20 Cool Socks Your Feet Will Love

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One of the most abused and, unfortunately, most neglected parts of our body are the feet. We wear tight-fitting shoes that strangle the breath out of our feet. Women wear stilettos that put a strain on the calf muscles at the back of the legs which also puts pressure on the phalanges of the feet. Some of us wear shoes that don’t allow our feet to breathe such that they develop a nasty smell after a while. While there are now foot spas and podiatrists to take care of our feet, we can always start caring for these body parts by giving them any of the 20 cool socks your feet will love. Trust us when we say your feet will go a long way with these garments.

20 Cool Socks For Happy Feet

1Women’s Cute Animal Painting Socks by YSense

Made of premium quality cotton that is sure to keep the feet feeling comfortable all day long, the YSense Cute Animal Painting socks for women is perfect for everyday use whether it is in the office or for your daily grind. The use of cotton and the inherent technology applied into the manufacture of such a garment helps prevent the growth of bacteria and other odor-causing microorganisms so that each foot stay smelling fresh all day. The sweat that tends to build up because of the rather closed nature of shoes is effectively absorbed by the very same fabric of the footwear. It also keeps the feet well aerated to further add in its ability to inhibit microbial growth. The YSense novelty socks hug each foot like mom cuddling her baby. The heel is beautifully contoured to follow the natural shape of this part of the foot. A seamless toe design also helps provide for a more comfortable wear, eliminating the risk of the fabric getting snagged on your toes. The overall design of the YSense helps ensure optimum wear resistance so you can bet you’ll be wearing this for a very long time as it can also withstand repeated washings.

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What We Like about It – The YSense Cute Animal Painting foot garment is exactly what modern women need. It’s got a great mix of environmental friendliness, stability, elasticity, odor-absorbing power, and deodorizing properties.

2Men’s Solid Ribbed Argyle Cotton Dress Socks by Alpine Swiss

Men will require a different kind of garment for the foot because of the unique anatomy and physiology of this body part compared to women. Made of a superb combination of cotton, elastane, and polyester, the Alpine Swiss Solid Ribbed Argyle Cotton Dress socks for men is inherently designed to be more durable, sturdier, and a lot more flexible to accommodate the rather more active lifestyle of today’s male species. The cotton component, accounting for about 73 percent of the whole fabric, allows for superb breathable comfort. Its 1 percent elastane component gives it that stretch to allow the toes to be moved with relative ease and rendering the whole Alpine Swiss to be amazingly comfortable to wear. The polyester component affords the Alpine Swiss durability and superb resilience to damage. And with a wonderful array of designs and color styles, this is one great package to get either for yourself, the man in your life, or a friend of yours.

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What We Like about It – The Alpine Swiss boasts of a superb combo of elasticity, durability, strength, and breathable material to bring life to your pair of foot.

3Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks by Under Armour

If it’s everyday socks for men that you’re after, whether it is for your daily grind, a trip to the greens, or even a day in the office where business attire is not necessarily a must, Under Armour’s HeatGear Crew socks for men should provide you with an exceptional choice. Made of a rare combination of polyester for strength and durability, cotton for breathable comfort, nylon for added strength and flexibility, and spandex for superb versatility and stretchability, the Under Armour HeatGear comes with the company’s signature Armour Dry fabrication technology, guaranteeing absolutely drier and warmer pedals especially in cold environments. The combination of the different materials provide a rater thick fabric that should work very well in such climates. The arch support for these footwear garments are fully embedded into the design negating the need for a separate support mechanism. Whether it is for daily walks, a run to the grocery or your favorite shop, or any activity at all that requires optimum warming for your pedals, then the HeatGear is a splendid choice.

What We Like about It – The Under Armour HeatGear has exceptional features that help protect and provide exceptional comfort to the feet.

