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20 Unique Gift Ideas for Photographers

gifts for photographers

Photographers are one of the most admired artists. With a keen eye for detail, excellent composition skills, creativity, technical expertise, and an understanding of the different principles of photography, a lensman can easily tell the story of even the simplest and most ordinary-looking object in the world. They can bring out the beauty in the ugly; uncover the truth without uttering a word; and move mountains and part seas with a click of the shutter. Whether you are already a pro or still starting to appreciate the wonderful world of photography as a snapshot specialist, you will love our 20 gift ideas for photographers as we’ve carefully selected these to paint a smile on your face worthy of a Mona Lisa.

Mango Spot Camera Lens Thermos

You don’t have to keep on drinking your favorite brand of caffeine from an ordinary-looking mug when you can have something that strikingly looks similar to a professional-grade Canon lens. While it may not have the C-handle of a regular coffee mug, you sure can drink from it easily and conveniently.


Blue Q Shoulder Tote

Fond of everything cameras and photography? Then this tote bag is for you. it may look nothing spectacular but once you open its zipper closure, you’d be amazed at just how spacious it is. Plus, it’s made of 95% recycled materials so you know you’re doing your share for the environment.


Photographer Funny T-Shirt

Be hip and cool anywhere you go with this super comfy and quite funny t-shirt from Event Pro Gear. With 100% cotton making up the fabric of the tee, you can bet that it is going to provide you with the best kind of comfort you can possibly ask for.


Film Salt & Pepper Shakers

Extend your love of photography well into your kitchen by adding these pair of shakers into your drawer of handy kitchen utensils and gadgets. Designed after the classic rolls of film way before the digital age came to the fore, these salt and pepper shakers add interest to your boring kitchen.


Tony Northrup's DSLR Book

Do you think you’ve got a keen eye for detail? Why not hone your skills and learn some secret tips from one of the industry’s experts in photography? With access to a variety of video training materials, superb teacher and peer support, and a lifetime of free updates, this is your ticket to mastering the lens.


Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition

You really have to understand and master the basics before you can move on to greater things. This 4thedition of the best-selling Understanding Exposure gives you a very straightforward presentation of how the different elements of photography can result in stunning pictures regardless of the kind of camera you use.


Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag

Keep all of your photography gear and equipment neatly organized in the fully adjustable compartments of this backpack from Vivitar. Protect them from dust and keep them fully functional for many more years. It is so versatile that you will use it for your other gadget and devices as well.


3 in 1 Clip on Cell Phone Lens

The growth of mobile photography is keeping everyone excited since they don’t need expensive, bulky equipment to produce magazine cover-worthy shots. With this cell phone camera lens kits you can turn your otherwise, underpowered smartphone camera into a DSLR-grade shooter. It’s made of high quality glass and not some cheap plastic.


Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag

If you’ve got a Canon DSLR, we’re pretty sure you would want the carrying bag to be made by Canon as well. The great thing with this gadget bag is that it’s constructed of water-repellent nylon so you can take it anywhere and your gear will still be protected inside its fully padded interior.


Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack

Want a stylish and truly versatile camera bag that you can use either as a backpack or as a sling bag? How about getting this one from Altura Photo? It is lightweight and made of super sturdy materials to keep all of your DSLRs or even mirrorless systems fully protected.


ROXANT PRO Video Camera Stabilizer

Indie filmmakers don’t have the budget to buy expensive video equipment. That’s why the next best thing is to use a DSLR or even a smartphone or any other video recording device weighing less than 2.1 pounds. The question of stabilizing the equipment while shooting video is answered by this Midnight Black Limited Edition.


ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer

It’s handy. It’s lightweight. Best of all, it can keep your video shooting device fully stabilized while framing your most important scene in your indie film. With the Roxant Pro video stabilizer you get professional style stabilization which effectively reduces camera shake so you get a Cannes Film-worthy video every time.


Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera

One of the best entry-level digital SLRs from one of the industry’s foremost brands of photography equipment is the Canon EOS Rebel T6. The package comes complete with 3 lens systems, a flash unit, a tripod, and a whole lot more. It’s the perfect package for everyone wanting to get into serious digital SLR photography.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

It may look like a toy but the technology embedded into the Instax is a reflection of the company’s vision of providing you instant and high quality prints. With a lovable and colorful body, this camera comes with full auto functions to help very young photographers get into the groove.


