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50 Cool Gifts for Travellers

gifts for travellers

It is definitely easier to travel nowadays. Airplane fares continue to drop as a result of fierce competition, albeit at the cost of comfort and convenience. Of course, you can always choose to go first class all the way and still pay significantly cheaper than it was a few decades ago. Travel time is also faster, thanks to advances in aeronautical design making more lightweight yet tougher aircraft frames and improving flight efficiency. Almost every other country is opening its doors to international travels, too, wanting to showcase what they have to offer. Even once-reclusive regimes are slowly opening up their immigration counters for the whole world to peek in. In a gist, traveling has become very easy, comfortable, and almost hassle-free. To really make each trip as memorable as possible, we strongly advise getting any of these 50 cool gifts for people who travel in 2017.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Forget your passport, visa, and travel insurance for now. You can still travel the whole world and learn of many fantastic places, people, and events even while you’re sitting in your homey couch. Patricia Schultz’s masterpiece takes you on a magical journey that introduces you to the rest of the world.


Ultimate Travel Pillow

Don’t you just hate taking a nap only to find your shoulders or even your neck stiff as a stick? With this travel pillow, not only will you find peace in your travels, you’ll definitely feel more rested even after several minutes of quality naptime. It’s great for the office, too.


Zero Grid Neck Wallet

Whatever you do, don’t leave home without the Zero Grid, especially if you’re heading overseas. Identity theft is now rampant and unscrupulous individuals are always on the lookout for travelers who are easy prey. The Zero Grid helps protect your valuables especially your cards with its superb RFID-blocking technology.


Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bring your love of music with you wherever you’re headed with this wireless portable speaker from DOSS. You’ll fall in love with your brand of music again as this speaker delivers it to you with HD clarity and superbly deep bass, making you feel like you’re in a concert hall.


Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Save some space in your travel luggage by getting this collapsible water bottle. With superb leak-proofing, this eco-friendly bottle is exactly what you need to stay hydrated wherever your feet bring you. It’s so versatile you can have hot or cold drinks straight from its insulated sleeve and soft silicone body.


PRO Packing Cubes

Organizing your travel clothes and other belongings should not really give you a headache. With these packing cubes, you can optimize the space in your luggage while keeping everything else in order. These are durable and ultra-lightweight so they won’t add to the overall weight of your traveling bag.


Portable Battery Charger

With 22,000 mAh of raw power, you can charge three of your USB-ported devices straight from the RAVPower fast and without risk of overcharging, overheating, or even overcurrent. Boasting of the vaunted iSmart 2.0 technology, this allows you to charge three devices with a combined power output of 5.8A.


QuietComfort Bose Headphones

Whether it is to lull you to sleep or to allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes or to simply block out all other external noise so you can have peace and quiet, the QuietComfort is the perfect choice. Its sophisticated noise reduction technology is especially designed for travelers.


Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook Air

With 12 full hours of battery life, the Macbook Air gives you hours upon hours of unparalleled mobile entertainment and information you can obtain through its powerful Intel Core i5 machinery and superb 1440x900 resolution 13.3-inch widescreen display. There’s no questioning the functionality or the quality craftsmanship of this Apple.


Travel Toiletry Bag

Everyone knows airport security can be quite tough when imposing restrictions on some items that can be carried onboard airplanes. To help you ease your passing through airport security, you’ll need these TSA-approved clear pouches designed specifically for your toiletries. You can also use for other bottles and liquids.


Fisheye Lens for iPhone 7

Create fantastic pictures of your travel escapades with this fisheye lens you can easily attach to your iPhone 7 Plus. It’s made of high quality cinema-grade glass so you get superb 170-degree fisheye effects on your pictures without losing or degrading the image quality from your iPhone’s camera function.


Microfiber Travel Towel by ECOdept

Microfiber fabric is well-known for its super-absorbent properties. This microfiber travel towel also has exceptional antimicrobial properties to keep you well-protected from germs that can cause nasty body odors. It comes with a snap loop allowing it to be dried a lot faster than other towels of the same fabric.


Laundry System Wash Bag

Don’t fret over your soiled clothes if there are no laundry shops around. With the Scrubba, you can easily wash your clothes without the need for a power source. It’s super easy to use and very lightweight, too. The scrubbing technology embedded inside the Scrubba is what makes it special.


