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gifts for cyclists

One of the most enjoyable forms of exercises that can really help individuals build cardiovascular endurance while also facilitating the strength training of the leg muscles is biking. Of course, it can also be an excellent recreational and therapeutic activity for those who would like some time off from their usual routines. Even children can benefit from biking as it helps them develop their kinesthetic sense, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. But for the professional cyclist, it’s a very serious sport that demands the utmost discipline and focus to pedal one’s way to the top. While it takes many years of training before one can compete in prestigious cups like the Tour de France, it always starts with very simple steps. And whether or not you’re aspiring to join the ranks of the world’s greatest cyclists someday, you’d definitely consider getting one or more of these 20 gifts for cyclists in 2017. Even if it’s not for you, someone you know might benefit greatly from these.

Our Top Gifts For Cyclists:

Tips to Ensuring Safety while Biking or Cycling

Biking or cycling on open roads can be a very risky activity especially if you are not fully cognizant of the different safety tips for cyclists. Here are a few tips on how to ensure optimum safety while cycling or biking.

  • Always obey traffic rules including the observance of traffic signs, road markings, and traffic light signals.
  • Always wear reflective material on your body, clothes, or on the bike itself to increase your visibility to others especially if you have to go cycling in the night. This forms part of your need to learn how to not get hit by vehicles.
  • Always stay in one lane throughout your cycling session. As much as possible avoid swerving between lanes except when you have to overtake or when absolutely necessary. If there is a dedicated track or portion of the road that’s devoted to cyclists, use this instead.
  • Don’t ever forget to wear your protective gear including helmet, elbow and knee pads, and sunglasses or goggles. You may not realize it but the glare of the sun or even from the headlights of incoming traffic can increase the risk of accidents.
  • Always ride at a safe speed.
  • If you have to cross a pedestrian crossing, make sure to dismount from your bike and walk with it.

Biking or cycling is a fun activity. It can also be very rewarding and fulfilling especially if you’re talking about professional cycling. Regardless, these 20 gifts for cyclists should help you enjoy cycling a lot better.

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