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gifts for gamers

No matter what your view is on the rivalry between video and computer games, you can’t deny that a cool new gadget to enhance your gaming experience leads to a whole new level of fun and excitement. If you aren’t a gaming addict, then we guarantee that you have a friend or family member who has been sucked into the world of never-ending technology. For this reason, we have collected together a range of the best presents for gamers to help you find what you are looking for.

From new hardware to clothing, there is no doubt that these gaming gifts will please your tech-obsessed gamer and fit alongside any budget you may have. We understand that each gamer is unique and this is why you will find an array of presents for gaming that will certainly not disappoint. Looking for a mug that expresses your love for game consoles? Fancy treating yourself to a retro arcade machine? No problem. Here are the most awesome gifts for gamers that will make you the best present giver for years to come.

Our Top Presents For Gamers:

Understanding the Benefits of Video Gaming

We said in the beginning of this article that there are people who think that there are no discernible benefits to playing video games. However, a number of studies have shown that there are a variety of surprising benefits of playing video games. In fact, even child psychologists say video games can improve your kids. It is, thus important to recognize that video gaming can provide a host of benefits, to wit:

  • Helps treat lazy eye syndrome or amblyopia – Studies have shown that video gaming can significantly improve visual acuity, stereoscopic vision, and visual attention among individuals diagnosed with amblyopia or lazy eye syndrome.
  • Improves spatial awareness and attention – Gamers can quickly locate any object of interest from a field of distractors. Studies found out that such abilities make good predictors of one’s ability to drive a vehicle as it requires acute spatial awareness vis-à-vis lightning-quick reflexes.
  • Treats dyslexia – Children who are dyslexic have been found to show great improvements in their phonology and reading when they are allowed to play video games. The findings also show that playing video games is actually better than training programs designed to manage and treat dyslexia.
  • Improves executive functioning and multi-tasking ability – Many gamers can perform a lot of actions almost at the same time. This helps train their brain into allotting his or her cognitive resources to allow for quick-fire efficient decision-making and problem solving.
  • Reverses declining mental capacity as a result of aging – Studies show that playing video games can improve the attention, abstract reasoning, cognitive flexibility, and working memory of older people.

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