4Compression Socks by Blitzu

One concern among individuals who have to stand all day is the risk of pooling blood in their extremities resulting in the development of varicose veins and other disorders of the peripheral venous blood vessels including edema, thrombosis, and phlebitis. One of the therapeutic modalities recommended is the use of compression stockings. This works by compressing the legs to help reduce the diameter of the veins, increasing the forward movement of blood, and reduce swelling in the lower extremities as well as any other associated symptom. One of the bestselling compression stockings we’ve seen is the Blitzu with 73 out of 100 from the more than 1,000 Amazon reviews giving it a perfect 5. Blitzu boasts of its Kinesiology Taping Design which combines the superb performance of medical grade compression fabric with the stability afforded by kinesiology taping. This allows the wearer to use the Blitzu to support his or her calf and right down to the foot. This is perfect for individuals who have vascular problems of the lower legs. For those with arthritis or painful conditions of the toes, the Blitzu is an excellent choice as the compression technology does not extend well into this area, providing you with ample blood and oxygenation that are necessary for mitigating the pain. The fabric is made of super-soft material with superior durability, elasticity, and flexibility. It also comes as stylish, fashionable, and sleek that you can actually wear this every single day. Now, phlebitis, varicose veins, and lower leg edema as well as other vascular health conditions of the lower limbs will be things or the past.

What We Like about It – The Blitzu is not your ordinary novelty socks; it’s a professionally designed foot and legwear that helps people with blood vessel conditions of the lower limbs.

5Men’s Performance No-Show Socks by Saucony

The Saucony Performance No Show socks for men is the ideal footwear for those informal or casual walks where you would want to display the full length of your legs from the knees right down to the ankles. The Saucony boasts of a RunDry Moisture Management system that helps guarantee freshness and dryness of the feet, thanks to the use of ultra-wicking fibers. It also features Airmesh Venting system that optimizes the flow of air to keep the surfaces of each foot cool and dry especially when you’re outside taking a run. If you think that’s all there is to the Saucony, it also comes with a targeted arch compression technology to help provide for a more secure and stable foot arch. The soles are also lightly cushioned to add a layer of impact protection for your feet. With these innovations, the Saucony is one of the best socks for men as evidenced by the 4.6 stars average satisfaction rating it obtained from close to 2,500 Amazon reviewers.

What We Like about It – The Saucony exudes with comfort, durability, flexibility, and superior technology for footwear that doesn’t show outside the shoes.

6Men’s Elite Basketball Crew by Nike

Basketball players and other athletes require performance footwear that can absorb impact forces on their pedals. Dribbling, rebounding, and shooting the ball will often entail jumping and landing on your feet which can send enough pressure through the legs. While performance basketball shoes can help absorb these forces, you can also add to the protection of your feet by using Nike’s Elite Basketball Crew socks for men. This footwear comes with multi-density cushioning located in strategic points to optimize the shock-absorbing properties of the Elite. It also comes with Dri-FIT fabric that functions to keep your pedals cool and well-aerated. The toes and heels are fully reinforced to give you superior durability.

What We Like about It – Nike is a well-established brand. And while Jordan has officially retired, many still equate basketball greatness to Nike. And any product from this brand is sure to evoke images of quality and style.

7Women’s Novelty Crew Socks by K. Bell

Want something hip, trendy, and fashionable that it gives you the look of wearing sneakers even though you are only wearing novelty socks? Well, the assorted sneakers line of the K. Bell Novelty Crew socks for women is just one of the 12 different designs from the company that is guaranteed to bring a whole new sock-wearing experience. The K. Bell boasts of an excellent mix of fabrics that gives it superb strength, versatility, elasticity, resilience, and durability. The different styles also make the K. Bell very fashionable that you can actually wear them without your shoes. Of course, you cannot do so outdoors.

What We Like about It – The K. Bell provides exceptional value in terms of the stylish design and the sturdy make of its fabric.

81112 Ski Zone OTC Ski Socks with MicroSupreme Moisture Control by Eurosocks 

Compared to other types of footwear, ski boots are somewhat more rigid which can exert a different kind of strain on the foot. That is why the choice of socks for men or women specifically for skiers and other individuals who use hard-shelled footwear like boots becomes all the more important. The Eurosocks Ski Zone OTC Ski socks for men and women comes built with a variety of ergonomic padding to help reduce friction and impact forces on the pedals. It also comes with MicroSupreme fiber technology that guarantees superior wicking as well as exceptional self-drying capabilities. This helps keep the pedals dry and warm, providing you with the comfort you need to accomplish your task on the snow. It also comes with ribbed cuffs to keep it from slipping and dynamic thickness features to provide adequate cushion and minimize shock effects. The overall engineering of the Eurosocks aims to improve blood flow to the rest of the lower limbs keeping efficiency at its optimum.

