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Seriously Cool Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom

coolest shower curtains

If you are looking to jazz up the bathroom, then a cool shower curtain is just the feature you need. Whether you are looking for something sleek and classy or unique and intricate, you have come to the right place to find a shower curtain fit for any bathroom personality. You will be surprised by just how many different variations of shower curtains there are in the world and we have selected a wide variety to ensure that you find a design perfect to your preferences. Shower curtains also make great gifts if you are famous for thinking outside the box and delivering presents that’ll crack a smile while delivering a practical use at the same time.

Our Picks Of Top Shower Curtains:

Splash Home EVA Shower Curtain

If you didn’t know any better, you would think that tall blades of green grass have started growing right inside your bathroom just surrounding your bathtub or shower area. Such is the remarkable realism in this shower curtain designed by Splash. It’s a fantastic addition to any nature-themed bathroom.


Ocean Decor Shower Curtain

Nothing can bring more calm and peace to our senses than the tranquil waters of a serene ocean. Such is the beauty of the Ocean Décor shower curtain from Ambesonne. It is so relaxing that we feel you’d definitely doze off in your bathtub if you’re not careful enough.


Kids Shower Curtain

If you have young kids in the house, then this Ambesonne shower curtain is a must-have. It’s printed in the letters of the alphabet in small and large caps. Each letter comes with a picture of an object with its name starting with the corresponding letter. Learning ABCs in the bathroom made more fun.


Hippie Boho Shower Curtain

It’s definitely not Mussolini’s or even that of Hitler, although it has so much resemblance to the mustache of Joseph Stalin. Whoever you would like to ascribe this mustache on a marble background to is actually up to you. The important thing is that it can help keep water from splashing in your bathroom.


Bohemian Hippie Boho Shower Curtain

Images of the late 1960s Woodstock Festival in Bethel always crop up whenever we look at the Ambesonne Bohemian Hippie Boho shower curtain. The iconic hippies’ van, complete with its now-iconic prints, patterns, and designs, is at the center of the curtain and accentuated by wavy lines that draw the eyes to its splendor.


Moose Shower Curtain

This moose is not afraid of people. In fact, it’s so cool that it has its own camera and cool looking shades. Best of all, it doesn’t mind you taking a bath behind its shower curtain. Mr. Moose is not going anywhere as it will be adorning your bathroom for many years.


Diver Punching Shark Shower Curtain

Have you ever tried punching a Great White shark right under its lower jaw, sending shockwaves across the ocean, perhaps powerful enough to generate a tsunami the likes of the Dec 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami? We’re pretty sure you can only imagine it with this Sharp Shirter shower curtain.


Beach Shower Curtain

Nothing can be more mesmerizing than the image of the sun peeking in the horizon with its soft orange glow welcoming the arrival of dusk and paving the way for the little diamonds in the sky. With the ocean waves in the foreground, this shower curtain is a sure hit for a relaxing bath.


Inspirational Quote Chevron Shower Curtain

If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to think your way out of your misery, try spending a few hours in your bathtub and draw this Ambesonne inspirational quote shower curtain on. Think good thoughts! That’s the message that you’ll see. Now close your eyes and keep on telling yourself this.


Shower Curtain, Shadow of The Duck

Is it Howard the Duck or Donald Duck behind the shower curtain? Your guess is as good as ours? Regardless, nobody actually cares who the silhouette of duck belongs to in this Mustard and Co. creation. As long as it can provide us with an exceptionally private bath, we’re good.


Outer Space Decor Shower Curtain

Having difficulty memorizing the arrangement of the planets of the Solar System including the different characteristics and vital information of each stellar body? Fret no more as Ambesonne is giving you the Solar System right in your bathroom as a shower curtain. It’s laden with scientific information you’d forget it’s a shower curtain.


Space Man and Woman Astronauts Kissing Curtain

For those of us who wish to kiss our beloved in the midst of stars in outer space, the only thing we can do now is to get this Ambesonne shower curtain and pretend that it’s us giving our respective partners a kiss through our space helmets and astronaut suits.


