10 Cool Shot Glasses in 2017

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A shot glass can be like any ordinary vessel that we pour our favorite alcoholic beverage into. However, to add some spice to our drinking experience, sometimes it does pay to look for really amazing and cool liquor containers that we can use during such activities. It adds a new dimension to the way we deliver our shots to our waiting palates. And with the 10 cool shot glasses in 2017, you’d have to get ready for a drinking session like never before.

10 Cool Shot Glasses


Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glass by Barbuzzo

Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glass

One of the most unusual shot glasses we’ve ever seen is the Barbuzzo 50 Caliber. From the name itself, there’s no mistaking the kind of liquor vessel you will be using. Of course, don’t expect that it is a real bullet shell casing from a 50 caliber round; although, we believe it would really be a blast if it were except that bullet or powder residues will be a major issue. The Barbuzzo 50 Caliber is made of premium grade ceramics that’s excellent for retaining the correct temperatures of your drinks. The ceramic is carefully designed to mimic that of a sawed off 50 caliber shell and then finished with gold plating to give it that distinctive styling that’s known in bullets. Barbuzzo actually has another product, the Revolver shots, but these are generally for smaller amounts of liquor. The Barbuzzo 50 Caliber can easily contain 2 ounces of your drink giving you a whole new meaning to the word “shot” glass. It will be more like playing the Russian roulette but without the pistol on the table. The only thing you will be shooting at is the stress you want to drown.

What We Like about It – With a very unique design, we’d have to give our thumbs up to the Barbuzzo 50 Caliber. You will have to buy several sets though especially if you have a large group of friends as each set only contains 2.

308 Real Bullet Shot Glass by Lucky Shot

308 Real Bullet Shot Glass

Somebody took the term quite literally when the .308 Real Bullet Shot Glass was designed. We can only imagine how ecstatic the designers of these funky shot glasses may have been when they came up with a very literal – and very graphic – representation of the item. Try closing your eyes and conjure images of a clear glass and a bullet that is slowly piercing through the side wall of the glass. Technically, the image is more of a bullet breaking the surface of water with its characteristic bullet-shaped bubble of air that precedes the projectile. It’s like those fantastic water droplet action shots in photography. So you have a fast-moving object captured and frozen in time including the trail of its movement. Now isn’t that a work of art? That’s why we thing the .308 Real Bullet is such a great liquor vessel. It’s a very interesting conversation piece. Your friends will have a quizzed look in their faces when you serve your drinks in this baby. The bullet used in this product is a real bullet that has been polished and finished to give it a certain glow. Don’t worry about any gunpowder residue as well as traces of lead as there is none. Additionally, you may find each vessel to be quite unique since they blow the glass by hand. You’d definitely have a one of a kind drinking vessel in the .308.

What We Like about It – It’s definitely the unique design of the .308 that makes this very appealing. The realism of the “shot glass” concept is quite hilarious, if you know what we mean.

Mug Shots by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Mug Shots

Ever wonder why arrested individuals always have their mug shots taken? Well, as it turns out, the term “mug” is just slang for the “face” so you can say it was a form of identification for these arrested individuals. Unfortunately, over time, the term mug shot has evolved into something of being equivalent to being arrested. From the wild, wild West to the gangsters of Chicago in the 30s, mug shots were always equated with crime. You can get a piece of history with some of the most famous mug shots of all time like those of Al Ccapone, Lucky Luciano, Pretty Boy Floyd, and even John Dillinger, among others. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild managed to bring these famous mug shots as the design of their now-iconic liquor vessel. A set of Mug Shots will give you 6 pieces of well-detailed and well-crafted liquor vessels that have been printed with the mug shots of some famous criminals in our nation’s history, complete with a bit of information about the crimes or offenses they are charged with. The package in which it comes also contains a very detailed instruction for responsible drinking and shooting (if there is such a thing).

What We Like about It – It’s a piece of history. It’s a great reminder of the association between booze and guns. That’s what the Mug Shots is all about.