What We Like about It – The Eurosocks is a marvelous piece of footwear engineering that gives you the best performance and highest quality in a sock.

9Women’s Vintage Style Winter Knitting Warm Wool Crew Socks by Loritta

If you’re fond of the things of the past, you’d find the Loritta Vintage Style Winter Knitting Warm Wool Crew socks for women to be a really exceptional find. It’s soft, fight odors, wicks moisture, breathable, and most of all, very comfortable to wear. And with lovely patterns that speak of a glorious past, the Loritta should be a fashionable garment to wear on your feet. It’s trendy and hip, enabling you to match it with any getup that you choose. The wool composition which makes up 80 percent of the material gives the Loritta superb warmth during the winter months.

What We Like about It – The Loritta exudes with the warmth of yesteryears combined with superb fabric technology of the present.

10Women’s Liner No-Show Socks by Under Armour

Integrated with two very distinct technologies that have made Under Armour a brand to reckon with, its Women’s Liner No Show socks for women is the female version of the HeatGear Crew socks for men, although the design of the No Show is, well, as the name implies, no show. This makes it perfect for casual activities that require the full display of one’s lower limbs. Embedded with Armour Dry feature, the Liner No Show guarantees superb moisture wicking property and keeping your feet dry. Together with the company’s patented Armour Block system which helps minimize if not eliminate the proliferation of odor-causing microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. This simple designed socks for women comes with a fully embedded arch support to help minimize impact forces reverberating through the anatomy of the foot.

What We Like about It – Under Armour’s product for women is exceptionally simple yet very functional. It’s got superb drying and odor protection features, too.

11Women’s Crew Socks by Blue Q

For the woman who wants to express herself, her ideas or thoughts in a very unconventional way, the Blue Q Women’s Crew novelty socks would seem to be a clear winner. Each of these designs comes with phrases and statements that have helped shape the woman of today. There are expressions of individuality, freedom, being a woman, and a whole lot more. The Blue Q is made of combed cotton, spandex, and nylon to give it exceptional flexibility, strength, elasticity, support, and durability.

What We Like about It – The Blue Q is a trendy, hip, and very fashionable garment for women’s feet that helps them express themselves in a whole new way.

12Women’s Colorful Patterned Crew Socks by Tipi Toe

For a really fun and funky socks for women, you might want to consider the Tipi Toe Colorful Patterned Crew socks. Made of acrylic, spandex, and nylon for excellent durability, flexibility, elasticity, and strength, the Tipi Toe is a great addition to one’s wardrobe as it already comes in a pack of 12. The different styles in each pack make for a superb collection that should mix well with any type or kind of fashion. Some come in solid colors for a more professional, business-like look while others come in different prints which are ideal for more fun and casual activities. With arch supports and lightly cushioned design, the Tipi Toe is exactly what you need to dress in style.

What We Like about It – The Tipi Toe comes with a dozen different styles to provide you with superb collection of stylish, classic, and fun colors.

13Hidden Comfort Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women by Balega

One of the best things about the Balega is the integration of a heel tab that serves to prevent the Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women from slipping into the footwear. Designed with the modern runner, jogger, and sprinter in mind, the Balega is just perfect not only because of its heel tabs but also in the way elastane has been duly improved. This allows the Balega to conform beautifully to the shape of your feet, the toe enclosure has been designed to be seamless to help provide for a more comfortable fit while its mesh construction is perfect for improving air flow through the different surfaces of each foot. The toes and heels of the Balega are fully reinforced, giving it strength while the undersoles are embedded with plush cushion material. The Balega is not only for the runner, however, as it can also make for a splendid sock for everyday use.

What We Like about It – The Balega is an exceptionally designed foot garment that boasts of unique engineering. And with close to 1,800 positive reviews on Amazon, it would really be foolish not to consider it as one of the best in the market.

14Men’s Athletic Crew Socks by Adidas

If you think Adidas will take a backseat in the design of high-quality socks for men, then you’d be surprised at what it has in store for you. The Adidas Men’s Athletic Crew Socks may have a really unpretentious design owing to its rather plain color styling, but its real benefit is on the ClimaLite system that it has embedded in each sock. This system allows the garment to draw out moisture from your feet so you will feel more comfortable with each step. Additionally, you eliminate the growth of bacteria which can produce nasty odors. The logoed ribbed cuffs guarantee the Athletic will never slip regardless of how active you move. It may also have 360-degree cushioning but it will never get in the way of optimum comfort. This is Adidas anyway.

