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50 Top Gifts for Athletes in 2017

top gifts for athletes

Athletes are a special breed of people, able to push their bodies beyond their physical capabilities. Their discipline and work ethic are second to none. They always have their sights on their goals, their targets, and their dreams. So, if an athlete is already in the zone, there’s simply no stopping him or her. If you are an athlete yourself or perhaps you know someone who is and would like to give him or her a present that will elevate his or her athletic performance and training, then our 50 gifts for athletes in 2017 should help you narrow down the pack to what truly matters.

Kinetic Cooling Towel

There is no better and more effective way to cool down than to use this highly innovative, super-absorbent towel that’s specifically designed for one thing: to rapidly cool you down. This makes it perfect for high intensity exercises as it can help prevent overheating, allowing you extend exercise time.


Spiky Massage Ball

Don’t bother going to a massage therapist or scheduling an appointment with an acupressure expert. You only need these spiky massage balls to manage a variety of your activity-related musculoskeletal problems like plantar fasciitis and foot pain. It’s amazingly simple yet very effective way to get rid of foot pain.


Silicone Wedding Ring

Show your commitment to your partner by never removing your wedding ring off your finger. Well, except that this is not really your wedding ring. Nevertheless, it provides you with an exceptional comfortable replacement during highly intense physical activities so you don’t lose the most precious jewelry in your life.


Testosterone Booster

If you’re into bodybuilding, then you already know the importance of taking testosterone supplements. It works well, too, for individuals who want to lose weight. It’s specifically designed for men, giving them the right combination of testosterone-boosting effects while checking for estrogenic side-effects, so you get that chiseled look you’re longing for.


Champion's Mind Book

It’s said that there are no blueprints to surefire athletic success. However, you’ll find The Champion’s Mind to be particularly helpful in conditioning your mind to achieve all of your fitness and athletic goals. Like they say, everything we do is all a matter of how strong our will is.


Bose Wireless Earphones

Hit the track running with everything you’ve got. With these wireless stereo headphones, it’s a lot easier to get in the groove of things. With clear and crisp music being delivered to your brain through your ears, you’ll have the best motivation to keep pushing yourself to the hilt.


Hydration Running Belt

Don’t let physical exhaustion and dehydration sap the energy out of you. While you can always carry a bag behind your back, a much better option is to simply loop this belt around your waist and you’ve got the most portable and very convenient hydration system you can ever find.


Smartshake Protein Shaker

Preparing your very own protein shake has never been this easy. With a built-in mixer designed specifically to prevent lumps in your drink and a very handy storage compartment at the bottom, this colorful, highly-interchangeable slim shaker is every fitness buff’s companion to healthier and more meaningful exercise sessions.


TRX Training System

One of the keys to effective fitness training is having the right tools. While gyms give you state-of-the-art equipment, you can have the effectiveness of such equipment in your house, too. This suspension trainer can be easily installed so you get full body workouts without having to leave the comfort of home.


No Show Toe Socks

Keep your feet dry and smelling fresh throughout your workout session. Sweat can have a nasty character of producing foul odor, not to mention allowing the growth of certain microorganisms. With superior polyester, lycra, and nylon construction, the Injinji toe socks are simply perfect for keeping your feet comfy and dry.


Perfect Push Up

It may look so simple enough but the true power of the Pushup Elite is in its slightly rotating design. This gives you the versatility to modify your training exercises to allow for greater effort on your part while toning and firming up those muscles. It’s very durable and exceptionally strong, too.


Resistance Band Set

For those looking to build muscles, firming them up, and improving muscle strength and endurance without having to leave the home, this is Black Mountain’s answer. The set comes with a variety of resistance bands offering various resistance levels. Use one or combine several and you’ve got an effective personal strength-training gadget.


Adjustable Dumbells

You don’t need to buy an entire set of dumbbells just to tone and firm up your muscles of the arms as well as the chest. What you will only need is the Bowflex SelectTech systm which already allows you to make very precise adjustments in the weight of your dumbbell.


