15 Cool Wallets You Must See in 2017

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It’s 2017. The prospect of a brighter and more economically successful year is getting more evident with each passing day. While everyone is strongly encouraged to start saving up for our future, particularly in terms of planning for retirement, we cannot avoid the fact that we should always have a ready source of cash for those emergencies. You cannot really expect us to simply roll or fold our money, clip it, and just slide it inside our pockets. We must also be able to organize them. That’s why we’re presenting to you 15 cool wallets that you simply must have this 2017.

15 Cool Wallets You’ll Fall in Love With

1Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flipout ID Wallet by Alpine Swiss

If you’re looking for a classic, then the Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flipout ID Wallet is the one to get. Made of genuine leather, the Alpine Swiss has a lavish feel to both its exterior and interior. It’s designed as a bifold money case but acts like a trifold enabling you to keep 15 cards plus a flip out panel for your identification card. The Alpine Swiss is only half an inch thick although this will substantially grow once you put all those 15+1 cards and cash inside its compartment. Nevertheless, the Alpine Swiss is one marvelous looking piece of money case.

What We Like about It – The number of cards you can put into the Alpine Swiss is staggering considering its slim design.

2RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Wallet by Travelambo 

If you like to travel with all of your important cards with you, then you’d need the Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Wallet. These slim wallets have been engineered with the latest in RFID blocking technology to help protect sensitive information contained in your precious cards whether these are credit cards, debit cards, or even health insurance and government ID cards. Adding to the protection is the slim profile of the Travelambo giving you almost inconspicuous look while keeping your cards and money safely tucked right in your front pocket. At any rate, since you’re placing your skinny wallet in your front pocket, you’re somehow able to reduce the likelihood that you’ll be a victim of pickpockets. But don’t be fooled by its very slim design as the Travelambo has enough space to accommodate 6 of your latest cards. It also comes with a top center access panel which is perfect for keeping loose bills, notes, receipts, and other identification cards that you have. The design of the Travelambo will never disappoint the fashion and style conscious, either as it looks luxuriously made of genuine leather. You now have the best looking ultra slim wallet that is guaranteed to protect your data from identity theft whether you’re traveling abroad or exploring local shores.

What We Like about It – The Travelambo is one of the most unique wallets we have in this list. It has an excellent combination of style, protection, and functionality that the busy traveler of today will find very appealing and useful.

3Radix One Slim Wallet by Radix Products

If you’re already tired of a money or card case that is creating a bulge in your pocket, giving you a really awkward appearance especially if you’re wearing a rather body-hugging outfit, we strongly suggest trying the Radix One. This money case is made of high grade polycarbonate plastic with a wide silicone band wrapped around its body. The size of the Radix One is slightly larger than your average credit card. This is to help make sure that you can slide up to 10 different cards inside its super flexible casing. The silicone band is perfect for securing in place your bills that you’ll have to carefully fold to the size of a card. Unfortunately, this means that your cash will be sticking out of the case itself, held in place only by the silicone band. Nevertheless, the band itself is super tight so your dollars won’t be going anywhere except when you’re about to pay for something.

What We Like about It – The Radix One is perfect for individuals who don’t carry too much cash and prefer to use cards instead. The slim profile and durable construction are really admirable.

4Men’s Leather RFID Blocking Wallet by Motion Trend

If you’re the kind of person who loves mixing in the crowd while traveling to high risk places just for the thrill of the adventure, then it is best that you equip yourself with the Motion Trend Men’s Leather RFID Blocking Wallet. This one is not your usual slim wallets as it comes in the classic bifold configuration. However, despite being folded, it is still able to maintain a very sleek profile to help hide the presence of the best mens wallet in your back pocket. If you’re not going to fill it with a lot of cards, the Motion Trend might even fit conveniently in your front pocket. Like the Travelambo, what makes the Motion Trend very popular these days is its RFID blocking technology that has been carefully integrated into its beautiful genuine leather design made of top grain nappa cowhide. This anti-RFID skimming technology effectively shields your financial cards as well as government IDs against the real threat of identity theft which is exponentially rising. The Motion Trend has a variety of pockets to help keep your other valuables without necessarily increasing the bulk of its appearance.

What We Like about It – With its ultra-slim profile, super convenient design, superb and high quality craftsmanship, and excellent RFID blocking technology, the Motion Trend is clearly one of the best wallets for men you can ever buy for yourself or for someone else.