Campark ACT74 Action Cam

Whether it is action in the air, under water, or even over inaccessible land that you would like documented in ultra HD video, you can always rely on the ACT74 to give clear and crisp shots. With wireless capability, excellent weather- and water-proofing, and ease of operation, you won’t go wrong with this one.


SGC-598 Shotgun Microphone

Increase the audio quality of your videos with the SGC-598 and you might as well be on the road to the next Pulitzer Prize. It’s highly portable and can be easily mounted onto your DSLR camera. It features a back electric condenser to give your video the kind of award-winning audio it deserves.


GoPro HERO5 Black

When it comes to action cams, the very first brand that comes to mind is GoPro. And with the Hero5 you can bet that you’ve got all of the action well recorded inside its mighty processor encased in a fully protected housing. It’s fully waterproof and comes with stunning 4K UHD clarity.


ABC Digital Transfer

Throw away your largely inefficient card reader which can only accept a handful of storage media types. With this multi-card reader writer, there’s no storage media that you cannot put into its slots, except for Smart Media. This gives you superb versatility when it comes to managing all of your photography files.


Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Is the Photoshop Creative Suite too technical for you? How about trying the PS Elements 15 instead? It gives you many of the useful functions of a PS Creative Suite but in a very user-friendly interface. Learning how to make incredible edits on your images has now been made more fun and super easy, too.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6

Express your vision. Share wonderful memories. Show off your budding talent. You can do all these and many more with the Lightroom 6, inarguably the most trusted post-processing software you can ever get. You get nondestructive tools to provide you with exceptional latitude in tweaking your images without altering the originals.


Photographer Wine Bottle Holder

Celebrate your Pulitzer Prize-worthy shot with a good sip of your vintage drink. And when you’re done, you can easily prop it in this wonderful wine bottle holder that’s designed to mimic a metallic professional photographer peeking through his lens mounted on a tripod. It’s an ingenious way to hold a bottle of vintage.


Funny Photographer T-shirt

For your girlfriend who is either a virtuoso with the lens or the commander of her gang, this funny t-shirt is sure to draw heads. With very strong wordings like “Trust Me, I’m the Girl Who Calls the Shots” emblazoned on its 100% cotton panel, no one will dare question her audacity.


Luwint 36'' Umbrella Hat

You can call it ridiculous, but for the expert lensman the Luwint umbrella hat is simply an ingenious product. Since you’ll be wearing the Luwint like a hat, you get full use of both hands, perfect for framing shots and for stabilizing your camera to prevent camera shake on a rainy day.


Camera Photography Cufflinks

Attend formal dinners or even the awarding of the Pulitzer in a tuxedo complete with these novelty cufflinks designed like a professional camera. With its silver lens sticking out from its black and silver body, it’s a great accessory to highlight your formal wear. You don’t need a flash to make it glitter, too.


Fotay Photography Utility Belt

Most of us just hate missed opportunities. That’s what the Fotasy photography utility belt aims to prevent. By providing a mechanism upon which we can easily attach our lens pouches, we can easily change our versatile zoom for a telephoto, a fisheye, a macro, or even a prime lens.


Caden Professional Fashion Camera Bag

Tired of a backpack that only allows you to keep your photography gear and nothing else? Well, Caden hears you perfectly. That’s why it’s designed this dual-use travel bag that comes with multiple compartments for all of your photography stuff as well as other gadgets like laptops, tablets, and many more.


Powerextra 4 Pack Lens Case

There are two very expensive components in a DSLR system: the camera body and the lens. Actually, the lens is often more expensive than the body. As such, you’ll need the superb protective cushioning of the Powerextra lens pouches to secure your investment and allow you to keep taking stunning pictures.


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Why wait for you to get home so you can print that shot you just took? You can get the HP Sprocket and you can turn even the great outdoors into an instant printing venue. The best thing is that the Sprocket doesn’t need any cables to print. Connection is made via Bluetooth.


NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame

It really is amazing what people can think of to make our lives a lot easier. The NIX Advance is a smart digital 720p HD photo frame that turns itself on the moment you enter the room and shuts itself automatically once it senses there’s nobody else in the area. Cool!