Meal Prep Set

Preparing your own healthy and delicious low-calorie meal to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals has been made super-easy by this set of 3-compartment food containers. You’ll be able to put your own recipes into each of these bento boxes to get you well-prepared for a week.


Alfamo Cooling Towel

Cooling down after an intense workout is made more fun with the unique colors of these cooling towels. What makes it unique is its unusually long profile at 40 inches. The versatility of these cooling towels is phenomenal as they can be used in any situation where you need to cool the body down.


Flipbelt Running Belt

Leave your bulky belt bag at home and simply slip on the FlipBelt on your waist. It’s a very stylish yet simple way to keep all of your precious items fully safe and secure while you’re out in the open for some much-needed workout. It is surprisingly functional, too.


Muscle Roller Stick

Got some muscle aches that simply won’t go away? Are you contemplating of getting a massage? Before you do, why not try the Stick Pro first? It’s lauded as one of the best tools you can massage yourself with, effective for relieving muscle cramps, soreness, and tightness of the back, among other things.


Elastic No Tie Laces

The last thing you need while running against the wind are shoe laces that get loose which you can step on and ruin everything. Cut those shoelaces lose and put on these lock laces in their place so you get superb safety while training. These are easy to install and very comfy, too.


Funny Gym T-Shirt

Show off that slowly developing shape on your biceps and triceps. While you can easily turn an ordinary t-shirt looking as cool as these, nothing can be farther than the truth. These French terry tanks are ultra-soft and super-lightweight it would give you the sensation of not wearing anything at all.


Microfiber Towel

Capable of absorbing moisture and fluids up to 5x its weight, this premium microfiber towel is just what you need every time you head outdoors for some intense physical activity or even a simple frolic at the beach. It’s thinner than silk giving you superb smoothness while preventing the growth of odor-causing germs.


P90X Workout Set

If you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer but are not ready for the fees, then bring home this collection of 12 DVDs and help yourself achieve your fitness goals right in your home. Also included are a nutrition plan and a fitness guide to help on your way to a fitter, healthier you.


Ab Carver Pro

Longing for that 6-pack abs everyone in the office has been talking about? Ready to show off that chiseled abdomen to the ladies and gents? Well, the Ab Carver Pro just happens to be a very simple yet truly effective gadget that’s designed and built specifically for this purpose.


GoPro Hero 5 Camera

Athletes have to document the action to get an instant resource for reviewing the different aspects they still need to improve on. BMX riders, mountain bikers, skiers, and even race car and motorcycle racers all can benefit from the superb 4K UHD resolution of the leading action cam in the world.


Fitbit Charge 2 Monitor

Keep track of your fitness performance with this wearable technology from Fitbit. With the ability to monitor the different activities that you’re doing every single day, you’ll have all the information you need to assess your calorie burn levels and compare it with your overall fitness goals. It comes with other invaluable features, too.

ZFOsports Weighted Vest

The ZFOsports Weighted Vest is an exceptionally effective exercise wear that allows you to tailor-fit your resistance training needs. You get to add 2.5 pounds of weight to the spacious compartments of the vest up to a maximum of 40 pounds. At least, you’ll have both hands free to do other things.


Fit Simplify Exercise Bands

Don’t you wish you had an easier way to identify the level of resistance a particular exercise gadget can give? Well, Fit Simplify has answered your prayers. The company came up with resistance bands that come in 5 different colors which reflect the level of resistance that each one offers.


Vibram Men's KSO EVO Shoe

Cross trainers require excellent tactile feedback from their feet so they can easily make the adjustments in their performance levels. With the unique design of this cross training shoe, not only are you able to optimize the high intensity exercise requirements of cross training, you’ll also find superb comfort in these footwear.


Yes4All Kettlebell

Do you need a kettleball that will never leave you off-balanced? Check out this kettleball made of solid cast iron. It has a flattened bottom that substantially improves overall stability while its unitary design helps make sure it will never break apart. You’ve got a wide selection of weights, too.


