10 Cool Tents for Awesome Camping in 2017

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Camping is one of the most fun ways to enjoy the many things that Mother Nature has to give. Sleeping under the star-filled nighttime sky like fantastic glitters painted on one’s ceiling that ever so sparkle. You listen to the faint sounds of night creatures punctuated with occasional whistle of the wind and you know you’re one with nature. Unfortunately, if you sleep right in the arms of nature itself, you’ll need somehow to protect yourself against some of the threats that may be lurking in the great outdoors. You’ll need a shelter that will keep you warm, dry, and protected from the bugs and other critters that may disrupt your peaceful slumber. You’ll need one of the 10 cool tents we have here you can use for an awesome camping experience this 2017.

10 Awesomely Cool Tents


Sundome 4 Person Tent by Coleman

Sundome 4 Person Tent

Great for a small family or a group of 4 friends, the Coleman Sundome provides exemplary protection anywhere you will be camping in. From the moment you carry it from its storage space in your home to the time you’ll be unpacking and setting it up at the campsite, there really isn’t much that you wouldn’t like about the Sundome as attested to by more than 1,600 satisfied and very happy campers. Weighing in only at around 10 pounds, the Sundome won’t tax you that much so you get to carry all of your other camping essentials. This is made possible by a variety of useful features that keep the Sundome as light as possible without affecting its inherent qualities of sturdiness, durability, and weather proofing. With a floor area of about 63 square feet, it should be large enough to accommodate you and three of your friends or even family members. And there will still be plenty of space for your valuables, that is, if you don’t like to use its built-in storage pockets. Keeping you safe from the elements is the 1000D polyethylene flooring that is thick enough to protect you from the cold ground. The flooring is welded using Coleman’s patented Weather Tec technology complete with inverted seams to help make sure ground water won’t be seeping into the interior. The Insta-Clip pole attachments help secure the Sundome against the wind while allowing for the fiberglass poles to hold the tent together. Pole sleeves are designed in one continuous mechanism to help prevent snagging and facilitate easier setups.

Large windows with mesh screen complement the built-in ground vent to give superb ventilation. The Sundome also comes with an electric access port to power your nightlight as well as other electronic devices to keep you company while on camp. There’s an additional rainfly awning that helps keep rain and sunlight off the main entrance of the Sundome.

What We Like about It – It’s your practical home away from home. The ease of setting up, lightweight features, and weatherproofing make the Sundome a superb tool for enjoying the great outdoors.

Lynx 1 Person Tent by ALPS Mountaineering

Lynx 1 Person Tent

Designed specifically for the solo adventurer, the Lynx from ALPS Mountaineering is one fantastic camping shelter that can be easily set up within minutes. With a floor area of about 20 square feet and a center height of about 3 feet, the Lynx should provide comfortable abode right in the wilderness or even high up in the mountains. Carrying the Lynx won’t really tire you that much as it only weighs about 3 pounds. It also easily rolls and packs into a measly 6 inches by 17.5 inches of space so you can simply sling it over your shoulders or attach it to the side of your mountaineering bag. Made of 185T 75D polyester fly, you can be sure that the Lynx will stay sturdy and strong even against the harsh rays of the sun. The flooring is made of 185T 75D poly taffeta giving you excellent ground protection. The seams of both the floor and the fly have been dutifully sealed for optimum weather proofing. Opening the entrance to the Lynx is made easy with an extra-large no. 8 zipper mechanism. The same mechanism can also be found on the Lynx’s vestibules. The aluminum poles are durable, more than capable of supporting the Lynx. With the Lynx, going on a solo expedition is a breeze.

What We Like about It – The Lynx is perfectly designed for the solo adventurer. With an excellent combination of weatherproofing, ease of assembly, and durability, the Lynx is one outdoorsy masterpiece.

Red Canyon 8 Person Tent by Coleman

Red Canyon 8 Person Tent

For large groups of people of up to 8 grown-ups finding time to really explore the wonders of the great outdoors they will need to spacious comfort and superb protection afforded by Coleman’s Red Canyon. Since it’s from Coleman, there’s no question about its quality construction. The fantastic thing about the Coleman Red Canyon is that it can comfortably accommodate up to 8 campers in an open floor layout or in divided quarters of up to 3 sections. The shock-corded poles allow for instant setups while giving the Red Canyon the structural rigidity it needs to withstand strong winds. Its Weather Tec system is well-known among campers as can be seen from the close to 2,000 rave reviews. The flooring and fly seams are all inverted to ensure all of its occupants will stay dry and warm inside. Rainfly awnings surround the Red Canyon giving you superb shading options against harsh UV light as well as protection against light showers while keeping your windows open. Ventilation is made super-efficient with Coleman’s patented Variflo and Cool-Air port technologies. The Red Canyon is one huge tent for large groups. Despite its size, the Red Canyon is surprisingly light at just 21 pounds. And with its accompanying storage bag, carrying it to the campsite is never a hassle.

