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Buying gifts for men can be tough – and if you can’t guess what they might like then it can be areal headscratcher. A good place to start, though, is to consider funny gifts. Just think of all the times that someone has given you a funny or thoughtful present that reflects your character –or perhaps just your sense of humor – and makes you smile. After all, making someone laugh is really the best present that there is. Whether the guy that you’re buying for sees himself as being the life of the party or if you want to inject a little fun into his life, then a funny gift might be just the thing. And funny gifts for men can be a perfect fit for all types, whether you’re shopping for dad, for a teenage relative or even for a colleague. Think about their interests and personality – and then choose something that’s guaranteed to make them smile. And, whatever you pick, it’s sure to create a happy memory that the two of you can share. Here are some great ideas for funny gifts for men to give you some food for thought.

Our Top Picks Of Hilariously Funny Gifts For Men:

Chicken Butt Graphic T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s a lot better to let the picture speak what you really have in mind. This 100% cotton Guess What? t-shirt helps you in this aspect by providing you with humorous sayings that go with equally funny and sometimes downright silly caricatures. At any rate, the print already speaks for itself.


Funny Socks

Cold nights require warm clothing and that includes the feet. Unfortunately, for many men, they will need a drink, too. They don’t have to tell their partners to get them some wine. All they have to do is to wear these funny pair of socks and wiggle it to get their partner’s attention.


Hot Sauce Challenge Book of Pleasure and Pain

It’s the ultimate test of one’s resistance to the fiery and peppery nature of chilies. Beautifully stored in an elegant vintage-look sorcerer’s book, these twelve 0.75-ounce bottles contain samples of hot sauces from the tame and mild to the hot-as-hell type of hot. It’s a race to see who gets beyond the 12th bottle.


Striped Chevron Shower Curtain Collection

Add some pizzazz to the bathroom of your male friend with this striped chevron shower curtain from Ambersonne. It may look like any other shower curtain but it’s the funny quotes that you have to pay particular attention to. It’s a great way to inspire your friend as well as show him your appreciation.


Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Alcohol has this inherent ability to lower down our inhibitions after a certain level has been reached. If you want to know the different questions that drunk people often ask and their respective answers, then this book is a must-read. It’s a collection of questions that we don’t normally dare ask, unless we’re drunk.


What's Your Poo Telling You?

Who would have thought that our poop can tell a lot of things about us and about our health? While it may be gross to some people, reading this Anish Sheth masterpiece serves as a wakeup call to the importance of everything related to the body, even the disgusting and smelly poop.


Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Gel

Want to scare the living daylights out of your parents? Give your brother this blood transfusion bag-like shower gel and let him hang it on your shower head. Now call mom and dad. Just make sure they don’t have a heart attack though. This shower gel comes in sweet cherry scent.


Accoutrements Bacon Wallet

Bacon lovers, rejoice for the wallet that you’ve been waiting for is now here. It’s got all the right amounts of fat neatly bordered by succulent meat. There are also extensive marblings on the meat itself. Best of all, this bacon is non-greasy and will definitely keep you money and cards safe.


BigMouth Inc Butt Putt

Would you like to put a more interesting twist to your putting sessions? Get this farting golf putter game and not only will you be training incessantly to perfect putting, you will also be rolling more often on your tummy every time the butt-shaped dome lets out a huge fart sound.


Accoutrements Inflatable Toupee

If you’ve got a dad who’s already going bald, why not give him this inflatable toupee for your next family reunion? It is very easy to inflate and put on your daddy’s crown. As long as no one will be poking needles into his hair, everything should be just fine.


Sound Effects Machine F Box

Many organizations have very clear rules about profanities in the workplace. However, what if it was a gadget that yelled the profanity, who is going to be liable? Well, if you’re too chicken to say these 16 profanities out loud, then this sound effects machine will do it for you.


Bullet Shape Ice Cube Tray

Either you surprise your guests or you scare them away with translucent bullets from the iconic Kalashnikov 47. However they react, everyone will simply be amazed at the killer drink that you have concocted for them. Each ice tray is capable of producing 12 icy bullets of the famed assault rifle.


The Little Big Book of Breasts

Regardless of how much we deny it, men’s attention is primarily focused on the large endowment firming up in front of them. This fixation is explored in this book coupled with a journey through the different curves that helped define the breasts of infamous women known for their naturally large breasts.


How Not to Be a Dick

It’s quite difficult to find a knight-in-shining-armor these days. And if your boyfriend just happens to be acting like a dickhead, then this is the perfect gift for him. This book is filled with many practical tips and helpful pieces of advice on how not to be a dick.


SUCK UK Pirate Bottle Opener

Thinking of a unique gift that can also be funny? How about one of Captain Jack Sparrow’s mates? This pirate-inspired bottle opener is a handy buccaneer that comes with a corkscrew, a bottle opener, and a foil cutter. This is going to be the most useful one-legged pirate you’ll ever own.


