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50 Awesome Gifts for Gamers This Year

gifts for gamers

There’s a growing rift between the proponents of computer or video gaming and their detractors. On one hand of the debate table are those who say that gaming can help children and adults enhance their cognitive skills particularly strategic, analytical, and divergent thinking. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who point to the growing number of children who are getting obese because of lack of physical activities, leading largely sedentary lifestyles. And then there are critics of either stance. Regardless of where you are in the spectrum, we cannot discount the fact that we live in a tech-oriented world. It is inevitable to play computer or video games. And for that, we’re sharing 20 awesome gifts for gamers in 2017 for the avid gamer in you or someone you know.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Every serious gamer deserves a very sturdy platform upon which the ultimate in gaming rig can be systematically organized. This gaming desk is purposely designed for the modern-day gaming warrior complete with several storage trays and holders that can truly revolutionize the way you set up your gaming station.


City Shirts Gaming Console T-Shirt

Who ever said that gamers don’t have any fashion sense? Who needs lavish clothing when all you’ll ever need is a classic tee with an edgy print that celebrates the evolution of modern gaming consoles. It’s a wonderful gift for those who have excellent knowledge of classic game controllers.


LOGITECH G430 DTS Headphone

What’s the use of a superbly-built gaming rig if you cannot enjoy the realism of every move you make in each game that you play? With Dolby 7.1 Stereo surround system at the core of this headphone, you will be easily transported to another realm where bit of sound is life-like.


Oculus Rift Headset

The future is definitely here. With the Oculus Rift, immersing oneself in virtual reality has just become all the more real. With highly sophisticated low-latency constellation tracking technology, the line between the real and virtual worlds has just become thinner. It’s highly customizable, too, giving you superb control to your gaming experience.


Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

With pro-level precision and a massive array of swappable components, this game controller designed and built specifically for the Xbox One is truly the most advanced controller in the world. All of the enhancements to the original design are intended to put you in absolute control of how you want your games played.


X Rocker Video Gaming Chair

Replace your old rickety computer chair for the X Rocker and you’ll instantly feel the difference. With superbly ergonomic design complete with a built-in stereo surround system within the headrest, this pedestal chair is not only great for gamers but for loungers, couch potatoes, or anyone who simply wants a more relaxing time.


BigMouth Inc Game Over Mug

Don’t let your coffee run empty or else it’s game over. With holders that are designed like the game controller of Playstation, this ceramic coffee mug has a “game over” print at the bottom of this 12-ounce mug. Drinking your coffee bottoms’ up reveals the print. Hopefully it’s not yet over in your game.


NETGEAR Nighthawk Ethernet Switch

The Nighthawk is one very sleek, ultra-futuristic looking Ethernet switch that guarantees you lag-free gaming, exceptional 4K HD video streaming, fantastic VR gaming, and other online activities for up to 8 players. Its advanced port configurations, amazing QoS management, and splendid low latency give it ultra-high performance you’ve never seen before.


Gamma Ray Optics Gaming Glasses

Protect your eyes from the glare and radiation emanating from your computer screen. Even if you’re not an avid gamer, as long as you spend unusually long hours in front of your computer screen, you’ll benefit greatly from these glasses designed specifically to minimize the inicidence of eye fatigue and eye strain.


Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Take control of your gaming experience with this super-ergonomic mouse complete with a fabulous looking red LED light. The Redragon M601 is especially designed for the modern gamer, incorporating a variety of technological features that will help make gamer-related controls relatively easy. It even comes with its own weight tuning set for optimum customization.


PosterSuperstars Gaming Weapons

Adorn your walls with a poster that borrows its theme from the classic Periodic Table of the Elements in your elementary chemistry class. However, instead of the usual information on the chemical elements, you get 45 “elements” that are graphically represented by the most iconic gaming weapons of all time.


HAVIT Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Professional PC gamers rely on an excellent combination of keyboard strokes and the deft movement of their mouse to execute life-saving moves in their respective games. With this colorful combination of LED backlit gaming keyboard and a LED-matching mouse, you are guaranteed to be the talk of your group.


TekHome Laptop Cooler

Throw away those bulky and largely inefficient laptop coolers that do nothing except to get in the way of a really immersive gaming experience. Instead, attach this ultra-futuristic looking gadget into your laptop’s air vents and watch your rig’s internal temperatures drop significantly while boosting its overall gaming performance.


Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer

With a cool-looking PC casing, the Archangel is a demon when it comes to gaming performance. It boasts of superior hardware components from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming chips, motherboards, and video cards to give you a gaming rig that’s built for hot and fiery gamers.


Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad

If you have a friend who’s using a high-tech mechanical keyboard for his gaming needs, you can help him make the most of his keyboard by giving him this exceptionally designed gaming wrist pad. It’s fully ergonomic to help support the arch of the wrist and prevent muscle strain.


