10 Gifts For Beer Lovers in 2017

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There are wine lovers, whiskey fanatics, gin rhummers, and the like. But what we can say is that beer guzzlers are a special breed of their own. It won’t really matter whether your brew is from the pilsens of Germany or even from the famed breweries of the English coast, the fact remains: beer has been around and enjoyed by men and women all over the world since the 5th millennium BC. Today, the tradition of beer-making has been duly enhanced with technological innovations to bring us a wide variety of flavors that make for an excellent companion during Super Bowl nights, weekend parties, and other social gatherings. And if you’re a beer guzzler yourself, you’d find our 10 cool beer gifts to be particularly interesting.

10 Amazingly Cool Beer Gifts

1Stainless Steel Can Cooler by RTIC

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beer. The icy colder it is the better down the throat. It’s like downing a glass of wine at its recommended temperature as you get all the earthy flavors put into the making of the beverage. Unfortunately, once opened, your can or bottle of beer can easily lose its cold temperature making it quite disconcerting to guzzle. Instead of letting your cool beer get warm, you’d better put it inside the RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler to help preserve the right temperature of your drink. Made of 18/8 high grade stainless steel, the RTIC Can Cooler is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give to a beer guzzler. You don’t need to take our word for it but rather the close to 4,500 Amazon reviewers, 4 out of 5 of which have given the Can Cooler their much-sought after 5 stars. The RTIC Can Cooler is large enough to fit almost any size of beer bottle or can and comes in 4 different sizes ranging from 10 ounces to 30 ounces. You don’t even have to worry about condensation forming on the exterior of the Can Cooler. It’s been ingeniously designed to keep the exterior dry while giving you superb drinking enjoyment. The removable rubberized bottom doubles as a coaster so there clearly is no need for another one. Before you head out for another beer drinking session with your buddies, make sure you’ve got an excellent supply of the RTIC Can Cooler.

What We Like about It – The RTIC Can Cooler’s simple design helps improve the way we enjoy our beers by keeping it cool for longer periods of time.

211-in-1 Beer Opener Survival Card Tool by Guardman

There is this popular notion that handymen, laborers, and craftsmen are great beer drinkers who enjoy their favorite brew often in the company of friends. Whether there is truth to this or none, you would want the Guardman 11-in-1 Beer Opener Survival Card Tool to be the perfect gift for the handyman in your life. This pocket survival tool that is as small as the size of a credit card should make instant repairs and fix-it’s a breeze since there are already 11 different tools embedded into the stainless steel construction of the Guardman. It comes with a knife edge perfect for cutting, a ruler, a bottle cap opener, a can opener, a wrench with 4 different sizes, a butterfly wrench, a saw blade, a direction indicator, a lanyard hole, and even a 2-position wrench. This makes the Guardman the ideal survival tool for hunters, anglers, campers, hikers, and even ordinary DIYers in modern homes. The sturdy and reliable construction of the Guardman helps guarantee durability and versatility in its use. And when you’re not really doing anything, you can easily pop open your favorite beer bottle and enjoy a guzzle or two to call it a very productive day.

What We Like about It – The Guardman is a unique survival tool that has a very slim profile that will never get in the way of your other personal effects. The utility is also exemplary.

3Craft Beer Typography Shadow Box Beer Cap Collector by River Colony Trading

There are people who collect highly precious artifacts that they can display in their homes. There are also individuals who collect beer bottles can cans especially those that are considered to be one-of-a-kind or perhaps they got the chance to try in one of their travels. And then there are collectors of beer caps which is, in our opinion, a lot easier compared to collecting cans and bottles. While you can place these caps in an empty jar until it fills, a much more aesthetic way of doing it is to place these caps in the Craft Beer Typography Shadow Box. Just look at it as a wooden box with a glass side cover complete with a typography design in the back panel. As you slowly fill the Shadow Box with your collection of beer caps, the typography design slowly fades into the background amidst a sea of tin covers. The good thing is that the whole Craft Beer Typography Shadow Box can be easily hung on your wall to serve as a fabulous décor. Every time you put additional cap inside, you’d be treated to an entirely new spectacle. By the time it’s full, simply slide open the top cover and remove those you don’t like to include in your final collection.

What We Like about It – The Craft Beer Typography Shadow box is a wonderful gift for the beer fan who hopes to establish a Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of beer bottle caps collected.

