12 Cool Towels for Your Home in 2017

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Towels are very functional pieces of fabric that work their wonders by keeping our body surfaces dry especially after taking a bath, getting drenched in the rain, coming out from a swim, or even after washing up. Of course, it is always possible to choose not to get dried up right away. But if you’re in the middle of summer, the droplets of water on your skin can act like magnifying glass that amplifies the intensity of the sun’s rays. So, it is really best to remove these droplets off your skin especially if you’re under the intense heat of the sun. To help facilitate the removal of moisture off your skin, you need really absorbent towels. But, you don’t have to be content with the usual, ordinary looking bath sheet. What you need is one of our 12 cool towels for your home in 2017. Here they are.

Our 12 Really Cool Towels

Athens 100% Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set by Superior

Athens 100% Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set

It’s as soft like the most luxurious fabric you can ever imagine. It’s also very durable, giving you many years of absorbing excess moisture off your skin and excess water off your hair. All of these qualities are all because of the 100 percent cotton used in the production of each piece of the Athens by Superior. And why not? With a name that is almost synonymous with human history, the Athens is one of the coolest towels you can ever get either for yourself or for anyone else you care about. The Athens comes as a set of 6 beautifully crafted fabric pieces that include two each for bathing, for wiping the face, and for cleaning and drying the hands. With an elegant patterned band, the Athens can truly elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom especially when the patterned bands are arranged in such a way that it seamlessly blends with the rest of your bathroom décor. You don’t need to worry about the colors staining since these have been ingeniously designed for colorfastness. This renders the Athens fully machine washable. Drying though, requires immediate removal from the dryer after being tumble dried on low. Care for the Athens and it will definitely take care of you and the rest of your family for many years to come.

What We Like about It – The Athens has superior softness, excellent absorption capabilities, splendid durability, and a look that will bring to life any bathroom.

Summer of Siam Multi Stripe Oversized Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel by Cotton Craft

Summer of Siam Multi Stripe Oversized Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel

If you love the uniquely soft downy feel of velvet, then the Summer of Siam Multiple Stripe Oversized Beach Towel should be an exceptional choice. Produced using the Jacquard process allowing for the easier weaving of very complex and colorful patterns, this double woven textile boasts of the colors that have defined the summer months of Siam, the ancient name of Thailand. You’d get reds, blues, oranges, yellows, and greens as well as other colors that depict the colorful nature of Thai summer. The velvety feel of velour made from 100 percent super-absorbent cotton that has been soft ringspun gives you superb absorption capabilities and a feel that is nothing less than luxurious. Its double weave construction makes it very ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming in the pool or even in the beach or even lounging on your favorite chair. Wrap the Summer of Siam around your body as you walk down the beach. Lay it flat on the beach and let the colors of its stripes bring out the summer fun.

What We Like about It – The Summer of Siam provides a large surface area for drying the moisture off your body and can serve other purposes as well. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy care.

Great White Shark Teeth Beach / Shower Towel by Dawhud Direct

Great White Shark Teeth Beach / Shower Towel

Despite its fearsome reputation making it one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet, the Great White is really a magnificent beast of the deep. While marine scientists continue to unlock the mysteries of this Jaws character, beachgoers and sun frolickers can venerate the deep blue creature with the Great White Shark Teeth Beach / Shower Towel. It’s actually made of 100 percent cotton velour, giving it superb downy comfortable softness that you will definitely love rubbing against or even draping over your body. It’s super cozy and highly absorbent, too. It won’t matter if you’re going to use this tamed ocean Jaws at home right in your bathroom, your backyard swimming pool, or even the beach. The Great White will bring sensations of luxurious softness all over your body. The vibrant colors also make for an excellent décor on sandy beaches. Or, if we have to be blunt about it, you can use it as a makeshift shade against the scorching heat of the sun. The colors will never fade, by the way, and caring for it is easily accomplished by simply throwing it in your washing machine. Turn heads this summer as you head to the beach with the Great White draped over your body.

What We Like about It – The Great White is a great blue beach and shower towel that is super soft, super absorbent, and super durable – just like the great monster of the deep.

Plush Cabana Beach Towel by Laguna Beach Towel Co.