Black and White Shower Curtain

Too bad they couldn’t get Poh and the Furious Five of Kung Fu star in this shower curtain made by Ambesonne. Nevertheless, the message is quite clear: keep calm and hug a panda like the way the pandas in the village of Poh hug each other to give warmth and affection.


Four Season Tree Kids Bathroom Shower Curtains

If you can put the four seasons in one particular image, how would you depict it? For the designers at Uphome, they thought that coming up with a unique tree to depict the changing of the seasons is just fitting and proper. If any, trees are often excellent indicators of the changing season.


American Flag Stars Shower Curtain

You can now extend your sense of national pride with this BravoVision shower curtain that’s designed in the American flag. With its rustic appearance, it looks more like the flag that was hoisted over Iwo Jima and immortalized by Joe Rosenthal in World War II. You’re not compelled to sing the national anthem, though.


Rustic Bathroom Decor

What do colorful wooden planks tell you? How about the silhouette of a chandelier? If you’re thinking of old, classic, and vintage homes, then you’re partly right. Partly correct because they can also be just the design of this rustic yet truly fanciful bathroom shower curtain made by Ambesonne.


OWL pattern Shower Curtain

You’d think owls are only nighttime creatures but FashionBoutique is definitely proving us wrong. Rather than having images of color-less, drab, and boring nighttime owls, we’re treated to these birds in their full color, gleeful, and ever-active in the light of day. It’s a new way to add color to the bathroom.


Elegant PEVA Bathroom Shower

What comes to mind if you see seashells and starfish? The beach, right? Well, with this shower curtain from Stylish Living, you get to relive the splendor of a relaxing and truly invigorating time in the beach whenever you head into the bathroom for some much-needed soaking up or a splash down.


Water Repellant Shower Curtain

You wouldn’t believe what’s on the other side of these thin and thick blue, light blue, and white vertical lines in your bathroom. Designed for the seaman or the watersport lover, the Blue-Pier shower curtain speaks of the calm blue waters of the ocean while giving you superb mildew resistance.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It’s Cowabunga time! Our favorite ninjas in a half shell return to take their fight against the evil minions of Shredder right in your bathroom. Join Rafael, Leonardo, Donatelo, and Michaelangelo in their continuing quest to rid the city sewers of Shredder scums while giving your body a much-needed bath.


BravoVision Fashion Waterproof Fabric Bath Shower

For lovers of the macabre, this BravoVision fashion waterproof shower curtain is just for you. Skulls in their deathly stare adorn one side of the curtain while dark greyish shadows provide a grim contrast on the other side. Just don’t go taking a warm shower without the lights on.


Tvingen Polyester Shower Curtain

There’s no denying that this IKEA creation is a shower curtain. The image of a bathroom shower with water droplets falling from the spout are printed on the surface of the Tvingen polyester giving it a seeming silhouette. It does make for an interesting accessory to a simple bathroom.


The Starry Night Fabric Shower Curtain

Satellite imagery reveal that the air above us is actually one invisible gigantic whirlpool and this is eloquently depicted in the Starry Night shower curtain of Carnation Home Fashions. It’s more of an abstract art with the gently rolling winds providing contrast to the stars in the nighttime sky.


Cat Riding Narwhal Blue Shower Curtain

Royal courts and the halls of nobilities always have a wall décor that is themed as the knight in shining armor riding his gallant steed. Well, try replacing the steed with a narwhal and the knight with a cat and you get a really funny shower curtain courtesy of Sharp Shirter.


Funny Shower Curtain

Most of us have wished for a real climate change where it will be raining dollars and flood us with the riches we could ever imagine. Unfortunately, the most that we can do now is to put this Ambesonne funny shower curtain in our bathroom so we’ll still feel like it’s really raining $100s.


Sloth Sinking Titanic Blue Fabric Shower Curtain

There are rumors that the Titanic sank not because of an iceberg. There are reports that the Titanic was actually sunk by a giant sloth that grabbed one of the ship’s smokestacks and dragged it towards the bottom of the Atlantic. Don’t believe us? Check this Sharp Shirter shower curtain to believe it.


