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Amazing Golf Gifts Men Will Love

Golf Gifts For Men

If you know someone who spends more time at the golf club than they do at home, buying them a gift for any occasion is really quite straightforward. Whether they are golf-obsessed or prefer to enjoy it as a casual hobby, these top golfing gifts are the perfect fit for any enthusiast. We have collected a variety of golf presents for men that range from being practical and worthwhile to humorous and suitable for budgets. Your present buying skills will be sure to amaze whoever you intend on buying the golf gift for! Here are some of the most interesting golf gifts for men that will be appreciated by any golf lover. You will be sure to find something that they don’t already own and will also appreciate for years to come.

Clicgear Push Cart Seat

Unfortunately, the golf cart that you’re using doesn’t come with a seat for you to rest in between drives. With the Clicgear, however, you can easily attach this durable and stable platform on any model of Clicgear golf carts. Just make sure you’re no heavier than 2200 pounds, though.


Golfer Elbow Brace

One of the major health problems that golfers complain about is golfer’s elbow. This is manifested by pain and discomfort in the elbow region because of insufficient blood supply. By applying the DashSport compression elbow sleeve, one can easily facilitate an improvement in blood circulation to the area and bring immediate pain relief.


Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Whether it is for practicing your swing or playing a few rounds with your friends, the Wilson Staff Elite golf balls should provide you with enough ammunition to last your activity. These golf balls are the result of Wilson’s revolutionary technology in ensuring performance balance in every golf ball.


Loftus Heads Down Golf Tees

Stick these unique tees through the ground and other players will be coming for a much closer look. The Loftus Heads Down golf tees are very functional tees. However, they are created in a very whimsical, almost obscene way. We can guarantee people will be laughing. Your shot? It’s up to you.


Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel

Microfiber fabric materials are well-regarded for their excellent absorption capabilities allowing for faster cleanups and faster drying. The Greens Towel is especially designed for the golfer of today, allowing him to clean his golf balls and clubs in an instant to ensure optimum game play performance. It easily clips onto things for easy access.


Trunk-It Golf Gear Storage Trunk Organizer

Be always on the ready for a game of golf with the Trunk-It organizer. This 600-denier durable fabric-constructed organizer comes with plenty of fully-adjustable storage compartments to keep and organize all of the extra golfing gear you may have. The Trunk-It easily fits inside your car’s trunk making it ultra-convenient.


CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

If you’re like us, we absolutely hate carrying our golf bags from one hole to the next. The solution? CaddyTek. This lightweight yet super-sturdy 3-wheeled pushcart effectively takes the weight of your equipment off your shoulders. It has additional attachments for your other things such as beverages and umbrella, among others.


All-in-One Stainless Steel Golfer's Tool

Designed after the classic multi-tool pocket utility knife, the Whetstone 75-4732 is considered as the golfer’s Swiss Army knife. The Whetstone comes with a divot repair, removable pen, cleat tightener, ball cleaning brush, golf club cleaner, and magnetic ball marker completed with a pocket knife and a key ring.


Collapsible Chipping Net

The Collapsible Chipping Net is an amazing trainer for golfers who would like to improve on their golfing skills by chipping golf balls into the chipping basket. The good news is that it works with any skill level. One can easily adjust the diameter of the chipping frame to increase the level of difficulty.


PrideSports Cooler Bag

Golf is a very mental game. Concentration is a must. But how could you possibly concentrate if you’re driving dehydrated? That’s why golf pros always carry with them the PrideSports Cooler Bag so they get instant access to 12 cans of their favorite beverage. It comes with a reusable ice pack, too.


Swiftwick Athletic Compression Socks for Golf

The Swiftwick Athletic Compression Socks are a pair of footwear that is designed to support the arch of the feet for optimum comfort. It has superb moisture wicking properties further adding to the feeling of comfort. It also improves blood circulation to the feet further enhancing overall golfing performance.