Refillable Leather Journal

We know there are still many of us who prefer writing our daily activities on journals rather than doing it on some electronic gadget. Looking like a true vintage journal, the Sovereign Gear is perfect for those who wish to reminisce the good old times when all your thoughts and dreams were written on paper.


Double Layer Travel Gear Organizer

Organize your cables, wires, and other electronic gadgets inside this convenient, fully padded travel gear organizer. The casing is made of highly durable, waterproof, and heavy-duty nylon while its spacious storage compartment comes with mesh pockets complete with elastic loops to secure all your gadgets and other small valuables.


Nite Ize Original Gear Tie

Keeping your things neat, organized, and tidy is the purpose of this otherwise very simple gadget. While you can essentially tie down your cables, wires, and other gears with a rope, it simply doesn’t look and feel right. These ties are fully reusable and bendable providing you with a variety of uses.


Go Girl Female Urination Device

You want to pee but the nearest commode is several blocks away. There’s one in front of you but the queue is unusually long. Your bladder is about to burst. With the GoGirl, simply find some place more discrete, pull it out of your purse, and relieve the tension building up in your bladder.


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

With a significantly revved up specs for optimum reading pleasure, the venerable Kindle Fire has just gotten a major upgrade in the Paperwhite. It’s got built-in reading light, an amazingly long-lasting battery life, a display that will never put any strain on your eyes, and a handful of other useful features.


Parachute Portable Hammock

Traveling can be so much fun. But you can always elevate the sense of enjoyment with your own personal hammock. It’s made of highly durable materials and is very easy to set-up, too. Best of all, it will never take too much of the space in your traveling bag.


4 Set Packing Cubes

Packing your travel essentials can be a nightmare to some people. This can be easily avoided if you have the Shacke Pak which easily converts your largely disorganized luggage into one super-convenient, highly organized traveling bag. Each pouch is made of water-resistant nylon and duly tempered for optimum durability.


Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera

You can use your smartphone to take high quality snapshots. But, if you require instant high quality prints, then there’s only one name you can trust – Polaroid. With their latest innovation, you can even print without toners or inks. Besides, it works synergistically as printer for your iOS and Android devices.


Silk Sleep Mask for Woman

Traveling can give you an opportunity to catch some shuteye. Sleep, no matter how brief, allows the brain to make many reparative processes leading to better health. This sleep mask is just perfect as it gives you the chance to look more refreshed and vibrant when you arrive at your destination.


Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage

Don’t go traveling without the Smart Luggage. It’s integrated with an app-controlled locking mechanism so you can manage it anywhere just using your smartphone. It’s got GPS, too, so you’ll safer with all your belongings neatly tucked inside its compact and durable shell. It has built-in scale and charging ports as well.


Passport Holder Case

Take good care of your passport, boarding passes, credit cards, identification cards, and other travel documents with this passport holder case that’s fully embedded with RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft. Available in 8 colors, this passport holder case is made of premium leather giving it a luxurious look.


Vintage Burst

Extensive traveling can take its toll on your health. Sometimes, you feel so drained just after disembarking. With the Vintage Burst, however, you get a boost in your energy levels while also facilitating vast improvements in your metabolism. This enhances your level of alertness, making your travel a lot safer.


Wood Burning CampStove

Who would have thought that a device as small as a 1-liter Nalgene bottle can charge your USB devices or even boil your water in as short as 4.5 minutes? With a revolutionary technology that allows it to become a power generator fast, BioLite is a great gadget for any traveler.


4-in-1 Adapter

Your smartphone’s battery is fully drained. So is your laptop’s. But the moment you arrive in your hotel, you find out that the electrical outlet simply doesn’t match your device’s plugs. Sounds familiar? That’s why before you go on an international travel make sure to bring this 4-in-1 adapter.


Travel Bottle Set

Modern travelers have to comply with a lot of rules the moment they step foot inside airports. With the Travel Smart, you get a clear zip-lock pouch and 12 clear bottles in different sizes, just perfect for placing all of your liquid essentials such as conditioners, lotions, shampoos, and even hairsprays.


Personal Manicure & Pedicure Travel Set

If you’re like some travelers who take the journey as an opportunity to perform some much-needed manicure and pedicure, the Corewill kit is an excellent companion. It comes with all the different tools you need to effect an excellent self-manicure or pedicure. It serves as a great grooming kit, too.


