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Unique Retirement Gifts For Men

Retirement Gifts For Men

Is it time for your male co-worker, relative or friend to hit the hay and retire? Congratulate them for all their hard work and wish them a very happy retirement with a memorable gift. Retiring is an important occasion and should not be ignored. If you are unsure what to purchase as a retirement gift for males, this selection will cover just about any personality and profession in existence. Whether you are looking for a gift that will remind them of the journey they have been on or a gift that will give them the chance to forget about the stress of the working world; we are confident that these retirement gifts for men will provide just what you’re looking for.

Our Picks Of The Best Retirement Gifts For Him:

3-Speed Turntable

If you’re a fan of all things 50s to 70s, you’d definitely love the Jensen JTA-222. This is an amazing piece of retro-inspired turntable that plays your classic vinyl LP records while also allowing you to enjoy AM/FM radio. You don’t even need speakers as it already comes fully built-in.


Destinations of a Lifetime

Being retired means you now have all the opportunity to travel many of the world’s most amazing places. But where should you begin? Try reading the Destinations of a Lifetime to get an idea of where among the 225 of the world’s most amazing places you should start your new adventures.


Engraved Money Clip Knife

Never underestimate this money clip from Personalized Gifts. It may say ‘finally retired…’ but it packs 8 different tools to make this money clip super handy for the DIY man. There’s a blade, scissors, screwdriver, can and bottle openers, file, and ruler in a nifty pocket knife that’s integrated into the money clip design.


Leather Cigar Humidor

Maintaining the correct humidity is crucial to sealing the full flavors of world-class cigars. That’s what the AMANCY Portable Travel Cigar Humidor is for. It comes with a built-in hygrometer and humidifier within an interior cedar wood casing covered by an exterior PU leather layer giving it one superbly elegant look.


Pocket Quartz Watch

You don’t get to see men wearing pendant watches that often anymore. Only those gentlemen who have developed a taste for the finer, more exquisite things in life will truly appreciate the Bronze Men’s Dragon & Phoenix Dangle Pendant Pocket Watch. This is a fully functioning timepiece with very precise quartz movement.


Retirement Car Plate Frame

Get your car’s license plates fully framed with these pair of license plate frames from All About Signs 2. It’s got the phrase ‘don’t rush me; I’m retired’ emblazoned on the high quality metal frame. Tailgaters will surely wear a smile when they read this at the back of your car.


Sports Action Camera

Love shooting underwater pictures and videos? If so, then you must have the AKASO EK7000. This action camera comes with exceptional waterproofing for up to 100 feet as well as Ultra HD camera capable of shooting 4K videos at 25 fps and 12 MP pictures. It’s got exceptional wireless capabilities, too.


Vibration Massage Seat

Don’t you wish you had a personal massager who can relieve all of your sores and aches away in an instant? Try getting the Five Star Massage Seat and treat yourself to wonderful vibrations. Do take note that the Five Star is a vibration massager and not to be confused with a kneading massager.


Retirement Gift Basket

Not sure what to give a retiring friend? While many will tell you to go for personalized gifts, sometimes getting the Retirement Gift Basket from Gift Basket Village actually makes more sense since they can provide you with high quality products that will be very useful for your retiring friend.


Photo and Scrapbook Album

Whoever said that scrapbooking is only for teenage girls? Retirees are actually the best candidates for exceptional scrapbooking for the many years of experience that they already have. With the Ultra Pro, one can easily fill its pages with lots of stuff that tells one’s life story in one elegant book.


Three Tray Tackle Box

Tired of losing your baits, lures, sinkers, bobbers, and other gears that you need for your fishing? Get the Flipsider Tackle Box of Plano and you’ll be able to systematically organize all of your fishing gear and essentials in this durable 3-tray tackle box for easier and more convenient access.


Personalized World Map

Are you planning to travel the world as a treat to yourself during retirement? Instead of getting ordinary world maps, we recommend getting the Luckies of London Personalized World Map. Each country in the Luckies is covered in gold foil which you must scratch off upon visiting that country.


Star Wars The Digital Six film collection

From Episode I The Phantom Menace to Episode VI Return of the Jedi, there’s no other story that has been followed across generations than the first 6 films of the Star Wars franchise. And with this digitally remastered Star Wars collection enjoying every bit of the saga is made even more meaningful.


1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments

They say that one of the first signs that you’ll soon be retiring is when your memory is already beginning to show loopholes. Don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone. Read the 1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments and you’ll definitely understand that everyone can experience mental lapses at least once in their lifetime.


