15 Gifts for Runners in 2017

gifts for runners

Running is one of the many tested and proven ways to get and stay in shape. It helps build cardiovascular endurance and requires no special membership to a track or even a gym. While some would prefer to run on a treadmill, you don’t need special gadgets to really have a great run. You only need a wide enough space to run around and you should already be on your way to a healthier and fitter you. Of course, there are also certain things that you can use to elevate the whole running experience, help you recover faster in between runs, and even boost your overall running performance. Now, pick one or all of these 15 gifts for runners in 2017 and you can guarantee a fitter and healthier you.

Our 15 Gifts for Runners

1Running Pouch Belt by Sport2People

We know it’s still early but one of the best Christmas gifts for runners, joggers, long distance marathoners, triathletes, or any other athlete for that matter is the Sport2People Running Pouch. Look at the Sport2People as a multifunction neoprene belt that is highly resistant against moisture, water, and even sweat. There are two pockets or pouches on the Sport2People; one small and one large. The larger pouch can easily accommodate your larger sized smartphones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus. Towards the back of the large compartment are slots which you can run your stereo headphones for your mobile device. This way there are no audio cables dangling off your sides so you still get unrestricted movement. The smaller pouch is great for holding your other valuables such as car keys, credit cards, and identification cards. Securing the Sport2People is made easy with a super slim profile fixed buckle located at the back. While the buckle is fixed, the straps can be easily adjusted for more comfortable fit. Up towards the front of the Sport2People are reflective darts which serve to make you visible during low light conditions or especially during the night. The Sport2People is not only great for fitness buffs; it can also be an excellent tool for travelers as the belt system can be a more secure way of keeping highly valuable items in your person at all times. And with more than 86 percent of the 1,400 reviews giving the Sport2People the 5 star thumbs up, this is one great gift to consider if you have a friend who has simply dedicated his or her life to running to keep fit.

What We Like about It – The Sport2People has a simple design but it is this simplicity that, when coupled with superb functionality, people look for making it truly one of the best gifts for runners, fitness buffs, and athletes alike.

2Hands-Free Hydration Armband System for Runners and Athletes by Hydrosleeve

When we run, we also perspire, further increasing our water losses. Even the breath that we take is filled with moisture that eventually adds up to the overall water loss. In essence, any form of physical activity will entail some degree of water loss that if we are not mindful about it, we might easily get dehydrated. Water loss leads to dehydration. It also heats up our body to the point that it may not be able to function normally. For a runner, that’s never good news. That’s why serious professional runners always have a support system to provide them with hydration. Even marathon events will have water stations where runners can easily snatch a drink or two to keep the body from overheating. Unfortunately, not all of us have this support system. We can carry a water bottle, though. However, carrying it will greatly affect our pace; drinking from it will also disrupt our rhythm. A much better, totally hands-free solution to a runner’s hydration needs is the Hydrosleeve Hydration Armband System. Here’s astonishingly simple it works. Simply wrap the Hydrosleeve around your upper arm and when it’s time to drink, simply raise your arm and position the Hydroleeve spout in your mouth, and drink to your heart’s delight. Providing storage to the water in the Hydrosleeve is an anti-slosh 7.5 ounce capacity bladder that’s been designed to be free from PVC or BPA. Furthermore, the bladder comes with a therma-cool insulator to help keep your drinks cold. The bladder comes with an ingenious design that compresses the fluid inside to prevent it from sloshing around; when you do drink, it does slosh, nonetheless. The Hydrosleeve is certainly one of those running gifts that are clearly never to let you overheat. Never again will you have to worry about getting dehydrated while on a run.

What We Like about It – The Hydrosleeve comes as a very simple yet optimally functional design. The hands-free design simply guarantees uninterrupted pacing.

3Reflective Vest for Running with Pocket by RunningTek

One of the best gifts for runners, joggers, and sprinters, especially those who prefer going after dark, is the RunningTek Reflective Vest. The design of the RunningTek resembles that of the reflective vest worn by safety personnel as well as other workers employed in public works, in the aviation industry, and other areas where increased visibility is an absolute must. The RunningTek’s reflective material is made from 3M Scotchlite which gives it a superb glow-in-the-dark capability, clearly visible for up to 1,200 feet away and from all angles of view as the reflective material is elegantly wrapped around the vest for a full 360 degrees. This greatly increases your visibility in the dark. While the RunningTek is primarily designed for motorcycle riders, the vest itself can be worn by almost anyone who has a need to be seen in the dark. And unlike other reflective vests, the RunningTek comes with a zipper pocket that’s super convenient in storing your personal items like smartphones, wallet, cards, or even your car keys. The package comes with 2 additional reflective wear to be used on the arms. Also included are 2 reflectorized stickers which can be applied onto other parts of the body as well as other objects such as your backpack, a bike helmet, and even on your dog’s collar. Wearing the RunningTek is also comfortable as its mesh fabric ensures optimum airflow. Always think of safety whenever you go out in the dark. The RunningTek should be your safety vest.

