20 Cool Visors in 2017

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Almost everyone consider the sense of vision as one of the most important senses. It allows us to see clearly just how beautiful our world really is. It also helps us communicate and even get an idea of what another person is thinking just by looking at his or her behavior. Unfortunately, our eyes are also one of the most vulnerable organs that are affected by the elements. Separated only by a very thin layer of membrane underneath a fold of skin that closes every time we blink, our eyes need all the protection it can get to help ensure its optimum functioning. While eyeglasses can help protect our eyes from dust, these cannot protect our eyes from the glare of the sun. We can have sunglasses but not everyone likes wearing glasses. A better solution is to use sun visors. And for that, our 20 cool visors in 2017 should help you choose a more suitable portable shade for your eyes this summer or any time of the year.

20 Cool Visors

1Adidas Men’s Adizero Visor by Adidas 

One of the most trusted names in sportswear and apparel is Adidas. As such, if it is the best visors you’re looking for, the Adidas men’s Adizero will never let you down. While it is designed for men, we found quite a number of female customers who actually use it for a variety of purposes whether it is for playing tennis, hitting the greens, or just taking a very casual walk in the park on a hot and glaring sunny day. Made with only the best materials that Adidas can obtain from its design house, the Adizero is also packed with some of the latest in sun shade technology such as ClimaLite which is a sweatband that’s fully integrated into the Adizero, giving it superb moisture wicking properties. The polyester fabric is both lightweight and soft giving your head optimum comfort while its self-fabric binding helps ensure a perfect fit. It is this latter feature that women find appealing. It’s got UPF which is rated tops when it comes to the inhibition of harmful ultraviolet radiation. And with a 3D embroidered logo adorning the front, the Adizero is sure to turn heads while keeping you protected.

What We Like about It – With a name like Adidas, trustworthiness is never an issue. However, like all headwear, it’s all a matter of personal tastes. The ClimaLite is nonetheless, exceptional.

22XU Run Visor by 2XU

Adidas is not the only company that makes excellent visor hats. The Run Visor of 2XU is also a phenomenal headwear made of high quality 100 percent nylon with superb moisture wicking technology. The highly breathable fabric also helps provide fantastic UV protection while keeping sweat away from your eyes during intense physical activity so you’ll stay focused on the task and not on the perspiration building up on and dripping from your forehead. Adjusting the 2XU is made easy with its Velcro strap ensuring superior fit regardless of head size. With ten super cool colors to choose from, the 2XU is sure to provide an excellent wear on race day or even during regular days when you simply want to stay protected. It’s perfect for training, endurance sports, hiking, aerobic sports, and running as well as other physically demanding activities where you’d want excellent protection against UV rays and great moisture wicking technology. The trendy design actually makes it a great headwear to use on casual days.

What We Like about It – The 2XU has an unpretentious design. Yet, the way it’s built gives it a certain level of functionality that is often associated with leading brands.

3Hawaiian Pattern Visor by Magic

Want a fun looking sun visor cap designed especially for people who are going to go to the beach this summer looking really cool, hip, and trendy? Then get the Magic Hawaiian Pattern. It may not have all that superior moisture wicking technology that other products are known for, but the Magic Hawaiian is nonetheless, excellent since it already incorporates a sweat band right into its 100 percent cotton construction. This allows for amazing ventilation, keeping your forehead cool and feeling fresh for longer periods of time. The Hawaiian floral patterns may look faded but it’s actually what is considered hip and cool by summer beachgoers. It actually works to complement any fashion style you choose to project. Whether it is to strut your stuff in the beaches of South Florida or perhaps walking the fairways of your favorite golf links or simply enjoying a day at an amusement theme park, the Magic Hawaiian is sure to give you the fashion statement you want to convey. If you think this is just for women because of its floral accents, you’d be surprised to know we’ve known some men who are very confident wearing these.

What We Like about It – Its cotton construction offers excellent coolness and ventilation compared to other types of fabric materials. It’s hip, trendy, and fresh, too so it should be a great addition to any summer fashion.