Shinymod Sports Arm Sleeves

If you’re a player of tennis, basketball, or even rowing, then you definitely need this superbly-designed cooling arm sleeve. Since it effectively covers the entire length of your upper limbs, it helps protect the different muscle groups in this area to allow for optimum recovery while reducing the ill effects of muscle overheating.


Underwater Audio iPod

What do you get if you make the Apple iPod fully waterproof? Whatever it is, one thing is for sure – the creatures of the deep will be treated to a symphony like no other. This device takes an ordinary yet iconic iPod and treated it with superior waterproofing technology.


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

It’s not an oversized PVC tube with odd ribbings; it’s a very useful roller that is geared primarily for athletes who require superb muscle recovery, improved flexibility at the joints, and unmatched pain relief. The GRID is designed specifically to apply pressure on certain points of the body to produce desired results.


WildHorn Outfitters Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling presents individuals with an entirely new appreciation of what lies underneath the waves. It’s a whole new world for most of us especially if we use the Seaview with its amazing mask that affords us a full 180-degree underwater view. It’s got a host of other useful features, as well.


Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder

The Speed Agility Ladder is purposely designed for athletes who require very nimble feet, flexible bodies, speed, and the ability to shift weight to change direction in a flash. It may look like an ordinary system of nylon rungs but it’s been at the forefront of football, hockey, and soccer training.


Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine

As long as you have about 36 square feet of space at home, you can train in the Model D. Designed to be a low-impact, full-body exerciser this equipment effectively strengthens leg and arm muscles while also giving you instant feedback of your overall exercise performance, thanks to its integrated performance monitoring system.


RockTape Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tapes are lauded for minimizing pain sensations during critical moments of a game. RockTape’s superior technical know-how in performance kinesiology is used by professional athletes all over the world. By reducing pain, improving blood circulation, and facilitating faster recovery times for muscles, overall athletic performance can also be greatly enhanced.


Speed Hound Swim Buoy

Swim in open waters a lot safer with this highly reflective flotation device. It serves as a visual cue for others in open seas that someone is actually in the water. The Speed Hound is not just a buoyant device; it is also a dry bag that you can keep your belongings in.


Hydrosleeve Hydration Armband

If you want to focus on the goal ahead of you but still require adequate hydration, then the hands-free Hydrosleeve is just for you. Its bladder can hold up to 7.5 ounces of extra-cool and refreshing water, thanks to an integrated Therma-cool insulation system that maintains the cool temperature of drinks.


Brute Force Sandbags

It’s a gym bag. No! It’s an army bag. Unfortunately, it’s neither. The Brute Force may look like the bags that military personnel use to pack their stuff but it is actually a sandbag that comes with fully adjustable weights. It’s an entirely new way to sandbag train and develop muscle strength.


J+S Active PLUS Sunglasses

It really is a bummer if you cannot set your sights on the prize simply because of too much glare from the sun. Well, if you have this pair of sunglasses with UV 400 protection, glare should never be an issue. These are made of polycarbonate lenses to give you superior optical clarity.


Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener

With a fully adjustable dial, you can set the resistance levels of the Kootek from as low as 22 pounds to as high as 88 pounds. While these numbers may seem small, know that you are actually talking about the amount of force that the muscles of the hand must overcome in order to train.


Olympus Athletes Fitness Belt

Be hip and stylish yet fully functional with the Olympus Fitness Belt. Unlike other belt bags, this one comes with two usable sides. It can also be easily adjusted so you can wear it around your hips if you don’t like it around your waist. It’s comfy and resists sweat, too.


Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

Bring home a fully inflatable and highly durable balance ball today and start working your way to more toned and fit body. If you’ve been aspiring for a 6-pack abs, then dream no more since the GAIAM exercise ball is here to work those ab muscles and others to the hilt.


