10 Cool Zippo Lighters in 2017

cool zippo lighters

There’s nothing more cool-looking than whipping out your flashy lighter and breathe life to either your cigar or your cigarette for that all-relaxing smoke that we’re all after. Despite repeated warnings from health authorities, there’s simply no stopping smoking. And when it comes to accessories to this pastime of ours, nothing can really come close to the usefulness of lighters. And when it comes to these gadgets, there’s only one brand we can trust: Zippo. That’s why we deemed it’s about time we shared with you our own take on the 10 cool Zippo lighters in 2017.

10 Really Cool Zippo Lighters

1Zippo Matte

There’s something about the look and feel of matte that is both sexy and stimulating. It may not have the glossy finish of chrome or brass or any other plated metal, but Matte lighters can convey a certain sexiness in the absence of sheen. Perhaps it is this void that makes this Zippo lighter a wonder to have since you’ll be longing for something that’s clearly missing. Mattes come in nine different colors, all of which lack the luster of metal. These colors may lack the sheen and glitter that you require but there are certain individuals who need such tamed hues. It’s often enough to add color to the casing but not in a way that it will blind others. And if you’re thinking this model lacks the strength of metal, we can guarantee it has an all-metal construction complete with the signature “click” and windproofing design that the brand has been known for the world over. Flashing it out to light your smoke or that of a friend, the Matte is sure to bring you instant fame.

What We Like about It – There is a certain sexiness to the dull color of the Matte series. It is thus, perfect for those who love the feel of metal but dislike its polished, shiny look. We believe the more than 700 positive reviews on Amazon will attest to that.

2Zippo Color

For individuals who prefer adding a little color to their smoking experience, we’ve got the answer for you: the Zippo Color. Want a luminous, mirror-like finish that somehow resembles the black keys on a piano? Then get the Ebony variant. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who require a tamer version of black. If you like color-changing effects depending on where you view it, then you need the Chameleon. This gives the beholder a fantastic view of the glossy body of the Color, as if providing an enticing dance for the eyes. If you’ve always been fascinated by rainbow colors, then the Spectrum variant is just for you as it beautifully lays out in its metallic body the seamless overlapping of the colors of the rainbow. For those who wish to project a sense of regal splendor, of royalty, then the Abyss is perhaps designed just for you. All of these variants of the Zippo Color come with the signature characteristics of the brand. You’ll never go wrong with each stick that you light with these devices.

What We Like about It – The Colors is essentially designed for individuals who love to have a little color in their lives. It should be the perfect accessory especially when coordinated with your getup.

3Zippo Eagle

Aside from the stars and stripes, nothing else can be more iconic, more representative of our great country than the American Eagle. Flying above vast expanses of land, it has come to epitomize the position our nation holds in the rest of the world. As a fitting tribute to the king of the skies, Zippo introduces its Eagle collection that has been designed in three different printing processes that include die casting with metal substrates, multi-spot color imprints, and state of the art engraving, both laser and auto. These printing technologies have been honed through the many decades that the company has been making world-renowned lighters. Regardless of the kind of printing technology you will choose, you can expect the Eagle to be soaring up the heavens every time you use it to light up a smoke. This Zippo lighter should also help show a sense of patriotism in you.

What We Like about It – The different printing technologies used in the creation of the various designs of the Eagle are simply phenomenal. At any rate, these cheap Zippo lighters can also make for a fabulous collection.

4Zippo Chrome

If you’re on the lookout for a really classic design of Zippos, there’s only one design you have to choose: Chrome. This model enjoys the approval of almost 1,700 loyal followers on Amazon. And we do believe that you will find the various chrome finishes to be particularly elegant, sleek, sophisticated, and shouting of luxury. Choose from its original 1933 brushed chrome or its 1938 high polish chrome. These two Chrome variants may have been designed in the 30s but they remain very popular. The Engine Turned is also a marvelous piece as it boasts of being one of the brand’s most enduring decorative patterns where vertical lines are beautifully engraved on both the front and back panels of the Zippo lighter. Add to the beauty of the Engine Turned is the integration of an engraving panel where you can effectively stamp your iconic signature of up to three fantastic and meaningful initials. And then there’s the Antique series of the Zippo collection. Silver, brass, and copper were used in the production of these antique gadgets, all of which provide nostalgia to the user, transporting him or her, if you may, to an outworldly experience. If you don’t like the 30’s maybe the millennium will bring in a new vibe to your smoking pleasures with the 2000 satin chrome and the 2001 street chrome, both of which have been specially designed for the 21stcentury. Of course, you can expect Zippo to keep on improving its collection. You now have a selection of new Chromes like the Herringbone Sweep, the Arch, the Diagonal Weave, and the Linen Weave, all of which are marvelous pieces of design ingenuity that marries the classic polish of the past and the minimalist decorative elements of the 21st century.

heap zippo lighters What We Like about It – The Chrome can be considered as one of Zippo’s original classics. And we know what this means. To see these still being used to this very day is simply a testament to the company’s penchant for high quality products.