4Nike Golf Dri-FIT Swoosh Visor by Nike

Many of the world’s top athletes are known endorsers of Nike. That’s why many ordinary individuals always look for the classic Nike logo in many of their purchases as this is often equated with superb quality. The Nike Golf Dri-Fit Swoosh is one fantastic sun visor cap from one of the planet’s leading manufacturers of sport apparel and wear. The Golf Swoosh is a three-panel cap that has been dutifully built with Nike’s patented Dri-Fit technology. This enables the wearer to be as physically active as he or she can without having to fret or fuss about perspiration ruining his or her concentration. We know this Nike product is primarily intended for golfers but you simply cannot blame the others who may find more uses for the Nike Golf Swoosh. The light-colored stitches provide a great contrast to the solid black panels of the Golf Swoosh. If you do choose the white version, you’d get dark-colored stitching to provide a remarkable visual interest. The thin hook and loop closure at the back also provides an additional visual element to the already superb simplistic styling of the Golf Swoosh.

What We Like about It – Whether you believe in endorsements or not, Nike products are one of the most trusted in the face of the planet. The Golf Swoosh simply extends this tradition of quality.

5Augusta Adult Athletic Mesh Visor by Augusta Sportswear

Sometimes, you do want to personalize your sun visor cap but couldn’t really do so because it already has a pre-printed or pre-embroidered design of its own, often provided by the manufacturer itself. What if we told you we’ve found really great visor hats that can be easily personalized using its fold-down sweatband? Then you can put your very own signature embellishments and make it really you own fashion statement. This is what the Augusta Adult Athletic Mesh promises to provide to its customers. Aside from its amazing customization feature, the Augusta also comes with the same moisture wicking technology that other brands have. The company also guarantees that it will never stain nor fade giving you the opportunity to enjoy your custom embellishments for a long time. It also adjusts easily and, thanks to its superb polyester fabric material, can provide you with superb comfort all day long. Whether it is for sporting action or running errands, the Augusta is your truly personalized cap.

What We Like about It – With 15 color designs to pick, you’ll never have any reason not to wear your signature cap. You can now wear different fully customized caps every day for two weeks. Now, don’t tell us that’s not amazing news.

6USA Flag Visor W40S44B by MG

Designed for the patriotic Americans as well as foreign tourists and visitors who would like to get a piece of the great red, white, and blue, the USA Flag Visor is an excellent gift. Made of only the best possible materials to give you the classic design of the US flag known the world over, this MG product is sure to draw attention to your sense of nationalism. Of course, it’s also functional as the panel is built to draw moisture off your forehead. Now, you can join Independence Day feeling more rejuvenated at the idea of wearing the American flag right on your head.

What We Like about It – It’s a very nationalistic way to show your love for this country. It’s ideal for local and national celebrations.

7MG Women’s Piping Clip On Visor by MG

Women require only the most elegant, most sophisticated product they can ever put on their heads. And while the MG Women’s Piping Clip On looks so ridiculously simple in its design, it is nonetheless oozing with appeal. With 100 percent cotton making up the fabric of its beautifully simplistic form, women will never complain of getting a real headache from the heat as the cooling comfort of cotton will work many wonders. The bill wraps gently towards the back giving you one clean continuous line unlike most visor hats that have a break between the bill and the side panels. Lining the top of the Piping is a crown that measures about an inch high, providing an appeal that is both aesthetic and functional. If you’re going out with your lady friends, this is one headwear you’ll never leave home without. The dark-colored piping provides an excellent aesthetic element to the natural simplicity of the MG Piping.

What We Like about It – It’s elegant in a very simple yet functional way. The wide bill is also remarkable, perfect for shading your makeup under the sun.

8Under Armour Women’s Fly Fast Visor by Under Armour

For ladies who require the more traditional bill style of the best visors, the Under Armour Women’s Fly Fast offers excellent comfort for your head with its amazing combination of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent elastane. This wonderful mix gives the Fly Fast an amazing flexibility such that it will never get deformed. So, even if you accidentally sit on it, it will still be able to rise up to whatever challenge you throw at it. The fabric combination also features a sweatband that’s purposely designed for remarkable moisture wicking capabilities. Of course, you can always opt to bring your towel with you but, with the Fly Fast’s sweatband, you can already take care of those drops of perspiration on your head without having to wipe them off yourself. The Fly Fast comes with a reflective logo on the front side to improve visibility even in poor lighting conditions. Ladies can now dance under the sun and be more than comfortable doing so with the Fly Fast.

