12 Amazing Gifts for New Moms in 2017

The joys of motherhood are simply incomparable. For 9 grueling months, women had to endure false labor pains and other physiologic complaints of pregnancy. And when it’s time to give birth, the ordeal is definitely over as they have to face new challenges – that of being a full-pledged mother. Being a mom entails a lot of responsibilities, not only for one’s child but also for one’s self. This can be particularly daunting for first-time moms since they don’t have the necessary experience yet to really care for their baby and themselves. That’s why they need all the help they can get. If you have a friend who is now a new mom, then you will find our 12 amazing gifts for new moms to be particularly enlightening.

12 Amazing Gifts for New Moms

1Newborn Lounger by Boppy

Just as mums would like to rest their tired bodies after a long day of caring for their little ones, tending to the different chores of the household, or even juggling home responsibilities with the requirements of work, babies, too need something to lounge on. Most big ticket gifts for first time moms include cribs and playpens. However, you don’t have to spend that much if all you want to give to the newbie mum is a very simple yet truly functional small bed or lounger for her to rest her little baby while she tends to other things or to simply spend some bonding time with her little one. With the Boppy Newborn Lounger, first time mums can now safely put their babies onto a luxuriously designed lounger and feel more confident about the comfort and bliss that her infant will derive from the experience. The Boppy is every little angel’s perfect cloud of comfort freeing mum from having to carry the little tot even for a while. The Boppy cradles infants at a safe gentle angle which should be perfect for snapping pictures of the little kiddo, watching him or her, or even simply relishing some hands-free moment during those times that the little angel is fully awake. These new mom gift ideas can be used virtually anywhere around the house as it is lightweight and requires no assembly whatsoever. While it may gross you out, we’d like to think of the Boppy Newborn Lounger to be the kiddie equivalent to your pet bed. It’s got a fully recessed interior to cradle the small child’s body and comes with an integrated handle for easy carriage. The Boppy’s surface can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a moistened cloth. It can also be thrown into the washing machine. Here’s the thing, though. The Boppy should only be used when baby is awake. If the little tot goes to sleep, then the bed or the crib is the best place to be. The Boppy Newborn Lounger can easily accommodate babies up to 16 pounds in weight which is roughly around 0 to 4 months of age.

What We Like about It – It’s a little piece of heaven for newborns so mommy can enjoy a hands-free moment while baby is awake.

2Mommy and Me Gift Set by Aveeno Baby

Caring for newborns is downright stressful especially for new mommies. And this stress can add up to other sources of stress in the young woman’s life leading to a variety of physiologic changes that can make one look quite old. And while mummy to be gifts cannot really reverse the effects of aging, first time mommies can nevertheless apply a variety of proven products to help keep their skin looking as youthful as ever. And this benefit can also be extended well into their babies. The Aveeno Baby Mommy and Me Gift Set are a collection of fantastic gifts for new parents and their respective newborn babies. The Aveeno comprises of two sets of skin care products designed primarily to help keep moisture on the skin, prevent excessive dryness, and to minimize skin irritation. For mommies, the SPF formulation of the Aveeno is just perfect for protecting her skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun as she goes about her routine of having to shop for items for baby. For babies, two Aveeno products are designed to soothe, moisturize, and protect their delicate skin to help prevent skin irritation, ensure the suppleness of the skin, and maintain overall skin integrity. Aveeno also provides two other products for baby’s hygiene needs. It already includes a shampoo and baby wash as well as a soothing relief creamy wash. The good news is that all of these Aveeno baby products are highly recommended by pediatricians so it should provide peace of mind regarding its usefulness and safety.

What We Like about It – It’s a very thoughtful gift set designed specifically for both mom and baby. The products provide excellent skin protection and maintenance to keep its integrity.

3Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. by Lea Redmond

One of the first time mom gifts that is truly creating waves in newbie mommy circles is the Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. If you’re lost with the concept, then just try to imagine how it felt like when you were still writing on your diary every day after school in your teens. That’s what the Letter to My Baby is. It’s the perfect heirloom-quality gift ideas for new mums to give to their respective kids when they grow older. This way, their children will have an idea of just how much love was put by mom into their care. This fosters and helps strengthen the relationship between mother and child. The Letter to My Baby consists of 12 pieces of fold-and-mail letters that moms can write every month for the first year of their baby’s life. What is written is entirely up to mom. The point is that it will be addressed to her baby who will be able to read it in the future. Each letter captures the dreams, aspirations, hopes, and joys that mom is blessed with for 30 days every month. If you like, you can even write about the tribulations and anguish that mom had to endure for the same period but these should always be punctuated with how these negatives made mom such a better person and a better mom to care for her baby. The whole idea behind the Letters to My Baby is to capture mom’s thoughts and feelings for her baby in one month, every month, for the first 12 months of baby’s life. Mommy can either have this post-dated, sealed, and then given as a gift to her child when the right time comes.