Splendid Cities: Color Your Way to Calm

While waiting for your boarding call, why not take out this coloring book from your bag and start your magical journey with a glimpse of some of the world’s most stunning cities? Just bring your crayons with you and begin adding life to the pages of this Goodwin and Chadwick creation.


Flat Clear Water Bottle

Tired of the usual bulky and large water bottles that you cannot even easily fit inside your bag’s pocket or even in your purse? AquaPure gives you the advantage of a very slim profile that will not create a bulge or even make your bag sag. It holds 9 ounces, too.


Women's Shoe Organizing Bag Set

Organize and protect your footwear with these bags built especially for women’s shoes. Discard those bulky shoe organizers as they take too much space. With these cotton bags, you’re sure to reclaim the space in your luggage you can use for other things. It’s organic and as such must be hand-washed.


Airplane Sleeping Set

It’s a lot better to get a traveling kit that has the perfect combination for everything rather than buying individual pieces. With this set, you get an inflatable travel neck pillow, an eye mask, a pair of travel slippers, and even earplugs to make sure no noise is going to disturb your slumber.


4 in 1 Utensil Travel Set

If the Swiss Army Knife was designed for enjoying your meal on the go, then the Hikenture would be it. This pocket-sized gadget houses a spoon, fork, knife, and bottle opener all mated to a no-slip grip. Made of premium stainless steel, these are the utensils that won’t give up on you.


Carry on Cocktail Kit

Make your own cocktail while you’re in the air some 30,000 feet above the ground. With all the recipes and a spoon or muddler already included, you’ll love this cocktail kit. You can now enjoy Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Moscow Mule, or even Old Fashioned and Champagne Cocktail in a jiffy.


Life On Foot: A Walk Across America

It’s a remarkable story of human triumph where one man effectively decides to drop everything and walks towards the other side of the country in the shores of another ocean, changing his views and his life in the process. The book draws a striking similarity to Forest Gump’s shore-to-shore running adventure.


The Road Headed West Book

For those who love to travel simply for the sake of living free, living in minimalism, this book’s for you. It documents the journey of cyclist as he heads from one end of the US all the way to the opposite shore. It’s a story of discovery, adventure, and life in general.


Chalkboard Globe

Planning your next international adventure shouldn’t be difficult. With this desktop décor that doubles as a wonderful chalkboard globe, you can easily plot your next global destination. Simply get a chalk and mark the spot right on the 8-inch diameter chalkboard globe. It’s great for writing your other thoughts, too.


Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags

Your travel luggage can get easily lost in a sea of baggage, luggage, and cargo in ports. This is especially true during peak season. With these PVC luggage tags you don’t really have to worry anymore since you’ve got a great way to identify your luggage even from afar.


Vintage World Map Wrist Watch

If they say the world can be on your hands, we’d it’s actually on your wrist. With an airplane circling the retro-styled globe face of this casual wristwatch, it is like taking a flight around the world in full 60 seconds. The PU leather straps are exceptionally elegant, too.


Compass Disc Chain Necklace

It’s not a real compass that will point you in the right direction but it sure is a very lovely piece of jewelry especially for the modern traveler. The compass disc pendant is beautifully suspended by an 18-inch fine chain necklace that should provide a great element to any fashion.


Our Adventure Fund Bank

Got a travel destination in mind? Why not start saving for it now with this elegantly crafted fund bank? Its clear glass sides give you instant visualization of how well you are progressing in your savings. A slot is built on top for you to insert your bills and coins.


GoPro HERO5 Black

Documenting your travels require a superb gadget that can record stunning videos in ultra-HD 4K clarity as well as photos of the same caliber. With GoPro you’ll have all the opportunity to create wonderful memories and have these immortalized in stunning videos and pictures. It’s sturdy and feature-packed, too.


Avène Thermal Spring Water

Throw away your skin moisturizers that are laced with so many harsh ingredients and choose only one that closely mimics the natural environment of your skin. This wonderful skin care product effectively softens and brings back natural balance to your skin. It’s the closest thing to washing your skin, the natural way.


Funny Travel TShirt

You don’t need high-end, ultra-formal wear when you travel, unless it’s official business. With this fun t-shirt, you’re instantly reminded of the unique characteristics of modern-day road warriors. It’s made of cotton giving you superb breathability and excellent comfort fit. It’s easily one of the best gifts for people who love to travel.


