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Tritium Keychain

tritium keychain

One of the keychain fobs that is currently making waves in the market especially among individuals who value great technological innovations in their everyday lives is the TEC S323 Isotope Fob Tritium Keychain made by tech upstart TEC Accessories. The wonderfully looking stainless steel canister with seven ingeniously drilled slots or holes provides a very sturdy and ultra-reliable casing for tritium vials. When the appropriately recommended tritium vial is inserted into the canister, you’d get a very luminous glow that can rival even those of high quality LED lights but without having to worry about batteries or any other form of power source.

What is Tritium?

Tritium is a very rare isotope of hydrogen that consists of two neutrons and one proton. These isotopes actually occur naturally in the Earth but are so rare that from 1955 up until 1996, only 225 kilograms were ever produced. However, because tritium is in a constant process of decay into helium-3, that figure is now down to only 75 kilograms as of 1995. To date, the figures may even be lower because of increasing vigilance over nuclear wastes. You see, tritium is commonly produced from nuclear reactors involving lithium and deuterium although it is possible that it can also be obtained from the nuclear fission that occurs with uranium 233, uranium 235, and plutonium 239.

But what is really fantastic about tritium is that it emits a certain form of illumination that has become the trademark in many watches, knives, night sights of various firearms, exit signs, and even map lights. The reason for this luminescence is tritium’s ability to emit electrons that cause phosphors to illuminate or to glow making it an exceptionally useful isotope to have if one requires a form of illumination that will never run out and will continue to glow regardless of whether there will be outside intervention or none.

What’s the Tritium Keychain?

The Tritium keychain is a stainless steel casing that’s designed and custom-machined by TEC Accessories to specifically contain a self-luminous tritium vial to help make sure you get the illumination you need without flipping a switch, pressing a button, or even putting on batteries. The stainless steel fob can safely accommodate a tritium vial that measures 3 mm by 22.5 mm. The kit already comes with 2 pieces of rubber pads to help secure the vial inside the chamber. One should not look at these 2 rubber pads as an extra as you will be using both in securing the vial. The kit also comes with a key ring to complete the intended purpose of giving you unprecedented access to a self-powering, self-maintaining illumination device. Depending on the color of the tritium vial you purchase and install into the TEC-S323, you are bound to be treated to a really colorful display of illumination that’s guaranteed to last up to 15 years.

Should You Have It?

For everyday carry enthusiasts the TEC S323 Tritium Keychain is a great tool to have, guaranteeing you cool illumination that lasts many years. However, if you’re looking for something that has greater illuminating power, then a torch light is best.


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