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Fishing has become a very popular hobby in recent years and its popularity is continuing to grow. Not only is it rising in popularity, but there is also an ever-growing supply of fishing related gifts around. This is very handy for you, especially if there is a special occasion coming up and you are unsure what to get your fishermen friend. From fishing gadgets and practical equipment to novelty items and clothing, we have found fishing gifts perfect for both main presents and ‘stocking fillers’. Our mission was to deliver you with a wide choice of fishing presents that are great value for money. We have done a pretty good job, if we say so ourselves. Take a look!

Our Picks Of Cool & Unique Fishing Gear:

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Don’t let slippery surfaces knock you off your feet. Plant them firmly on any surface so you can reel in the big one. With a fully synthetic sole, Crocs can help you achieve superior grip on any surface while also allowing you excellent comfort and styling, thanks to its textured design.


Mini Digital Scale 50lb

Take the guesswork off determining the exact weight of your catch with this mini digital scale. It’s super-compact and lightweight that it can easily fit inside your pocket. Or, it can be safely tucked away in your tacklebox. The Rapala gives you very accurate measurements in either kilograms or pounds.


Swiss Army Pocket Knife

With its iconic white cross logo, there’s no mistaking the versatility, craftsmanship, and quality of the Victorinox. Whether it is on your boat, in your shed, or even right in the kitchen, you’ll find many uses for the different tools that are built into every Swiss Army pocket knife.


Shoe Defenders

Protect your feet from odor-causing germs with the Shoe Defenders. Anglers are at the mercy of the elements and they can get their feet wet or damp all the time. With excellent moisture control technology coupled with antimicrobial, antifungal, and deodorant properties, the Shoe Defender is a great addition to any footwear.


PowerBait Power Eggs

There are certain kinds of fishes that consider fish roe as more enticing. With such thinking, serious anglers can make full use of the effectiveness of the PowerBait as it is specifically designed to attract greater numbers of fish. It has a floating formula that helps in enhancing scent dispersion.


Coffee Pot with 4 Mug Set

You don’t need an expensive coffee maker to enjoy a great brew. You simply need this beautiful and elegant enamel percolator so you can enjoy 8 delicious cups of coffee wherever you may be. The Stansport even comes with 4 matching cups to make the coffee-drinking experience truly worthwhile.


Function Multi-Purpose Tool Knife

This is no Swiss Army pocket knife if only the classic white cross on red background is to be considered. However, with 9 different tools, it sure can squarely stand up to any other multi-tool out there. Plus, the Dimension comes with full personalization, giving it its own character.


Fishing Reel Gift Charm

Fishing reels are engineering marvels in themselves. The DigRepair may not be a fishing reel but it surely looks like one. This wonderful keychain gift charm evokes warm and smile-inducing memories of instances when you were able to hook a big fish into your boat or even on land.


Hawg Hunter Premium Gift Set

What better way to surprise a fisherman than giving him a fun and cool-looking t-shirt to go with a matching coffee mug? This gift set talks about maximum comfort while fishing while giving you the opportunity to enjoy a hot brew while waiting for your prized target to bite the line.


Pop-Up Tent

Professional anglers can spend several days in their favorite fishing grounds without having to go home. This pop-up tent should give you the protection afforded by your home in an easy to set and very portable design. You can make the fishing grounds your temporary home for the duration of your angling.


Quad Chair with Cooler

Don’t you just love the idea of relaxing with a cold bottle of beer on one hand and a fishing pole on the other? Well, this quad chair allows you to do just that because it comes with a cooler that’s been integrated into the armrest. It’s sturdy and compact, too.


Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

Why get a separate and expensive fish finder when you can easily download free software on Android and iOS to help you find the fish? This is what the iBobber is all about. It’s compact and lightweight and provides you with very accurate sonar readings so you’ll know where the fish are.


Survival Multi Tool

Every fisherman needs to have a handy tool that he can depend on in any situation, be it emergency or otherwise. The RumbaDock provides you with 14 different tools for a variety of uses in one convenient, compact, and highly durable casing. It’s the multi-tool especially designed for anglers.


Eagle Claw Tool

Master the art of angling with this set from Eagle Claw. It’s a three compartment organizer that keeps your fishing hooks, swivels, and sinkers in order. At least, you don’t have to work hard through a lot of gears and tools just to get the right one you need.


Fisherman Gift Set

You’ll grow older a lot faster if you keep thinking about the best possible gift for your fisherman friend. Simply get this wonderful 8-piece fisherman’s gift set and you can be sure to bring a wide smile to any angler you know. It’s got bait towel, tackle box essentials, and a coffee mug.


ComfortSmart Cot

After a grueling fight with a mighty fish, there’s nothing better than to lie down in your own comfy bed, even if it means it’s smaller than what you have at home. The ComfortSmart is your portable bed that easily folds to fit inside the trunks of most cars.


SF Casting Fishing Rod Cover

Your fishing rod doesn’t have to be like everybody else. With this rod cover, you get to create personality in your rod while ensuring that your fishing pole is free from tangles. It also helps protect metallic fishing poles from corrosion while giving it exceptional mold and mildew resistance.


