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50 Awesome Gifts for Cyclists in 2017

gifts for cyclists

One of the most enjoyable forms of exercises that can really help individuals build cardiovascular endurance while also facilitating the strength training of the leg muscles is biking. Of course, it can also be an excellent recreational and therapeutic activity for those who would like some time off from their usual routines. Even children can benefit from biking as it helps them develop their kinesthetic sense, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. But for the professional cyclist, it’s a very serious sport that demands the utmost discipline and focus to pedal one’s way to the top. While it takes many years of training before one can compete in prestigious cups like the Tour de France, it always starts with very simple steps. And whether or not you’re aspiring to join the ranks of the world’s greatest cyclists someday, you’d definitely consider getting one or more of these 20 gifts for cyclists in 2017. Even if it’s not for you, someone you know might benefit greatly from these.

Taotronics Bike Phone Holder

Today’s cyclists and bikers have a lot of technologies they can depend on to help create a really fantastic and memorable experience. From GPS devices to smartphones and other gizmos, almost any other technology can be mounted on your bike with this easy-mount device from TaoTronics. It’s super sturdy and durable, too.


WOTOW Bike Repair Tool Kit

Cyclists are not only great riders they are superb mechanics, too. With this multi-tool repair kit, you will not need a bulky toolbox to keep your gear in shape. Roadside repairs have just become a lot easier to accomplish, thanks to the full functionality of its 16-tool solid steel construction.


SANTIC Cycling Men's Shorts

The SANTIC is not only a cool-looking men’s cycling shorts, it’s also a more hygienic way to pedal your way across any terrain that your bike can take you. It’s got breathable mesh panels as well as an antibacterial 4D Coolmax pad to help ensure no odor-causing germs will ever spoil your ride.


Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Fill the Polar with ice cubes before filling it with your favorite drink and you’ve got one of the most refreshing and coolest ways to stay hydrated especially during long rides across scorching hot trails. It’s great, too, for other activities where you will require cool drinks to keep you from overheating.


4ucycling Padded Bike Shorts

Don’t you just feel annoyed with your cycling shorts’ leggings constantly curling up your thighs? Well, this cycling shorts effectively addresses that and a whole lot more. It gives you exceptional comfort while also giving you exceptional sweat-resistance so you’ll still be feeling fresh even after a long day on the bike trail.


Raniaco Bike Computer

Turn your bicycle into a state-of-the-art two-wheeled, feet-powered vehicle. Know your current speed as well as best times and the distance you’ve already covered with this remarkable bike computer from Raniaco. It’s small and very lightweight to be easily mounted on your bike’s handle bar giving you the right information you need.


Blitzu Ultra Bright Bike Light

It’s versatile and very functional. Plus, the Blitzu is fully USB rechargeable, eliminating the need for constant replacement of batteries. This bike light can be easily installed on your ride’s tail. Or, if you don’t have one, you can just as easily mount it at the back of your helmet.


BV Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

Forget the sling bag or even the backpack. If you’re like most cyclists, you’d like to travel light for optimum speed. Rather than be weighed down by bags on your body, why not strap this saddle bag right under your bike seat instead? It’s got plenty of room for all your things.


Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator

Riding through a bike trail can really be fun. But once you get a flat tire, you’ll be thinking the fun is over. Well, not if you have the Pro Bike CO2 inflator in your pocket. Featuring a 1-turn valve system, this inflator is exactly what you’ll need to keep on rolling.


Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

Known as the Swiss Army pocket knife of cyclists and mountain bikers, the M19 offers 19 different functionalities to keep your bike in tip-top shape. Its high tensile steel construction makes it extra-strong, perfect for using in the toughest conditions any biker or cyclist can ever face. It’s great for the home, too.


Kryptonite Bicycle Lock

Bicycles are not immune to theft. Like all vehicles, motorized or not, you need optimum security to keep it locked where you parked it. Kryptonite may be Superman’s Achilles heel but it is your bicycle’s strength against unscrupulous individuals who are out to get one of your most prized possessions.


Cygolite Expilion 850 USB Light

Mountain biking can be pretty scary, albeit fun and exhilarating. When done at night, the danger doubles. That’s why you need the wide arcing beam of Expilion’s light to illuminate your path. And even if you’re not mountain biking, it should come in as a very handy tool to help find your way.


