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50 Cool Gifts for Hikers in 2017

gifts for hikers

The great outdoors provide a vast array of opportunities for individuals to explore. From rare species of plants that bloom to reclusive creatures, the wilderness can be Mother Nature’s most exciting, most fascinating classroom ever. People who explore the great outdoors often do it in a variety of ways. Some would go kayaking or canoeing to explore river ecosystems while others would prefer hang gliding to soar up in the heavens, but there is one very common outdoor activity that almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime: hiking. The simple act of walking through dense jungles, over unchartered terrain, and on paths never before trodden can be a great adventure in itself. That’s why we salute our hiker friends for such an adventurous spirit. If you’ve got a friend who loves hiking, show him or her your appreciation with our 50 awesome gifts for hikers in 2017.

GoPro Hero 5 Camera

Hikers or not, having the Hero5 with you is a sure way to help you relive wonderful memories of your adventures. The Hero5 is fully weatherproofed and comes with the most stunning UHD resolution at 4K. You also get a variety of features that only GoPro is known to deliver.


Zomake Backpack

Whenever you head outdoors it is important that you take with you things that are valuable in making the journey more memorable and comfortable. While this is no backpacker’s ideal bag, it sure can become a hiker’s best friend complete with excellent water resistance and a very lightweight construction.


Collapsible Water Bottle

Don’t let your hike be ruined by not having access to fresh, clean, and cool water to keep you hydrated. You can carry a bottle but this will simply be cumbersome, taking up space in your gear. With the collapsible Nomader, you stay hydrated while preserving precious space in your bag.


Power Hammock Set

You cannot walk the whole day without resting your tired body. And even if you can, you will still need to find some breather. What better way to refresh that tired body and mind than to have your own hammock wherever you may be? The DoubleEagle is perfect for hiking couples, too.


Antimicrobial Wool Socks

Hiking can be fun. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the correct socks, this can easily turn into a surrealistic nightmare. And while any pair of socks will do, getting the People Socks should help your feet stay dry and free from that nasty odor that will always remind you of a rotting carcass.


Paracord Bracelet

Even hikers need to be ready all the time. You can take a multi-tool pocket knife with you for your emergency and survival needs but a more fashionable, stylish, and, quite literally, “handy” tool is this mil-spec bracelet that’s embedded with a compass, a knife, fire starter, and a whistle.


Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Wish you could have your favorite ice cold drink even if you’re in the middle of a hiking trail? With these thermally insulated water bottles, not only are you giving yourself ice cold beverages for up to 24 hours, you can enjoy hot or warm drinks for up to 12 hours as well.


Foldable Camp Chair

If you were to take a much-needed breather from walking, you can almost always sit on anything, anywhere. Fortunately, you don’t have to punish your behind sitting on some hard boulder or tree stump. With this lightweight and foldable chair, you can conveniently enjoy the view without worrying your butt will hurt.


Swiss Army Pocket Knife

When it comes to exceptional multi-functionality, excellent versatility, strength, durability, and superior craftsmanship, there’s no questioning the Victorinox. In fact, it’s the survival tool that’s been replicated and copied by a lot of wannabes but they seriously cannot match the quality and performance of the Swiss Army Pocket Knife.


Anti Shock Trail Poles

Regardless of how fit you think you are, at some point you will need these hiking sticks to help support you and relieve some of the pressure off your lower limbs. It can also serve as a sturdy platform upon which you can prop your body to rest for a while.


LifeStraw Water Filter

Hiking through unfamiliar territory can have a lot of risks. And if you happen to run out of water, you’ll need this life-saving device to turn any water you see into clean, germ-free, life-giving water. LifeStraw removes nearly 100% of all bacteria and parasites to make water highly potable.

LE Headlamp LED

Safety is paramount whenever you go out hiking or whatever it is you enjoy doing outdoors. This is especially true in certain conditions when low visibility can increase your risk of bumping into something. With this head-mounted lamp, you get optimum illumination of your path while freeing your hands for other tasks.


