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The great outdoors provide a vast array of opportunities for individuals to explore. From rare species of plants that bloom to reclusive creatures, the wilderness can be Mother Nature’s most exciting, most fascinating classroom ever. People who explore the great outdoors often do it in a variety of ways. Some would go kayaking or canoeing to explore river ecosystems while others would prefer hang gliding to soar up in the heavens, but there is one very common outdoor activity that almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime: hiking. The simple act of walking through dense jungles, over unchartered terrain, and on paths never before trodden can be a great adventure in itself. That’s why we salute our hiker friends for such an adventurous spirit. If you’ve got a friend who loves hiking, show him or her your appreciation with our awesome gifts for hikers in 2017.

Our Top Gifts For Hikers:

Ensuring Safety in Hiking Trips

More and more people are hiking for fitness or as a more economical way to explore the many wonderful scenery afforded by a particular location such as national parks like the Grand Canyon or the Yellowstone. Sadly, if you are not careful, this seemingly safe and easy activity can turn deadly in an instant. That’s why experts recommend knowing everything you need to stay safe on hiking trails. Here are some hiking tips, hiking smart by ensuring safety in these trips.

  • Always plan your hiking trip. If you have to get a guide, better. Study the trail. Get a map.
  • Always wear the correct gear including weather protection. Don’t forget your first aid kit as well as any emergency medications that you may have.
  • Protect your feet by wearing the most appropriate socks and thick-soled shoes. Make sure they don’t constrict your feet though.
  • Know thy self. Don’t be a superhero. Don’t attempt to hike 5 to 6 kilometers per hour as this will be draining on you. If you’re heading on a steep trail, try to adjust your rate of hike for every 300 meters of elevation that you have gained.
  • Always carry drinking water with you. Unless you have the LifeStraw system, don’t ever trust water from streams, lakes, or even rivers.
  • Don’t forget to inform your family members or even your friends that you’ll be out hiking for a few days. This way they will have an idea when you’ll be returning so they can alert the authorities in case you don’t show up on the day of your expected return.

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity that’s made even more enriching by the country’s many natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries. However, because there are inherent dangers and concerns in hiking in the great outdoors, you’ll feel more confident when you have any or all of our 50 awesome gifts for hikers in 2017. You won’t regret it.

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