5Zippo Ace

When we are given the task of imagining a gambler, we often visualize a group of men sitting on a square table with cards laid out on the table, some cards being held close to their faces, and smoking intently while they try to devise a strategy. Most gambling halls that we know of are often filled with smoke from cigars and cigarettes. That’s why we think it’s just right to include the Ace Zippo cigarette lighter. As the name implies, these lighters are printed with a large centrally located ace of spades amidst a background of high polish chrome, black ice, black matte, gray dusk, or high polish brass. Also included are two different, highly detailed versions of high polish chrome so you’ll get something really spectacular for the gambling man in your life. Or, even if you’re not really that good in reading the poker faces of your opponents, we’re pretty sure they will be mesmerized by the Ace in your hands lighting up your cigarette.

What We Like about It – They say having the ace is a sign of good fortune. Perhaps pocketing the Ace will bring in more successes to you whether it’s in your relationship or your business. As an ace in the industry, Zippo clearly knows how to capture the fascination of smokers and non-smokers alike.

6Zippo Wolf

Wolves are excellent pack hunters. They work as a team to get the job done. More significant is the fact that everyone in the pack actually knows its place in the hierarchy. And they respect this subtle chain or social order. There are some of us who really operate like wolves, not because of their viciousness in the wild, but because of their cunning and highly sophisticated understanding and application of social relationships to get the job done. And when everything’s been said and done, these alphas will surely savor the fruits of their labor by smoking their favorite cigars. And what better way to venerate their wolverine triumph that getting the Wolf series of Zippos? Designed with different wolf themes, the Wolf is just like the animal it draws its inspiration from: tough yet super elegant. These speak so much of social relationships that you’ll be inclined to share a light with your friends. There’s black ice, black matte, brushed chrome, street chrome, and high polish chrome. For the more adventurous, we’d recommend getting the Timberwolves emblem or even the very graphic street chrome wolf. Whichever Zippo lighter you choose, you’re guaranteed the same level of quality in any of these variants.

What We Like about It – The Wolf effectively epitomizes the many unique characteristics of this wild relative of our beloved dogs. It retains the many qualities of all Zippos.

7Zippo Jack Daniels

When it comes to spirits produced in the South, we’d have to say Jack Daniels is the king of the hill. This Tennessee whiskey just happens to be the world’s top selling American whiskey. Of course, you do have the erstwhile champion, the Scotch in the other side of the Atlantic. But the point is that, when it comes to the spirits made in the good old South, Jack Daniels is the brand that lords it all. And for the die-hard fans of this famous spirits, we’d say the Zippo Jack Daniels should come in very handy while taking a swig of the golden brown spirits of the South. Sporting the various designs of JD labels in its iconic vintage bottles, the Jack Daniels is one fantastic and truly artistic Zippo lighter that you will always be proud to display in front of your friends and acquaintances. It would be like having a miniaturized box of the original JD right in your palms. Talk about history of this nation’s greatest spirits captured elegantly in the all-metal construction of the world’s most recognizable brand of lighters.

What We Like about It – The Jack Daniels is perfect for the millions of followers of the famed spirits of the South. With the JD, you get the same high level of quality as you’d expect from other Zippos.

8Zippo Brass

With its distinctive golden yellowish tinge, brass is a very common alloy that is formed by combining zinc and copper to give it its characteristic color. For many, it has become a very cheap alternative to providing posh and elegance to once home. From fixtures to metalwork, brass has been the alloy of choice in many applications, including that of Zippos. In fact, the Brass model of Zippos commands the same level of respect as the Matte series. Available in brushed and high polish styling, the Brass variant of Zippos are phenomenally beautiful. For the loyal brand follower, getting the high polish brass logo is a must. The iconic name of the brand has been beautifully engraved on the face of the Brass Logo. For those who require a more subtle touch in design yet stylish enough to capture the attention of others, the Venetian is a more likely candidate. And then there is a variant designed for individuals who want solid brass. With a variety of selection, you can bet you’ll have a pseudo-glittering gold in your pocket.

What We Like about It – The Brass series of Zippos are excellent for individuals who have a propensity for gold-like structures and items. Of course, the Brass retains every single thing that makes Zippos a preferred brand.