Miracol Hydration Backpack

Don’t let the intense heat generated by your body or emanating from the environment bog you down in your cycling adventures. Stay hydrated and keep your body refreshed with cool, iced water that can last up to 4 hours. Miracol is nothing less than a superb hydration backpack for outdoor adventurers.


JBM BMX Bike Knee and Elbow Pads

Get ready to perform a variety of tricks that are X-Games worthy without worrying about scalping skin off your elbows or knees. JBM’s BMX Bike protective pads are made of the strongest, most durable materials to make sure you get to keep the integrity of your hands, elbows, and knees.


Finish Line Gear Floss

Flossing is a very effective way of removing food debris off our teeth when regular brushing simply can’t. The same thing with our bicycle gears. Ordinary cleaning simply won’t cut it. You will also need the borrowed principle of flossing from the dentistry profession to keep your gears sparkling clean.


Flectson Reflective Vest

Don’t be put off by its rather unpretentious design as the Flectson just might save your life. Made of high quality knitted polyester with reflective finish, this vest has saved countless lives of bikers, joggers, and runners as it increases their visibility to oncoming traffic. It’s got great storage solutions, too.


Giro Bishop Bike Helmet

It looks dashingly cool and superbly elegant. The Giro Bishop is the perfect helmet for all cyclists as it comes with a tough shell giving you excellent full coverage. The rear of the helmet is adorned with a reflective decal to increase your visibility to other road and trail users.


Garmin Edge 200 Bike Computer

You’d forgiven for thinking that the Edge 200 is just another Garmin GPS product designed to keep you well-informed of your position in any mountain bike trail of your choice. The fact is that it’s definitely more than that. It’s a powerful and intuitive computer you can easily mount on your bike.


Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Bike

There’s especially good reason why some boys prefer the Dolomite’s fat tires over thin ones. With an overall improved surface area always in contact with the ground, you can conquer any uphill climb and still have plenty of juice left to appreciate the view that mountain biking is known to provide.


Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike

It doesn’t matter whether you’re already a daredevil mountain biker or even a newbie who’s just discovering the joys of biking in the great outdoors, the Overdrive will never fail you. This Diamondback ride is built specifically for any type of terrain to get you where your legs can pedal its drivetrain.


Park Tool Vulcanizing Patch Kit

Don’t let a flat tire hamper your progress especially when you’re in the middle of training for the next Tour de France. With the vulcanizing patch kit from Park tool, you can easily repair small punctures and leaks from your tires. It already comes with round and oval patches, sandpaper, and vulcanizing fluid.


Bleiou Bicycle Cap

A bike helmet is superb when it comes to giving you the ultimate protection while pedaling your way across bike trails. However, if you’re after breathable comfort and superb sweat protection, then Bleiou’s sun proof cycling cap is a must-have. It’s especially designed for both head protection and comfort.


Wall Pops Wall Decals

Pepper your room with these easy-to-apply wall decals that are designed after the most common road signs. These are safe for any surface as it won’t leave any residue if you do decide to remove them and apply them in another place. The Wall Pops comes with 14 different wall decals.


SiS Go Isotonic Energy Gel

You can concoct your own sports nutrition drink or you can simply buy the Science in Sports isotonic energy gel. Since it’s isotonic, you can bet that there will be no fluid shifts occurring at the cellular level. It’s the nutrition gel that will help you train harder and recover faster.


JannersMugs Sexy Cyclist Mug

Have you ever seen a serious cyclist who’s as fat as your next-door neighbor? Well, get this Sexy Cyclist mug or give it to someone who simply loves riding a bike and they will surely be proud of what they have accomplished so far. You can even personalize your own Sexy Mug.


Campagnolo Bronze Corkscrew

Want to really surprise your cycling buddy over a bottle of vintage? Give him this vintage-looking corkscrew from Campagnolo and he will simply be popping those wine corks every time he feels like it. It exudes with timeless elegance and superb functionality you don’t normally see in these products.


Oakley PRIZM Sport Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with these cool and very sporty sunglasses from Oakley. The Jawbreaker PRIZM is not going to break any jaws, however. But it sure will shield your eyes off harmful UVA and UVB rays with its 100% UV protection. It has a plastic frame and lens, improving durability.


Castelli Men's Perfetto Cycling Jacket

If you need speed while biking, you need smoother airflow across your body. With Castelli’s Perfetto, however, not only will you get a more streamlined cycling jacket, you also get a very fashionable wear you can actually use in other functions. The Perfetto comes with advanced fabric technology giving you optimum cycling performance.