5Borgasets RFID Blocking Women’s Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet Card Case Purse by Borgasets

Women traveling abroad have become the favorite target of criminals and other lawless elements primarily as victims of pickpockets and card skimmers. Perhaps, this is because of the more traditional view that women can be easily overpowered if in case they do resist. While there is not much we can do about fighting these unscrupulous individuals on our own, we can nevertheless make it more difficult for them to carry out their plans. Introducing the Borgasets RFID Blocking Women’s Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet Card Case Purse. It’s quite a lengthy name for a storage case and organizer of women’s cash, cards, and other valuables. The slim profile helps in concealment. However, it may not really help that much if you’re going to fill it with plenty of cash and cards. The unique dual zipper design helps you protect one compartment while gaining access to another. This helps minimize the full viewing of the content of the Borgasets. The Borgasets is designed with the latest in space age RFID skimming prevention technology so even if you will be amongst a crowd full of unscrupulous people with portable skimmers on their hands, your data will be safely protected by this technology. And here’s an added bonus. The Borgasets also comes with an extra-large pocket that you can put your mobile devices such as iPhone inside. Then simply zip it close so that it’s safe from prying eyes. With so many color designs to choose from, the Borgasets can be a very interesting addition to one’s fashion as well.

What We Like about It – The Borgasets is the perfect purse for women who need to feel secure while they are on a travel. The 18-card capacity of the Borgasets is simply phenomenal, although we simply don’t feel the need to fill it all up if security is a major concern.

6Tommy Hilfiger’s Men’s Ranger Leather Passcase Wallet with Removable Card Case by Tommy Hilfiger

Everyone knows Tommy Hilfiger. So, when the company chose to present its signature line of Men’s Ranger Leather Passcase products, a lot of people started falling in. Made of 100 percent cowhide leather, the Hilfiger creation is perfect for individuals who seek style and substance with the ability to hold 6 cards.

What We Like about It – The name Tommy Hilfiger commands respect from almost everyone. You don’t need any justification for that.

7Timberland Men’s Blix Slimfold Wallet by Timberland

When it comes to genuine leather products, Timberland is one of the brands we can all trust. Its Blix Slimfold Wallet is its latest addition to the string of highly successful leather products made of 100 percent leather. The lining, however, is split half between textile and leather giving it the style and comfort of both materials. The Blix can hold 4 cards plus your cash. Its slim design should make it invisible in the pocket.

What We Like about It – We can all expect Timberland to deliver a product as timeless as the Blix. It’s well-designed and very functional, too.

8Viosi RFID Men’s Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet by Viosi

One of the most unique wallets we’ve seen is the Viosi RFID Men’s Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet. It’s actually not really a wallet since your cash will be easily and securely clipped onto the front panel of the Viosi. This makes it one really fantastic looking and truly luxurious designer money clip for the most distinguished gentleman of today. Unlike other cool money clips, the Viosi has been duly tested and certified by no less than Germany’s famed TechnisherUberwachungsverein or TUV, the country’s renowned testing, inspection, training, and certification’s provider. Getting a seal of approval from TUV is like getting the top prize in the world. This gives it supremacy over other similar products with RFID blocking technology. At any rate, you’ll feel more secure in the fact that your credit and debit cards as well as other encrypted cards are safe from skimmers of which there are aplenty. Made of genuine Kingston leather and fully handcrafted to give you an exquisite feel to its lush surface, the Viosi comes with 3 card slots with an ID window for inserting your identification card. There are two additional slots which are larger than the usual card slots to contain other documents that you may have. Clipping your cash is ensured secure by the use of two pieces of rare earth magnets with the size of 2 centimeters. The super slim design of the Viosi also gives you the added advantage of near invisibility as you slip it inside your front pocket.

What We Like about It – The TUV certification of the Viosi is proof enough of its superior RFID blocking properties. The slim and luxurious design are added bonuses.

9Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Money Clip Thin Slim Front Pocket Wallet by Alpine Swiss

If you loved our Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather with Flipout ID Wallet, you’ll love the Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Money Clip Thin Slim Front Pocket Wallet. It has a much slimmer profile than the other model but it does provide the same elegant look and feel that Alpine Swiss is known for. These slim wallets from Alpine Swiss are actually cool money clips with built-in high grade magnets to keep your cash fully secure. If you’re looking for a designer money clip, the Alpine Swiss provides you with a truly luxurious look with a super slim profile that measures only three-eighths of an inch thick. You can safely put 3 of your cards in its slots as well as insert your identification card in its ID slot. Because of the very slim profile of the Alpine Swiss you can conveniently place it in your front pocket so you’ll reduce the risk of falling for the swift hands of pickpockets.

What We Like about It – For a true luxury designer money clip, this Alpine Swiss product more than fits the bill. It’s perfect for individuals who only like to carry a few cards and a few notes at a time to keep it safe.

10Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet by Hammer Anvil

Considered as one of the best wallet for men, the Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet comes as an ultra-compact money and card case for the gentleman of today with very discriminating tastes for luxurious items. With thousands of positive reviews surrounding the overall design, functionality, and protection afforded by this Hammer Anvil creation, it is not really that surprising why it’s on top of the world of men’s wallets. Unlike similar designs, the Hammer Anvil boasts of its signature Anti-Breach Technology that has been aptly trademarked to retain exclusivity of the technology. For average users, it simply means you’re now more protected than ever from electronic theft, protecting your valuable information in your cards. It also comes with a top center access for keeping some of your larger cards, receipts, or even cash. Unlike magnetic money clips, you’ll be able to safely tuck your notes and bills inside this large pocket so there’s simply no way it will be slipping off your fingers. Of course, this Hammer Anvil creation won’t stir such rave reviews if not for its superb styling. Made of only the highest quality of genuine leather, the look and feel of luxury screams from every inch of the beautiful surface of the Hammer Anvil.

What We Like about It – Hammer Anvil is one of the most trusted brands in wallets for men especially for its minimalist design. It has been consistently imitated but the knock-offs simply cannot duplicate the supremacy of the original.

11Credit Card Holder Wallets for Men with Slim Minimalist Design by Raw

For travelers or even businessmen who prefer dealing with just a few cards in all of their transactions, one of the best mens wallet you can ever get for yourself is the Raw Credit Card Holder Wallets for Men with Slim Minimalist Design. This is perfect for those individuals who like to carry no more than 8 cards with them. This super skinny wallet also comes with a center pocket which is ideal for stashing some of your loose bills or notes or even small pieces of documents. And because the Raw Credit Card Holder is just 0.2 inches thick, it doesn’t leave a bulky and telltale sign in your pocket. The ultra slim profile will help reduce its outline from the outside reducing the temptation of pickpockets to strike. Besides, there is wisdom in the popular notion that less is more. Here’s an added security feature: the Raw Wallet comes with an unbelievably strong loop that can be secured to any carabiner or key ring so you can safely secure it to your belt or even the belt loop of your pants. This way the Raw Wallet stays with you wherever you go. It is thus perfect for those who go to the gym, going up a mountain trail, or even go skydiving.

What We Like about It – The Raw Wallet is the best mens wallet for individuals who are always on the go. Its slim design plus superb craftsmanship give it a level of appeal that is rarely associated with minimalist items.

12Leather Wallet Phone Case by Harrms

It’s hard to imagine going out or traveling to a new place without your reliable plastic and your trusted smartphone. These two have clearly defined how we live in the 21st century and we believe will continue to do so as we approach the 22nd. Now, Harrms has crafted an ingenious solution to carry both our plastics and our gadgets in one stylish, luxurious, and functional wallet. The Harrms Leather Wallet Phone Case may not be the skinny wallet that you are looking for but it sure makes up for it by being one of the most unique wallets around. The Harrms Case can easily carry any of the more high-end smartphones we have today such as the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7, and 7 Plus. It can also easily accommodate Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The very same case that you use to store and organize your financial cards as well as currencies can now be used to safely keep your smartphone inside its fully padded and ultra-spacious interior. Made of authentic cow hide leather, the Harrms Case can easily provide a home to 11 of your debit and credit cards as well as other encrypted cards. It has an ID slot perfect for slipping your identification card in while zippered cash slots will keep your bills safe on the go. Here’s the thing. The hard case that you use to keep your smartphone can actually be detached from the Harrms system so you can easily use it as a standalone smartphone case and the money and credit card holder as a separate entity.

What We Like about It – We’d like to look at the Harrms as a convenient and luxury 2-in-1 wallet that is perfect for individuals who find their smartphones and cards as two inseparable entities. This way, they can go about their business with these two things safely contained in one package.

13SharkkAluminum Waterproof Wallet RFID Protected Card Holder by Sharkk

One of the greatest gripes of adventurers, especially those who excel in water sports and activities, is that they haven’t seen a might tough, superbly water-resistant, and ultra-rugged case to keep their cards and monies well protected against the elements. What they are looking for is something that they can bring with them while they are shooting the Class V rapids of the Grand Canyon or even doing some mountaineering. Now, the SharkkAluminum Waterproof Wallet RFID Protected Card Holder provides the perfect answer. This metal wallet is made of a very sturdy outer aluminum shell that protects the high quality plastic lining that wraps the interior. The snap clasp closure guarantees an airtight and watertight seal around the openings so your cards and your cash are protected inside. What’s even amazing is that Sharkk even managed to integrate the latest in RFID protection technology into the smart metal wallet casing to help you protect your information from unscrupulous individuals who are always on the lookout for potential victims of identity theft. While Sharkk says the metal wallet is not really designed for cash, we found a lot of very happy customers saying folded bills can fit right into the casing which normally holds no more than 7 cards. At least, you’ll now be able to enjoy all of your outdoor activities without having to worry about identity theft or even damage from the elements.