What We Like about It – The RunningTek is a lightweight and super convenient way of staying safe even while going on a run in the dark.

4Rechargeable Gear Light for Running at Night by Knuckle Lights

It is one thing to run with a reflector vest on your body and it’s an entirely different thing to jog or run with full illumination of your path well ahead of you. Such is the philosophy behind the design of the Knuckle Lights Rechargeable Gear Light, a 280-lumen system that is so convenient that it fits right around your hands with the beam of light shining straight from your knuckles. The Knuckle Lights is so easy to use. Just slip it over your knuckles like you would any grip, adjust the straps to allow for a more perfect and comfortable fit, and you’re actually good to go. If you are wearing gloves, then don’t worry as the Knuckle Lights can still be fully secured. Don’t forget to charge it before you run, though. Charging the Knuckle Lights is as easy as slotting it in the accompanying charging dock. Using the Knuckle Lights is like having your own personal headlight right in front of your hands. When you’re jogging or running in the dark your stance will usually be that of your hands positioned at right angles to your elbows with your fists clenched so that your knuckles are facing forward. This is the same position that the Knuckle Lights is in. The beam it creates is wide so even with the movements in your arms you’d still be able to see clearly where you’re heading. Truly, the Knuckle Lights is one of those presents for runners that are simply worth your buck.

What We Like about It – The Knuckle Lights is perfect for athletes, fitness buffs, and other individuals who like a wide beam of light illuminating their path using a sturdy, reliable, and “handy” tool.

5Men’s Gel Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe by Asics

There are different kinds of shoes. And if you’re more into running or even jogging, then it is imperative that your footwear is primarily designed for such an activity. The Men’s Gel Venture 5 from Asics is a supremely-designed running shoes, making it one of the best gifts for runners. And if you believe in a near-6,000, 4.5-star-average rating for the product, then this one’s to get for your male friend. The Venture 5 has a synthetic mesh to allow for optimum breathable comfort for your feet so it won’t be smelling bad after a session around the track. The rubber soles complete with GEL cushioning at the rearfoot allows for superb rebound, absorbing the shocks that are reverberated through the rest of the shoe with each step on the pavement. The Venture 5 also features AHAR outsoles especially in areas where high wear is common as well as reversed traction lugs throughout the rest of the outsole. This helps provide for a more durable and sturdier framework for your feet. Adding to the comfort of the Venture 5 is the inclusion of a removable sockliner which makes it very easy to slip in prescribed medical orthotics for those who may have problems with their feet. This way they can still enjoy jogging at their own pace. The Venture 5 is great for running not on the tracks but on the trail.

What We Like about It – The Asics Venture 5 makes for a great trail running shoes because of its superbly designed outsoles and comfortable shell.

6Elastic No Tie Shoelaces by Lock Laces

One of the major issues that many runners face is a shoelace that’s been undone. This can really get in the way of topnotch performance as the loose shoelace can be stepped on, tripping the runner and stealing a much-deserved victory in the process. While some would employ various types of knots to make sure the shoelaces stay in place, these are sometimes difficult to loosen and remove. Lock Laces is the best Christmas gifts for runners or virtually anyone who is simply tired of having to tie his or her laces every time it gets loose. Lock Laces may look like an ordinary shoelace but the real functionality of this gadget is in the formation of a closed system whereby the loose ends of the shoelaces are actually clipped in place. This means that the laces are going nowhere. Additionally, the secure clip can be readily and easily adjusted for better security while the elastic nature of the laces allow for greater comfort fit. Simply thread the Lock Laces through the laceholes of your shoes, adjust the free ends, place the secure clip, and be ready to rock your world. The Lock Laces is also available in 10 gorgeous colorful designs so matching them with your shoes is not a problem. With almost 9,000 reviewers, 80 percent of which are giving it 5 stars, saying all the good things about the Lock Laces, this is clearly an instant hit not only for runners but technically for everyone.

What We Like about It – The Lock Laces has a simple design concept that is made more functional by the inherent sturdiness and elasticity of its secure clip and lace, respectively.