Das Horn Drinking Vessel

There were no wine glasses in the ancient times. People used ordinary things as vessels for their drinks. With the Das Horn, you get to glorify those golden days when people drank from the horns or tusks of the animals they killed. Don’t worry about drinking from this horn as it’s completely safe.


Thumbs Up! Up Yours Mug

Don’t you just wish you could tell that jerk in your office to shove his finger up his without drawing attention to yourself? Now you can. Just give him this unique Up Yours mug and he will instantly get the idea. At least, he will have something to drink his fave brew from.


Prank Pack Beer Beard

It’s a very unusual beard that conveniently hides a bladder for your drinks underneath the thick facial tresses. Technically, this is what your friends will see on the box and they will be impatiently waiting to open it. They will then be surprised by your real gift, whatever that may be.


Can You Imagine Party Roulette

For fans of the Russian roulette, this game’s for you, sans the gore and the ensuing crime scene. You get a plastic revolver with a balloon attachment in the gun’s barrel. You point the gun into your friend’s head and squeeze the trigger. If nothing happens, proceed with the next until the balloon pops.


Animal Inflatable Costumes

Be the center of attraction whenever you have a costume party in the office with these animal inflatable costumes. You don’t need to wait for Halloween, though as these can be great for any kind of social gathering where fun is an absolute requirement and killjoys are strictly off-limits.


Free Fisher Beard Beanie

Feeling like a fisherman who hasn’t shaved in a year simply because he’s out at sea? Well, here’s one for you. This stubble beard and knit beanie hat kit can make for exceptional props for a costume party or when you simply want to look the part. The beanie can keep you warm, though.


Funny Mug

If you have a friend who is quite sarcastic, maybe it’s time to turn the tables. Give him this funny 11-ounce coffee mug with a print that says, “Yet, despite the look on my face, you’re still talking.” We’re pretty sure every time he takes a sip, he’ll remember you.


Grillaholics Meat Claws

Save your fingers for other more useful purposes. Don’t use a fork to shred your grilled meat to perfection. What you’ll need is the raw efficiency of these bear paw-inspired meat shredders. And if you’re creative enough, you can also use these for stabilizing your meats and vegetables while cutting them.


BEARD KING - The Official Beard Bib

Don’t you just hate cleaning up the mess of your boyfriend or husband every time he shaves? Then give him this apron to help catch hair clippings and make it a lot easier to clean the bathroom sink later on. The Beard King can also help prevent clogged drains.


Hamper Hoops by Wham-O

Everyone wants to be the next Michael Jordan or even Wilt Chamberlain or any other NBA great. Before you can achieve such status, training is a must. What better way to start practicing those 3-point shots than with this basketball-inspired clothes hamper? It’s got the hoop and the board connected to a laundry bag.


RSVP International Onion Goggles

No muscle can ever protect you from the sulphur-based substances released by onions when cut or sliced. Protect your eyes with these pair of onion goggles and mince, dice, and slice those onions away like a pro and without shedding a tear ever again. It works for ladies, too.


Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

There must be a more efficient way to enjoy our beers without having to hold them all the time. With this guzzler helmet, this has just become a possibility. You’ve got two beer and soda can holders mounted to a helmet and connected by a Y-tubing to its main straw.


Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

For those who would like to brush their teeth but savor the goodness of bacon, this is the toothpaste for you. This bacon-flavored toothpaste has just the right consistency to provide your teeth with a sparkling finish while leaving the characteristic scent of smoky, fatty bacon. It’s definitely a must-have gag gift.


BigMouth Inc. Potty Piano

The Potty Piano is a very innovative and highly creative way to while your time in the toilet, waiting for your poop to drop like Little Boy. It fits around the front base of the toilet bowl and comes with battery-operated piano keys which your toes can start playing.


Judy Inflatable Doll

Are you planning a stag or bachelor’s party for your friend? While getting a lap dancer to spice up your evenings may be a good idea, a much safer alternative is to get Judy, our inflatable doll. She’ll never complain. She’ll be the life of the party. Judy is welcome on bachelorette parties, too.


Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

Want to give your boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle, nephew, or even husband something that they can really use yet will feel quite embarrassed about it, if not getting a good laugh? Give them this very unique hand sanitizer that is sure to elicit giggles and a huge grin on their faces.


50 Ways to Eat Cock

The rooster may not be the most ideal meat source to cook but that’s exactly the point in this rather-sleazy presentation of 50 different ways to eat cock complete with balls. It’s technically a recipe book that’s filled with helpful tips and facts about the rooster and its supposed effects on man’s virility.