HomeGym 4U Grip Rings

Is it a fidget toy? You may think of the Grip Rings as nothing more than a toy but it actually works to strengthen your hand muscles, exercise the muscle groups of the fingers, and help rehabilitate the muscle groups of elderly folks and patients with problems in their hands.


Motion Infiniti Support Sleeve

If you have knee joint problems, the last thing you want is to further destabilize the knee joint apparatus. That’s where the Motion Infiniti comes in. It essentially stabilizes the knee joint, supports the different structures of the knee, and helps promote efficient blood flow to the area for optimum mobility.


ENGO Blister Prevention Patches

Bidding sayonara to blisters, calluses, and bunions is now made super easy by the Engo. These patches are adhered onto the inner surface of your shoes to minimize friction between the skin and the shoe’s surface. If you have foot pain, the Engo can help, too. It’s a preventative as well.


Rocket Pure Hand and Foot Balm

Having dry, cracked palms and heels is nothing less than unsightly. In some cases, it can also be painful. With the all-natural ingredients of this therapeutic balm, you can now manage such issues effectively and easily. This breathes life back into your hands and feet to help you achieve your athletic and fitness goals.


Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

The Animal Pak is not your ordinary multivitamin supplement. Aside from the usual vitamins and minerals that supplements contain, the Animal Pak also comes with an amazing array of amino acids, gut-friendly enzymes, and powerful antioxidants all of which work synergistically to bring out the best athletic performance in you.


Mission Multi-Cool

It’s an entirely different kind of headwear. It’s a headband, hood, cap, scarf, and neck gator rolled into one. Best of all, it serves to cool you for an amazing 2 hours with a simple activation and reactivation process. The Multi-Cool’s mission is to optimize body temperatures for superior athletic performance.


Elite Sportz Massage Roller Stick

Fight muscle cramps, muscle soreness and stiffness, and other muscular problems using the Elite Sportz. This massage roller stick is exceptionally designed to loosen tight muscles, improve circulation, release muscle tension, and reduce the intensity of muscle cramps. It’s self-administered so you get to control the amount of pressure that your muscles require.


How We Chose the 25 Best Presents for Athletes in Our List

Functionality is a very important parameter in our selection of the best gifts for athletes. We know how serious these individuals are and, as such, we know they deserve only those items that will help them improve their training regimen, make it a lot easier for them to recover after intense training, and even help them stay on top of their game. We also included items for the beginning athlete or the aspiring one as they will require all the help they will need. Of course, we do realize that personal training requires professional coaching and guidance. Nevertheless, we made sure that each of these products that have landed a spot in our list is more than capable of enhancing all athletic- and sports- related endeavors of the highly active individual of today.

Forming the other parameters of our search include the item’s rating based on current customer satisfaction scales, the product’s design philosophy, and the soundness of its inherent features. We had to make sure that each of these built-in features works to achieve the intended goal of improving overall athletic performance.

Tips to Keeping Safe While Exercising

Giving your friends any of these wonderful gifts for athletes can provide them with enough motivation to really pursue their fitness goals. However, we do recommend sharing with them these helpful tips on how to stay safe while exercising.

  • Know your physical limitations. Knowing how to exercise safelystarts with knowledge of one’s physical strengths and limitations. That’s why it is important to first seek clearance from your medical doctor to find out if you are physically fit to do the kind of exercises that you want. This way, your doctor can actually recommend the most appropriate sport for you.
  • Always warm up before the exercise and to cool down right after. Many individuals go straight to exercising once they arrive at the gym. Remember, your muscles and joints need to be conditioned first before you can start with the really intense workout. The same is true after exercise. You have to condition the body into gradually ceasing the activity.
  • Always drink plenty of water. Even if you’re not perspiring, your cells and tissues will be doubly hard at work. They might overheat. Besides, they need plenty of fluids to ensure efficient metabolic processes.
  • It’s always sensible to heed what your body is telling you. If something is hurting, listen. Make sure not to push yourself beyond what you are physically capable; unless, you’ve been trained to do so.

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