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The fastest way to a man (or a woman)’s heart is through their stomach – which makes food and drink related gifts perfect for all occasions. And while some presents might languish on the shelf, if you’re looking for a gift that’s guaranteed to be used, things that you can eat or drink are absolutely ideal. They’re also suitable for a huge range of recipients, whether they’re old or young, male or female, quiet or outgoing.

And if you’re asking yourself what you can buy the man who has everything, then the answer might just be some chocolates, some biscuits or a bottle of wine. What’s more, you can also choose something quirky or unusual. While a box of shortbread will always have its place as a good common-sense gift, you could also give a buddy some Death Wish coffee or Snake Venom beer – something that they’ve never had before and that they’re sure to remember. To help you hone in on what would be perfect present for you, we’ve created a selection of some of the best food and drink gifts available – and put them all in one place for you.

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Our Picks Of The Top Food & Drink Gifts

USA Beer Cap Map

The USA Beer Cap Map is a very unique wall décor that doubles as a display to your exploits as a beer connoisseur. The 3-foot wide map’s wooden construction gives it elegance and natural beauty deserving of a great nation while a patent-pending wall hanger should really complete the feat.

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Dry Brew Coffee Chews

If you’re longing for coffee goodness but cannot get to a cup at the moment, the Dry Brew Coffee Chews are your excellent alternative. Each coffee chew is made of real coffee with non-fattening sweetener and non-dairy creamer to give you 6 fluid ounces of coffee in a candy form.

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Snake Venom - The World's Strongest Beer

They don’t call it Snake Venom for nothing. With an alcohol content rated at 67.5% volume, this is definitely the strongest beer in the world. It is so strong that the brewer itself has strongly recommended that beer drinkers enjoy the Snake Venom no more than 35 mL at a time.

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Death Wish Coffee

The Death Wish Ground Coffee is best described as a gourmet black coffee that is specifically designed for modern-day coffee drippers. It is certified organic by the USDA and comes beautifully packaged after undergoing an expertly extensive yet full of passionate tender loving care process of selection, roasting, and packaging.

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Sriracha Mini Keychain

The Sriracha2Go Mini Keychain Combo is an exceptionally ingenious way to store serving sized portions of your favorite Viet and Thai hot sauce to keep your palate well stimulated as you enjoy many fantastic dishes that work amazingly well with the sauce. The S2G puts spice right in your keychain.

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