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After careful scrutiny of the various factors that included functionality, appropriateness to the intricate yet rugged nature of hunting, the quality of craftsmanship, and the overall appeal to hunters everywhere, we are pleased to showcase our prize list of the top gift ideas for hunters in 2017.

Our Top Gifts For Hunters:

Tips to Ensuring Safety when Hunting

It doesn’t matter if you’re out hunting for deer or even game fowls. The most important thing is to always think of hunting safety for the simple fact that your prey might lead you to a predator, turning the tables on you. As such, here are some hunting safety tips you might want to seriously consider.

  • Check your equipment – Don’t ever head to the woods without ever checking all of your equipment for optimal working performance. The last thing you need is hunting equipment that fails.
  • Wear orange – If you’re hunting deer, wearing bright orange clothing will improve your visibility to other hunters in the area so they don’t mistake you for a deer. Technically, you have to understand the visual idiosyncrasies of your prey and use this knowledge to choose the right clothing.
  • Be clear about your prey – Take time to ascertain the identity of your prey. Make sure it’s not another hunter you have on your sights. Only squeeze the trigger when you’re 101% sure it’s your prey.
  • Inform your family – Going on a hunt can mean several days in the woods. Do have the initiative to tell them of your plans and when you’re expected to be back.

The thought of going on a hunt can be a very enticing prospect. Actually going on a hunt can substantially increase the thrill. Scoring a hit is sure to generate a chest-full of wonderful memories and a trophy to hang on your wall. These 20 gifts for hunters in 2017 can help you achieve these and a whole lot more.

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