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30 Unique Gifts for Hunters in 2017

gift ideas for hunters

After careful scrutiny of the various factors that included functionality, appropriateness to the intricate yet rugged nature of hunting, the quality of craftsmanship, and the overall appeal to hunters everywhere, we are pleased to showcase our prize list of the top gift ideas for hunters in 2017.

Paracord Barcelet 2X

If you’re looking for a multifunction survival gear kit that can also serve as a fashionable accessory, then this one is what you need. It features a compass, an emergency knife, a fire starter, and even a whistle all built into a sturdy, military-spec’d paracord bracelet-style of gear.

Hunter Coaster Set

Get ready to be the center of attention in your group of hunters with these beautifully-designed coasters styled after the bottom of the shell casing of a 12-gauge shotgun. The coaster holder is also designed as a shell casing of the famous gun.


Shotgun Shell Knife

Are you thinking of giving away presents to a group of hunter-friends? Then this 2.5-inch shotgun shell pocket knife is for you. Available in various colors, it’s designed like real 12-gauge shotgun ammunition and comes fully embedded with 1.75 inches of 420 stainless steel blade.


Ez Drinker Holster

If you’re like us, you’d want to get hold of this holster belt to keep your favorite canned refreshments within easy reach. Available in 6- and 12- can capacity, the Redneck is every hunter’s or outdoorsman’s best buddy as it comfortable fits any size of waist and can accommodate any type of canned beverage.


Headlamp Beanie Cap

It’s stylish and functional. This beanie cap may not find itself being worn in catwalks but it sure can come in very handy during a walk in the woods. It may not have the light output of a football stadium floodlights but it can provide excellent illumination where you need it most.


Premium Waterproof Dry Bag

Don’t ever go on an adventure without the rugged all-weather protection of this premium dry bag. It’s got a weather-proofed outer zippered pocket, safety reflective trims, and fully adjustable and removable shoulder straps. Best of all, it is designed specifically to keep all of your valuables inside safe and dry.


Evans Sports Standard Box

Feeling like the hunter of old? How about the warriors of some forgotten era? Well, now is the time to relive those glory days by storing and organizing all of your hunting gears, accessories, and supplies in this solidly-constructed ammo box made of native pine. It’s rustic yet classically elegant.


Outdoor Game Processor Kit

Be the Master Chef in the woods. Show your superb knife cutting and butchering skills with this 10-piece set that includes everything you’ll need to process the game you just caught. All of the knives come in full-tang construction and made of only the most durable and strongest stainless steel you can find.


Whitetails Men's Flannel Shirt

You can still be fashionable and stylish even if you have to spend the whole day out in the woods hunting for that elusive game. This wonderful piece of cotton apparel with corduroy-lined cuffs and collar makes for a durable wear in the wild and a stylish fashion in the city.


Wind-Resistant Hinged Balaclava

Increase your invisibility to your prey and protect vulnerable parts of your head and neck against the different elements in the wild. The N-Ferno gives you exceptional thermal protection and amazing concealment capabilities while allowing for superb breathing. With its RealTree Xtra camo design, N-Ferno is a hunter’s best friend in the woods.


Pocket Chainsaw

Don’t sweat cutting wood for your campfire out in the wilderness. Show efficiency and mastery of the elements with this pocket chainsaw. It features super-strong cutting teeth in a lightweight package that will give you the advantage of cutting any medium-sized tree branch in half the time. It’s the survivalist’s favorite handsaw.


Outdoor Knife and Fire Starter

Every hunter will require a pocket knife that will never fail him when it’s needed most. With 7 inches of black-finished solid stainless steel, 3 inches of which form its vaunted Tanto fixed blade, this one’s built for the wild. It’s got attachments like grip winding and ferrocerium fire starter for emergency situations.


Zippo Hand Warmer

You may know Zippo for its lighters but it’s also well-known for its hand warmers. Built like the classic Zippo lighter, this hand warmer comes with the same signature compact and sleek design in a rugged metal construction that Zippos are known for. At least, you’ll never be worrying about getting burned.


BoneView Hand Warmer

The HotPocket is not just any ordinary hand warmer you can slip inside our pocket. It comes with a multi-function LED flashlight and a portable USB charger as well. Its hand-warming capabilities come in two fully adjustable settings. Its charging features give you 6-8 hours of power for your USB devices.


Turkey Hunting Gloves

This hunting gloves with textured-grip palms is a must-have for all hunters. It gives freedom to some of your digits to feel the squeeze on your trigger and perform other tasks that require tactile feedback. Its camo print is superb for your outfit, giving you excellent stealth capabilities in the woods.


Laser Rangefinder

Place your shots to within a yard of your target with this laser rangefinder from Bushnell. It features a simplified one-button operation in a weather-resistant RealTree Xtra camo-themed housing. You get accurate distances to your target from as far as 600 yards away. Its 4x magnification literally brings you closer to your trophy.


Waterproof Hiking GPS

Don’t get lost in the wilderness hunting for your favorite prey. With this Garmin GPS, you get the clearest satellite reception wherever your hunting grounds may be. It’s fully-featured to keep you well on your tracks. It also comes with full weatherproofing so you can continue the hunt regardless of what nature throws at you.


Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

If you need a fixed blade knife you can depend on to cut your way through the hunting grounds, you can rely on the Morakniv’s Sandvik 12C27 extra-hardened stainless steel blade to cut through almost anything. Its well-designed grip makes it comfortable to hold and very easy to handle, too.