Naipo Shoulder Massager

If you’re feeling like your age is now catching up on you, you may want to try the Naipo Shoulder Massager. This amazing gadget comes with 8 massage nodes that mimic the deep-kneading effects of Shiatsu as well as a built-in thermal layer to help improve blood circulation. Great for other body parts, too.


Bamboo Back Scratcher

Feeling like your back is hurting from a day of toiling in the shed or even in the garden? Feeling itchy, too? No need to call your spouse. What you need is the Banz Self-Massager. This bamboo-constructed contraption is actually a massager and a back scratcher rolled into one.


Leather Journal

Retirement allows you to think a lot about everything – your accomplishments, your decisions, your journeys, and the things that you would like to share with the younger generations. You can write all of your thoughts and feelings in the elegant and rustic, refillable pages of the Colombian Leather Journal.


Cocktail Shaker Set

The Vremi Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set can turn your recently-retired dad into an amazing bartender. Watch him make fantastic drinks using this 5-piece bartender kit that includes a 25-ounce cocktail shaker, shot glass, stirrer, strainer, and jigger. Each of these is constructed of premium grade stainless steel for superb durability and performance


BBQ Grill Tools Set

If mom is the master of the kitchen, dad is definitely the king of the grill. And now that he’s retired, giving him the Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tools Set is simply a must. This gives him remarkable control over anything and everything that’s ever slapped onto the hot grill.


Whiskey Stones

We know you really hate it when ice dilutes your drink. The next time you have a glass or two of your favorite alcoholic beverage, make sure to drop at least 2 of these Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones, so you’ll get the full taste and aroma of your drink.


Van Der Hagen Men's Shave Set

Just because you are already retired doesn’t mean that you can already start forgetting about having a close, clean shave. You still have to take care of your grooming needs. With this deluxe shaving set from Van Der Hagen, you can be sure that you still get to care for that pretty face.


Stainless Steel Cigar Tube and Flask

This gift suggestion from Mrs. Brog is designed specifically for the cigar-lover who also happens to enjoy a sip or two of his favorite alcoholic beverage from time to time. With stainless steel construction, this cigar tube and flask combo is an elegant set to have especially for the retiree.


Robotic Lawn Mower

You may love mowing your lawn, but if you already have some serious musculoskeletal health problems, then you might find the chore to be quite challenging. Fret not as WORX Landroid is here to automatically mow your lawn. Just program Landroid, sit back, and watch it go to work.


Fire TV Stick

Start streaming thousands of movies, TV shows, live sports, and even apps and games with the significantly-improved Fire TV Stick from Amazon. Managing all of your streaming and entertainment needs is Alexa whose only job is to make sure you get the best of everything with very minimal effort on your part.


Wine Aerator Gift Set

Some don’t really have a problem drinking straight from the bottle. But for those in the know, aerating your drinks is simply a must to guarantee the full flavors, aromas, and body of the wine. And with this wine aerator set from Ubesto, you can easily enjoy the full-bodied flavors of your wine.


The Total Fishing Manual

Wanted to do recreational fishing all your life but simply couldn’t find time because of work? You’ve got the rest of your life now so you’d better start reading the Field & Stream’s The Total Fishing Manual where you’ll be learning 317 fishing skills that are deemed essential to any serious angler.


Shakespeare Ugly Stik

Serious anglers spend days in their favorite fishing spot to lure the big one. Now that you’ve retired, you can spend lazy afternoons and the whole week learning and mastering the art of spin fishing. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Combo should get you more than ready for the big bite.


Golf Club Set with Bag

Most retirees love playing golf. And if your loved one hasn’t started out making a few strokes on the fairways yet, maybe you need to get him the Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Club Set. This one comes with everything from drivers to irons to putters and the golf bag.


Craft Beer Making Kit

Want to surprise your beer-loving retiree? Give him Mr. Beer’s Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Kit and he’ll easily craft about 2 gallons of that sparkling gold liquid of his. The kit already comes with all the things he’ll need to make the perfect golden brew that’s guaranteed to make him the envy of friends.


Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit

When you were working, you could hardly have a great beer since it impairs your ability to perform at work. But now that you’re retired, not only can you drink as much beer as you want, you can even craft your own brew with the Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit.


Funny Can Coolie

Drinking from a can of ice-cold beer is such a joy. Unfortunately, over time, your drink warms up. Put on these Funny Can Coolies over your beer cans and enjoy your cold drinks a lot longer. And with the funny message on the coolie, there’s no denying you’re retired.


101 Fun Things to do in Retirement

Your days at work are numbered. And as you tick each day off your calendar, you’re beginning to wonder what happens next. Don’t worry as Stella Reingold has you covered. She’s written 101 Fun Things to Do in Retirement so you can easily make the transition into another phase of your existence.