What We Like about It – It’s message in a bottle but from a mom to her dearest baby who, at the time of the reading, will already be a fully grownup individual. It gives mom the opportunity to express her love and affection to her baby who, at the time of writing, may not necessarily understand yet what mommy is trying to say.

4Cute Caterpillar Style Baby Infant Newborn Handmade Crochet Beanie Hat Clothes by Foxnovo

There is one essential benefit of infant onesies: it mimics the environment upon which fetuses thrived for more or less 9 months inside mum’s womb. These pieces of infant clothing can also be considered as sleepwear or even jumpsuit or bodysuit since it provides a continuous coverage of the baby’s body. Some gifts for new mums that are currently making waves in the market are infant onesies. However, the Foxnovo Cute Caterpillar Style Infant Clothes is actually not a onesie or bodysuit in the strictest sense. A onesie will typically have leggings and arm sleeves as well. the Cute Caterpillar, however, doesn’t have these two fundamental parts of a clothes. What it resembles is a beautiful caterpillar sans the legs. With soft yet durable yarn crocheted beautifully to create a wonderful alternating color pattern to resemble the segmented body of the caterpillar, these wonderful mum to be gifts make for an excellent warm and cozy sleep essential for young babies. It’s more like a cocoon that envelopes and warms the fragile and delicate body inside. It’s like an extra-large sock which is closed on the foot part and open on the torso side. The beanie hat is designed with a caterpillar’s antenna, eyes, and nose to give it a very natural appeal. It really doesn’t matter if mum’s baby is a boy or a girl since the Foxnovo has been designed to be unisex.

What We Like about It – It’s a very ingenious and lovely way to keep babies warm while asleep so mum can feel more confident about getting some sleep of her own.

5Mustache Pacifier by Baby Epic

Moms simply want their babies to stand out in the crowd. And if that is what your new mom friend wants for her baby, then you need to give her the Baby Epic Mustache Pacifier. Or, better still, get as many of these first time mom gifts as you possibly can and distribute it to all the first time mommies in your office or even in your neighborhood and then organize a mustache-only babies’ party. You’d have everyone rolling on their stomachs as the little ones will be parading in their very sporty, very manly mustaches. The Mustache Pacifier is as beneficial to kids as it is to moms. We all know what pacifiers do. These small flexible, almost rubbery gadgets that are shaped like nipples act to reduce baby’s fussiness especially if they become restless out of boredom or even because of frustration. Unfortunately, while the traditional management for such infant fussiness is to carry the baby in one’s arms, many modern women simply cannot put down their other tasks to carry the little angel in their arms. Hence, the pacifier aims to provide temporary relief for such childhood restlessness. But, is it safe? We can guarantee that the Baby Epic Mustache Pacifier is as safe as any other premium quality pacifier in the market today.  It’s made of premium grade, very kid-safe, food grade silicone that’s been duly tested by leading government agencies. And you know what this means for the new mom, right?

What We Like about It – It’s a remarkably fun way to reduce baby’s fussiness and bring peace of mind and laughter to any first time mommy.

6Winky Lamb Baby Rattle by Gund

One major concern of first time mommies is how they can keep their babies preoccupied during those times when they need to do something else. Most gifts for new parents come in the form of activity play centers. The numerous activities on the toy are sure to keep babies busy and focused on playing. However, these only work for certain age groups as these require complex sensorimotor skills. Now, if your new mom friend’s baby is less than 4 months old, we’d really suggest giving her the Winky Lamb Baby Rattle. If you had a comfort toy when you were still a young kid, that one that you always brought with you wherever you went especially during naptimes or bedtime, then the Winky Lamb is just like that. This super cuddly, super soft, and super lovable toy lamb made of the highest, premium grade of polyester blend, provides babies with an exceptional sensory and relaxing experience. The rattle embedded in the Winky Lamb’s body provides the necessary auditory stimulation needed for brain development. We know that it isn’t much but, with baby’s attention keenly focused on the soft and cuddly texture of Winky Lamb as well as its rattling sound, then mommy will have plenty of time to perform her other tasks or maybe even get a much deserved down time. WInky Lamb is super safe, too as its eyes and nose features are embroidered so there clearly are no instances wherein strands of thread or buttons will become a choking hazard for the little one.