Go Girl Female Urination Device

One of the most frustrating experiences you can ever get is when you really have to void and there are no public commodes to relieve yourself. Thankfully, the Go Girl easily fits in your pocket so you can get rid of that fluid wherever you may be. It’s hygienic, too.


I Go First Aid Kit

The I Go First Aid Kit is your emergency medical assistance in a convenient carry-all bag. It’s a great companion for individuals heading outdoors where emergency responders may take time to reach you. It already comes with medical-grade items you will ever need to perform a variety of first aid procedures.


Dizaul Portable Solar Power Bank

Don’t you just wish you could carry a portable charging mechanism that also doesn’t rely on an electric power source to charge it up? Why not utilize the energy of the sun as it’s free and quite abundant as well? The Dizaul harnesses this energy to keep all of your devices fully charged.


Praktical Pocket Blanket

Hiking with your loved one can be a great and thrilling experience for both of you. After the hike, you can always snuggle up to the superb comfort afforded by this double hammock that’s made of highly durable materials that will help support the weight of both of you.


Roxant Grip Scope Monocular

Get a better view of the distant terrain with this monocular from ROXANT. It features the BAK4 prism that significantly improves visual clarity. It also fits perfectly on one hand with its molded grip for shake-less viewing. It also comes with retractable eyepiece to allow for more superb visual experience.


ChillaX Inflatable Lounger

Featuring a pump-less inflatable bladder, the Chillax is your comfy air lounger that is designed to rest your tired body after a long day of hiking. It’s very easy to set up as it requires no tools at all. It’s durable, thick, and has the ability to float on water.


5-Day Survival Backpack

Stop thinking about what food you’re going to bring in the next 5 days of your hiking expedition. This ready-to-serve set of gourmet meals and drinks is conveniently packaged into one great survival backpack. You only need to carry it on your back and you’re technically all set to go.


FengChi LED Tent Lamp

Forget a bulky emergency lantern. Use the FengChi instead and you’ll be amazed at what it can do for you especially when dark sets in. It comes with an integrated hook for hanging onto any structure. You can even set the light to 3 different modes depending on your lighting needs.


iRonsnow Dynamo

The iRonsnow is your superb companion whenever you’re outdoors as it can be hand-cranked, solar-charged, or powered by batteries. It serves as an AM/FM radio, flashlight, power bank, and a NOAA weather radio, too. It is always best to stay updated of any change in the weather or any news at all.


Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit

It’s a great-looking knife that is crafted to be a hiker’s best tool for any eventuality. Not only is the Rothco a great knife, it’s also an excellent survival kit as it already comes with a variety of small tools to effect emergency action. It comes with its own sheath for protection.


Sundome 4 Person Tent

Regardless of where your hike takes you, you’ll need to rest at some point in your journey. Instead of scavenging for raw materials to turn into a makeshift shelter, you’re better off with the Sundome especially if you’re in the company of 3 other hiker friends. It’s durable and easy to set up.


Coleman Tent Kit

Don’t sweat putting up your tent using primitive tools. This tent kit from Coleman effectively provides you with the most basic tools to set up a tent as well as to keep it in pristine order. You get tent pegs, a mallet, a stake puller, a dustpan, and a hand broom.


Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

It’s fashionable, stylish, and made of the finest and most durable materials to keep your hands well protected from the bitter cold. These gloves are perfect for men and women whether it is for hiking purposes or as part of their everyday fashion. It’s comfortable to wear and very warm, too.


KEEN Women's Voyageur Hiking Shoe

Hikers are like runners who require excellent pair of shoes so they can walk miles. Made of authentic leather, this KEEN shoe is ideal for hikers because of its integrated mesh side underlays allowing the feet to receive as much fresh air as possible. It’s a lady hiker’s best friend on the trail.


Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator

You will love the compression-molded technology embedded into the EVA foot frame of the Moab Ventilator. And if not, its Vibram sole should wow you enough as this is specifically designed to help minimize the effects of impact forces on the male feet. It’s a male hiker’s best buddy on long walks.


Survival Spark Fire Starter

Don’t be a caveman starting fire using sticks and rocks. Use the Survival Spark and you’ll get up to 15,000 strikes during the stick’s lifespan. It also comes with a built-in durable lanyard, emergency whistle, a large scraper, and a working compass, making it a convenient and compact multi-purpose fire starter.