41880 Genuine Leather Classic Beer Holster by GreatGadgets

There are holsters for our favorite hand tools, gadgets, and even firearms. These contraptions allow us to gain easy access to these favored items and free our hands from holding them forever. If that’s the case, then why not have a beer holster, too. That’s exactly what GreatGadgets had in mind when they designed the 1880 genuine Leather Classic Beer Holster. This is just the perfect accessory for those individuals who would like to get down and dirty performing a variety of tasks and who require steady and instant access to their favored brew. Designed like the pistol holsters of the Wild West, the 1880 is handcrafted from only the highest quality of genuine leather giving it superior toughness and a rugged appearance that is sure to produce images of the tough west. It has a water-repellant surface so fluids from your drink won’t stain its beautiful fabric while solid metal studs and nylon threads provide an aesthetic appeal that rightfully deserves the man of today. Oh, by the way, the 1880 is also great for cowgirls and modern women who are not really ashamed to have a bottle of ice cold tipple conveniently dangling on their side. And if you don’t like bottles, the 1880 can accommodate 12 ounce cans, too.

What We Like about It – The GreatGadgets 1880 is a fascinating gift item for the guzzler who prefers to have both hands free to do the things he love the most while maintaining easy access to his favorite bottle or can of brew.

5Bottle Hanger and Jar Hanger Fridge Magnets by PJN Sales

We have already said that nothing beats an ice cold beer to really guzzle down especially after a rough day at the office or simply when you want to relax a bit. That’s why a lot of people actually stock their fave brews inside their refs for instant access. Unfortunately, when you fill up your fridge with bottles and jars, you are actually not saving any space for other items such as your food, snacks, and others. An ingenious solution is to use the Bottle Hanger and Jar Hanger Fridge Magnets to free the bottom space in your shelf. These super-strong magnets can be installed on the ceiling of the cabin space of your ref. The entire strip can hold up to 3 bottles at a time, marvelously suspended on the ceiling and freeing the space underneath it. This gives you ample space for storing your tray of eggs, your box of pizza, or even your cartons of milk or yogurt. The point is that since your bottled brew is suspended high up on the ceiling of your ref, you can use the space underneath it for other purposes. The Fridge Magnets are not limited to the ref, however. You can also install these under your pantry, your cabinet, or anywhere else you would want your jars or bottles to be readily accessible.

What We Like about It – The PJN Sales Hanger Fridge Magnets are a great tool for saving space in an otherwise cramped ref or any other storage appliance.

6Beer Bottle Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse Wood Brain Teaser Puzzles

If you’re planning to host a night of absolute fun at home with your drinking buddies, you need to prepare some board games, a lot of chow, and an endless supply of your booze. To add thrill to the party, we recommend getting the Creative Crafthouse Beer Bottle Puzzle. Just make sure you have plenty of these to really make it work. The Creative Crafthouse is just like any other puzzle that you will have to solve to get to the prize: your booze. Anyone who fails to solve the puzzle is denied his or her drink. Once everyone has already mastered the art of unlocking the Crafthouse, you can add a certain level of difficulty. You can put time pressure on the puzzle or even apply a different challenge such as unlocking the puzzle blindfolded or using any part of your body except the hands. You can think of infinite ways to play with the Crafthouse. Everyone will be rolling on their stomachs and everyone will be doing their best to solve the riddle; lest, they forfeit their chance at one of the best-tasting brews in town. This is not the only function of the Creative Crafthouse, however. Since it is made of high quality wood, you can actually use it as a very elegant décor.

What We Like about It – The Creative Crafthouse Beer Bottle Puzzle is an interesting way to enjoy your best brew with your best buddies. It’s an excellent décor, too.

7F This S O’Clock Pint Glass by Someecards

There are guzzlers who prefer downing their foamy brew straight from the bottle or the can. And then there are those who prefer pouring the golden brown liquor into a pint-sized glass that’s filled with ice as this gives them the spectacle of a fabulous foam forming on top of the drink. With Someecards’ F this S O’Clock Pint Glass, you can now enjoy the great aromatic foamy head of the world’s best tipples and brews complete with a reminder of one of the famed effects of having too much of a drink. The F This S O’Clock is just one of many pint glass designs from Someecards that is guaranteed to make drinking sessions more hilariously fruitful. Whether it is as a gift or for personal use, brews will never be drunk the same way again once you’ve tried downing these on the F This S O’Clock. A word of advice: better wash the glass by hand as there really is no telling whether the print will last a long time if it is blasted with heated water in your dishwasher.

What We Like about It – The F This S O’Clock is a hilarious way to relish a good foamy head.

8Jeep Grill Key Chain and Bottle Opener by Wrenches & Bones

For fans of the iconic Wrangler Jeep, the Wrenches & Bones Jeep Grill Key Chain and Bottle Opener should really be an interesting item to have. The Jeep Grill is made of the highly rust resilient 304 stainless steel so you can bet your best bottle that it will never rust. Additionally, this type of steel is well-known for its extreme strength and durability, characteristics that are also found in the Wrangler. The brushed metal finish gives it a luxuriously refined look which should also look exceptionally good as a key chain. Now, you don’t need a separate bottle opener as your Jeep Grill key chain can do the job exceptionally well.