What We Like about It – The various technologies put by Coleman into the Red Canyon coupled with its superb construction and spacious interior make it a truly wonder tent.

WeatherMaster 6 Person Screened Tent by Coleman

WeatherMaster 6 Person Screened Tent

In case the Red Canyon is simply too big for you, then maybe the Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent should suffice. It has all the camping tent technologies that have made Coleman an undisputed leader in the industry of outdoor recreation. What you get from the WeatherMaster are two rooms for sleeping and resting plus an extra space for those other activities that are best accomplished with an excellent view of the great outdoors. Not to worry though as this space is adequately protected by heavy duty screen. This section of the WeatherMaster does not have any flooring compared to the 2-room sleeping quarters. The screened room is perfect for dining as well as a lounging area. The screen can help you enjoy the fantastic views without having to be bothered by insects and other critters. The flooring of the 2 sleeping quarters are made of 1000D polyethylene while the fly is made of 75D polyester taffeta with an interior lining of 68D polyester mesh. You don’t need to worry about sleeping damp and cold as the construction of the WeatherMaster is designed to protect you from any weather. What’s more, it also comes with Coleman’s Weather Tec technology to further add to the weatherproofing capabilities of the WeatherMaster. Setting up is easy as you can complete the whole tent within several minutes. Once done, you’ll have the best-looking tent for 6 campers.

What We Like about It – The unique addition of a screened open space is noteworthy. The sleeping quarters are remarkable as well.

Pop-Up Tent by Coleman

Pop-Up Tent

If you and your partner are planning to go camping this weekend, the Sundome will be quite large and the Lynx too small. The perfect fit for two campers will be the Coleman Pop-Up Tent which you can set up in just 10 minutes, thanks to its sturdy poles that have already been pre-assembled. While it does not have Coleman’s proprietary Weather Tec system, it nevertheless makes up for it with taped floor seams to help ensure you and your partner stays dry and warm right inside the Coleman Pop Up. It comes with a rainfly that can be positioned in any section of the Pop Up to give you the correct balance of optimum ventilation and superb weather protection. The 68D 185T polyester fly is designed to be highly resistant to water and fire so you’ll feel a lot more secure inside the Pop Up. Storage is also not a problem as it can easily be folded and packed flat. Now, if you like the design of the Coleman Pop Up but would like a larger version, they do have a 4 person variant which should be almost equivalent to the Sundome except for the missing Weather Tec system on the Pop Up.

What We Like about It – The Pop Up is the ideal tent for those romantic camping out with your partner. It’s lightweight and has excellent weatherproofing, too.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent by Privacy Pop

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Don’t like the idea of lying down with your back as close to the ground as possible? Well, how about getting the Privacy Pop Bed Tent instead? Here’s the catch: you’ll have to bring your own bed in order for this system to work. Otherwise, it will just be like any other ordinary tent. What happens is that the bottom portion of the Privacy Pop is in level with the topmost portion of your bed frame with your mattress conveniently located inside the domed tent. Looking at it, it’s more like the famed capsule hotels in Japan where you get a tiny room with a single bed to sleep on. This should be perfect for camping out in your backyard as it won’t really be a good idea to go far and bring your bed with you. The Privacy Pop is large enough to accommodate a twin bed, nonetheless. The side panels are made of mesh materials so you’ll get the ventilation you require.

What We Like about It – The Privacy Pop is surprisingly popular. Unfortunately, we find it quite unnerving having to bring an entire bed to the campsite.

Coleman 2000018295 8 Person Instant Tent by Coleman

Coleman 2000018295 8 Person Instant Tent

If you don’t like the design of the Red Canyon for your 8-camper group, maybe the Coleman Instant Tent might appeal to you. Unlike the Red Canyon that has 3 rooms or sections, the Coleman Instant comes with only 2 rooms making it ideal for 2 families to share the same tent but in separate living quarters. Or, it is also possible to separate the group between boys and girls so that each one will have his or her privacy. Regardless, the beauty of the Coleman Instant is that it can be set up within one minute. The reason for this is that the fiberglass poles are already pre-attached to the Coleman Instant so all you’ll need is to unpack it and stick the poles to the ground. Pull it up and you’ve got an accommodation good for 8 tired campers. The divider between the rooms can also be removed so if you feel like bonding together as a group, then it’s entirely possible. Like all Coleman tent products, you can rely on its superb Weather Tac system enabling you to enjoy undisturbed sleep, keeping you safe, warm, and dry. The welded floor and inverted seams help make sure of this. Now, if you bring your disco ball, you might as well have a party inside the Coleman Instant.