7Wireless Noise Cancelling Sports Headphones by Senso

Whether you’re in the gym, having a casual walk at the park, or simply enjoying a late afternoon at the beach, having your favorite music providing the correct background to your activity makes perfect sense. However, instead of having wires dangling from your ears connected to your device, we’d recommend the Senso Wireless Noise Cancelling Sports Headphones. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Just look at the close to 10,000 Amazon reviewers giving the Senso an unprecedented 4.4 stars, 7 out of 10 of whom gave it a perfect 5, and you’ll begin to understand why it’s simply the best gifts for runners and everyone else you can find. First, it connects via Bluetooth 4.1 CSR enabling it to connect to some of the latest tech and music gadgets in the world. The connectivity has an effective range of 30 feet. And if this doesn’t mean anything, then its acoustic components should wow you especially when you hear its crystal clear treble and soulful deep bass, giving you superb high fidelity HD sound experience. Also adding to the experience is a noise suppression technology that allows you to immerse yourself in the music you’re listening to. The Senso is also sweat proof and has an IPX7 waterproof rating. While its 8-hour playtime may seem not enough, you’re not really going to stay outdoors the whole day. Besides, you also get 240 hours of standby time. Charging the Senso only takes 1.5 hours. With the Senso, you now get the music experience you deserve even when you’re running.

What We Like about It – The Senso’s superb acoustic engineering, superb sound fidelity, and superior Bluetooth connectivity make it one fantastic wireless device to enjoy great music on the run.

856 Inch Speed Drills Resistance Parachute Sport Speed Training by StillCool

Sprinters train very hard to increase their speed. If you’ve got a friend who’s training to become a sprinter himself, maybe you need to get him the StillCool 56 Inch Speed Drills Resistance Parachute. Just think of the StillCool as a miniature parachute with its straps tied around your waist. With forward movement, the parachute will open, and resisting forward movement. As the resistance increases, you’ll have to work even harder to overcome the drag. And when you’re ready to burst, simply activate the quick release strap, and you’re blitzing. The 56-inch StillCool can provide 25 pounds of resistance. Getting 2 means you’ve got 50 behind you. Training for speed should not really be difficult anymore with the StillCool around.

What We Like about It – The StillCool is a fun way to boost resistance training which can help increase speeds.

9LE Headlamp LED by Lighting EVER

Close to 2,600 reviewers accounting for 58 percent of the nearly 4,500 men and women who provided their comments, gave the Lighting EVER Headlamp LED a 5 star for its simple styling yet superbly functional design. The Lighting EVER comes in 4 lighting modes including 3 different levels of brightness to allow you great flexibility in your illumination needs. Joggers and runners will find the Lighting EVER to be particularly useful especially in providing illumination for their paths. The good thing is that it can also serve as a warning light, thanks to its flashing mode in bright red beams. It’s also rated as IP44 enabling it to withstand rainshowers without negatively affecting its overall performance. The elastic headband is easily adjustable so it fits the head comfortably, regardless of the size of one’s head circumference. The Lighting EVER may not be the coolest presents for runners but it sure is the best in the headlamps category.

What We Like about It – The Lighting EVER is simple and very easy to operate. Its weather-protection is also amazing.

10XL Buddy Pouch by Running Buddy

The problem with most travel pouches is that they need a belt in which to be secured on. Sadly, your trainers are not designed for belts as they often come with elastic enclosures. If that’s the case, then you need the Running Buddy XL Buddy Pouch. This looks like any other pouch except that the two sides are fully magnetized, enabling it to close shut for greater security. You don’t need a belt to have the Buddy Pouch on. Moreover, these running gifts come with a spacious storage compartment despite its rather very thin profile. This gives you the chance to keep your personal belongings like 5.5- to 6- inch smartphones as well as other gadgets. It comes with an inner pocket that’s been lined with a water-resistant material. Headphone cables can easily pass through the size zipper so you can still listen to your favorite tunes. The Buddy Pouch makes it a lot easier now to train with all of your gadgets in tow.

What We Like about It – The Buddy Pouch is a slim and super secure way of keeping your personal belongings while in the gym or on the track.

11Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary 3-Run-a-Week Training Program by Bill Pierce, Scott Muhr, Ray Moss, and Amby Burfoot 

One of the best presents for runners is the Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster book from Pierce, Muhr, Moss, and Burfoot. The book is designed to introduce safer and more enjoyable concepts to individuals who are about to embark on a journey of running. The book is written with the purpose of achieving more while training less. It focuses more on training efficiency rather than the volume of training sessions to achieve the same results. Even seasoned runners can learn a thing or two from the Runner’s World.

What We Like about It – The Runner’s World is an easy-to-read runners’ training book on improving efficiency to get the maximum results without overtraining.

12Forerunner 230 by Garmin

Athletes and serious fitness buffs need to keep track of their progress. While many smartphones now come with apps that provide such features, it does pay to get one that’s really built for such purpose. The Garmin Forerunner 230 is one of the cool gifts for runners and fitness buffs as it provides exceptional tracking of various activities while also giving you superb notifications. All of these come in an extra-large screen so you get all the correct information in an instant. The screen is highly customizable, too. Put your recovery advisor, your step counter, your estimated VO2 Max, your personal records, and even your advanced workout routine information right on the screen so you get heads-up every time you look at the Forerunner 230. This is one serious gadget to be worn only by the serious trainer.