Plush Cabana Beach Towel

Boasting of fabric fibers that are 40 to 50 percent thicker than other beach towels, thanks to its use of pure, high quality Aegean Turkish cotton, the Laguna Beach Towel Company’s Plush Cabana is one super-absorbent fabric that is simply perfect for beach and swimming pool use. The Cabana features 630 GSM of pure cotton, giving it superb absorption properties, keeping you drier faster while also affording you exceptional softness. Aegean Turkish cotton is known for its softer yet stronger strands. The fibers are ringspun to create a 2-ply structure giving it superior thickness which is actually what lends the Cabana its amazing absorption properties and ultra-plushness. Additionally, the 2-ply construction of the Cabana helps guarantee longer lasting lifespan so you can expect it to be used for many generations to come. You’ve never known plushness until you’ve had the experience of letting the Cabana drape your body and remove the moisture off your skin like a magnet attracting metal. The tightly knit long staple fibers give a feeling of luxurious comfort and softness that you rarely see in beach towels. The design of the Cabana is worth noting as well. It has a classic and fresher seafoamcoloredpattern that affords it a more relaxed vibe. Lounging after a dip is made even more relaxing with the Cabana over your body.

What We Like about It – The Cabana is super plush and super absorbent and with a classic relaxing style, there’s no mistaking its superb class.

Terry Women’s Bath Wrap Towels by robesale

Terry Women’s Bath Wrap Towels

Want a towel that can actually serve as a bath wrap? We would have included a sarong but its water and moisture absorption capabilities are simply not sufficient for beach and pool use. Instead, we’re opting for the Terry Women’s Bath Wrap Towels as the 100 percent terry cotton fiber provides exceptional water and moisture absorption properties. This velour fabric also provides great levels of comfortable and luxurious softness that it would feel like being draped in the most expensive silk. On the inside surface is terry cotton while the exterior surface is lined with smooth velour. The Robesale Terry comes with an elastic band to provide superb closure at the top. Velcro has also been added for a more secure fit. The good news is that while the Robesale performs its exceptional moisture wicking capabilities, it can also function as a very fashionable body cover as it comes in a variety of styles and colors. This will give you the kind of attitude you need on the beach or even at the pool.

What We Like about It – The Robesale is a very functional beach towel that can double as a very fashionable and stylish body cover.

Utopia Soft Cotton Machine Washable Extra Large Bath Towel by Utopia Towels

Utopia Soft Cotton Machine Washable Extra Large Bath Towel

One of the most trusted names when it comes to towels and similar super-absorbent fabrics is Utopia. It simply is amazing to see a 4.3 average on Amazon’s customer satisfaction rating system for something as unpretentious as a Utopia Towel. And we’re not only talking about tens or hundreds of satisfied customers; we’re dealing with close to 2,400 very content, very happy towel users. The Utopia comes as a very soft and very fluffy fabric that simply feels so refreshing to wrap on one’s body. Its super absorbent properties make it the most ideal fabric to use when drying up right after a warm shower or even right after coming up from the swimming pool or after a stint in the sea. The 100 percent cotton materials used in the manufacture of the Utopia allow for amazing breathability so your skin won’t feel like oxygen is being sucked out of its life. It is also designed to be extremely hypoallergenic so you will never have to worry about getting redness or any other sign of skin irritation. This should be welcome news to individuals who may have baby skin – very hypersensitive. The terry weave loop construction of the Utopia means optimum moisture absorption as both sides can equally absorb water and moisture exceptionally well. What you get is faster drying of your skin after a shower or a swim so you can don your favorite clothes thereafter.

What We Like about It – The Utopia is the ultimate in absorbency, versatility, plushness, and superb coverage. With durability and quality guaranteed, it is simply the best option to take.