What We Like about It – It’s soft and cuddly and provides just enough stimulation for young babies to give time for mom to do other things. It’s machine washable as well.

7Baby Getting Started Gift Set by Burt’s Bees

We already said that caring for babies can really be a very stressful activity. But it is also one of those things that define who a real mom is. One of the most common causes of concern among new moms is the occurrence of diaper rashes on their infants. While these rashes can be easily managed using child-safe products, most of the time, it is always better to protect baby from such rashes altogether. Gifts for first time moms in this regard are products that soothe the skin. However, some of these products contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the child’s delicate skin. As new mom gift ideas, we recommend Burt’s Bees Baby Getting Started Gift Set. This is a collection of 5 different products that are aimed at improving the hydration status of the skin, soothing any areas of inflammation or irritation, and keeping baby’s skin as soft and dry as possible, especially in the buttocks. It also includes a skin and hair hygiene combination that contains natural plant extracts as well as buttermilk to help provide a cleaner, softer, and smoother infant skin. Burt’s Bees has a natural diaper cream which, when applied onto the child’s skin, turns into a powdery consistency which serves as an absorbent material to keep babies drier and help prevent diaper rashes. We know these products are designed specifically for babies. But the point is that, if baby is comfortable and doesn’t show any skin irritation, mommy will also feel a lot safer and more confident about her skills as a mother.

What We Like about It – It’s made of all-natural ingredients that do not pose any threat or danger to the sensitive and delicate skin of newborns.

8Let the Fin Begin Blue Terry Shark Robe by Baby Aspen

Bathing newborns and infants can be challenging. If you have a friend who is a first time mom, then you can try to allay some of her anxieties related to bathing her baby by giving her the Let the Fin begin Blue Terry Shark Robe. As new mother gifts, these robes are excellent in absorbing moisture off skin surfaces, thanks in part to the 100 percent cotton composition of the fabric. You might be wondering why you would want to give a robe that’s designed like a shark. And, why not? Sharks have been in existence even before man lorded the earth. They are one of those creatures that have survived millions of evolutionary challenges. Even the dinosaurs were no match for the resilience of the shark. These are very strong and very healthy creatures despite what the media wants us to believe. With these qualities, you can expect these to rub onto the little stinker that comes out of the shower every time mommy or even daddy gives him or her a bath. With its appliqued black eyes, rather friendly shark’s teeth, and a beautiful dorsal fin accent, the Let the Fin Begin Blue Shark can really be a fun way to dry baby after a bath. Do take note that the size of the terry robe can only fit babies no older than 9 months of age. With the terry robe, bath time is always a fun time. And mommy will be doubly joyous, too.

What We Like about It – It’s a superbly fun way to dry infants right after taking a bath. It can also be a wonderful costume for those beautiful baby pics.

9Five Little Monkeys Gift Set with Keepsake Basket by Baby Aspen

Can you still remember the nursery rhyme “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”? Was it fun? We’re pretty certain new moms would love to share their thoughts and their emotions as kids about this nursery rhyme with their own babies now. That’s why when you give the Five Little Monkeys Gift set with Keepsake Basket to a new mom, you are essentially giving her the opportunity to share with her baby some of her fondest memories of her own childhood. This greatly solidifies the growing bond between mom and child. The gift set comes with a really plush, really lovable, and superbly cute brown and tan monkey complete with a smiling, uber-friendly peeled banana that serves as a rattle. The softness of the monkey is great for tactile development while the banana rattle should address baby’s need for auditory stimulation. Also included is a Lovie blanket which is adorned with a monkey face applique and then bordered with a part of the nursery rhyme in beautiful embroidery. It also comes with a wooden door hanger, with the long tail of the friendly monkey forming an arch on the doorknob hole. This door hanger announces to everyone else that the little “monkey” is sleeping and should not be disturbed. Completing the set is a keepsake gift basket made of natural wood and then lined with a fully textured white fabric to keep all the other pieces safe.

What We Like about It – It’s a great way to share childhood memories of a classic nursery rhyme to babies of the new generation. It’s also beneficial for infant sensory development.

10Arctic Seville Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit by Safety 1st

Nothing worries a mom, even a seasoned one, more than having a baby getting sick. That’s why great mummy to be gifts always includes a healthcare kit to empower moms to monitor the health status of their little ones. The Arctic Seville Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit provides all the basic tools to help moms keep track of their child’s status. It includes a 3-in-1 digital thermometer complete with probe covers, a medicine dispenser, a nasal aspirator, and alcohol wipes. It may not seem much, but it covers the basics. It also includes basic grooming kit like a hair brush and comb, toothbrush, and nail care items. All of these are conveniently stored in a zippered case so mom has a very portable first aid and grooming kit especially for her baby.

