10 First Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas in 2017

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In every family there is a silent figure that provides the very foundation of the household. If mothers are traditionally regarded as the keepers of the family, the builders and protectors are definitely the fathers. However, this traditional view of the father-mother role within the context of family dynamics has, through the years, evolved into equality such that both parents now have the inherent role of being the builders, protectors, and keepers of their home. For the first time father, he may not have all the necessary skills and emotional competencies yet to fulfill all of his responsibilities to his first born. However, given ample time, he will develop these skills in the same way as mom has learned to develop hers. By the time the very first Fathers’ Day celebration comes for the newbie dad, he will be more than deserving to receive any of these 10 first Fathers’ Day gift ideas in 2017.

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


“Happy First Fathers’ Day Daddy” Infant Gift for New Daddy Baby Bodysuit by TStars

“Happy First Fathers’ Day Daddy” Infant Gift for New Daddy Baby Bodysuit

There is no better way to show a child’s appreciation to his or her dad than wearing something that speaks of the comfort, strength, and durability that daddies provide. While the “Happy First Fathers’ Day Daddy” Infant Gift for New Daddy Baby Bodysuit is something that daddy can wear, the mere fact that his little angel will be wearing a bodysuit that boldly shouts to the world that the little one is proud to greet his or her dad a Happy Fathers’ Day is enough encouragement for the man of the house to feel pride in what he has done so far. Daddies are never difficult to please. As long as they know they are being patted on the back for a job well done, they are perfectly fine with it. For baby, the TStars Baby Bodysuit is the perfect clothing to wear during this very special occasion. Its 100 percent preshrunk cotton fabric ensures optimum breathable comfort so air will naturally circulate on baby’s skin, giving surprisingly cool coziness in the process. It is machine washable, too, and since it is already pre-shrunk, you will never have to worry about shrinking again. The overlapping shoulders are fully expandable which, when combined with its three button bottom closure, can provide for a superb fit, not to mention exceptional ease of changing. This coming Fathers’ Day, let your little angel greet his or her father in the most glorious way possible – wearing a shirt that proudly announces to the world that he is the father of this wonderful angel.

What We Like about It – The TStars Happy First Fathers’ Day Daddy Baby Bodysuit is a fitting testament to what first time daddies are doing for their newborn sons or daughters. It’s exceptionally comfortable for the little ones as well.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron by Genius Babies

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Traditionally, changing soiled baby diapers had always been considered a mom’s job. However, today’s fathers are taking on a more proactive approach to diaper changing such that it is now one of those activities that they can really start appreciating their babies. Whether it is as a gag gift or a very thoughtful present to the father who is not afraid to get down and dirty changing baby’s soiled, smelly diapers, the Genius Babies Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron is an excellent gift on this momentous occasion. As the rest of the world celebrates fatherhood, the man in your life will be busy preparing for his real full-time job as a diaper changer. The Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron is made of soil-resistant material so that the smell will also not be rubbing onto dad’s own clothes. It even comes with its own face mask for dads who may not really be able to stomach the stench of baby’s poo and wee. The Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron comes with spacious front pockets that are excellent for storing the essentials such as rubber gloves and disposable diapers. He can also put unscented baby wipes and other diaper changing tools to help in the faster and more efficient management of the young one’s elimination. A complimentary baby toy is included in the package to provide ample distraction for the infant while daddy is busy removing and replacing the soiled diapers with fresh ones. Just for added measure, Genius Babies even include a set of emergency nimples or “bottle nipples” for the meticulous daddy to use on a very fussy and uncooperative tot. The Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron is more than ready for battle. All it takes now is for dad to muster the courage to face the challenge head on.

What We Like about It – The Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron is supposed to be a hilarious way to venerate dad’s turn at diaper changing. However, we do advise newbie dads to take this seriously as soiled diapers are never a good thing for little children.

Best Papa or Grandpa Ever Laser Engraved Wood 6 Function Multitool Pocket Knife by Personalized Gifts

Best Papa or Grandpa Ever Laser Engraved Wood 6 Function Multitool Pocket Knife

Is the man in your family more of a DIYer? Is he a fan of Angus MacGyver? Or is he an avid user of the multipurpose Swiss Army knife? Well, we’re not saying that you can replace his trustworthy multipurpose, multifunction pocket tool. But if you can give him a more personalized pocket knife, we are certain he will appreciate what you are doing as a sign of approval for his role as a father to your newborn child and as a provider and foundation of your family. Available in various inscriptions like Best Papa Ever or Best Bonus Dad Ever or even Best Uncle Ever, the Laser Engraved Wood 6 Function Multitool Pocket Knife is always a joy to give to the most valuable man in our families. It may not have the number of tools as in those found in the Swiss Army knife but it sure can deliver the message that we appreciate what he is doing for his newborn kiddo. The Multitool Pocket Knife comes with a 2 inch stainless steel blade perfect for cutting and slicing through a variety of materials, enabling the DIYer potential in our daddies to fully develop. Besides, what he is doing is essentially for the benefit of the entire family. A flat tipped and Philips head screwdriver is also included which should be useful in tightening screws around the home and on baby’s furniture. The Multitool also comes with a can and bottle opener including a corkscrew for more functional purposes in the kitchen. The one unique thing about the Multitool Pocket Knife is that the wooden handle upon which the inscriptions are laser engraved are exclusive as no two pieces are exactly identical. This simply means that if you have two fathers (dad and grandpa) in the household, you can give them two of these knives and they will still be highly personalized.