Cats Painting Shower Curtain

What if they spoofed The Little Mermaid and put cats and other animals in the lead roles? Is it even possible to imagine how the movie would look like? Try the Bravo Vision Custom Cats Painting shower curtain and you’d see Ariel being replaced by a poker faced feline just off the breakwaters.


Printed Shower Curtain

Getting the Utopia Home Printed Shower Curtain is like visiting some of the world’s most famous and iconic structures. You get the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal Temple in India, the Colosseum in Athens, the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and more.


Steampunk Octopus Shower Curtain

What if you could have a drink in the deepest parts of the ocean served by a wily yet witty octopus? You’d definitely need some of those high-tech deep sea diving suits that the pros wear, otherwise you clearly won’t survive. It’s a shower curtain for deep sea adventurers.


Girl Kicking Unicorn Purple Shower Curtain

Could you ever imagine anyone kicking a unicorn right in the face? Well, it would seem the designers at Sharp Shirter have a knack for imagining the impossible and putting this into one surprisingly graphic illustration of what can happen if a blonde girl flying-kicks a unicorn with the beast vomiting rainbow.


Animals Decor Shower Curtain

Have you ever seen a penguin taking a gleeful time in the showers? Well, we all know that penguins are excellent swimmers. But, if you haven’t seen a penguin go in the shower before, take the Ambesonne penguin Shadow shower curtain and you’d be drawing amazement from other people.


Mysterious Scary Shower Curtain

Don’t freak out when you enter your bathroom and you see a silhouette of a man with his bloodied hands behind the shower curtain. GWELL managed to do it so realistically that we don’t actually recommend this for the faint-hearted. But if you’d like a good scare before a bath, this one’s it.


Shower Curtain of Sloth Climbing in New York

Oh, no! King Kong is in the city! No, wait! It’s not a giant gorilla but rather a sluggish sloth hugging a skyscraper with several biplanes circling around and above it. It’s Sharp Shirter’s sloth climbing rendition of the classic image of King Kong wreaking havoc in the city.


Shower Curtain Farmhouse Country Home Woodland Decor

Designed for the lover of the woods, this fabric shower curtain from Ambesonne comes with a mystic forest woodland theme complete with misty and foggy wooded background and reddish undergrowth in the foreground to give your bathroom a really cool, country and woodland feel. It’s just great for nature lovers.


Gerber Daisy Shower Curtain

Don’t you just love the bright and vibrant colors of gerber daisies? Its elongated petals that radiate outwards from the center conjure of images of the warm glow of the sun during the summer. You can bring this warmth right in your bathroom with the Maytex Photoreal Gerber Daisy shower curtain.


Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain

Got a kid who’s having problems memorizing the periodic table of the elements? Enhance his or her knowledge of the fundamentals of general chemistry by getting the Sunlit odorless, PVC-free, and non-toxic shower curtain featuring an updated version of the period table of elements. No need to fear of chemical reactions.


Waterproof PEVA Shower Curtain

Fill your bathroom with images of tropical fish swimming to and fro within the PEVA vinyl surface of the Maytex Photoreal New School shower curtain. It’s perfect for bathrooms with light colored backgrounds to allow for a more seamless movement of the elements. Just don’t expect to find Nemo among them.


Paris Eiffel Tower Shower Curtain

Feeling romantic every time you head to the bathroom with your loved one? Turn up the heat of passion even more with a fantastic view of a fiery red blooming tree providing a contrast to the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background. It’s the perfect time for romance-filled bath.


Shower Curtain With Tree Design

It’s not really the tree of life but it sure is reminiscent of the trees of autumn when leaves start falling in time to greet the arrival of winter. And while such images are conjured in the mind, you’d be glad that no snow will follow the Dozenegg shower curtain in your bathroom.


Anchor Shower Curtain

A-ho there, matey! The captain is aboard. Hoist the anchor and get ready to set sail for an adventure of a lifetime. With vintage and rustic wooden planks adorning the background of the ABxinyoule Anchor Shower Curtain, complete with a rusting anchor, you’d easily get lost in the sea of imagination.


Emery Fabric Shower Curtain

Add a touch of batik prints to your bathroom with this elegant shower curtain from Kashi Home. Most will interpret the patterns as floral geometric although the same styling can be easily seen in batik fashion fabrics. However you look at it, it makes for a wonderful accessory to any contemporary bathroom.


