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There’s no doubt about it – it’s great to make people laugh. And when you think of some of the best presents that you’ve ever received, you’re sure to be thinking of things that made you smile. Whether you’re buying for a friend, a relative or a colleague, it can be great to connect with their silly side – and that applies just as much for super serious dads as for teen pranksters (though the tone of the humor on show is entirely up to you, of course).

But as soon as the gift is opened you’ll be having fun. And, in future, whenever the recipient of your gift looks at it, they’ll smile and think of you. Of course, if it’s something useful then it’ll be something that comes out all the more often. To make it as easy as possible for you to find the present that’s right for you, we’ve organized a selection of funny gifts – so you can avoid the hassle and get straight to the laughs!

Poop Emoji Plush Pillow Round Cushion Toy

The YINGG Poop Emoji Plush Pillow is an exceptionally funny yet fully functional gift for anyone who has a good sense of humor and who needs some form of support for his or her tired body. It’s super soft and can add a very interesting element to your living room.

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he Forum Noveltier Fundies is a unique and fun way to dress up during parties where the only rule is to have fun. It’s made of highly durable and comfortable materials to allow comfort wear while drawing belly laughs that will last an eternity. Be the life of the party.

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