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Yier LED Light Saber Umbrella

lightsaber umbrella gift

Majority of the fans of the Star Wars franchise often side themselves with the forces of good, the Jedi masters and the members of the Rebel Alliance. However, this is not to say that there are no followers of the Dark Force either. In fact, there are more die-hard fans of the Sith than the Jedi simply because Dark Force masters like Darth Vader and KyloRen look a lot cooler than their counterparts from the Jedi Council. While we cannot promise you that you will become a Jedi apprentice or even a Dark Force follower with the YIER LED Lighted Umbrella, it sure can save your life especially when you’re out in the dark.

It’s More than Just an Umbrella; It’s a Safety Device, Too

The YIER LED Lighted Umbrella, when closed, resembles any typical full length umbrella. Even when you open it, it doesn’t look any different from any other umbrella in the market. However, flip on the switch and the entire length of the umbrella’s shaft lights up in a fabulous bluish glow, thanks to the integration of blue LED lights. This can serve a variety of purposes. First as an umbrella during the rainy season, this product can actually serve to provide illumination to your immediate surroundings as the ambient light conditions are typically low during severe stormy weather. Sometimes, the surroundings can get really dark even if it is actually in the middle of the day. The blue LED light of the umbrella can keep you from groping in the dark, immensely improving your safety.

Second, this umbrella can be used as an emergency search light also during severe weather storms. If you cannot find your keys inside your bag, the LED light from the shaft should provide you with enough illumination to see where you placed your keys. Dropped something? Walking in unchartered walkways? The built-in LED light can help pave the way for a safer activity.

Third, the LED lights can be used to warn others of your presence. This is especially true if you’re walking in the middle of the night and you don’t have any reflective strips on your body. The bluish LED light can help drivers and other road users to be aware of your presence.

It’s Great for Bringing the Force into Your Life

The YIER LED Lightsaber umbrella is not only great as an umbrella but also as props for nurturing the inner child in you. And if you’re a big fan of Star Wars then you know that this is now your chance to let your inner child scream with delight. You can actually remove the ribs of the umbrella and turn this blue LED lighted umbrella into a fully functioning Light Saber for your intergalactic cosplay adventures. This should help you feel more relaxed as you get to act out your innermost fantasies being either a Jedi master or a Dark Force apprentice.

This is a very unique umbrella that can provide a variety of safety benefits. More importantly, it can also help bring out the inner fantasies of Star Wars fans everywhere.


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