9Zippo Spiritual

We’re not really sure how to fit spirituality in smoking as some religions will consider smoking as a way of desecrating the body which is often viewed as a vessel or a temple. Nonetheless, what should be noted is that, even smokers can pray. They don’t need to carry their little prayer booklets anymore because a simple prayer is already engraved into the face of the Spiritual series of Zippos. Made with an all-metal construction complete with the iconic clicking sound with every flick of the mechanism, the spiritual comes in a variety of short yet meaningful prayers that we can all recite whenever we feel like it. In some variants, there are no prayers but are nevertheless adorned by other religious symbols such as the cross, footprints in the sand, a church arc, and even an angel. We believe these to be highly instrumental in giving us a certain sense of calmness and peace in the same way as smoking a cigar can help calm our nerves.

What We Like about It – The Spiritual boasts of the same windproofing technology and all-metal construction as other Zippos. What is admirable is the inclusion of a short prayer on the face of the Spiritual.

10Zippo Harley-Davidson Eagle Wings 

Just as Jack Daniels is the king of the hill when it comes to American spirits, Harley-Davidson is the undisputed leader of big bikes and touring bikes with its signature roar from its monstrous engines, the iconic gorilla bar and swept back seats, and a humongous set of wheels for a bike. Of course, there are BMWs and Aprilias, but there can only be one American-made muscle bike. Recognizing the iconic stature of the Harleys, Zippo came up with a very interesting design in its lighters. Taking on the trademark eagle wings of the Harleyy-Davidson, Zippos now have the signature brand emblazoned or engraved right across their panels. Every time you light a cigarette, chances are you will also be thinking about the gentle purr of the Harley engine just warming up. Throttling up and you’ll hear the distinct roar of the beast in every HD motorcycle. That’s the same sound you’ll hear from this particular Zippo lighter.

What We Like about It – Intended for fans of the bike, Harley-Davidson is a very unique piece of smoking accessory that you simply need to have. You don’t even have to be a biker to get this beautiful baby. The HD logo itself is already a sign of your stature.

How We Chose the Cool Zippo Lighters in Our List

A lighter is a lighter. One doesn’t really have to choose how he or she wishes to light his or her smoke. But for the aficionados, only the best Zippo lighters will do. Since we’re basically looking at products of a single brand or company, we’re really quite limited in the parameters that we can use in the selection process. It’s like choosing which among the different models of Ferrari is best: the Enzo, the LaFerrari, the Berlinetta, or any other model. Whichever you choose, you’ still get the same kind of quality craftsmanship that Ferrari is known for. The same is true with a Zippo lighter.

We had to be a bit creative in coming up with a comprehensive and more representative collection of the 10 best, really amazing Zippo lighters. At the very least, only those with 4.5 stars on their product ratings as of this writing were included. We believed that this closely reflects the relative success of the product in the real world. To add credence to our evaluation, we read the feedbacks as well as extensive reviews written by consumers themselves to help identify what particular feature they loved most in a certain lighter so we can also share these with you.

The “cool” factor of the design was also considered. Unfortunately, this was a lot more challenging than we initially thought for the simple reason that it’s a very subjective assessment parameter. Nevertheless, we again referred to what consumers are saying about the product.

Lastly, any distinguishing feature was identified. These features were then evaluated for the kind of benefits that they can impart on the user.

How to Choose the Right Cigarette Lighter for You

Now that we have shared with you how we chose the cool Zippos in our list, maybe you would be interested to know how to choose the right cigarette lighter for you especially if you’re looking for a non-Zippo brand. Obviously, you can search for a guide to lighters on the internet. However, allow us to just simplify things for you. Here are some ways in which you can obtain the right lighter for your smoking pleasure.

  • Consider a torch lighter if you’re outdoors; soft flame if indoors. 

If you’re outdoors, your primary obstacle is the wind. If you use soft-flame lighters, you’d have to cover it with your hands to shield the flame against the wind. A much better solution is to get a torch lighter instead. The pressurized flame should not be affected by wind at all. If you’re exclusively smoking indoors, a soft flame should do.

  • Make sure you have adequate wind-protection. 

It is entirely possible to get a soft flame lighter and still use it in windy environments, provided these have excellent windproofing technologies such as those that are found in Zippos. Otherwise, you’d use up all your fluid and you haven’t lighted your cigarette yet.

  • Choose ease of refills. 

Refilling the lighter with the recommended fuel is a must when you own a lighter. The point is to get a product that should not be very difficult to refill. If not, then you’re better off buying a single-use product.

  • Consider where you’re going to buy. 

Always check where to buy Zippo lighters. The reason for this is that, since these are very popular brands, it’s inadvertent that there will be knockoffs. So, to make sure you only get the original, it is best to look at where to buy Zippo lighters.

The Bottom Line

Zippos have been with us since 1932, although the very first lighter was rolled out a year later. With this experience producing the world’s best lighters, Zippo remains at the top. And with these 10 cool Zippo lighters, you can enhance your own cigar and/or cigarette smoking experience.


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