What We Like about It – The Adidas Athletic is a man’s best bet for a more conservative yet comfortable look on his feet.

15Women’s Superlite No Show Socks by Adidas

Designed for the active woman of today, the Adidas Superlite No Show socks for women have a trendier and more stylish design than the Adidas Athletic. The Superlite is called as such because of the unique integration of spandex, polyester, and cotton materials into its fabric giving it superior flexibility, strength, and breathability, respectively. The ClimaLite system, for which Adidas is well known for, helps provide exceptional moisture wicking capabilities so you can run all you want without worrying of your feet getting moist and make it prone to the colonization of fungi and bacteria. Adequate arch compression supports are integrated into the design to further improve the overall comfort of the Superlite.

What We Like about It – The Adidas Superlite offers a more enjoyable and comfortable way to jog or even run, thanks to its patented ClimaLite system and superior design.

16Men’s Colorful Rainbow Argyle Dress Socks by HSELL

Dress socks are not just for formal occasions as well as for business. These can also make for the perfect garment to provide distinctive styling to any fashion. This is none truer than HSELL’s Men’s Colorful Rainbow Argyle Dress Socks for women and men. The gender-neutral design is exceptional since you can actually mix and match it with your favorite attire without detracting from its stylish appeal. Made of cotton and polyester in a ratio of 10:1, the HSELL comes as colorful and argyle bright garments for today’s feet. The argyle pattern can provide a unique vibrant, cool, and unique look to one’s getup. It is also soft and comfy, making sure your feet gets the kind of plush treatment that it deserves.

What We Like about It – The HSELL’s unique colorful designs are something to look forward to in the brand. The mix of cotton and polyester is also exceptional.

17Women’s Dog Novelty Cotton Liner Crew Socks by Keaza

For dog lovers you can now show just how close your bond is with your favorite mutt by getting the Keaza Women’s Dog Novelty Cotton liner Crew novelty socks. These come with unique doggie print designs that are sure to be a huge hit to dog lovers everywhere. But the Keaza is not only a garment that venerates the well-established relationship between man and dog; it also provides a host of innovations that you don’t necessarily expect from such novelty socks. The Keaza comes as a unique combo or combed cotton and rayon. The rich cotton of the Keaza affords it a certain level of luxurious feel while allowing your feet to breathe. It also has excellent odor-fighting and moisture wicking properties to keep your feet smelling fresh and dry all day, respectively. Show your passion for Fido with the Keaza novelty socks.

What We Like about It – The Keaza is a great gift for dog owners and dog lovers who want to show their love for their pets with these lovely foot garments.

18Compression Foot Sleeves for Men and Women by SB SOX

If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or any other medical condition that affects the foot, then you will need the SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves for Men and Women. This actually works like the Blitzu Compression Socks except that it is shorter in length so that the focus of the compression is on the foot including the ankle and heel. The toes remain free from compression which should provide the necessary movement of your toes. The SB SOX is duly registered with the FDA as a medical-grade compression foot sleeves. It is also highly recommended by medical doctors, therapists, and even trainers. It is especially designed for people with plantar fasciitis so that the unique engineering of the SB SOX will be used to alleviate the pain associated with the condition. Additionally, this provides superb comfort as pressure points on the foot are relieved of tension. The compressive effects of the foot sleeves also allow for the improved oxygenation to the cells and tissues of the feet. The SB SOX is fashionable enough to be worn on any type of footwear. It also comes with great breathable fabric, excellent anti-static and anti-odor material, and superb moisture wicking capabilities.

What We Like about It – The SB SOX is a medical-grade and medically-approved compression socks designed specifically for individuals with plantar fasciitis as well as those who have other problems with their feet.

19Compression Socks for Men and Women by Physix Gear Sport

Undoubtedly the best-performing and most trusted compression socks in the market, the Physix Gear Sport is a foot garment that is not only for those with problems in lower limb blood circulation but also for those who simply would like to improve the delivery of oxygen to the lower limbs while also facilitating the removal of carbon dioxide as well as other metabolic byproducts from the feet and legs. This helps improve locomotion and, if you’re a runner, a marathoner, or even a triathlete, you will need the power of improved oxygenation in your legs and feet. The Physix Gear Sport is made with an antibacterial fabric that helps eliminate unwanted germs that cause odors and other nasty surprises. It has excellent moisture wicking properties as well. The double-stitched heel design allows for stability in this section of the foot. Like all compression socks, the Physix Gear Sport aims to improve overall blood circulation by increasing the pressure needed to facilitate the forward movement of venous blood. This helps reduce edema or swelling while also alleviating pain in the lower limbs. A more important benefit is the improvement in oxygenation. With the Physix Gear, you now have a really more efficient use of your legs and feet.