What We Like about It – It’s chic design is what many ladies love about the Fly Fast. The combination of polyester and elastane is noteworthy, too.

9Under Armour Men’s Shadow Visor 3.0 by Under Armour

If ladies love the Fly Fast, men will find the Under Armour Men’s Shadow to be just right for them. Technically, the Shadow has all the qualities and features of its ladies’ counterpart. It has the same moisture wicking technology that’s creatively embedded into the sweat band. It also features the same reflective logo to give superb visibility in the dark or low light environments. If at all there’s a difference, it is for the fact that the men’s version of Under Armour is made of 100 percent polyester without any added elastane. This gives it a more rigid structure that men want. While the Shadow is clearly not the best running visor, it can nevertheless, provide an excellent alternative for those who want to move away from the big names in mens visor hats.

What We Like about It – The Shadow has a design that reflects a highly masculine nature because of the broad, squarish bill. Its moisture wicking capabilities are also remarkable for this brand.

10Scala Women’s Visor Hat with Big Brim by Scala

Many Japanese women who tour the world can often be seen wearing beautifully adorned caps with a bow and ribbon embellishment at the back. This gives them a certain look that is quite difficult to duplicate using ordinary visor hats. While the Scala Women’s Visor Hat with Big Brim is primarily designed as a fashion accessory, it is not uncommon that women will use it for other uses. For instance, we’ve seen comments about it being used in playing golf as well as in walking the park or even strolling the beach. The genuine cotton structure provides a really breezy feel to the wearer. Add to this its extra-large brim and you’ve got for yourself a fashion accessory you can interchange every day for 21 days. You can pick one from 21 different design colors to match your fashion getup. Coming up with a fashion style that’s uniquely yours is now made a lot easier by Scala’s Big Brim collection.

What We Like about It – The elegant design of the Scala Big Brim is a great way to improve your fashion style. The bow and ribbon at the back extends its elegance.

11MG Leopard Raffia Ladies Straw Clip On Visor by MG

Made of 100 percent straw, the Leopard Raffia Ladies Straw Clip On is one fashionable cap designed for trendy and hip ladies of today. The Leopard Raffia is purposely designed for those requiring a more natural and eco-friendly yet stylish and posh look that can rival even those worn by catwalk models in Big Four cities. The tight weave pattern of the natural straw gives the Leopard Raffia certain elegance found in the way the weave patterns create visual texture. With a cotton crown, it is also very comfortable to wear and will fit snuggly on anyone’s head. Like all visor hats, the Leopard raffia also has a sweat band to ensure you’ll not be bothered by dripping sweat.

What We Like about It – It’s stylish and very fashionable. It’s also highly functional and very practical, too. What else can you wish for?

12Extra Wide Brim Cloth Visor by Cushees

With an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rated at 50+, the Cushees Extra Wide Brim Cloth Visor provides one of the best protection against ultraviolet radiation. The Cushees is made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton giving it a certain degree of softness that closely resembles that of pure cotton visor hats while also giving it superb durability and ease of cleaning. The 5-inch brim is one of the largest we’ve seen making the usual 4 incher look like mediocre shades we put over our heads. It also comes with a solid background giving you the opportunity to create your stunning designs for a more personalized take on this sun visor cap. Unfortunately, the Cushees is designed particularly for women as they do tend to be more conscious about the effects of UV rays on their facial skin. The Velcro closure mechanism at the back of the Cushees guarantees the perfect fit for all head circumferences.

What We Like about It – Needless to say, the ultra-wide brim is a wonderful and very useful feature of the Cushees. Its UPF rating at 50+ is also significant and should be a great consideration for people who are quite conscious about getting sunburn on their faces.

13Costa Del Mar Cotton Visor by Costa Del Mar

When it comes to superb eye protection against UV rays, many look to the superb sunglasses of Costal Del Mar. Their technical knowhow in the world of protective sunglasses is now in the Coasta Del Mar Cotton Visor, guaranteeing superb UV protection for the rest of your face. With its iconic C-wave logo embroidered on the front, the Costa Del Mar looks more like your usual cap but with its top meticulously cut off from its lower third. Using only the finest cotton available, Costa Del Mar women’s and mens visor hats are the perfect tools for a great day under the sun without having to worry about getting burned crisp especially on the skin of your face.