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels by Ariv Collection

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

If you’re a fan of bamboo, then perhaps the Ariv Collection will appeal to you. It really is a one-of-a-kind bath towel since a lot of people will never associate bamboo as a fabric material. The Ariv Premium Bamboo Cotton collection is made up of 30 percent bamboo fibers and 70 percent all-natural cotton. The bamboo fibers are what gives it its excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which, when combined with the hypoallergenic properties of cotton, can easily spell greater health benefits. The bamboo fibers also give it superb antifungal, antibacterial, and odor resistant properties. This is particularly important since fungal species thrive in warm, moist environments which moist towels have. This is also the reason why some fabrics that are not allowed to dry completely often emit that foul musky odor. With the Ariv Collection, such olfactory nuisances will all be but things of the past. And here’s something that many people don’t know. Bamboo fibers have been shown to have more than 3 to 4 times the moisture absorbing powers of cotton. With that in mind, it’s not really difficult to say that the Ariv Bamboo Cotton Collection is simply an amazing product.

What We Like about It – The Ariv Collection has exceptional health-giving, health-promoting, and disease-preventing properties coupled with its superb absorption capabilities, durability, and softness.

Blue Stripes Large Beach and Pool Towels by wuudi

Blue Stripes Large Beach and Pool Towels

When we talk of the beach the color that we often associate it with is blue. From the water to the sky above, blue speaks of calmness and peace. And when you take the wuudi Blue Stripes to the beach, you’d feel much more relaxed yourself. Unfortunately, when laid out in its full glory, we cannot help but wonder if this has a more Greek feel to it, seeing it does resemble the Greek national flag because of its blue and white stripes except that the wuudi doesn’t have the white cross on the upper quarter of the panel. Greek nationalism aside, the wuudi boasts of 100 percent cotton which we all know by now what it brings. There’s exceptional breathability, allowing your skin to be continuously replenished with life-giving air so that microorganisms, particularly fungal species, will not have the opportunity to conglomerate and form colonies. It’s remarkably absorbent as well, enabling you to wear your clothes in a much shorter period of time than other products. And of course, cotton won’t be cotton if not for its superb comfort. Cotton fibers provide excellent hypoallergenecity which is remarkable news for individuals who may have hypersensitivity reactions especially on other types of fabrics. Given that wuudi is made of genuine cotton, it actually recommends washing it with bleach that doesn’t contain chlorine if ever you want to retain the whiteness of its white stripes. Otherwise, a gentle tumble on your washing machine should suffice.

What We Like about It – The wuudi Blue Stripes provide exceptional absorbency, durability, and comfort in a design that’s refreshingly relaxing.

Premium 8 Piece Towel Set by Utopia Towels

Premium 8 Piece Towel Set

We’ve already shared with you the exceptional qualities of Utopia towels. And if you’re looking for a complete set for everyone in your family to use, we recommend getting Utopia’s Premium 8 piece set that includes two pieces each for bathing and hand drying purposes and 4 superbly designed washcloths. Like any other Utopia product, quality is guaranteed in each of these towels that are 100 percent woven with ring spun cotton giving it superb plushness and absorbency. Whether you’re going to use it to wash your face or hands or even to dry your body after a warm shower, you can rely on Utopia’s hypoallergenic materials to never give you problems. This is particularly true for certain individuals who may have an overly reactive immune system that initiates the inflammatory response at a whim. The breathable properties of cotton also lend credence to the health benefits observed and experienced by more than 2,700 reviewers on Amazon, almost 3 out of 5 of which gave their unanimous approval of its worth. While the design of the Utopia Premium towels allow for machine washability, the company recommends washing it separately from other fabrics on first use. This is done to help minimize lint. Utopia also guarantees that all of its products are absolutely safe from any chemicals or synthetic materials. With the Utopia Premium set, you’re now more empowered to a cleaner and fresher face, hands, and body.

What We Like about It – The Utopia carries on its tradition of superior quality, hypoallergenic durable, and super absorbent towels for the entire family.

Larissa 100% Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set by Superior

Larissa 100% Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set

What’s the difference between Superior’s Athens and Larissa towels? Well, nothing really. The only recognizable difference is the band pattern design on the towel. The Larissa comes with a simpler design available in five different colors. Aside from this feature, there really isn’t much to differentiate the Larissa from the Athens. So, if ever you’re not convinced of the aesthetic potential of Athens and would rather want a simpler design, then Larissa is for you. The Larissa comes complete as a set of 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 face towels which puts it in direct competition with the Utopia set, although the latter comes with 8 pieces. Like the Athens, the Larissa is composed of 100 percent all-natural cotton sans any chemical or synthetic substances that are often used in other products to enhance or augment the properties of the item. Such methods are not employed in the Larissa, giving it superb qualities that can rival those of Utopia. That being said, it’s all a matter of personal taste as the inherent design will be a major factor since almost every other piece that is made of 100 percent cotton can be rightfully called super absorbent, super soft, extra-durable, and very comfortable.

