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Sport-Brella Portable Umbrella

  • Sport-Brella Portable Umbrella gift

Now, when you’re out having fun in the great outdoors you’re often at the mercy of the weather. The rain can hamper your outdoor field sports or your camping trip if you’re not fully prepared, and the sun can often be too hot for when you’re hitting the beach or park for the day. So wouldn’t it be great if there was something that would let you enjoy being outdoors regardless of the weather? This is where the handy Sport-Brella comes in.

The Sport-Brella is a fantastic all-weather umbrella that’s so much more than a traditional umbrella or standard parasol, as it benefits from a large 8 foot canopy with little ventilation windows at the sides – giving it that part umbrella, part tent look. Not only is it waterproof but it will also provide you with protection from 99.5% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, with the canopy having an ultra high protection level of UPF 50+. Because the Sport-Brella is equipped with steel ribs and stretchers, as well as a durable polyester canopy, it is sturdy enough in windy conditions that it won’t flap around. And its tent-like design means it has additional ground stakes and tie down cords, to make sure it stay extra secure in the ground. The zippered windows also allow air to flow through, as well as letting you see out if you need to.

The Sport-Brella is the ideal traveling companion for all your outdoor activities. It folds up into an easily portable size of just 54x4x4 inches, meaning you can pack it into your car without it taking up too much space or comfortably carry it with its handy shoulder strap. It’s the ideal accessory for the beach, when you need a little extra shade and a bit of privacy. The Sport-Brella even has little pouches inside so you can store your valuables or other little items; great for when you don’t want sand getting in your gadgets. The pouches will also come in handy on rainy days when you need to keep some of your items off of the wet ground.

The Sport-Brella will be your source of shelter when you’re sitting on the sidelines watching sports or when you’re out for a relaxing fishing trip in the rain. Even camping trips or picnics now don’t have to be reliant on good weather. Set it up next to your tent to give you some extra outdoor space or set up your picnic in the rain when you’ll have the whole park to yourself.


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