Electronic Arts Sports: Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Want to surprise your friend who’s dying to try golf but simply lacks the confidence for it? Why not get him the PGA Tour game developed specifically for the Xbox One? This way, he’ll be mastering those shots, albeit in a virtual environment. At least, he’ll grow some confidence to try it for real.


EZ Drinker Toilet Golf

Practice makes perfect. Even in the most unusual of circumstances you should always strive to practice your putting skills. And when you’re in your bathroom, you’d better place the Toilet Golf so you can still train while waiting for your poop to drop. Take it seriously or as a gag really doesn’t matter.


Golfer's Prayer Coffee Mug

It’s not every day that you get a hole-in-one. And when you are really in the dumps, nothing can cheer you up better than a good cup of your hot brew. Say the Golfer’s Prayer to go with each sip and you might as well find your mojo back in no time at all.


IZOD Men's Classic Fit Golf Short

You can always wear pants on windy days but on a warm summer day, there’s nothing better than to feel the wind brush against your legs in the IZOD golf short in classic fit. It makes you feel more comfortable, enabling you to stay focused and determined on your drive.


Golf Umbrella by Procella Umbrella

If you were swinging your golf club in the shade, you clearly wouldn’t need an umbrella. But golf is played in the open. So, you’ll definitely need the large 62-inch coverage of the Procella. While it’s large, it is never heavy at only 1.1 pounds, thanks to its ingenious use of fiberglass framework.


PGA TOUR Men's Short Sleeve Airflux Polo

Professional golfers never wear t-shirts or apparel in loud colors or obnoxious designs. Call it professional courtesy to other players and in keeping with the formal nature of the game. So whenever you head to the fairways, make sure to wear the Airflux Solid Polo T-shirt from PGA Tour. It’ll keep you cool under pressure.


Pride Professional Tee System

Golf courses don’t typically provide you with these little yet very important gadgets, so you’d have to bring your own. When it comes to golf tees, you can count on the quality craftsmanship of Pride’s Professional Tee System. You get a variety of color designs to reflect your mood and personality.


adidas Men's Golf Shoe

Feet firmly planted on the ground at the correct stance and distance from one another is crucial to achieving stability and balance while preparing for the swing. Helping you firmly plant your feet is this wonderful golfing shoe from Adidas. It’s got all the right technologies to help you make the perfect swing.


Nike Mens Golf Legacy91 Hat

Simple, functional, yet elegant in its own right. That’s how professional golfers describe the Legacy91 Tech series of Nike’s Men’s Golf hats. It features the Dri-FIT technology that effectively wicks sweat off your forehead so you can focus on your drive. It’s stretchable and fully adjustable, too, allowing for comfort fit.


Golf Magazine

One of the best gifts you could ever give to a golf fanatic is a subscription to the Golf Magazine. Come to think of it, you pay it once, and the recipient receives it on a regular basis. If you love him so much, then you can subscribe for life.


Zero Friction Men's Golf Glove

Many golfing newbies don’t think having the right pair of gloves is important. This is where they are wrong. A good golf glove like the Zero Friction can help drive the ball a lot more efficiently since you get maximum grip on your golf club. It’s more comfortable holding the clubs as well.


Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

If the glare from the sun is simply too much, all that focus and concentration on the hole can be easily lost. But if you wear the Torege sports sunglasses, you can actually choose the correct lens to attach to its frame, giving you superb vision for that hole-in-one.


The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing

Do you believe in the golfing paradox whereby the harder you attempt hitting the ball, the greater are the chances that you’ll miss it? If you’re not having any success with your golf swings, try reading McTeigue’s The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing. You’ll learn 7 simple ways to perfect the golf swing.


Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

With more than 35 thousand golf courses all over the world already preloaded on the Bushnell Neo Ion, you get almost instantaneous tracking of your golfing performance regardless of where you decide to wedge your tee and drive the golf ball across sand traps and water features towards the target hole.