What We Like about It – It’s made by one of the trusted names in sunglasses. We guess this is one reason why it was able to obtain 4.6 stars form Amazon so far.

14Nike Court Featherlight Tennis Visor by Nike

Tennis players are often at the mercy of the glare of the sun especially during serves. Even returning a ball can be quite difficult if you happen to be oriented towards the sun. That’s why the best visors are almost always worn by tennis superstars. Today, one doesn’t have to be in a tournament to enjoy the same level of protection and comfort that these superstars are enjoying. Nike is giving these features to you with the Nike Court Featherlight Tennis Visor. One of the most fascinating things about this Nike product is its Dri-Fit technology that guarantees you remain dry regardless of who you are faced with in a match or whatever activity you engage in. The polyester used in its body construction is 100 percent recycled giving it an eco-friendly nature.  However, Nike guarantees that its back panel is nothing less than 100 percent polyester. The lining, though, is made of a combination of recycled polyester and spandex to give it flexibility so it wraps around your crown perfectly. The mesh side panels allow for optimum ventilation, further aiding in the benefits afforded by the Featherlight’s Dri-Fit technology. It is now more than possible to hit those volleys like a pro.

What We Like about It – Obviously, the Nike Featherlight is not just for tennis. It’s basically up to the wearer how he or she intends to use the different features to his or her advantage.

15Take Two Women’s Mid Size Clip On Brim Visor by Take Two

The Take Two Clip On Brim Visor looks like a headband with a bill attached to the front edge. It doesn’t include any Velcro enclosures that you will still need to adjust to find the perfect fit. It’s as easy as slipping it on your forehead and just allow the ends of the Take Two hug your crown like a magnet. The inner surface of the Take Two is lined with terrycloth giving it superior comfort as well as super absorbent properties. It’s like wrapping a sponge around your head to absorb all the moisture, preventing it to condense and become perspiration. It’s also lightweight and can be easily cleaned in your washing machine. You can actually make a collection out of the Take Two as it comes in 30 various designs. If you do that, you’ll end up with a fashionable and functional cap to use every single day of the month.

What We Like about It – The Take Two is very easy to use. The wide array of designs is an added bonus.

16Scala Women’s Sewn Braid Visor by Scala

Ladies will surely love Scala Women’s Sewn Braid Visor hats, especially those who like natural, eco-friendly materials. Made of a variety of natural fibers, the Scala Sewn Braid is the perfect solution to a more fashionable headwear. The intricate woven pattern makes for a splendid visual texture which can complement similar-themed getup. However, the Scala Sewn Braid should not be taken as a fashion item alone since its ultra-wide bill can also give functionally effective sun protection. The ends of the Scala are fitted with Velcro for a more secure fit while the inner lining is layered with soft and moisture absorbent material to give your head the coolness and comfort it deserves.

What We Like about It – The Scala Sewn Braid is not only stylish and fashionable; it’s also very functional. Gone are the days when you’ll be worrying of burned or darkened face.

17Adidas Tour Visors by Adidas

As we have already said earlier, Adidas is one of those brands that you can rely on to deliver quality products. With the Adidas Tour Visors, the reputation of the brand gets all the more cemented as it has all the right features of a touring cap. It features the same moisture wicking technology that Adidas is known for including fully adjustable Velcro straps. Available in black or white, the Adidas Tour is one sun visor cap that is simply perfect for completing your other sports or casual apparel from the same company. The Adidas Tour comes as a 100 percent polyester cap with a very low profile but a wide bill, giving you the sun protection your face needs.

What We Like about It – It’s made by a trusted name in sportswear and apparel. The combination of form and function is one of the best things you will appreciate from Adidas.

18Toyoil Neoprene Sun Visor Hat by Toyoil

Want something really unusual yet equally effective in protecting your face while you’re out under the sun? What really makes the Toyoil Neoprene Sun Visor cap so unique is that it can be folded whichever way you like, slip it in your pocket, and when it’s time to put it on, you’ll just have to wank it open and slip it over your head. The neoprene material upon which the Toyoil is made of allows this superior flexibility that there’s simply no disfiguring it. The Toyoil will always stand up to protect you during those crucial moments that you need some facial cover. No matter where you’re going or what you’ll be doing outdoors, the Toyoil will come to your rescue directly from your pocket.