What We Like about It – The Larissa provides great absorbency, comfort, and simple styling that should appeal to those who require simple things.

PeshtemalHammam Fouta 100% Cotton Turkish Towel by The Riviera Towel Company

PeshtemalHammam Fouta 100% Cotton Turkish Towel

Want a really multi-purpose towel? How about the PeshtemalHammam Fouta 100% Cotton Turkish Towel? This Turkish Towel can serve as a picnic blanket, a scarf, a table cloth, a sarong, or even as a body wrap. It can also be used in fitness centers, during yoga or Pilates sessions, at the beach or pool, or even in a boat or yacht. The possibilities are endless. thePeshtemal is a versatile and stylish piece of fabric that is made of 100 percent cotton, giving the piece exceptional breathable properties, hypoallergenecity, comfortable softness, and excellent absorbency. It may have a rather thin and flat cotton weave but this does not affect its ability to absorb moisture off any surface. But the real beauty of the Peshtemal is in its compact design, enabling you to easily pack it inside your travel suitcase.

What We Like about It – The Peshmetal is an elegant-looking, multi-purpose towel that’s great not only for the beach but for other places and for other occasions as well.

SportLite Beach Towel by YogaRat 

SportLite Beach Towel

For fans of microfiber fabric, the SportLite Beach Towel provides exceptional softness and absorbency unlike any other. It’s fast-drying and ultra-absorbent making it ideal for highly active individuals whether it is for the beach, the gym, or even on outdoor adventures. Microfiber is known for its superb durability as well as unusual softness on the skin. It should be a great towel to have anywhere you go as it can absorb more water or moisture than any other material. It quickly dries, too. And if you want further proof of SportLife’s superior performance, you’d be glad to know it’s the official towel of the Lifeguard Association of the Los Angeles County.

What We Like about It – The SportLite absorbs more moisture and dries super quick, too. And as the lifeguards of LA can attest to its performance, you too, can benefit from its superior qualities.

How We Chose the Coolest and Most Amazing Towels in Our List

If we talk about towels, there’s only one characteristic that all of us will be looking for: absorbability. In fact, it should never be considered as a towel unless it is able to wipe off and absorb moisture off surfaces. While these are not necessarily sponges, they should leave the skin free from excess moisture so that we can go on with our business. This is the main consideration in our search for the best fabric wipes to include in this list.

Secondly, as we have already said in the beginning, these pieces of fabric wipes should not only be absorbent; they should also look fascinating and appealing especially if you’re going to use it outside the home. Although we do recognize the fact that the parameter of “coolness” is all a matter of personal taste, we did try to quantify it by looking at customer satisfaction scores. If there are a substantial number of people saying a lot of good and positive things about the towel, especially pertaining to how cool it looks, then we considered this as a sign that we made a good choice in shortlisting the item. Of course, this actually meant reading all the positive reviews on the product.

Thirdly, we look at the other qualities of the product that many ordinary customers look for. A soft, almost cottony or feathery, texture is preferred over something that is rather stiff or hard. It makes sense, actually. Who would want to dry up his or her body with a very rough fabric surface? It would be like using a scrubbing pad on your skin instead of the sponge side to your dishwashing pad. However, it should not take precedence over the absorption capabilities of the towel; otherwise, we simply couldn’t call it as such.

Tips to Choosing the Right Towel

We shared with you 12 really cool towels for your home this 2017. But, if you’re wondering how to find the top towels for yourself, then read our tips on choosing the right towel.

The Bottom Line

Like all bath essentials, towels are important to soak water and remove excess moisture off the surface of our skin. With the 12 cool towels we have provided herein, we’re confident you will be on the right track to keeping your body cleaner and healthier.

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