Adam's Headwear Hat

Protect your face, neck, and ears with the UPF 50+ sun protection capabilities of this headwear. It has a low profile crown that works exceptionally well with its flaps that extends well below the neck. It has elastic cords allowing for optimum fit so you’ll not have it getting blown off your head.


LVXING Sports Sunglasses

With 5 interchangeable sunglass lenses, this is the perfect companion for protecting the eyes as it gives you different function-specific lenses for different types of environmental conditions. Its TR90 frame gives it superb shatterproof capabilities while the lenses have been coated with several layers of materials that serve different functions.


Etekcity Portable Camping Stoves

Manage your camping stoves a lot more efficiently to comply with the Leave No Trace principles of the USFS. This pocket-sized, highly durable device fits into any fuel canister that has a 7/16 thread and comes with fully adjustable controls, ensuring more efficient heat production for faster and effortless cooking.


Singbring Women's Hiking Pants

If you haven’t tried wearing waterproof pants because you have this notion that these are not comfortable to wear, then you must simply try the Singbring. It’s made of soft polyester shell to give you the comfort fit that you need while retaining its superior waterproofing. It’s stylish, too.


Wantdo Men's Ski Jacket

Whether it is for walking in snowy conditions or even sporting this apparel to work, this windproof ski jacket is sure to turn heads because of its wonderfully elegant styling. Not only is it stylish, it’s also designed specifically to keep you warm and comfy. It’s got multiple pockets to keep your things.


Wealers Hooded Raincoat

Forget disposable raincoats. You’re better off with this reusable raincoat from Wealers. It features electronically-welded seams to give you excellent waterproofing. The Wealers has ventilated underarms and fully adjustable wrist snaps. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes so even kids can benefit from this hooded raincoat.


Coleman Insect Head Net

If you love hiking in the woods or near lakes and other bodies of water, you’ll need this insect head net. It’s like having a mosquito net that you wear over your head. It easily fits over most headgear. At least you can now say goodbye to nasty insect bites on your face.


Mright Mens Vest

Have plenty of small items that you want to keep close to you but don’t want to put in a bag? Then, this is the solution. You will definitely love the multitude of pockets that have been peppered into this reporter-type of vest. It’s available in a variety of styles, too.


OUTAD Legging Gaiters

Protect your lower legs, especially your pants with these legging gaiters. These are lightweight so there’s no issue of dragging your feet. You can seamlessly continue with your hiking expedition while providing excellent waterproofing to your pants without resorting to the use of boots. It’s durable and strongly resistant to tears, too.


Blossom Menstrual Cup

It’s time for change. Discard your ordinary sanitary pads and tampons and other similar feminine devices and use the Blossom instead. It’s a silicone cup that you insert into your most intimate part to help manage menstrual discharges without making you uncomfortable. This way you can still hike a hundred miles if you wish.


PURELL Hand Sanitizer

They’re small yet pack a whopping punch when it comes to sanitizing your hands. You only need a squirt of these hand sanitizers to kill most germs. And since it comes with a built-in jelly wrap, you can easily attach it to your bag, key chain, or anything else.


Bushnell Falcon Binoculars

Affording your superb 7x magnification, this Prro prism-integrated binocular allows for greater clarity of viewing through its 35-mm lens. It has an excellent field of view of 420 feet from 1,000 yards away while the closest focusing distance is at 20 feet. Moving targets are no match for its Instafocus system.


Rite in the Rain Notebook

Writing your memoirs under the rain is no longer a dream for many. With the Rite in the Rain, you can easily scribble your thoughts even though you’ve got a heavy downpour. It works exceptionally well with all-weather pens although a simple graphite pencil is often enough to write on its 64 pages.


Rusee Camping Hammock

What’s the use of a hammock if insects and bugs will be feasting on your exposed skin? Rusee takes your ordinary hammock and rebuilds it to include a mosquito net that’s designed to help keep insects and bugs off while you are lulled away into your dreamland. Rusee is exceptionally durable, too.


Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp

Sometimes you don’t really need a tent to feel secure in your hike. But you do need the Base Hex. One side of this tarp is aluminized to give you excellent thermal insulation as well as reflectivity. The other side is a bright orange color for increased visibility to others in the area.


Tough Headband 12-in-1 Headwear

Call it the multipurpose headwear. That’s what the Tough Headband really is. This very simple piece of headwear can easily transform into 12 different types of headwear such that you get the kind of style and form that you need which is just perfect for your type of hike.


TETON Sport Sleeping Bag

The Teton Mammoth is a superbly-sized sleeping bag that’s designed specifically to accommodate two adults and a kid. It has excellent thermal insulation and comes in two different temperature ratings. It’s surprisingly light, too, given its size. There are features that improve the overall comfort of the Teton sleeping bag.


Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Tired of the same multi-tooled pocket knife? Would you consider having a multi-tooled pair of pliers instead? In that case, we strongly recommend getting this excellent product from Gerber. It already comes fully equipped with 10 different tools to give you an edge whenever a situation calls for it.


Garmin eTrex GPS Navigator

It may come in monochrome display but you can bet its preloaded basemap of the world is enough to keep you on the right track whenever you go on a hike. The eTrex 10 comes with superb signal reception, relying on 3 different technologies to give you excellent geolocation capabilities wherever you are.


How We Chose the Awesome and Best Gifts for Hikers in Our List

Hikers are just like any other athletes or fitness-minded individuals. They are determined in achieving their goals. However, there is an inherent difference between hikers and athletes. Whereas athletes are defined by specific goals, most hikers will have a goal but the manner in which it can be achieved can greatly vary from one person to the next. Nevertheless, choosing the really awesome and best gifts for hikers can take on a more lighthearted approach. As long as the product is able to provide some comfort and convenience to the life and adventures of a hiker, we’d definitely consider it for inclusion in this list.

Of particular importance is the utility of the product. We had to keep in mind that hikers walk many miles just to reach their destination. And a lot of things can happen in the way. So we placed ourselves in the shoes of these outdoor adventurers and thought of the different things that we will need along the way. Things like footwear, hydration, UV and element protection, illumination, and even accommodation were considered. That’s when we decided to look at the individual scores of these products especially those that pertain to their value as a consumer product. We did not rely only on these rating systems, however. We also took time reading most of the comments of consumers about the product, most especially the negative ones. This was critical as it gave us an idea of the overall usefulness of the product. This gave us the confidence that the hiking gifts for him and her we’ve shared with you are guaranteed to be loved by the very persons you’re going to give these to.

Ensuring Safety in Hiking Trips

More and more people are hiking for fitness or as a more economical way to explore the many wonderful scenery afforded by a particular location such as national parks like the Grand Canyon or the Yellowstone. Sadly, if you are not careful, this seemingly safe and easy activity can turn deadly in an instant. That’s why experts recommend knowing everything you need to stay safe on hiking trails. Here are some hiking tips, hiking smart by ensuring safety in these trips.

  • Always plan your hiking trip. If you have to get a guide, better. Study the trail. Get a map.
  • Always wear the correct gear including weather protection. Don’t forget your first aid kit as well as any emergency medications that you may have.
  • Protect your feet by wearing the most appropriate socks and thick-soled shoes. Make sure they don’t constrict your feet though.
  • Know thy self. Don’t be a superhero. Don’t attempt to hike 5 to 6 kilometers per hour as this will be draining on you. If you’re heading on a steep trail, try to adjust your rate of hike for every 300 meters of elevation that you have gained.
  • Always carry drinking water with you. Unless you have the LifeStraw system, don’t ever trust water from streams, lakes, or even rivers.
  • Don’t forget to inform your family members or even your friends that you’ll be out hiking for a few days. This way they will have an idea when you’ll be returning so they can alert the authorities in case you don’t show up on the day of your expected return.

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity that’s made even more enriching by the country’s many natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries. However, because there are inherent dangers and concerns in hiking in the great outdoors, you’ll feel more confident when you have any or all of our 50 awesome gifts for hikers in 2017. You won’t regret it.

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