother’s internal rhythms while the baby was still inside mommy’s womb. Your little angel “remembers” this reassuring sound. This quickly soothes your baby to sleep.


The Twin Z Pillow

If you’ve got twins, then you know how challenging it is to breastfeed two mouths at the same time. With the Twin Z pillow, however, it just became crazy simple. The twin pillow can be used for breastfeeding, supporting your babies, bottlefeeding, encouraging tummy time, managing reflux, and even caring for your twin toddlers.


Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Forget sterilizing your baby’s feeding bottles from your old pot. Instead, get this steam sterilizer from Wabi Baby and simplify your life. It features an auto-shutoff mechanism that ceases the sterilization once its smart sensor “thinks” the baby items have been thoroughly sterilized. It also comes with a useful memory feature.


Dr. Brown's Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

Made of silicone and polypropylene that’s been duly tested to be safe for newborns, this set of feeding bottles help provide for a vacuum-free feeding that mimics breastfeeding action. It helps reduce the incidence of colic, gas, burping, and spit-ups so that your baby will feel more comfortable after every feeding.


Car Organizer for Back Seat

Keep your sanity every time you drive your car. Organize your child’s things as well as yours with this car organizer designed for your car’s backseat. It’s got a lot of storage compartments that come in various sizes. You’ll never run out of storage space to keep your car looking neat and tidy.


Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier

Whether it is for your baby or for your aging grandma, the Billy Bob Grillz pacifier is one unique-looking dental device that’s tweaked a bit to provide some laughter to those who see it. But don’t get us wrong. The Billy Bob is a working pacifier that babies can really use.


How We Chose the Most Amazing Gifts for First-Time Moms and Dads in Our List

There were two main areas of concern that we focused on in our search for products to include in the gifts for new moms and dads. The first one was related to the care of children themselves. This included products that young children will be able to use to help them grow physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally healthier as well as achieve their optimum development. The second area was focused on the building of confidence among first-time parents. We felt that it is crucial for moms and dads to feel confident about their own abilities to care for their young ones. In both of these aspects, we evaluated the product’s safety profile particularly in the appropriateness of the item to the developmental age of young kids. This also meant scrutinizing the individual materials that were put into the product’s construction. We then evaluated the overall integrity of the design especially in terms of the actual benefits that it provides either child or parents or even both.

Tips to Becoming a Good Parent

We already said that there is no such thing as foolproof rules to being a good parent primarily because each society has its own idea of what constitutes good parenting and bad parenting. There are plenty of resources on how to be a good parent and many of these are well-researched. We can have a discussion on how to be a parent and still there will be questions that some people need answers to. While there can be a lot of very interesting theories or models of effective parenting, perhaps it is best to consider some of the better known tips to becoming a good parent.

  • Be a good role model – Be always mindful of what you do because we are, first and foremost, our kids’ very first teachers. They imitate what we do. They learn best by watching us and the things that we do. So, we have to model the very things we expect our kids to do in the future.
  • Shower them with love and affection – There’s no such thing as being too loving for our kids. They love praises especially when they accomplished something. They love hugs and kisses, too. And giving them rewards for little things can mean a lot to them.
  • Get involved in your kid’s life – Instead of simply saying you’re spending quality time with your child, why not really do it? Show interest in what your child is doing. Provide assistance if they need it.
  • Adapt to your kid’s needs, not the other way around – Your style of parenting should fit your kid’s developmental stage and never the other way around. It is you who will need to adjust to the developmental needs of your child. The same is true with adjusting to your kid’s temperament. Be patient and always keep in mind that every child is unique.

The Bottom Line

Raising kids is a difficult yet very worthwhile task that all parents have to learn and master. It may be particularly difficult for first-time parents, but with the help of these 20 gifts for new parents in 2017, we’re sure it will be a lot easier and way more meaningful.

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