What We Like about It – The Jeep Grill offers fans of the Wrangler a unique opportunity to sport the iconic grill of their fave vehicle that embodies freedom and pride.

9Ultimate Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Bottle Cooler and Holder by QWESEN

Preserve the spirit of your drinks by making sure they stay at the correct temperatures and will never turn flat. Drinking any type of carbonated beverage that has essentially lost its spirit can really be hard to gulp. Thanks to the ingenious double-layered insulation design of the QWESEN Ultimate Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Bottle Cooler and Holder, you can now go up the mountains, trek a few hundred miles of trail, and fish in unexplored waters and still be able to enjoy your brew with all of its essences kept secure. The QWESEN comes with an inner neoprene insulation layer which is covered by an outer layer composed of superior grade 18/8 premium stainless steel. This double insulation design helps make sure your drinks stay as cold as ever so you get to relish all the flavors wherever you are. The QWESEN also features a threaded bottom that is layered with a thick slab of neoprene to provide ample shock-proofing for your bottled brew. The cap comes with screw-type lid that seals off the interior to help prevent environmental temperatures from affecting the temperature of your drink. The lid comes with a built-in bottle opener so you get a good headstart to your drinking spree regardless of where you are. Understand however, that the QWESEN can only accommodate standard 12 ounce beverage bottles.

What We Like about It – The QWESEN’s unique double insulation helps keep your drinks frosty cold for that more delicious guzzle. It’s got excellent shock absorption and vacuum sealing properties, too.

10The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth 

A true beer drinker knows his beverage by heart. Even with his eyes closed, he knows the story behind every brew. This is what really separates the cicerone from a casual guzzler. We’re not saying you’d have to be an expert in beers but it sure won’t hurt if you know a thing or two about these beverages. Jeff Alworth’s The Beer Bible is your encyclopedia of everything beer. The book presents the four distinct families of beers that include your ales, lagers, sour and wild ales, and, of course, wheat beers. From the ingredients down to the history, characteristics, and tasting notes of these beverages, The Beer Bible offers an opportunity to really get close and personal with more than a few hundred types of beers all over the world and throughout the millennia. Infographics complement the informative style of writing so you’d get a much deeper understanding of what you’re drinking.

What We Like about It – The Beer Bible is your complete guidebook to everything fascinating and delicious about this favored alcoholic beverage of ours.

How We Chose the Coolest Beer Gift Items in Our List

It’s not easy picking a cool gift for someone who clearly knows his brew. However, since there is an adage about the essence of giving is in the act itself, we thought that any gift should suffice. Yet, we also thought that these gift items must serve a really functional purpose. It must be able to enhance our beer drinking experience, if not provide us with more reasons to enjoy a bottle or can of our preferred brew. This was the primary consideration in our selection process. We also read customer reviews to help confirm our initial evaluation of the functionality of the beer gift item. Maybe you have already noticed that all of the products that we have included in this list have consumer product ratings that were never below the cutoff score of 4.0 stars. This gave us the confirmation that we are indeed, on the right track. And since we’re talking about the usefulness of the product, the inherent features were also examined a lot more closely. We thought that, in order for these products to be really useful, their inherent properties should really work like a charm. Each feature was carefully evaluated as to its functional utility.

Why You Should Consider Drinking Beer Yourself

Despite alarming statistics showing the relationship between alcohol and fatal vehicular accidents, experts agree that there are health benefits of beer, especially when taken in moderation. Just like wines and other spirits, drinking beer has been shown to provide immense health benefits. However, the key is to do it moderately so you don’t turn into an alcoholic. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to drink beer.

  • It is a good diuretic enabling you to flush fluids through your kidneys and, in the process, help remove toxins and other unwanted metabolic byproducts. Studies show you can actually reduce the risk of renal stone formation with moderate amounts of beer.
  • It can help reduce your bad cholesterol levels, thanks to its fiber content. The fiber content of beer can also help in improving digestion as well as gastrointestinal motility.
  • It is a good source of B vitamins particularly B6. Studies show the Vitamin B6 content of beer is twice as high as that found in wines.
  • Beer is known to be a good source of silicon which has been proven to be helpful in increasing the density of bones, making them stronger.
  • Beer drinkers have been shown to exhibit lower risks for the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Two glasses of your favorite brew every day can help reduce the incidence of work-related anxiety or stress.

The Bottom Line

Beers have been around since man first learned how to make beverages out of simple fermentation. With these 10 cool beer gifts you can now honor this timeless beverage while also reaping the health benefits of such beverages but only when consumed in moderation.


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