Thirty48 Low Cut Cycling Socks

Don’t you just hate it when your feet also perspire with each pedal you make? Thirty 48 has an answer to that. With its CatalystAF technology, you can bet your feet will feel cool and dry as the technology moves moisture away from your feet, affording you comfort with each pedal.


Ass Savers SmartAss Bicycle Rain Fender

Remove that bland-looking fender off your bike. Replace it with this funny yet durable and highly functional rain fender from Ass Savers. Aptly named the SmartAss, it can be easily deployed to protect your behind from splashes especially when it rains. When the shower’s done, it can be simply folded up under the seat.


SouthTexasHomeDecor Bike Art

Bring back memories of yesteryears when workers’ bikes roamed the streets from every home and into factories and assembly lines. This handmade vintage bicycle design wall décor should add an entirely different dimension to your interior design. It measures 18.5 inches wide and 10.75 inches tall, just perfect for hanging on the wall.



When it comes to action comes, nobody does it like GoPro. And with its Hero5 series, you get ultra-high definition videos and photographs that will leave your breathless every time you play them for review. It’s got a small and super-compact design that’s filled with a lot of interesting features.


KabinzOutdoors Bicycle Wall Clock

If you could turn your large 6.75-inch diameter bicycle gear into a fantastic wall clock, then it would perhaps resemble this recycled bike gear wall clock from KabinzOutdoors. However, why would you sweat building one like this when you can just sit back and have the company make one for you?


treadandpeadals Bike Clock

This bike cog was given a new lease on life by the ingenious minds of treadandpedals, turning it into a magnificent and fully functioning wall clock. All of the components put into the making of this steely clock are from recycled materials so you’ll feel good about being eco-friendly.


Garmin fēnix 3 HR

Everyone knows Garmin when it comes to GPS. But with the fenix 3 HR, the company has just elevated their game into the wearable technology department. The fenix 3 has full wireless connectivity, a 100-meter water rating, a superb wrist-based heart rate monitor, and a sunlight-visible 1.2-inch Chroma display.


Silca Seat Roll Premio

Boasting of a unique Boa Closure system, the Seat Roll Premio is one storage solution that you would definitely want to install on your bike’s seat rails. It’s made of heavyweight cotton canvas that gives it exceptional water proofing and additional reflective trim for extra safety on the road.


StrutYourStuffSignCo Medal Holder

It’s about time to display your cycling medals as well as race bibs in this handcrafted, customized medal and race bib holder from StrutYourStuffSignCo. It is made of eco-friendly MDF and handpainted with safe, quality pigments. As always, you get full customization of your own medal and race bib holder.


RiverOakStudio Gone Cycling Pillow Cover

Rest your tired body after a grueling day biking with this lovely, personalized RiverOakStudio Gone Cycling pillow cover. Each cover is crafted by hand to give it superb luxury using polyester canvas, eco-friendly dyes, and durable YKK zipper. You get to choose from 45 different colors. The design is entirely up to you.


Park Tool Wall Mount Bottle Opener

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Park Tool is an entirely new kind of bicycle water bottle holder. It may be designed that way but the Park Tool is actually a bottle opener that you can easily hang on your wall to instantly open and drop the caps or crowns directly into the container.


Fly12 HD Camera and Bike light

It’s no GoPro but the Fly 12 is nevertheless, a sturdy built 1080p HD camera that comes with a 400 lumen light for optimum safety when biking at night. It also provides excellent security for your bike. Anyone touching your ride will automatically activate the Fly 12’s alarm. It’s weatherproof, too.


CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

Aren’t you amazed at just how fantastic camels are, surviving the scorching desert without a drop of water to drink for many days? Well, it turns out they’ve got a very special mechanism inside their bodies. You don’t need to be a camel to get this kind of hydration. You only need the CamelBak MULE Hydration Pack.


Retrospec Bicycles

Surprise your lady friend with this lovely, elegant, and retro-inspired Nantucket Lightship basket from Retrospec Bicycles. She’ll get a rectangular durable cane-woven basket that she can easily attach to her bike’s handlebars. Then all she’ll ever need to do is to ride down memory lane in her favorite 2-wheels.


TheIronRoots Bicycle Taxidermy

It’s an elegant wall art that can really arouse the curiosity of anyone who sees it. It effectively combines some of the wonderful attributes of nature and the exciting world of cycling into this wall art. Just don’t hang your bike on this as there’s a different Bicycle Taxidermy for that.