Snugpak Stasha Shelter

You’ll never know when you need to seek shelter from the rain or even when it’s sweltering hot at your favorite fishing hole. With the SnugPak, you can easily build a makeshift shelter for you and 3 of your fishing buddies to fit in. It already comes with all the accessories you need.


Columbia Pfg Mesh Ball Cap

Feeling like a hard-hitting baller and angler at the same time? Then this ball cap is designed specifically for you. Its mix of cotton and polyurethane gives it exceptional comfort wear. At least, you don’t need to worry about itchy scalp as the cotton component allows for optimum ventilation.


Sportswear Sun Hat

Hats are a must if you’re fishing in open waters in the middle of the day. This is an exceptional sun hat that has an excellent sun protection. It’s got additional features like an adjustable drawcord and chin strap as well as a sweat band to wick off moisture off your forehead.


Bluefever Utility Fishing Glove

Some fishes are tenacious fighters. They can test your strength and endurance. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a firm grip on your pole, you’ll eventually lose the fight. Preserve the fight in you with these colorful yet highly functional utility fishing gloves. You’ll never lose grip of any fishing tool ever again.


Aeratr Bubble Box 1.5V

Nothing beats live bait. The problem most fishermen face is that once these fishes have been out of the water and into coolers or buckets, they lose their natural appeal to predators. Keep them alive with this portable aerator and you’ll be on your way to more fishes caught in a day.


Trilene XL Smooth Casting Monofilament Service Spools

There’s no point in fishing if you have a mediocre line that even the smallest fish can easily tug to snap it off. With the Berkley however, not only do you get the best monofilament line for your angling needs, you’re also able to guarantee fish landing in your boat and not off it.


12-Rod Fishing Rod Rack

Optimize your space by organizing your fishing rods overhead. The Rack’Em allows you to store and manage your set of fishing rods on your ceiling, be it in your house or even in your boat. At any rate, you will have plenty of floor space left for your other fishing essentials.


Men's Long Sleeve Shirt

Be hip and cool. Better still is to be always on the go with the Columbia long-sleeved shirt. With its UPF 30 rating you can protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then the integrated rod holder on the shirt’s chest panel surely will.


Repel 100 Insect Repellent

You may have a great fish at the other end of your line but insects are also having a heyday on your exposed skin. Protect yourself and repel these bugs away for a good 10 hours so you can have all the time focusing on the line rather than on insect bites.


Gulp! Minnow

Minnows are among the favorite bait fish of serious anglers. With the Gulp! you can now effectively throw away your bucket full of minnows as this can sure outperform even the real ones. These are especially designed for jiggling and trolling, engineered to give you the opportunity to catch more fish.


Husky Jerk 08 Fishing Lure

With a very realistic fish design and an ingenious rattle chamber embedded in the interior of the Husky Jerk, no fish will ever escape your line now. It’s got a great combination of balance, attention-seeking, and superb realism that no prey will ever pass on. The Husky Jerk guarantees the catch.


3 Piece Plier Set

Don’t use your bare hands handling fish hooks, lines, and baits. There are always the rights tools for everything. This 3-piece plier set from Stanley helps you get the job done. These are made of forged-steel, giving them superb durability. These have excellent corrosion resistance, too, making them ideal for fishing.


Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Want to amaze your fishing buddies? Then get the Byers 1700 Big Bobber. It’s designed like a very beautiful, albeit extra-large bobber that can safely accommodate 12 of your favorite cans of beer or soda. This way you can literally sit down drinking away while waiting for your fish to bite.


Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

Made of high density, premium quality carbon fiber embedded with super-strong fiberglass, this fishing rod and reel combo is the perfect companion for anyone who wishes to go fishing at a moment’s notice. It is super-compact, thanks to its telescopic design, making it super convenient to carry even in your work bag.


Waterproof Floating Dry Gear Bag

One of the greatest worries of any outdoorsman, especially anglers, is their personal devices and belongings inadvertently getting wet. With this dry bag from Unigear, such worries will be a thing of the past since its superb waterproofing will make sure all of your valuables are kept safe and dry inside its spacious compartment.


Tactical Folding Knife

It’s sleek and super-sexy. It’s got a look that says it’s dead serious when it comes to its primary function, yet it’s also oozing with stylish appeal that everyone else in the fishing circle will be talking about. This tactical knife comes complete with a glass breaker and a bottle opener, too.


Best Cup Holder for Drinks

Don’t you just wish they invented the RoboCup much sooner? This revolutionary gadget may have very modest beginnings but it sure is one of the most versatile gizmos you can ever attach on any vertical structure that has a diameter of no more than 2 inches. It’s your cup and fishing rod holder and many more.


Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

With a fully collapsible design, you will never have to flip any switch to adjust the brightness of this camping lantern. Its casing is also built of military grade materials so you can bet its durability and sturdiness. Its superb weather resistance is also one thing that people love about the Vont.