Acer R240HY Widescreen Monitor

What’s the use of a well-tuned gaming rig if you can only connect it to a mediocre-quality viewing screen? Acer’s In-Plane Switching screen technology gives you superb viewing angles from all sides. Best of all, you get super-thin bezel so you can put several screens side-by-side for a really cinematic experience.


My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine

It’s a blast from the past. For individuals who frolicked with arcade games in the 80s, now’s your chance to relive those glory days of the Pacman, Street Fighter, and Mega Man, just to name a few, in this ingeniously designed handheld gaming console. It’s designed like the arcade machine of old, too.


ENHANCE Mouse Bungee

Organize your mouse’s cord so it will not get in the way of your superb gaming performance. Be dazzled by the blue LED lights emanating from its futuristic Tron-inspired patterns. Connect 4 of your USB devices and watch the GX-B1 light up and bring a whole new element to your game.


GAEMS Vanguard

Owning a piece of gaming console requires a sense of responsibility especially in its care. These are not your ordinary consoles that come cheap. That’s why the Vanguard is here to protect your prized gaming investments. It’s an organizer and a protective case rolled into one and it does so with pride.


Cyber Acoustics Speaker

It’s not only superb for PC gamers; it’s also excellent for music lovers and couch potatoes. The CA-3602 FFP may only have 2 satellite drivers and a side firing subwoofer, but this provides enough juice to bring the intensity of your game booming across your room and throughout the entire house.


ThinkGeek Minecraft Diamond Ore

Fight Creepers under your bed with this very rare diamond ore that magically lights up to give you superb protection against these forces that Minecraft Steve has been going up against for quite some time now. It’s a 3-inch cube that comes in 3 brightness levels as well as an auto-shut-off feature.


LightCore Arcade Light Switch Plate

Bring the fun of pressing arcade buttons to every room in your home with this arcade button-inspired light switch plate. It’s super easy to install, easy to clean, and even a lot easier to use. Your only issue now is how you can stop your kids from playing with it.


Hyperkin SUPABOY SNES Console

Start looking for your old SNES and Super Family Computer cartridges as the SupaBoy is here. Watch your gameplay on your TV or play your legacy games on this handheld console complete with a cartridge lock feature as well as a headphone jack. It’s time to bring back the old times.


Game Boy Advance SP - Flame

Forget the PSPs and the Vitas. Go classic. Go retro with this re-engineered and redesigned Nintendo Game Boy and play legacy games of the 80s and 90s in its beautiful 32K color screen. The D-pad and A-B buttons have been redesigned as well to give you superb gameplay of the classics.


Rocketcases Retro Gamer Case

Pull a prank on your friends. Make them believe that you have in your hands the all-new, redesigned, rebuilt, and re-engineered 90s Game Boy for the 21stcentury. It’s actually a very stylish and game-y case for your iPhone 7 Plus. It gives you that classic feel of the iconic game console.


Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Take command of your flight. Dodge missiles and engage in intense aerial dogfights. Whatever kind of action you require, this joystick from Logitech is sure to give you unparalleled advantage over your opponents. It’s highly ergonomic and comes with a variety of customizations as well as massive controller configurations.


Jelly Comb Large Gaming Desk Pad

If you’re in need of a much bigger mouse pad that can actually cover the entire surface of your gaming table, then the Jelly Comb is the one to get. It also comes with two kick stands for keeping your smartphones fully upright, making it exceptionally useful for office work as well.


PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console

Sony wanted you and your gaming experience to be its priority. That’s why it designed the PlayStation 4 as several leap years more advanced than its predecessor. It’s got seamless wireless connectivity that, when paired with the PS Vita, can allow you to play your PS 4 games on your handheld.


Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses

Look cool but don’t be a thug, although this is the character this sunglass wants you to play. More than just a cool-looking sunglass, it offers excellent UV 400 protection while its unique frame design sits comfortably on the bridge of your nose. It’s the ideal gift for Minecraft and MLG fans.


Pac-Man Connect and Play

In a fitting tribute to Pac-Man’s 35thbirthday, this Pac-Man-shaped game console brings you back in time to play 12 legacy games of the Pac-Man franchise. Start munching on those waffles and avoiding the Ghosts as you relive the good old days. Simply connect the Pac-Man to your TV and off you go.


Nintendo Men's Pixel Cast T-Shirt

How well do you know your Super Mario Bros. characters? If you’re suffering from temporary amnesia, now’s the time to start beefing up on your memory of these lovable game characters with this t-shirt from Nintendo. You’ve got 25 different characters beautifully emblazoned on the front of the tee.