What We Like about It – The Laser Engraved Wood 6 Function Multitool Pocket Knife may have insufficient tools to make any significant projects but it sure is a great way to honor dad’s continuing efforts to improve the family and the home.

“I’m Your Favorite Child” Funny Coffee Mug by Got Me Tipsy

“I’m Your Favorite Child” Funny Coffee Mug

Dads all over the world go for coffee while moms go for tea. While daddy is lounging after a long day at work, he will need all the energy he requires to care for his firstborn, too. Coffee has always been known for giving us superb energy, boosting our metabolism many fold. This should give pop just enough juice to carry baby, cuddle with him or her, or even play with the little angel. Equally important is the vessel upon which this freshly brewed coffee is poured in. Glass coffee mugs are always a great hit. And with the Got Me Tipsy’s “I’m Your Favorite Child” funny coffee mug providing the vessel, we’re certain dad will put on a smile in his face every time he takes a sip of his favorite brew. The 13 ounce glass mug is also perfect for ice cold beverages so even if your papa is not in the mood for some freshly brewed coffee and is raring for some ice cold beer, it is very possible as the manufacture of the glass is intended both for cold and hot beverages. Daddy will always be reminded of your little one as he gets to read “I’m your favorite child” every time he tips the glass and downs the liquid inside. Got Me Tipsy also has the gift box covered so all you need is to order it and give it to the most important man in your life and your child’s life.

What We Like about It – The Got Me Tipsy collection of funny and wonderful coffee mugs and glasses encourages toasting to the value of today’s fathers in the development and rearing of children.

Daddy’s Girl and There’s This Girl Who Stole My Heart She Calls Me Daddy Necklace Set by O.RIYA

Daddy’s Girl and There’s This Girl Who Stole My Heart She Calls Me Daddy Necklace Set

If the firstborn happens to be a little young princess, the O. RIYA Gifts for Dad Necklace Jewelry Set is the perfect gift as this can serve as an enduring memento of the undying love a father has for his child. The two piece set is actually a combination of a military dog tag with a cutout for the other half of a heart which comprises the jewelry that will be worn by the little princess. Designed to fit in a lock-and-key fashion, the O. RIYA jewelry set is the perfect gift for a father and daughter tandem. They can wear this as they grow together or apart. Physical distance clearly won’t matter as they will be bonded by this set of stainless steel necklaces. For dad, he will be wearing the dog tag with the inscription, “There’s this girl who stole my heart she calls me daddy.” For the little princess, she will be wearing a heart-shaped stainless steel necklace that’s inscribed with “Daddy’s girl.” The beauty of the set is that it can actually be converted into a wonderful keychain so it can still provide some other functionality. The O. RIYA line of jewelry takes into consideration the experiences of its customers and they have marvelously incorporated these experiences into the design of the Necklace / Keychain Set.

What We Like about It – The O. RIYA necklace set is the ideal gift for the dad who simply loves his only daughter so much that he’s more than prepared to give everything for her future.

Daddy’s Love Frame by The Grandparent Gift Co.

Daddy’s Love Frame

While it’s true that today’s technology has largely eliminated the need for physical pictures and frames, there’s no denying that having these physical “evidences” are a lot better than a digital version which can be easily altered by PhotoShop or any other image editing software. We know that picture frames can be easily bought from your friendly neighborhood shop but the quality may not be really up to par to what you’re looking for. The Grandparent Gift Co.’s Daddy’s Love Frame however, is different in that its design and manufacture are guaranteed to be of the highest standards. The 8 x 10 inch display features a black contemporary frame which should be a welcome addition to your wall décor or even desktop ornaments. What makes it an excellent first Fathers’ Day gift is that it is inscribed with the words, “Daddy’s hands, the power of love held in my daddy’s hands…” If the Madonna can move emotions, a father cradling his newborn child can simply be unfathomable. It simply shows that behind the strong and powerful appearance of dads, they too, have a softer side to them and that their bulky, callused hands can still hold the delicate, fragile body of a child.

What We Like about It – The Daddy’s Love Frame may be a bit overpriced but it sure can evoke powerful emotions about today’s changing views on fatherhood.