Funny Apron for Kitchen or BBQ

This funny apron is designed specifically for your boyfriend who loves concocting delicious pork recipes for either you or his gang. Technically, it’s not only a kitchen apron as it can also serve other purposes such as gardening and crafting; although, we’re pretty sure your man will look sexier wearing this while grilling.


Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

It’s always a lot cooler to be drinking in style. While the idea of downing a bottle of wine straight from the vintage, a much classier approach is to use this humongous 64-ounce stainless steel flask. With its large capacity, everyone in your group will have a taste of your much-vaunted vintage.


Liquid Fart Prank Spray

Want to pull some really disgusting prank on almost anyone? You’ll need the Liquid Fart to turn an otherwise wonderfully-scented party or event into an atmosphere that’s reeking of a blown sewer pipe. Works exceptionally well in the dark so no one will ever see you spraying stinky havoc in the room.


ThumbsUp Bubble Costume

Bring joy and laughter to any party with this suit that’s made of bubble wrap. Everyone will want to have their hands on your suit if only to hear that distinct popping sound. You’ll be a popping sensation at any party with this suit. Be hip. Be the star of the show.


Sudoku Roll Toilet Paper

It’s agonizing to wait for your poop to slide down your butt and into the bowl. That’s why we’re always thinking of something to while the time. With this Sudoku-inspired toilet paper gone are the days when you’ve got to bring several newspapers with you to answer these puzzles in the toilet.


The Butt Station - Desk Accessory

For your male colleague who seems to misplace his writing instruments, mini post-it notes, and scotch tape all the time, the Butt Station is a very functional, albeit hilarious gift. Designed like a man sitting on a toilet bowl, he will never lose track of those office supplies ever again.


Accoutrements Bacon Air Freshener

Men love their meats. It doesn’t really matter what type of meat they are going to devour as long as it’s got lots of meat and fat. Well, why not extend their carnivorous tendencies to meaty scents? With this bacon-scented air freshener, your man will surely go crazy, in a happy way.


Table Games Potty Golfing

What’s your handicap? If you’re lagging behind your golf buddies, then make sure to get plenty of practice every chance you can get. Yes, including while in the restroom doing your thing. Helping you with that is this potty golf kit you can practice on while sitting on the toilet bowl.


Westminster Butt Face Towel

Men actually don’t care if the things they use are for specific parts of the body or not; as long as it can be used, they don’t really give a damn. To help prevent the confusion on which side to use for wiping one’s face or butt, Westminster came up with this ingenious solution.


Boobzie Can Cover

Throw away the dull-looking and very plain can holders in your cupboard and replace these with the Boobzie. These insulated can covers are shaped like the torso of a well-endowed hooter complete with its cleavage sticking out for your eyes to feast on while enjoying your 12oz can of beer.


Boobie Squeezable Stress Reliever Ball

Squeeze balls are great stress relievers. Now add the shape of the female breast and you’ve certainly taken it a step further. This female breast-shaped stress ball is made of soft rubbery latex that’s filled with liquid gel to give it the consistency and firmness of the real thing.


Desk Warning Sign

One of the most functional gifts you could ever give to your boyfriend who literally spends hours in the restroom relieving himself is this miniature free-standing 25-centimeter tall warning sign that reads “Caution! Deeply Satisfying Poo in Progress”. On the other side, you will read “Give it 10 Minutes”.


BigMouth Inc Giant Fist Drink Kooler

Want to look cool during parties? Then bring out this massive drink cooler shaped like the huge fist of The Incredible Hulk or even Hell Boy. Get the green and you’re the Hulk, the red fist, Hell Boy. There’s blue and flesh-colored, too. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to steal the show.


Retro 51 Tiki Tissue Box Holder

Is your boyfriend fascinated with Tiki heads? Maybe it’s time to pay homage to his fascination with this cool-looking, retro-styled tissue box holder. Simply remove Rudy’s head, place a rectangular tissue box, put the lid back in, and let Rudy stand up in all his glory. Insert a tissue down Rudy’s nostrils.


Sexy Men Elephant G-string

Want to spice up your sex life by getting your partner to perform a sleazy and steamy lap dance for you? Then you simply have to give him this funny g-string. The elephant design is just perfect for highlighting the rod that is lurking underneath the polyester elephant trunk.


Forum Novelties Grow a Girlfriend

She’s sexy. She won’t complain or nag. She is the type of girlfriend that grows, literally. Meant to be as a great gift for your friend who hasn’t had any luck landing a girlfriend yet, this novelty item grows to 6 times its original size when dropped in water.


BigMouth Inc Beer Belt

Men and beers are inseparable. You can take away everything just not his can of brew. That’s why this beer belt is an absolute must. You’re giving the man in your life instant access to 6 beers right off his belt. It’s perfect for men whose waist sizes can rack up to 50.