What We Like about It – The Physix Gear Sport is designed specifically to improve pedal oxygenation to help you make the most of your locomotion.

20Women’s and Girls Colorful Cute Animal Casual Cotton Crew Socks by Chalier 

For young ladies who still feel as preppy as a teen, the Chalier Colorful Cute Animal Casual Cotton Crew socks for women is a great buy. It has a fun and really cute design that’s sure to be loved by girls and girls at heart. This makes the Chalier exceptionally wonderful for any type of getup. Its breathable fabric, complete with excellent moisture wicking abilities, makes the Chalier such a joy to wear. The combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex afford the Chalier with optimum comfort, exceptional strength, and remarkable flexibility and versatility. You can use the Chalier whether it is for semi-formal gatherings, fun outdoor activities, or any occasion at all. The Chalier can really brighten up your day, keeping your toes remarkably dry, smelling clean and fresh, and making sure you will never have germs growing in between your toes.

What We Like about It – The Chalier has a fun and preppy design that should resonate very well with women who have a more relaxed and carefree attitude in life.

How We Chose the Really Cool Socks in Our List

The feet need to be protected and supported at the same time. As such we looked for different characteristics or features of socks that can either protect our feet or support them comfortably or even perform both. This was very important as the feet essentially take the entire weight of the body. If it will not be comfortable being wrapped in these garments, then it will only add to the burden of this body part. Additionally, if the feet are not adequately protected from the effects of moisture and odor, serious health problems might ensue. That is why we had to look carefully at the different characteristics of the products we were entertaining on including in this list.

Secondly, it thought it should be fair to include socks for both men and women. The mere fact that there are distinct physiologic and anatomical differences between males and females also requires different footwear requirements. So, we made sure that we have a good representation of products for both sexes. This way you will have a wonderful opportunity to choose the best one for you.

Thirdly, customer feedback was deemed important in our search because of the rather subjective nature of the product. If we thought that a product looks really cool, we had to make sure that it’s not only us looking at these products this way. There should be other consumers as well who think these are really cool and amazing socks your feet will love.

Lastly, the manufacturer of the footwear was evaluated for its credibility in churning out reliable and high-quality products. This was a very important consideration as well-established brands typically do a good job of maintaining their level of trustworthiness.

Tips to Choosing the Right Socks

Socks are very important pieces of garment that are designed not only to complement our shoes and attire but also to help protect our feet from the rigors of carrying the rest of our body. Unfortunately, it is not really easy for some people to choose the right socks for themselves. This is especially true for individuals who may have very little knowledge about these garments. As such we are sharing with you some tips for choosing the right sock.

  • Choose a sock that is designed primarily for your activity. For example, you can choose athletic socks if you are the type of person who has quite a number of exercises or sports engaged in. If your work requires you to walk several hours a day, then walking socks should be your choice. Likewise, if you find yourself standing the whole day, a compression stocking or foot sleeve is always a good idea.
  • Consider the different features you will need. Do you need a liner? How about waterproof socks or even heated foot garments? Other features that you might want to take a closer look are the padding, fit, height, and the arch reinforcements of each sock.
  • Try to understand the materials used in the sock. There are a wide range of fabric materials currently in use today in the design of socks. Wool is excellent if you require warmth; synthetic fabrics for durability and dryness; cotton for comfort and breathability; and a whole lot more.
  • Remember that socks typically should match your pants or trousers. So it’s often a good idea to check your collection of pants to determine the style or color of socks that is more appropriate. However, be prepared to break this rule especially if you’re the type who wants some individuality in his or her wear.

The Bottom Line

Every foot has a sock to match. You only have to understand what you really need and what your profession or activity requires. With these 20 cool socks your feet will love, we can assure you that you’ll not only feel more confident about yourself, you will also be taking care of your feet a lot better.


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