Black Camera Ornament

Add a touch of photography to your tree or any other structure or fixture that you want to improve its aesthetics with this black camera ornament from Midwest Gloves. It’s about 3.5 inches across and comes as a lovely miniature pocket camera that should remind you of Leicas and Minoltas.


Portable External Hard Drive

Serious photographers handle trillions of bytes of image data. That’s why they need the supreme security encryption of My Passport. It already comes with a faster USB 3.0 data interface although it’s completely backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices. Available in 1-4 terabyte versions, My Passport is every lensman’s portable storage solution.


Days with My Father

One of the most remarkable qualities of a photographer is his ability to share a story without muttering a single word. Days with My Father is an excellent photo journal that documents the story of an aging father’s battles with memory loss and a son’s fervent desires to bring a smile to his father’s face.


SpiderHolster Camera Holster

Forget neck-breaking camera straps for a while and instead attach the SpiderHolster to your belt and you’ve got a system that’s ready for the shot big time. The Black Widow easily handles point-and-shoot systems as well as lightweight DSLRs. You no longer have to worry about cameras dangling on your neck.


ELEPHAS LED Mini Video Projector

The ELEPHAS is a wonderfully compact 18080p video projector that makes the creation of a home theater system amazingly simple. It comes with multiple connectivity options that allow it to seamlessly connect with almost any modern-day device, some requiring adapters, of course. Photographers will love the picture quality of the ELEPHAS.


Muku Shuttr Selfie Remote

Your smartphone’s camera system may have a built-in timer function but if you’re more than 30 feet away from the lens, then you’d have to run pretty fast to join in the picture. With the Muku Shuttr, you don’t have to run at all. Simply point it to your device and say “cheese!”


HEYFAIR Toilet Paper Cover Holder

Amaze your friends at the office with this superb tissue holder that’s designed as a humongous camera film canister in splendid realism. People will think the era of the film camera is not yet over. Unfortunately, this canister doesn’t hold any rolls of film. Instead, it fits your standard sized toilet paper roll.


Holy Stone Quadcopter Drone

Elevate your skills to new levels and discover the exciting world of aerial photography with your feet firmly on the ground. The Holy Stone quadcopter drone may only have a fraction of the image quality of professional DSLRs but it sure is an excellent way to try your hands on aerial photography.


Guojia 3D Camera Design Case

Transform your iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, or 6S Plus into a shiny and state-of-the-art mirrorless camera system with this splendidly designed smartphone case that’s made of silicone and PC. The superb realism of the smartphone case makes it a great prank to pull especially among avid mobile snapshooters.


Fujifilm Instax Accessories Set

If you already have the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 or 8, then you simply need this 14-piece accessory set from Shutter to help you optimize the full features of the Instax. It comes with everything you need from casings to straps and filters to creative frames and even a selfie lens.


Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Value Pack

Whether you care to admit it or not, the Instax is one fantastic piece of camera equipment that combines the portability of a point-and-shoot, the superior image sharpness of a DSLR, and the printing efficiency of a Polaroid. You just need to arm yourself with sheets of the Instax Mini film.


F-Stop Photographer Watch

When photographers talk about the f-stop, many of us non-photographers are lost. For them, the f-stop is one of a few critical elements that must be considered to produce really stunning shots. This f-stop is now embedded into the design of this analog novelty gift watch. It’s a superb gift for serious photographers.


Nikon Camera Flash Memory Drive

There’s no mistaking what the QICAIHU is for. With 16GB memory, you can easily store thousands of high definition pictures in both JPEG and RAW formats in this Nikon DSLR-inspired USB flash drive. It’s one of those photography-themed removable plug and play storage solutions that can really come in handy.


Kikkerland Camera Keychain

Throw away that old keychain of yours and use something more fitting of your status as an up-and-coming photographer. This Kikkerland creation is built like a DSLR camera and even comes with a unique shutter sound. It also comes with 3 LED lights to add to its novel design.


Camera Mode Dial Cufflinks

Walk with confidence in your favorite dress shirt complete with these camera mode dial-inspired cufflinks. Each dial cufflink is plated in gunmetal to provide a sharp contrast to its silvery white print that features different camera modes. This makes for an excellent accessory to any formal and semi-formal wear.


Wifi Sd Memory Card

If your DSLR or pocket camera doesn’t come with WiFi connectivity yet, don’t fret ‘cause the EZ [email protected] is here to help save the day. The WiFi card not only connects your camera system to wireless devices, it also serves as a Class 10 SD Memory card with an excellent capacity of 8GB.