Men in Green

Want to know what makes a golfing legend? You’d better read the Men in Green book from Michael Bamberger. The book gives us a truly marvelous insight into the finer qualities of the men who dominated the greens in the last half century. It’s like learning from the masters themselves.


Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

It may be small but the Game Golf is packed with many wonderful features that allow it to monitor and effectively evaluate every aspect of your game. From the tee to the greens, you get superbly accurate reports of your stats right in your smartphone to help you improve your game.


ProActive Zoo Golf Club Headcover

Tired of the usual cover for your golf club heads? Why not use something stylish, adorable, and truly unique, adding character in the process? Pro Active’s selection of zoo animal-themed golf club head covers can protect your equipment from scuffs and scratches while drawing huge smiles from the crowd and other players.


STIXX Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner

Your performance in the fairways can be affected by the condition of your equipment. By keeping your golf clubs in pristine condition, you can effectively execute more perfect swings and drives. The STIXX golf brush has its unique system of cleaning your golf clubs so you get optimum results every time.


Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

It’s amazing what technology can bring to the game of golf. With Zepp, you can now analyze every critical element of your swing from the club speed all the way to the backswing length and many more. You don’t need any complicated setups either. Best of all, you can review your performance afterwards.


Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System

Want to know if you hit the fairways or you missed it by a mile? How about your ball distances as well as averages? Can you track how many sand saves you’ve registered so far? We know you want to stay focused in your game. That’s why Arccos is doing everything for you.


Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting

If you’re a newbie, you definitely want to practice before hitting the greens in your local golf and country club. The Putt-A-Bout is a kidney-shaped portable putting green that is just perfect for practicing putting the golf ball to any of its 3 holes. It’s got a simulated sand trap as well.


Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder

Turn your office desk into an inspiration for following your passion in golf. HomeWetBar managed to forge this beautiful desktop organizer in the image of a golf bag and trolley system. What’s more, you can have it personalized. It’s the perfect gift for an office colleague who cannot get his mind off golf.


BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips

How about a nice slab of barbecued baby back ribs after a game of golf? Sounds yummy, right? Well, if you’re going to grill with the Weddingstar BBQ Tools, we can guarantee your afternoon barbecue will still be filled with stories of the greens and fairways and of bogeys and birdies.


MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

A lot of the guys who bring the Golf Ball Storage Sack from MySack never fail to draw laughs from people who see these novelty bags. Technically, who needs a separate bag for storing 2 golf balls anyway? Plus, the peculiar shape of the MySack is guaranteed to bring a lot of jeers.


Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set

If you want to play with the big boys, then you’ve gotta have your own equipment. The Callaway Strata is an 18-piece set that already comes complete with everything you need to start swinging like the pros. Each of the golf clubs is engineered for optimum accuracy, control, and forgiveness.


TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

Golf is all about precision placement of shots. However, equally important is knowledge of the distance between your golf ball and the next hole. This is where the VPRO500 comes in. It’s a laser rangefinder that gives you your precise distance to your goal. The only thing missing is your drive.


Emoji Professional Practice Golf Balls

Don’t you ever get tired focusing on the bedimpled golf ball staring back at you while you’re practicing your swing? Why not get these lovely yellow golf balls that come in a variety of emojis? For sure, it will be a really fun and enjoyable way to practice your golf swing.


Stealth Golf Cooler Bag

Whether you’re hitting the fairways on an overcast sky or with the sun at its peak, you’ll need the Stealth Golf cooler bag that can easily sneak a couple or so of your favorite drinks without arousing suspicion from everyone else that you’ve got a portable ref right inside your golf bag.


Suncast Golf Organizer

A serious golfer knows how to take care of his equipment. Getting organized with the Suncast is one great way to keep all of your precious clubs, golf bags, and other accessories in pristine order. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to showcase the right tools to your winning ways.


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