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Funny White Elephant Gifts

Funny White Elephant Gifts

Exchanging white elephant gifts is a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your white elephant present! If you’re the clown of the group or just want to purchase something that everyone is going to be weirdly obsessed with, this selection of funny white elephant gifts will certainly go down a treat. Unleash your weird and whacky gift-buying powers and find a gift that everyone will secretly wish they received. We have had great fun selecting these unique white elephant gifts and are certain that you will get just as much enjoyment looking through them.

Our Picks Of The Best White Elephant Gifts:

A Christmas Story Leg Handle Coffee Mug

a christmas story leg handle coffee mug

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We’re not sure whose legs are these sticking out from the side of this coffee mug. We only know that its fishnet stocking looks absolutely gorgeous. The great thing is that this coffee mug makes for an excellent gift especially for fans of A Christmas Story or just about anybody else.

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