4 Pieces Travel Casting Rod

This Fiblink product is designed for the beginning angler who may not really like the idea of bringing multiple rods at the same time. If an excellent combination of portability, weather resistance, and functionality that you’re after, then the Fiblink travel casting rod is what you will be reaching for.


Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Every fisherman deserves a cutting tool he can rely on for all the different tasks that he needs to accomplish in his boat. Boasting of super-hardened Sandvik stainless steel mated to a patterned grip that’s built for optimum grip, the Morakniv is one tough fixed blade that all serious fishermen need.


Hammered Head Bottle Opener

Become the center of attention whenever you and your fishing buddies gather around for a drink. Pull out the golden hammerhead from your pocket and use its wide-open beastly mouth to pop the crown off your beer bottle. And if beer’s not your thing, it comes with a corkscrew for a bottle of vintage, too.


Universal Waterproof Case

Designed to accommodate mobile devices of up to 6 inches in screen size, diagonally, the JOTO dry bag pouch is every fisherman’s handy pouch for keeping all of his electronic, non-waterproof gadgets dry and safe. It’s IPX8-certified so it provides exceptional waterproofing. It’s great in protecting against snow and dirt, too.


Sports Polarized Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun as well as its vision-damaging UV rays. This is the primary function of the Hodgson. A secondary purpose will be to make you look cool while you reel in the biggest catch of your life. It’s perfect for those poster-worthy shots.


Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Full Kit

Built for beginning fishermen, this set from PLUSINNO already comes complete with all the things to initiate you into the wonderful world of fishing. It already includes a fishing rod, reel, lines, lures, hooks, and accessories all organized in a super-convenient carry bag. What’s left is looking for the perfect fishing spot.


Fishing Baits

You may have a sturdy and cool-looking rod, but if you don’t have the correct lure to use to bait your prized target, then everything will be for naught. Thankfully, PLUSINNO decided to make a collection of 100+ of the most effective lures used by the pros to help you land the big one.


Sports Shoulder Bag

If you need a fashionable yet truly functional tackle bag, the Piscifun is an excellent choice. With a variety of pockets and large-sized storage compartments, you will be running out of things to put inside this waterproofed bag. it’s got 2 separate compartments for your fishing gear and personal belongings.


Portable Fish Lip Grabber

Every sport fisherman knows that the only way you can prove your worth in fishing is if you can provide adequate proof of your biggest catch. With this handy fish lip grabber with built-in weighing scale, documenting your catch has become a lot easier. A 5-foot ruler is thrown in as part of the deal.


A2S Paracord Bracelet

The A2S Paracord is not only a survivalist’s best friend, it is also a fisherman’s best buddy when it comes to its all-around usefulness both on and off the boat. It’s got a host of built-in emergency tools that you will need to make sure your fishing trip remains as uneventful as possible.


Fishing's Best Microfiber Towel

Do you think wiping off blood, grime, bait, and slime off your fishing gear is a very tedious and oft-challenging process? Well, not with the Bait Towel. With superb antimicrobial properties and amazing super-absorbent qualities, this handy and lightweight towel is the last piece of cleaning cloth you’ll ever buy.


Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot

Anglers know that certain game fishes lurk at certain depths. If you can get your lure to hover within this region, then you’d definitely be reeling in the biggest trophy in your fishing career. With these no-tools-needed split shots, you get to control the depth of your lure for better precision catches.


LED Headlamp

If you love night-fishing, then this headlamp is perfect for you. It features 3 levels of brightness in 4 modes of lighting in an IP44-rated casing. This is one of those headlamps that will make you feel like you’re not wearing any on your head because of its super-lightweight design.


Born To Fish Coffee Mug

There are days when you are so lucky you land a big catch one after the other. And then there are days when you go home empty-handed. Regardless, enjoying a cup of piping-hot coffee in these beautiful mugs should really make your day. If not, you can always say the prayer on its back.


Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack

For those who already have a vast collection of lures of various sizes and types as well as a variety of fishing gears and accessories, the Wild River can tame all of these items in one very convenient packaging. It comes with large storage compartments and handy tool attachments for the best fishing trip ever.


A Look at the Many Benefits of Fishing

Fishing can be a really fun activity not only for men but also for the whole family. In fact, science now says that fishing can make you a better person. Here is a look at some of the more common health benefits of fishing.

  • It’s a great physical workout. This is especially true if you’re going to reel in some of the world’s mightiest jumpers and fighters of the deep. It really is a great way to exercise.
  • It’s a superb stress-reliever. Being one with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, can do a lot of wonders to the human mind. It can give you fresh perspectives on what really matters in life. This helps you feel more relaxed.
  • It enhances manual dexterity. Preparing your bait, spooling a new line, or even reeling requires excellent control of finger and hand movements. All of these point to manual dexterity which can really come in handy in real-life situations.
  • It helps aerate the lungs with fresh air. You’re literally away from the polluted cityscape. This gives you the chance to breathe in fresh, life-giving air. This can have tremendous implications in the overall health of your body organs.

Fishing has many benefits. It makes you feel good about yourself especially after reeling in a big one. With these 16 cool fishing gear items in 2017, we’re confident you’ll be on the right track to reaping the full benefits of angling.

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