Vintage Camera Bookends

Your dad surely can remember the time when camera systems were all so bulky and often hand-cranked. Well, if he happens to own an extensive collection of books, too, then the Imax Vintage Camera Bookends should help him bring back those memories. Weighing down the bookends are two vintage cameras in sparkling silver finish.


Kikkerland Photo and Card Holder

Create an excellent wall or ceiling décor that showcases your stunning photographs with this kikkerland Photo and Card Holder that you can easily hang on your ceiling or even on your wall. The weighted cable keeps the line straight and the neodymium magnets help keep 8 of your pics beautifully suspended.


BUTCH & harold Stickr Frame

Who needs wooden, steel, or even acrylic picture frames when you can easily stick the multi-colored BUTCH & Harold Stickr Frame on your wall and get instant fabulous results all the time? There’s no need for drilling for hooks to push through, no hanging, and best of all, no headaches.


Polaroid Hot Shoe Bubble Spirit Level

Want to take really amazing linear photographs? The key is to keep your DSLR in perfect alignment with the horizon. Unfortunately, you may not see it every time. Polaroid came up with the Triple Bubble Spirit Level to help you with your leveling needs. It’s easy to mount on your hotshoe plate.


Selfie Ring Light for Phone Camera

Ring lights are superb when it comes to providing illumination for close-up subjects in photography. If you’re fond of using your smartphone camera instead, then you can clip on this QIAYA Selfie Ring Light to give you more stunning, more vibrant portraits. People won’t even know you took the pictures with your phone’s camera.


How We Chose the Most Amazing Gifts for a Photographer in Our List

We divided our search for the really cool photography gift ideas into two distinct categories – one for avid shutterbug and another for the advanced photographer. We wanted to find gifts for professional photographers. However, because we do believe that they are basically at the top of their game, the only suitable gift that we can think of is a Pulitzer Prize or even an award from the National Geographic or any other of the really prestigious award-giving bodies for the paparazzi. Nevertheless, we made sure that many of these presents for photographers can still be given even to the most distinguished and prized lensman.

Going back to our search, the inherent needs of a newbie from an enthusiast or advanced beginner are like night and day. For one of them, starting with the basics is a must. So, we focused on products that will give our new shutterbug the confidence he or she needs to embark on a journey of self-discovery and whether photography is for him or not. For the enthusiast, we needed to look for products that will further enhance their skills as well as their understanding of photography. If we could provide them with the right tools and instruments to improve or upgrade their skill set so they will attain the level of perfection that the masters of the lens have already achieved, then we’d say we did a pretty fine job.

Technically, what we’re saying is the appropriateness of the different features and functions of the product relative to the level of photography skill of the person you’re going to give the present to. We believe this is the most sensible thing to do so that the gift can be fully appreciated and put to good use.

Tips to Becoming a Great Photographer

Becoming a good photographer is different from being especially adept at taking snapshots of everyday things. These are artists. And like any serious members of the arts, they value what they do and they strive to hone their skills even if it would seem they have already learned everything. For them becoming a professional photographer is just the first step to a lifelong journey of discovery. Here are some tips on how you, too can become an accomplished photojournalist.

  • Love what you’re doing and the subjects of your photographic pursuits. Best of all, love your gear especially your camera. Treat it as your wife or husband who will be with you through thick and thin. As such, you will have to take good care of it.
  • Show commitment to learn the basics. Many pros will tell you they started with just the basics of exposure. If you can master these, all other techniques will naturally flow from this understanding.
  • Practice cannot be downplayed. The more you become familiar with the different settings for a particular scene, the better you get at spotting good ones from bad.
  • Go manual. If you go full automatic, then ditch your professional camera and go for a point and shoot. There’s no sense going into high-end cameras when you only want to use the auto function. Professionals always go manual because it gives them the leverage they need to create stunning stories out of mundane things.
  • Learn from the masters. If you can enroll in a photography class, better. Try apprenticing for an established photographer in your area. You may do odd jobs but the experience will be priceless.

Photography is a wonderful art. It takes skill and dedication to come up with fantastic works of visual art. With these 20 gift ideas for photographers in 2017 you have just entered into the fascinating world of photography.

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