Retirement Wine Bottle Labels

Planning to celebrate the retirement of a loved one with several bottles of wine? Cover the labels of your favorite bottles of wine with these Retirement Party wine bottle labels and you’ll be drawing a huge smile from the face of your retiree. Everyone else will be going for the wine.


Cool Retirement T-Shirt

Gone are the days when you’d have to drag your butt to the office every morning because your boss expects you to. Gone, too, are those dress codes that you have to comply with; lest, you get a memo from the HR. It’s time to wear the TeeStars for you’re now Retired Since 2017.


Retirement Whiskey Glass for Men

You can now enjoy more than just a shot of your favorite whiskey every single night. Saying goodbye to tension can be a very welcome relief to many, but having a shot or two with the Frederick Engraving Retirement Whiskey Glass is even a lot better. Start saying hello to pension when you’re done.


Sweet Reward Clock

What’s really important is the message written in the Sweet Reward Clock. The clock itself only occupies a small portion of this wonderful 3D frame, putting emphasis on the message that talks about what retirement really means. It’s a very endearing gift even to the man who’s known for being strict at work.


Retirement Coffee Mug

During his working days, dad would always plan his activities for the rest of the week. But now that he’s retired, there simply is no need to make a week-long plan. Instead, he’ll be relying on the ThisWear Retirement Schedule coffee mug to do the planning for him, in a fun way.


Retirement Angel

Sure this figurine may look like it’s especially designed for women, but the message is clear – it provides a blessing for your retirement, the accomplishments that you’ve made, and the journeys that you are about to begin. As such, the Foundations Retirement Angel is one truly meaningful retirement gift.


Engraved Hammer

The TStars Hammer is the ideal gift for the recently-retired individual who has a real passion for making quick fixes and doing elaborate DIY projects at home. The hammer’s handle can be engraved with your custom message or endearing quotes to add a touch of character to the hammer.


Tissot Men's Watch

Tissot watches are especially crafted for the men with very fine tastes. Consider the Le Locle Analog that comes with a silver guilloche dial and a stainless steel case that houses the dutifully hand-crafted Swiss automatic movement and you’ll easily see why this is the perfect gift for the retiree.


Dublin Whiskey-Bar Set

There’s no better way to enjoy your whiskey than drinking from an Old Fashioned glass. And with the superb detailing and craftsmanship of the 8-ounce Godinger Dublin with decanter, you can bet that the way you enjoy whiskey will forever be changed in a way that you never thought possible.


Folding Stool with Tool Bag

One of the setbacks of being a retiree is that killing time can be quite a challenge. But if you get the GardenHOME Folding Stool you might as well succeed at becoming busy with your hands again by putting all of your garden tools within easy reach of where you’re actually sitting.


Parker Fountain Pen

If your spouse or dad has been using an ordinary ball pen through the decades that he’s been working, now’s the time to really give him something truly precious. This Parker Stainless Steel Fountain pen is simply an elegant writing instrument that is a fitting salute to the most productive man ever.


Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Throw away that flimsy, ragged wallet that your dad has been using all these years and buy for him the SERMAN Genuine Leather Minimalist Wallet. He will definitely love the feel of full grain leather in this front pocket wallet that’s been designed to protect cards and IDs against skimmers.


The New Rules of Retirement

They don’t really teach you this in school. And through the decades that you’ve worked your way in the company, there were no trainings or continuing education programs for this either. At least now, you have all the time to read The New Rules of Retirement, giving you insight into your future.


Chess Royal

Don’t settle for the usual chess pieces that look rather plasticky. You’re retired now and you truly deserve only the best and most luxurious looking chess pieces. Try the Wegiel Chess Royal and you’ll see what we mean. These are marvelously crafted by hand from Birch wood, giving you superbly-elegant chess.


Whatever Wall Clock

Most of us dread looking at the clock especially in the early mornings as it simply signals another long day in the office. But once you retire, the numbers on the clock face hardly matter anymore. And for the recently retired, this Whatever Wall Clock simply cements that perception.


I'm Retired! Pint Glass

Raise your 16-ounce I’m Retired! glasses and say your best wishes to the man who has done so much in his life that it’s now time to think about having all the fun and adventure he could ever get without a boss to call him to report the following day.


Retirement Engraved Wooden Plaque

Your dad, spouse, or friend may already have numerous plaques and certificates of recognition on his wall, but it surely wouldn’t hurt to add one more. This one from Kate Posh is sure to bring a smile to his face every time he sees it and reads its meaningful inscription about retirement.


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