Swiss Army Pocket Knife

It’s the king of multi-function, multi-tool pocket knives. There is no questioning the utility, versatility, and superb craftsmanship of the Swiss Army knife. Its signature white cross on a red body is all you’ll need to look for to ascertain that this is the tool that will never fail you.


LED WeaponLights

With a high-performance LED light system producing 600 lumens mated to a precision TIR lens, the SureFire X300 gives you superbly focused illumination of your target while allowing sufficient light to your immediate surroundings. It’s fully ergonomic, sturdy, and can be solidly mounted on most guns with MIL-STD 1913 rails.


Dry Compression Socks

Technically, you can use any pair of socks whatever your activity is. But, if your intention is to bring home your next game trophy, then you need the compression fit characteristics of the Helly Hansen. With improved circulation, you’ll be more focused on your target than on the pain in your feet.


Gut It. Cut It. Cook It

Great hunters are also great butchers. With this book, you can be a great cook, too, especially if the meat you’re going to prepare to be feasted upon is your prized trophy – deer. It’s a useful book for gutting, cutting, processing, and cooking venison. It’s a must-have for every deer hunter.


Folding Hunter Knife

Forget multi-tool pocket knives for a while and instead focus on a single blade folding knife like this one from Buck. Pay close attention to its very sharp point as this is what you’ll use for very detailed work. Of course, you can still rely on its crescent tip blade for cutting up your prey.


Leather Knife Sheath

Want to look like Indiana Jones or other notable bushwhackers? It may not give you the part but this sheath is sure to protect you and your blade from any untoward incidents. The sheath is made of genuine leather in a very elegant basketweave pattern. It’s just perfect for straight hunting knives.


Camo Face Paint Sticks

Let no glimmer from the sweat on your face give away your position in a game of cat and mouse. Be the hunter, not the hunted. With these camouflage face paint sticks, you have the luxury of applying 6 different color schemes to blend well with your hunting ground.


Ghost Ghillie Suit

When the right time comes, pounce on your prey like the mighty predator that hunters really are. The ghillie suit is a sniper’s best defense. You don’t need to be in the military to enjoy this stealthy outfit. With super advanced 3D camo system, this suit is designed to make you a ghost amidst a sea of prey.


Waterproof Hunting Camouflage Tape

Wrap your hunting equipment with this unique camo tape and be really invisible to your prey. It looks like an ordinary tape but when you examine it closely, it does provide you a very stealthy means of hitting your targets by eliminating glare and reflection from your hunting gears.


HotLips Titanium Mug

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the wilderness used to be quite tedious. With the Snow Peak, you brew from the same mug that you will be sipping coffee from. Helping you drink without getting scalded is the HotLips attachment which you will be sipping from. It’s great for soups, too.


Tapirus Spork of Steel Classic

It’s a spoon and a fork built into one truly amazing utensil. You often see this utensil as freebies to instant cup noodles. However, don’t belittle the Tapirus as it’s made of stainless steel that is just superb for any type of hunters’ meals. And yes, that includes MREs.


Hunting Rain Poncho

Most preys are less active in bad weather. That’s why getting the Out Topper poncho gets you that much closer to bringing home a prized game. With excellent camo markings, superb waterproofing, and exceptional durability, this is the poncho that you can rely on for many other purposes, not just as a raincoat.


How We Chose the Most Amazing Gifts for Hunters in Our List

Functionality over form; this was the focus of our search for the best and most unique hunting gifts we could ever find. Since most of us have had experience going in the wild for some wild game, it became a lot easier to identify which among the hundreds of tools, gadgets, gizmos, and even wear in the market today will significantly improve the life of the modern-day hunter especially when he or she is already out in the wild and often at the mercy of the elements and other factors. Functionality was a major issue in our search as we wanted to guarantee that these products will be able to improve the overall hunting experience. If the product can improve the efficiency of the hunt, we’d definitely give it due consideration. If it can add a bit of comfort to the wait, then we’d consider it, as well. We also considered the overall construction of the product as these will be exposed mainly to the elements. So, if it isn’t sturdy or strong enough, then you’d be left with a product that is essentially of no use in the wild.

Tips to Ensuring Safety when Hunting

It doesn’t matter if you’re out hunting for deer or even game fowls. The most important thing is to always think of hunting safety for the simple fact that your prey might lead you to a predator, turning the tables on you. As such, here are some hunting safety tips you might want to seriously consider.

  • Check your equipment – Don’t ever head to the woods without ever checking all of your equipment for optimal working performance. The last thing you need is hunting equipment that fails.
  • Wear orange – If you’re hunting deer, wearing bright orange clothing will improve your visibility to other hunters in the area so they don’t mistake you for a deer. Technically, you have to understand the visual idiosyncrasies of your prey and use this knowledge to choose the right clothing.
  • Be clear about your prey – Take time to ascertain the identity of your prey. Make sure it’s not another hunter you have on your sights. Only squeeze the trigger when you’re 101% sure it’s your prey.
  • Inform your family – Going on a hunt can mean several days in the woods. Do have the initiative to tell them of your plans and when you’re expected to be back.

The Bottom Line

The thought of going on a hunt can be a very enticing prospect. Actually going on a hunt can substantially increase the thrill. Scoring a hit is sure to generate a chest-full of wonderful memories and a trophy to hang on your wall. These 20 gifts for hunters in 2017 can help you achieve these and a whole lot more.

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