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Trayvax Original Wallet

trayvax wallet gift

Wallets are very important pieces of personal accessories designed specifically to hold cash and cards as well as other card-like items. However, there is a growing concern about identity theft that stems from the use of skimmers and other related devices that steal the information contained in today’s credit cards and other personal identity cards with electronic chips. That is why wallet designers have to think hard and fast on how to protect the identity and financial information of everyone from unscrupulous activities. One of these products that are currently making waves in the RFID security wallet sector is the Trayvax Original Wallet.

Improved Security against Identity Theft

At first glance, the Trayvax Original Wallet doesn’t resemble the kind of wallet that we have in mind. In fact, it closely resembles the ID card holder that we use to keep our company identification cards complete with a ring loop to hang over our necks.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. The Trayvax may look like an ID card holder but its true secret is in the RFID blocking technology that’s carefully embedded into its military grade metal casing, made of a combination of cold rolled steel and aircraft grade aluminum. The combination of steel and aluminum gives the Trayvax superb durability. More importantly, this combination allows for the more effective prevention of RFID signals from ever capturing the sensitive data or information that is contained in your cards with electronic chips.

Radio frequency identification relies on electromagnetism to communicate with devices that are sensitive to such radio frequencies. By providing a shield between these external devices and the radio frequency signature of your cards contained in the Trayvax, you are effectively preventing identity theft.

Every year millions of dollars are lost to identity thieves. They use sophisticated equipment to identify and track potential targets and obtain the sensitive information that’s contained in these cards. Not only are credit cards the target of such schemes. Even government-issued cards have been targeted resulting in millions of dollars of losses in health and medical insurance scams.

The Trayvax Original Wallet helps protect the information contained by your cards so you don’t fall victim to identity thieves. This gives you a fair sense of security and safety, knowing that your personal information is kept private at all times.

Durable and Rugged Functionality

The Trayvax may not look like a wallet but a card holder, it is nonetheless, a very functional system. Aside from an exceptional RFID blocking capability, the wallet also comes with a bottle opener so you get to open your favorite beer or soda with relative ease. It also comes with a military grade Type III paracord which you can use to attach to your bag’s carabiner or even a key chain ring. It’s got metal grommets that have been blackened to give you a more rugged look as well as heat-resistant elastic that improves the wallet’s overall durability. The Trayvax is slim enough to be slipped into your front pocket without attracting attention or even creating an unsightly bump in your trousers. It’s also spacious enough to accommodate up to 14 different cards as well as 5 bills that are neatly folded.

If you have to travel to places where identity theft is rampant, the Trayvax Original Wallet helps secure your vital personal, financial, and health information. It is a sleek addition to any gear and is very functional, too. You will have to wait many years before you are going to buy another wallet since the Trayvax is especially built to last a lifetime.



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