Corsair Vengeance Desktop Memory

For system builders, game pros, and rig tweakers, nothing beats the Vengeance when it comes to memory module performance. Built specifically for overclockers, optimizing their gaming rig to push the gameplay experience to higher levels, these memory modules come with the latest technology for today’s modern performance gaming computers.


Tetris Alarm Clock

Say goodbye to your boring alarm clock. Get this Tetris-inspired wake-upper and you’ll be treated to an unusual countdown. The changing of the time initiates the Tetris falling block mechanism, transporting to the 80s when almost everyone else had a handheld Tetris console on their hands, whiling time away.


LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray

Surprise your guests and even your friends with every cold beverage you serve. They’ll be amazed with the blocks of ice keeping their drinks cold. Instead of the usual ice cubes, their fascination will be transfixed on the icy Lego mini figures. Stir up some imagination if you must.


Sandios Travel Flash Drives

Be the next Iron Man or at least Mark 42 with this unique flash drive available in 4- to 32- gigabyte capacity. It’s got excellent anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference properties aside from its superb one-piece design. Its USB 2.0 version allows it to be used on older laptops and other USB devices.


ONCHOICE 32G Crystal Flash Drive

Don’t you just wish you had a USB flash drive that can double as a wonderful gift for your computer geek of a spouse? Made to look like some expensive crystal, the ONCHOICE turns into a stunning removable drive that lights up with fantastic colors. It’s quite voluminous, too.


Mobile Edge Laptop Backpack

If you have a gaming laptop with its high-end specs and ultra-powerful gaming performance processor, then the Razer is the bag of choice as its fully padded 1680D ballistic nylon construction is sure to protect your high end gaming rig. It’s got numerous pockets for your gaming peripherals, too.


BD&A Charge & Display Station

Owning a PlayStation VR system means you’ve got one of the best gaming rigs in town. Flaunt it rather than store it in their respective boxes. Display these peripherals on this station that also doubles as a charging dock. Next thing you know you’ve got a marvelous-looking piece of state-of-the-art equipment right in your home.


AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2

If you’re like us who absolutely hate complicated setups, you’ll love this AVerMedia gadget designed specifically to make recording of your favorite gameplays super easy. Best of all, you can instantly stream your gameplay videos with no additional setups. It’s compact and very easy to use and is compatible with many gaming systems.


Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

If you miss the good old days of the SEGA game console, you don’t have to feel miserable anymore. With the reengineered Genesis you get to enjoy legacy SEGA games all over again. And if you still have the MegaDrive cartridges from the 90s, doubly rejoice as this console is highly compatible.


How We Chose the Most Amazing Gifts for Gamers in Our List

It’s not really easy picking the coolest and really awesome gamer gifts since there are a whole bunch of different types of gamers. You’ve got FPS fans, MMORPG addicts, Sim followers, racing acolytes, and a whole lot more. Choosing a present for each of these types of virtual players will take an eternity because, by the time you’ve finished your list, something else would have come along that dethrones at least one of your listed items. So, we went for functionality, above all else. Our line of thinking was such that if the gizmo is able to enhance the overall gaming experience, then we’d hit the jackpot. We know just how engaged players can be in their respective games. So, if we can up the ante of their respective gameplays then we know that we did a perfectly fine job in the selection process.

Of course, we also recognize the need of individuals who may already have everything in their gaming arsenal. So we tried including game-themed items that have been largely considered as huge successes, year in and year out.

Understanding the Benefits of Video Gaming

We said in the beginning of this article that there are people who think that there are no discernible benefits to playing video games. However, a number of studies have shown that there are a variety of surprising benefits of playing video games. In fact, even child psychologists say video games can improve your kids. It is, thus important to recognize that video gaming can provide a host of benefits, to wit:

  • Helps treat lazy eye syndrome or amblyopia – Studies have shown that video gaming can significantly improve visual acuity, stereoscopic vision, and visual attention among individuals diagnosed with amblyopia or lazy eye syndrome.
  • Improves spatial awareness and attention – Gamers can quickly locate any object of interest from a field of distractors. Studies found out that such abilities make good predictors of one’s ability to drive a vehicle as it requires acute spatial awareness vis-à-vis lightning-quick reflexes.
  • Treats dyslexia – Children who are dyslexic have been found to show great improvements in their phonology and reading when they are allowed to play video games. The findings also show that playing video games is actually better than training programs designed to manage and treat dyslexia.
  • Improves executive functioning and multi-tasking ability – Many gamers can perform a lot of actions almost at the same time. This helps train their brain into allotting his or her cognitive resources to allow for quick-fire efficient decision-making and problem solving.
  • Reverses declining mental capacity as a result of aging – Studies show that playing video games can improve the attention, abstract reasoning, cognitive flexibility, and working memory of older people.

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