What We Like about It – The sleek and rugged design of the Sharkk make it a great companion for adventurers and individuals with a very active lifestyle. The waterproofing technology integrated into its design is also admirable, to say the least.

14Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Cambridge Passcase Wallet with Removable Card Case by Tommy Hilfiger

Like the Tommy Hilfiger Ranger, the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Cambridge Passcase Wallet with Removable Card Case is one luxurious looking money and card holder for today’s gentlemen. The craftsmanship of its cowhide leather is one of the most lauded aspects of the product as it does give a look that is best reserved for the affluent. The good thing about the Tommy Hilfiger Cambridge is that it has a removable card case which gives you the option of using either the money case or the passcase. If you’re going out and you only need your card, then just bring the card case along with you. If you intend on using cash instead, then the passcase should suffice. While it doesn’t have any RFID protection, the sleek profile can mask its presence in your pocket, leaving you free from the suspicions of potential pickpockets.

What We Like about It – There’s not much to be said about the Tommy Hilfiger creation as quality is never a question. The removable card case is a delight, though.

15Wally Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Wallet for Men with Money Clip by Distil Union

One major issue with super slim card cases or holders is that it is often difficult to pull a card out especially if they are packed tightly into the card slot. While these slots can be widened a bit, doing so will severely compromise the integrity of the whole system. As such, there must be a mechanism in which we can safely tug on our cards so that we don’t have to strain pulling them out from their slots. Distil Union has managed to address this issue with its patented Wally Pull-Tab mechanism. Its latest offering, the Wally Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Wallet for Men with Money Clip has been performing exceptionally well ever since its introduction as proven by the close to two thousand rave reviews about the product. The Pull-Tab mechanism allows you to easily pull out your cards without having to worry about spilling everything into the streets. It even comes with a dedicated money clip that can be easily adjusted to really give it a super thin profile by eliminating excess materials that have been recognized as the major sources of bulk in many traditional wallets. This super thin profile helps provide for a more fashionable look on your body-hugging pants whether on your back or front pockets. It can also help hide its presence so that you don’t fall victim to the deft hands of pickpockets. The Distil Union is mare of full-grain premium leather that has been skillfully crafted by hand to roll the edges giving it a more refined, luxury look. And if you’re like us who don’t want to pull out their keyless entry access cards from their wallets, you’d be glad to know that the Distil Union is compatible with most NFC devices. Gaining access to your office or apartment or even paying in a tap-to-pay terminal has never been this easy with the Distil Union.

What We Like about It – The Distil Union is one classic skinny wallet you’ll be glad to have with you. The form, the functionality, and the superb craftsmanship make this one of the best mens wallet in our list.

How We Chose the Cool Wallets in Our List

For starters, a “cool” wallet is very subjective. It may look so pleasing to us but not to you or others. Since being hip is a very subjective interpretation of the different qualities of a particular product, we knew we had to rely on existing customer reviews. There were generally two aspects that we had considered. First was the number of customers that have posted their very own unique reviews highlighting their positive experiences with the product. Even negative comments were carefully analyzed. The second factor was the current rating of the product. The more stars or higher ratings it has, the better is the chance that it can be included in the final list.

As you would have already guessed by now, we didn’t just rely on these reviews. We also had to examine each one carefully for their features as well as their make. Many prefer leather although there are those that go for synthetic materials instead. Regardless, one thing really stood out. These products are really pleasing to look at.

And then there’s the credibility of the wallet-maker. Well-established brands typically command a stiff price especially for their premium products. However, there are also popular and respectable companies that provide a superb combination of style, functionality, and value. So we considered these, too.

Things to Look for in a Wallet

We already described above how we chose the wallets in our list. In case, you would like to perform your very own search, here are some things you need to look for in choosing a wallet for you or for someone else.

  • Material – You have plenty of choices when it comes to the material used in wallet-production. Majority would go for leather although there are those who would prefer cotton or even synthetic materials. Leather has many great properties that make it preferable over other types of materials. However, it is often quite expensive. If you’re on a rather tight budget, you can go for cotton or synthetic wallets; although the price between a leather and a non-leather product is not really that significant depending on the brand. Well-established names will command generally a stiffer price.
  • Type – In buying a wallet, you will also need to consider the type that you need. Do you require a billfold, a slim type, a passport case, a travel type, or even a long wallet type? Each of these have their own unique purposes, advantages, and disadvantages. Study these well to determine your exact needs.
  • Safety – You may have to think about keeping the security of your card information especially with the growing incidence of identity theft and credit card fraud. If you’re not really using cards, then you don’t need RFID blocking wallets. But if you do, then these products should be worth considering.

The Bottom Line

It’s now 2017. What better way to start the year than with any of the 15 cool wallets we’ve listed here.

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