Elephant Shower Curtain

How do you fit an elephant inside your bathroom! You don’t! What you can do, however, is to get the Dodou Elephant Polyester Shower Curtain. Our adorable Dumbo is seen sitting on its oversized toilet bowl doing its thing while contemplating on what to do next in the vast expanse of the wilderness.


Sylvia Printed Faux Silk Fabric Shower Curtain

People don’t necessarily think of the silhouette of small ovoid leaves to be a great idea for decorating the waterproof surface of a faux silk fabric shower curtain, but Maytex is proving everyone wrong. The delicate leaf design makes for a fantastic addition to a bathroom where nature is a major theme.


Lucia Shower Curtain

Whoever thought you could have something this elegant in a shower curtain? Well, the miniature ribbons on the Lush Décor Lucia Shower Curtain can truly make for a fantastic looking bathroom piece, giving it an exceptional 3D effect and adding to its overall texture. It’s clean and stylish, too.


Ombre Chevron Fabric Shower Curtain

Lovers of geometric shapes have much to rejoice in the Ombre shower curtain of InterDesign. The bold wavy lines on this bathroom accessory helps create a sense of movement in a room that’s also filled with moving elements. The up and down strokes of the waves break the monotony of a straight line.


The World Peva Shower Curtain

Is your kid having some problems with his or her world geography class? With the Saturday Knight shower curtain, you can easily help your kiddo master the different continents, oceans, geographical regions, countries, and key cities of the world in this beautiful and highly informational shower curtain, all while taking a bath.


Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain

Turn your shower curtain into a very handy and utilitarian organizer. The Maytex comes with 9 mesh pockets which are just perfect for keeping and organizing your bath essentials such as body scrubs, hand and face towels, body wash, and a whole lot more. The clear pockets allow for easy visualization.


Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain

You can almost smell the freshness of grass as they bloom with their own kind of flower every time you take to the shower. The Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain brings memories of spring and summer when thistles abound amidst a sea of grass. Now, it’s up to you what background to complement it with.


Sail Boat Waves and Octopus Old Look Home

Rule the waves by being the master and commander of the high seas. Taking a shower with the Sail Boat Waves and Octopus-themed shower curtain is sure to transport you back in time to the era of Captain Nemo, the Nautilus, and the other famous voyages and adventures of the world’s greatest mariners.


Tree Design Peva Curtain

Bring the coolness of Mother Nature right in your bathroom with this elegant Tree Design Peva Curtain which is finished with an excellent antibacterial coating to make sure none of that pesky mold and mildew as well as other microorganisms will ever thrive on its surface. It’s eco-friendly and odorless, too.


Tips to Choosing a Shower Curtain

It’s not really difficult to pick a shower curtain that’s right for your bathroom. Unfortunately, there are some folks who may be too frazzled by the sheer number of design and style options that, in the end, they eventually get something that is definitely not suitable for their shower. Here are a few tips on how to choose shower curtains for your home.

  • Understand the design or theme of your bathroom. 

Any endeavor starts with an understanding of the background of the issue at hand. The same is true in choosing a curtain for your shower. It is imperative to look at the overall design of your bathroom and determine the most outstanding feature or theme. Use this as your guide in the selection of an appropriate material for your shower curtain.

  • Know what different fabrics provide you.

Different fabric materials have different pros and cons. For instance, cotton is very easy to wash although it tends to absorb moisture very easily. Vinyl is essentially for the busy person who doesn’t have the time for curtain maintenance. The same is true with polyester and nylon. Other notable fabrics used in shower curtains include organic and microfiber materials.

  • Determine whether you need aesthetics or functionality.

Obviously, your choice of a shower curtain will reflect your primary preference, whether you’re after the form or the function. If aesthetics is more important, then choose a decorative curtain. If functionality is more important, then waterproofing and mildew resistance are a must. If you want both, then choose one that provides both qualities.

Shower curtains are important accessories to any modestly-sized bathroom as it helps prevent flooding and help channel water towards the drain. It can serve as a decorative piece as well. With the 15 cool shower curtains, you can do both.

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