“I’m Your fathers’ Day Gift, Mom Says Welcome” Funny Baby Bodysuit by TStars

“I’m Your fathers’ Day Gift, Mom Says Welcome” Funny Baby Bodysuit

Like the “Happy First Fathers’ Day Daddy” Baby Bodysuit from TStars, the “I’m Your Fathers’ Day Gift, Mom Says Welcome” Funny Baby Bodysuit is a fantastic gift for acknowledging the new emerging roles of new dads of the new millennia. The bodysuit are exceptionally easy to put on any young child as it comes with fully expandable shoulders and an easy open 3-button closure at the bottom. Even newbie daddies will have no problems changing their babies into this super cute clothing line. But the real beauty of this model of TStars clothing is the acknowledgment from mom that dad is welcome in caring for their young child. This is a reflection of changing societal attitudes towards men who are slowly softening up to the idea that caring for children is fundamentally a responsibility of both mother and father. The TStars Baby Bodysuit epitomizes the love and care that parents provide their kids. And with these inscriptions on this particular bodysuit, any man worth his penny will surely be proud to be called a dad.

What We Like about It – The superb craftsmanship of the baby bodysuit is amazing, giving babies absolute comfort while wearing this. More importantly, we believe, is the feeling of satisfaction and pride it gives to new dads who are seeing for the first time the appreciation of other people for the things that they do.

Gifts for Dad from Son or Daughter Kids Teddy Bear and I Love That You’re My Dad Plaque by Smitten by Kristin

Gifts for Dad from Son or Daughter Kids Teddy Bear and I Love That You’re My Dad Plaque

It’s simple yet truly effective. As modern men are still pretty much rewards-oriented, giving the most important father in your life the Gifts for Dad from Son or Daughter gift set combo should help show him just how much you appreciate him and the things that he does for the family and especially his children. The gift set comes with two beautiful mementoes; although, honestly, we believe including a plush 7 inch teddy bear to go along with a 3.5 by 4 inch plaque is not really a great combination to venerate a father’s commitment to caring for the family at large. The plaque is inscribed with a highly inspirational phrase that reads, “I love that you’re my dad.” If this doesn’t move you to do a lot better, we don’t know what will. The point is that the plaque can be a really fantastic addition to your dad’s collection of trophies, awards, and other achievement-related mementoes. It will be there to remind him of how great a father he truly is. Unfortunately, we really couldn’t find a reason for including a plush and cuddly teddy bear into a collection of game heads, rifles, and other sporting goods. Have you ever tried adding to your wall of deer antlers, grizzly bear heads, and crocodile hides a cute and lovable teddy bear? Of course, this should be best reserved for a fantastic playtime with kids as children really adore a cuddly 7 inch teddy bear.

What We Like about It – The Smitten by Kristin gift set offers a great way to add a plaque of appreciation to your dad’s trophy room. As for the teddy bear, this makes for a great tool to enjoy some perfect bonding with the young ones.

Drool and Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier by Baby Preferred

Drool and Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

One of the signs that your baby has already reached that stage in life where his or her first tooth is already moving towards the outer surface of the gums is drooling. Some parents may think of it as hyper or excessive salivation but there really is a physiologic explanation to it. The more important thing however, is how to effectively manage it especially if the child is going on a travel. In these instances, it is dad’s responsibility to carry junior. However, because of a near-erupting tooth, junior will definitely be drooling on the baby carrier and soiling the different surfaces. One way to help dad address this issues is by gifting him the Drool and teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier. Just think of the Drool and Teething Pad as a bib designed specifically for a baby carrier. So, daddy attaches the pad onto the carrier by simply following the easy-to-read instructions that come with the kit. And voila! The carrier is now adequately protected from drooling. The Drool and Teething Pad is made of naturally woven premium quality twill cotton complete with highly reinforced stitching and waterproof lining. The system also includes hanging loops that can be used to attach an infant’s other essentials like teething toys, pacifiers, and playthings, among others. The pad itself can be chewed on by the little one to help soothe irritated or inflamed gums because of the impending tooth eruption. The good news is that the Drool and Teething Pad also works with other brands of baby carriers so dad won’t have to worry that it might not fit their existing carrier. 

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious solution to managing drooling and teething concerns on the fly. It also makes the cleanup job of daddies a lot easier.

“Keep Calm It’s My Father’s Day” T-Shirt Funny Gift for a New Dad by TStars 

“Keep Calm It’s My Father’s Day” T-Shirt Funny Gift for a New Dad

Give the new dad in your family the “Keep Calm It’s My Fathers’ Day” t-shirt and he will proudly parade it around town, at the mall, or wherever the family wishes to go. It comes with the same superior quality workmanship that the other TStars products provide; only this time, it is dad who is going to wear the clothing line and not Junior. That being said, this makes for a really wonderful first Fathers’ Day gift.

What We Like about It – It’s super cool and durable, too. It’s definitely a great way to greet your father a happy Fathers’ Day.

Tips to Choosing the Perfect Fathers’ Day Gift

Every third Sunday of June, we celebrate the contributions of the most important man in our lives – our fathers. Every year, we try to look for the best Father’s Day gift guides to give us an idea of what to give our daddies. And every year, we always ask ourselves how to choose the best Father’s Day gift just so they will feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. In case you’re on the lookout for that one gift that will show them how much you care, then consider the following tips.

The Bottom Line

You don’t really need to wait for Father’s Day to show your appreciation for this most important guy in your family. Even small daily acts that show appreciation can be meaningful for the modern dad. That said, you can always choose from any of the 10 first Father’s Day gifts we have shared with you.

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