Luggage Scale

Skip the long lines at the weighing scales in airports. Instead, pull out this heavy-duty yet highly portable gadget from your bag and weigh your luggage before queuing at the counters. It can accommodate up to 200 kilograms or about 440 pounds. For its miniature size, this is a feat.


Capri Blue Volcano Travel Tin Candle

Don’t like the smell of your hotel room? Is it making you nauseous? How about taking with you this 8.5 ounce travel tin candle? With this piece, you can turn your hotel room into a fantastic abode of pure relaxation. It has a continuous burn time of 35 hours.


Mini Steam Iron

No matter how careful you are in folding and packing your clothes, with constant shifting during travel you will still have folds, kinks, and a rumpled appearance. You can easily manage this if you also packed this mini steam iron that can iron out any kinks in your garments in a flash.


Mini Hair Dryer

You want to dry your hair but the hair dryer in your hotel room is actually tied down to the dresser. Why not just bring this handy hair dryer instead? It has a small profile which won’t affect your luggage space. It’s dual voltage, too, so you can use it anywhere around the globe.


Selfie Stick for iPhone and Samsung

The DZT1968 is not just any other selfie-stick. It comes with a LED fill light to help provide a more natural shine to your shots as well as a knock-down mirror to help you visualize your shots in case you choose to use the rear camera. It’s lightweight, durable, and very sturdy.


How We Chose the Best Gifts for Today’s Travelers in Our List

Traveling is like going on a hike or walking on a trail. As such, you simply will never know what will happen at any point in your journey even before you reach your destination. Sometimes, even if you are already at your destination, things can still not go according to plan. It is within these contexts that we decided to focus our attention in the search for the coolest gifts for someone traveling.

Honestly, this project is rather easy since almost every one of us has already traveled at least once in our lives. We had to reflect on our experiences and considered what we could have done better or if there was anything we could have had to make our travels a lot more convenient, comfortable, and truly enjoyable. That’s when ideas kept pouring in from the rest of the team. There were ideas that focused on safety while others were more on sleep and rest. Still, gadgets remained a very common theme as travelers simply cannot live without their gadgets and gizmos nowadays. Organizers and carrying or storage systems were also a big hit since we’re technically carrying a small portion of our home during these travels.

In each of these product types that we were able to shortlist, we carefully determined a specific product that can represent the type as our choice of best travel gifts. We noted the feedbacks and comments of customers and compared these with the item’s current satisfaction score. We also related the item’s overall performance in the market with the reputation or credibility of the company that created it. The safety profile of the product together with its design integrity and the choice of materials used in its manufacture were then factored into the evaluation scheme. This gave us a general idea as to the “coolness” and “amazingness” of these items as excellent choices of gifts for people who travel.

Tips to Ensuring Safety While Traveling

While traveling today has been made super easy because of the easing of travel restrictions plus advances in airplane travel, it still is a must for every traveler to be cautious especially if he or she is going to a place that’s not really known for excellent hospitality. It is thus, critical to be mindful of important safety tips for travelers as these can help you make the most of your trip. Here are some of the more important travel safety tips to observe.

  • Plan your trip carefully. Learn about the place you’re going to visit. Pay close attention to known “hot spots” and steer clear of these.
  • Keep all of the details of your travel plans to yourself. This includes your itinerary, your accommodations, transportation arrangements, and even travel documents. Never trust anyone outside your immediate family circle.
  • Make sure to obtain the contact details of your embassy in the country you’re going to visit. While you’re at it, try to obtain as much information as you can about travel advisories related to that country.
  • If you are going to be a tourist, don’t try to stand out as you’ll be naturally attracting a lot of attention. That said, refrain from wearing anything that glitters. Jewelries are best kept at the hotel vault. A much better solution is to not bring any at all.
  • Be prepared with travelers’ checks instead of cash. If you don’t like checks, you can bring your credit card but make sure to never let them leave out of your sight. It’s also a good idea to invest in a wallet that has RFID protection.
  • If there are civil disturbances, don’t be a paparazzi or a very nosy nobody. Go back to your hotel room and wait until the disturbance has subsided.

The Bottom Line

More and more people are traveling nowadays. With increased travels come greater challenges. Our 20 cool gifts for people who travel in 2017 should provide you with all the important things you’ll need to make your trips more pleasant, more comfortable, safer, and more convenient.

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