What We Like about It – It covers the basics in healthcare monitoring and grooming so mommy will feel more confident caring for her little one.

11Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant

The Arctic Seville may provide the basics, but for a really complete health and grooming kit, the Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit new mother gifts are the ones to get. This kit comes with more than just a thermometer and nasal aspirator, it also comes with two useful mediation delivery systems to ensure baby gets his or her medicines correctly it also has an emergency information card which is useful as a quick reference card. Nail care, hair care, and oral care products are also included to help guarantee baby is all fresh and clean. With the completeness of the Summer Infant kit, we believe, as do the close to a thousand Amazon reviewers, this is one of the best gift ideas for new mums you can ever give.

What We Like about It – It’s the complete health and grooming kit that will put all of mommy’s worries to rest.

12Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets by WeeSprout 

Instead of giving a new mom one of those baby carriers, a better option is to give her the WeeSprout Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets. Swaddling is a lot better than putting babies in carriers since it closely resembles their position when they were still in mommy’s womb. They also tend to be a lot closer to the body of mum so it fosters and strengthens that maternal child bond. As for the cloth itself, it is made of GOTS certified 100 percent organic cotton and then beautifully printed with all-natural dyes. This gives exceptional breathable surface so that even if baby is tightly wrapped around mum’s body, overheating will never be an issue. The WeeSprout is adequately sized at 47 inches square, giving it the versatility to be used in other purposes such as play mat, picnic blanket, stroller cover, and many more. If there’s ever a blanket that’s designed not only for swaddling, then that would be the WeeSprout.

What We Like about It – It’s safe, all-natural, breathable, and very durable way of cuddling babies close to mommies’ bodies. It’s versatile, too.

How We Chose the Really Cool Gifts for New Moms in Our List

New mothers need all the right resources to help them learn the intricate tasks of being a parent in the shortest time possible. They need to learn some of the essential things like caring for their babies especially when they are sick as well as ensuring their babies’ health, hygiene, safety, and comfort needs. This became the focus of our search. So we included products that will help moms feel really proud in what they are doing for their respective babies. These gifts for new mums were initially evaluated for their functionality especially in terms of the benefits it can bring to the maternal-infant relationship. If these first time mom gifts are able to bring out the natural motherly instincts of women, then there was a great chance that the present was included in the final listing.

We also looked at what other moms have to say. Many of the mum to be gifts in this list were evaluated together with the feedback and reviews of other mothers. We know that the best person who can provide you with good advice are the very same people who have gone through the same 9-month ordeal as you and who have gone through the same process of scrounging for answers on what new mother gifts will be perfect. At any rate, we can say that our selection reflected the general sentiment of hundreds of other mums like you or like the person you’re going to give the gifts to.

For the products that are to be used on babies, we made sure that these were developmentally appropriate. This is very crucial as all mothers would want to see their babies grow up to be physically strong, mentally alert, cognitively sound, socially responsible, and emotionally stable. If the developmental benefits of these gift ideas for new mums are missing, then there really is no point including them in the shortlist. As much as possible, these gift suggestions must be able to address one or two developmental issues that concern young children.

Helpful Tips to Choosing a Gift for a New Mom

There are many ways in which you can choose the right gift for new moms. The important thing to remember is to be mindful of the many different ways to help a new mum as they are just new to the exciting world of motherhood. While there are no clear-cut rules on what can be considered as the perfect gift for newbie mothers, the following tips can hopefully lead you in the right direction.

  • Always look for something of practical use, something that the newbie mother will be able to use to either care for her baby a lot better or even perhaps make her feel more confident about being a first-time mom.
  • Make the effort of knowing the character of the mommy you wish to give presents to. You may also need to include an idea of the gender of her child. Use this information to tailor-fit your selection.
  • If the second tip is cumbersome for you, you can then seek guidance on gift registries. These should provide you with an exceptional array of the most common gift items given to new moms and their respective babies. We strongly recommend having it personalized, though so it will be more meaningful for the recipient.

The Bottom Line

Being a new mom can be a great source of joy and pride. However, it does have its own pitfalls. If these are not managed well, then the joys of motherhood might as well be sorrows. With the 12 amazing gifts for new moms, you can empower a newbie mother to better care for her child while at the same time feel the pride of being called a mom.


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