What We Like about It – The Toyoil has a very ingenious design concept that talks more about the practicality and convenience of pocketing your hat when not needed.

19Smiffy’s Men’s Poker Visor by Smiffy’s

If you’re in front of your computer for more than 10 hours a day, you might find your eyes hurting more often than you’d want them to. While the Smiffy’s mens visor hats are designed for poker players and accountants, they also make good eye protection for those who may be exposed to other types of radiation, like those coming from video or computer screens. The green translucent bill helps provide a cooling effect to your eyes so they will not get strained too much. Additionally, the adjustable bands are simply phenomenal, further elevating your “cool” points.

What We Like about It – It really does look cool to be wearing one of these in the office. At least, there will be fewer incidences of tired, irritated eyes.

20Simplicity Women’s Wide Brim Roll-up Straw Sun Visor by Simplicity 

Be the darling of the crowd. Wear your most fashionable dress and complement it with the Simplicity Women’s Wide Brim Roll-up Straw Sun Visor cap. You don’t need to strut on the catwalk to be the center of attention. This trendy and super chic hat made of 100 percent straw is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The incredibly wide brim gives you superb protection not only to your face but down to your neck and shoulders. The open top lets you style your hair to match the elegance of the Simplicity. Never again will you wear a different hat.

What We Like about It – The name may be simple, but it sure is not when it comes to its beauty and elegance. Its roll-up function is great for carriage as well as storage.

How We Chose the Most Amazing Sun Visors in Our List

Choosing a sun visor cap is like choosing a hat. It all depends on one’s personal tastes of what can be considered fashionable and stylish. However, because visors are inherently designed to provide shade to the upper half of the face, protecting the eyes from the intense glare of the sun and improve optimum visibility even in brightly lit environments, it was crucial for us to look at just how well these products can provide such benefit. If it has a rather narrow bill, then there’s a strong chance that it will not be able to provide the protective shading that we are all looking for. Obviously, the larger the bill, the better it should be in shading us from glare and intense heat of the sun. Add to this the type of material that’s used in UV protection.

We then looked at the material that was used in the design of the side panels. We know that majority of individuals who use these types of headwear lead very active lifestyles. As such, perspiration is a major issue. The side panels or bands had to be made of absorbent material to help prevent sweat or perspiration from dripping down your face. For those who use them as fashion accessories, we had to look at the features that really make it stylish and fashionable.

Regrettably, even after meticulous evaluation of these qualities, we still ended up with quite a great number of potential contenders in the top 20 list. We thus, considered the visor hats’ product rating on some of the world’s foremost online commerce sites. At any rate, we know that a 4.0 star minimum rating should suffice to give you the confidence about a product’s “cool” or “wow” factor. The feedbacks also provide the necessary validation of our evaluation.

Things You Need to Consider in Getting the Right Visor

There are many reasons why you need a visor whenever you’re going to go out under the sun. Let’s just say it’s like putting on a sunblock but only on your head. And while there are many guides to buying a cool visor, what is more important is to understand the things that you will need to consider in choosing the perfect sun hat.

  • Purpose – Always choose a hat that is designed for a particular purpose. Don’t get a hat intended for sporting events when you want to use it during your travels. As a cardinal rule you need to be clear about the activity that you’re going to engage in.
  • Size of brim – At the very minimum, you should have a bill or brim size of 3 inches. This is because the intensity of the sun’s UV rays generally changes throughout the day. While a 3 inch brim may shield you in the morning, it may fail you in the afternoon.
  • Shape of brim – Choose hats with curved down brims. This helps provide a far better protection for your face. It is also important to note that if you have damaged hair or even dyed hair, it is best to steer clear of visors.
  • Visor material – Visors typically come in synthetic and natural materials. Regardless of the material used, it is imperative that it does not allow UV rays to pass through. This is particularly important in straw hats. These need to be tightly woven.

The Bottom Line

Visors protect the face against the harsh rays of the sun. More importantly, the eyes are also protected from the excessive glare. With these 20 cool visors in 2017, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor activities a lot better.


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