Tank Top Funny Shirt

Most men don’t need very extravagant gifts. As long as they’re comfy with it and they can derive function from it, then it’s all good. So, when you do decide to give your boyfriend this sleeveless shirt, he’ll know just how much you appreciate his working out in the gym.


Hilarious office pranks that guys will love

Wherever you work, whether in an open-plan office or a cube farm, life can sometimes get pretty boring. One thing that can liven things up is to joke around a little – or even to play pranks on your office-mates. The best pranks don’t leave anyone hurt or humiliated and, in the right spirit, good natured pranking will bring you together as a team and make your work life that little bit more enjoyable. Most importantly, management doesn’t necessarily need to know anything about it. Indeed, some of the best pranks are completely invisible. Have you ever been asked to get a “long weight” (also know as “a long wait”) or a “left-handed hammer,” for example? Here are some of the most hilarious pranks that you can pull in the office – and that won’t get you fired.

Why does my phone autocorrect “and” to “donkey?” If your buddy has been foolish enough to leave their smartphone unlocked with you, then you can take the opportunity to edit their autocorrects. Of course, the sky’s the limit here – so you can edit “and” to switch to “donkey” – or you could have their phone switch the word to a whole sentence – or to something much, much ruder. You could even set a bunch of words to switch places. If you do, it’s a prank that’ll likely be coming back to them for weeks.

Your computer desktop icons don’t work anymore? If you have access to your buddy’s computer, this one will have them pulling their hair out – at least for a few minutes. First, open up the desktop and hit the print screen button on Windows or Command-shift-3 on Mac. Save the image and head to the desktop background options and set the image as the background. Now comes the devious part. Create a folder – “Desktop icons” – and move all the desktop icons into it, and then drop the folder into the Recycle Bin. Your colleague will shortly discover that clicking on the icons that appear on their desktop does absolutely nothing at all – because they’re actually part of an image and not shortcut icons at all. If they get too frustrated, you may want to give them a hand, of course. Or you might want to wait and watch them work it out for themselves.

Put up a notice in the kitchen saying the lights are on a clapper. Then turn the lights off. You are guaranteed to have some frustrated people standing in the dark clapping away with this one. A great follow up is to join in with them – or perhaps even start singing – while an alternative would have a notice stating that the lights are now voice activated. “Alexa? Turn the lights on!”

You said you had green fingers. This one definitely qualifies as silent but deadly. Take your colleague’s keyboard. Flip the keys off, one by one. Place rolling papers between the lines of the keys, along with a little soil in each – and then add watercress seeds. Replace the keys, trimming away any excess material so your work is completely invisible. And then watch over the next few days as greenery begins to grow around your buddy’s fingers. Simply diabolical.

Control your buddy’s computer with a wireless mouse. This is an update of the old trick of messing with TVs with a universal remote. First, wait for your colleague to leave their computer. Unplug their mouse. Sync a wireless mouse to the machine. Then wait for them to return – and cue some serious messing with them. You might want to ‘fess up sooner than later with this – before they start claiming that they’ve been hacked.

Redecorating. This is one that’s more on the noticeable-by-management side of things, but it can run from the subtle to the overwhelming. The key is redecorating your buddy’s work space. That might start with placing a framed photo of your boss or their desk – or it might mean wallpapering their entire cubicle with pictures of David Hasselhoff, their least favorite pop star or pictures of them as a kid. It might even mean covering everything on their desk in wrapping paper – or in tin foil. Then there’s always the option of filling any confined space with balloons, for as long as your lungs – or your balloon pump – can handle it. The limits to redecorating are what you think you can get away with, and what you think your buddy will find funny.

Open the door – to a very loud noise! This is one that you should only consider if a large amount of noise is acceptable, or will go unnoticed, in your workplace. You’ll often see a bumper positioned behind a door to stop the handle knocking into the wall. Next to that, or on top of it, tape a foghorn to the wall. Your buddy pushes the door open – and then has the fright of their life. For extra credit, this can be coupled with a bucket of water – or glitter – positioned above the door, to fall onto anyone who might open it. An alternate version has the foghorn positioned below a swivel chair. Your colleague sits down to work – and then flies out of the chair in panic. To repeat, anything involving foghorns is probably one for more accommodating office environments, though.

Impossible errands. We mentioned the legendary “long weight” earlier, but it’s just one of many fantastic quests that colleagues can be sent on. Among many others, there’s tartan paint, the bubble for a spirit level, some elbow grease, a glass hammer and sky hooks. More modern versions include bags for a Dyson hoover, a cordless extension and, of course, virtual memory.

Whatever you do, try to keep it good natured – mean spirited pranking is just mean after all. If you do need to apologize following a prank that’s gone too far, though, you might consider giving your buddy a funny gift to make up for it.

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