What We Like about It – The Forerunner230 is sleek and a highly functional activity tracker designed especially for the modern trainer.

13Women’s Gel Contend 3 Running Shoe by Asics

Just like the Venture 5, Asics’ Women’s Gel Contend 3 comes with all the right features to make running a lot more enjoyable. With a low top arch providing optimum comfort and excellent shock absorbing properties, the Contend 3 makes it as one cool gifts for runners especially ladies. The stylish design also makes it great for casual wear.

What We Like about It – The Asics Contend 3 is an exceptionally designed woman’s running shoes built for optimum comfort while running.

14Calf Guard Calf Compression Sleeve by Run Forever Sports

One of the downsides to running is that you’re always in an upright position. For people with vascular problems, this is not a good sign as blood flow can be restricted in the lower limbs resulting in pain and swelling. This is where the Calf Guard Calf Compression Sleeve can work its many wonders. By applying pressure on the veins, forward blood flow is facilitated and the symptoms of vascular congestion are relieved. This helps provide for more efficient running as power from the leg muscles are optimized. The Calf Guard is made of high quality durable materials to provide compression where it’s needed the most without rolling or slipping or even discomfort. Now, painful lower limbs will be a thing of the past with the Calf Guard safely and securely wrapped around the lower limbs.

What We Like about It – The Calf Guard is an excellent way to manage lower limb pain and swelling brought about by poor blood flow in the peripheries.

15The Muscle Stick Advanced Massage Roller by Fitness Answered Training Products 

It is inadvertent that the muscles of the legs will tend to ache after a grueling run. Most of the time, this is due to the buildup of lactic acid which is quite irritating to the muscles resulting in pain and spasms. For this, we recommend the Muscle Stick Advanced Massage Roller as the best gifts for runners. Simply roll the Muscle Stick over the area that you want to massage and the knobby wheels will work like a deep tissue massager. It’s more like a rolling pin but with knobs at the roller to provide you with pressure on the muscles, helping relieve tension and irregular muscle twitching.

What We Like about It – The Muscle Stick is a very easy way to relieve muscle pain from rigorous running without having to spend a fortune on professional massage treatment.

How We Chose the Best Gifts for Runners in Our List

Functional utility was a major consideration in our search for the best gifts for runners. While we did consider the customer satisfaction rating for each of these running gifts, placing the cutoff at the 4.0 mark, our team of fitness experts decided to focus more on the benefits that today’s marathoners,  joggers, and sprinters should be able to obtain from these products. Our thinking is that, if the item cannot provide any functional benefit aside from its being aesthetically pleasing, then there’s no reason for including it in this particular list. Running is a very disciplined endeavor. While some may consider it fun, there’s still a lot of science involved in every step that a particular runner takes. One wrong step can be disastrous as injuries can be sustained. Such is the seriousness of running as a sport. So we thought that we should also be serious in our search of the best functionally beneficial presents for runners.

We examined the different features of these gift items and tried to become as elaborate as possible on the observable benefits of using such gadgets or items. It became pretty clear that some products have features that serve no functional purpose at all. These are the same items that we often consider as trash. We can say that customer experiences played a part in the determination of the functional benefits of these items as there was simply no way for us to try all of these products to provide you with a substantial basis for our assessments. Nevertheless, the first-hand experiences of customers coupled with our objective analysis of the features-benefits relationship of each product provided a more or less comprehensive evaluation of the overall worthiness of these items as cool gifts for runners.

Tips to Safe Running

Running is a worthwhile activity. It’s free and is very easy to perform. However, like all physical activities, if done incorrectly, it can also be quite dangerous. Here are some tips to running safely.

  • Always do warm-up exercises before you run. Your muscles need to loosen up and your joints conditioned before you start jogging.
  • Start slow. Don’t go 15 miles per hour right after warming up. Slowly build your pace so that your muscles are well-conditioned for the job. If you have to do a 10 mph sprint, make sure your muscles are geared for it.
  • If you have to jog at night, be mindful of safety tips while running at night. This is especially true for women. Illumination, visibility devices, and emergency gadgets are all must-haves.
  • Listen to your body. Not everyone can run even though they have the desire to do so. Always check with your doctor if running is recommended for you. If not, maybe swimming might be a better idea.
  • Stay hydrated. Always keep a bottle of refreshing water with you. Running equals plenty of perspiration. And that equates to water loss. So, stay hydrated.
  • Always cool down before finally calling it a day from running. Don’t abruptly stop running as this can also have deleterious effects on your muscles.

The Bottom Line

Running is fun and a very healthy way to keep fit.  These 15 gifts for runners in 2017 are all selected based on their ability to improve your overall running experience. Get one or all of these now and you’ll definitely have the best run of your life.


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