What We Like about It – We haven’t seen any tent that can be set up in under a minute. The Coleman instant should be a joy to set up.

Lucky Bums Quick and Portable Camp Tent by Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums Quick and Portable Camp Tent

Who said that camping is only enjoyed by adults? If you are going to give your kids the Lucky Bums Quick and Portable Camp Tent, we’re pretty certain they too, will fall in love with the idea of sleeping outside and under the moonlit sky. The Lucky Bums has a folding design which makes it very easy to set up. You can even let your kids do it. They’ll simply unfold it and just allow its super flexible frames to stretch out and they can have their own tent in under 30 seconds. Made of high grade materials, the Lucky Bums can accommodate two kids and make it their beautiful shelter in your backyard or even in their playroom. You can also bring it in the beach, the park, or anywhere else.

What We Like about It – The Lucky Bums is an excellent choice for introducing kids to the joys of camping.

Kids ‘Me Too’ Dome Tent by Pacific Play Tents

Kids ‘Me Too’ Dome Tent

While the Lucky Bums doesn’t really look like a tent, the Kids ‘Me Too’ Dome Tent is just perfect. It’s large enough to accommodate no less than 3 kids. Made of 190T polyester taffeta, the Me Too can take the abuse that kids will throw at it. There are mesh panels to allow for optimum ventilation while the floor is fully waterproof. While it does take some time to set up compared to the Lucky Bums, the Me Too should never be very difficult to put up.

What We Like about It – The Me Too is a wonderful camping introduction for kids.

Pop Up Polka Dot Kids Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit by EocuSun

Pop Up Polka Dot Kids Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit

While it is essentially an outdoor play set, the Pop Up Polka Dots Kids Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit is one fun and thrilling kiddie furniture to have. The playhouse has breathable mesh fabric that keeps mosquitoes out and all the joys in. Setting it up is also super easy because of the firm yet flexible frame. The polyester fabric is also double-sewn giving it excellent strength. The tent may form a part of this 3-piece system but it sure is the heart of it.

What We Like about It – Kids will love playing in the tunnel and the ball pit. As for the playhouse tent itself, it should be a great place to rest and play make-believe home management.

How We Chose the Amazing Tents in Our List

Protection from the elements, albeit partial, is one of the most important parameters for choosing the right tent to include in this particular list. We had to make sure the portable shelter we have listed can protect you against the wind and rain. Of course, we don’t expect you to go camping on a particularly windy and stormy weekend as no tent will really be able to withstand such forces. Even entire houses sometimes give in to the wrath of Mother Nature; what more tents. It should suffice that you stay warm and dry inside these portable shelters.

We also looked at the ease of setting up and disassembly. We know that camping entails a lot of outdoor activities. And while setting up camp is the very first thing you’ll have to do, if the assembly of your temporary shelter will require tremendous amounts of energy from you, then you won’t have any energy left to really enjoy what you set out to do. Likewise, it should also be lightweight; otherwise, you’ll not be able to bring with you your other camping gear and stuff because of the extra weight. In this regard, it should also not be bulky so as to reserve the space for your other things.

Of all these things, it is important that durability and strength be ascertained. All the different components of the tent must come together as one cohesive unit. From the poles to the fabric seams, these should be sturdy to maintain the integrity of the portable shelter.

We included three items in our list that are for children. We believe that, while they don’t necessarily have to camp in the wilderness, they can still enjoy the thrills of camping right in their backyard or even in their own playroom.

Helping us make a more reliable assessment are the customer reviews and product rating of each of these portable shelters. As much as possible we only included those with at least 4 star rating. We then correlated this with the reputation of the tent-maker as highly reputable companies can be relied on to design and produce only excellent quality products backed by guarantees.

Things to Look for in the Right Tent

Camping can be so much fun and enriching as you get to appreciate nature in its entire splendor. However, some people simply have concerns when choosing a tent. If you have the same concerns, here are some things to look for when choosing the right tent for your camping needs.

The Bottom Line

With the 10 cool tents that we have just shared with you, this is now more than just a possibility. It’s an absolute certainty.

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