SoHo Kitchen Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Throw away your plain pizza cutter and unleash the pro-cyclist in you every time you and your pals meet for a pizza. This uniquely designed pizza cutter is designed like a racing bicycle complete with stainless steel cutting wheels that are guaranteed to ride across your pie, cutting it into wonderful slices.


DZ Nuts Pro Chamois Cream

Don’t let moisture in your groin bring you down during intense biking. Just a few dabs of the DZ Nuts Pro Chamois Cream and you get instant relief from discomfort, itching, and even prickling. It even helps the normal flora in your skin to flourish so you don’t get the nastier ones wreaking havoc.


AmazonBasics Camera Mount

If you need a higher mount or require a point-of-view angle for your videos using your GoPro, then AmazonBasics’ Head Strap Camera Mount is definitely your best choice. It’s waterproof and comes with a variety of mechanisms to ensure an exact fit regardless of the size of your head.


Feedback Sports Alpine Digital Scale

Weight measurements require accuracy to the last possible digit. And if you have a bicycle or any other sporting gear and equipment, you’ll need the superb accuracy of the Feedback Sports Alpine Digital Scale. It can be hung from a hook or mounted onto your bike stand using its built-in clamp.


LIVALL BH60 Bike Helmet

Among all the bicycle helmets you will ever need, the LIVALL BH60 will be your last. It’s built for the world’s toughest cycling competitions, enabling you to stay in touch with your team, and make very accurate moves that will see you finish on top. The features are simply superb, to say the least.


Sankoo Multifunction Bike Speaker

The Sankoo is an all-in-1 multifunction bike speaker that can be easily mounted onto any handlebar. It ergonomic and durable design bespeaks the high quality craftsmanship put into its construction. Plus, it comes with 10 exciting and truly amazing functionalities that will leave all other bike-mounted systems in the dust.


Pedro's Tire Levers

Need to change your bike tires? Don’t reach for tools that are not really designed for removing the tires off your bike rims. Instead, use this pair of tire levers from Pedro’s to simplify your tire-changing chores while protecting the integrity of your tires. It’s compact enough to fit your pocket.


How We Chose the Cool Gifts for Cyclists in Our List

Functionality is a very important consideration in our search for the really amazing gifts for bike lovers and cyclists. We tried to divide our search into two major categories, one for the rider and the other one for the gear. For the rider, we considered his or her safety while on the track or on the trail biking. Riders must feel safe whenever they are out in the open in their bikes. Additionally, they must also feel comfortable and must have an excellent system for helping their bodies get into and stay in perfect shape. Their performance as serious cycling professionals or enthusiasts greatly depend on how well they are able to heed their bodies’ needs. This formed the first part of our evaluation. The second part focused on the gear itself especially the bicycle. This is important since if there is no bike to begin with, then there simply is no cycling as a sport or recreational activity to talk about. So, products that can keep the bicycle in tip-top shape were considered. From these initial screening, we further narrowed the field by striking off those products that have consumer satisfaction scores lower than 3.8 stars. The individual comments and reviews were also taken into full consideration and were subsequently correlated with the trustworthiness or the credibility and reputation of the product’s manufacturer. This essentially formed the crux of our search for the best cycling themed gifts.

Tips to Ensuring Safety while Biking or Cycling

Biking or cycling on open roads can be a very risky activity especially if you are not fully cognizant of the different safety tips for cyclists. Here are a few tips on how to ensure optimum safety while cycling or biking.

  • Always obey traffic rules including the observance of traffic signs, road markings, and traffic light signals.
  • Always wear reflective material on your body, clothes, or on the bike itself to increase your visibility to others especially if you have to go cycling in the night. This forms part of your need to learn how to not get hit by vehicles.
  • Always stay in one lane throughout your cycling session. As much as possible avoid swerving between lanes except when you have to overtake or when absolutely necessary. If there is a dedicated track or portion of the road that’s devoted to cyclists, use this instead.
  • Don’t ever forget to wear your protective gear including helmet, elbow and knee pads, and sunglasses or goggles. You may not realize it but the glare of the sun or even from the headlights of incoming traffic can increase the risk of accidents.
  • Always ride at a safe speed.
  • If you have to cross a pedestrian crossing, make sure to dismount from your bike and walk with it.

The Bottom Line

Biking or cycling is a fun activity. It can also be very rewarding and fulfilling especially if you’re talking about professional cycling. Regardless, these 20 gifts for cyclists should help you enjoy cycling a lot better.

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