Basketball Shot Glass Drinking Game by Kovot

Basketball Shot Glass Drinking Game

Watching the NBA Finals with your buddies can be made a bit more fun with the Basketball Drinking Game unique shot glasses of 6. The glasses themselves may look very ordinary but it’s actually the board game that comes with it that makes it truly appealing. You have a full half court of basketball just well beyond the 3-point arc. You’ve got a realistic basketball board and hoop. The only thing missing are the players. So, where are they? Well, the players are you and your friends. Six glasses are at the baseline of the court just waiting to be filled with your favorite spirits. You place the basketball on the launcher just beyond the 3-point arc and try to shoot the ball. Whoever shoots, get a shot at the amazing drink. Now, imagine if you cannot shoot that ball. You’d be left with a very itchy and dry throat because you’ll already be laughing your heart out and you cannot even take a sip of your favorite stuff. It’s great for weekend parties of six as well as during the break in an NCAA or an NBA game. However you wish to use it, this Kovot product is sure to bring a whole new experience to your drinking.

What We Like about It – It’s a fun way to drink your heart out. Great for enjoying quality time with friends.

Wingman Shot Glass by Wingman Shot Glass

Wingman Shot Glass

You may not have a Chewbacca or Robin or Goose but in this life, we always have someone we can rely on every time. We can call them our support, our partners, our sidekicks, or even our assistants. But more importantly, they are our wingmen. In honor of the wingmen in our lives, we give you the Wingman Shot Glass set. It’s nothing extraordinary, really; just two ordinary looking high quality plastic shot glasses joined by a long acrylic tube in the middle. Fill the Wingman with your favorite booze, you take one end while your wingman takes the other, and both of you will guzzle every last drop of it. We’ve read of stories where the Wingman was used in couples parties designed to strengthen the bond that exist between couples. And while there may be challenges especially if one wingman or partner is substantially taller than the other, drinking from the Wingman just goes to show how far you would go to show your appreciation for this important person in your life. Besides, the taller of you can always kneel down or stoop down a bit; otherwise, the shorter of you will get the most booze. The manufacturer says that the Wingman can be easily pulled apart for cleaning purposes. If you’re worried that it might spill in the process of drinking, no it won’t. We’ve seen a lot of bars having the Wingman in their arsenal and these babies never fail.

What We Like about It – The Wingman is a tribute to friendship and to the bonds that we have with the partners in our lives. We’d say cheers to that.

Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass by Fred & Friends

Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass

You know what they say about alcohol, right? Chronic alcoholism can bring irreversible damage to our livers. However, death often does not come in the form of liver disease or even a neurological problem but rather in violent crimes and vehicular accidents. One of the leading causes of vehicular crashes is drunk driving. It is perhaps for this reason that Fred & Friends decided to design the Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass like a skull submerged in the very same liquor that killed whoever owned it. We know it’s a very morbid thought but more than 1,500 Amazon customers actually find it very interesting. Or, is it because it is almost always taken as a gift to be given to their alcoholic loved ones to remind them just how fragile life is and that drinking too much alcohol just makes it worse? We’ll never know. What we do know is that the Doomed Crystal Skull is a marvelous piece of artwork. It can deliver a variety of meanings depending on how you view the human skull. All Doomed Crystal Skull funky shot glasses are hand blown using only the highest quality of borosilicate glass so you can bet these can make for excellent decorative items. As we have already said, the Doomed Crystal Skull can be the perfect gift for your drinking buddy or for someone you want to remind about the dangers of chronic alcoholism and binge drinking.

What We Like about It – The Doomed Crystal Skull is a very unique shotglass. We’re pretty confident this is what the more than 1,500 Amazon reviewers saw, too. Regardless of how you intend to use it – whether as a drinking vessel for yourself or as a gift to someone else – this is one amazing shotglass you should never miss.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Deco

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

You know the drill. Moisten your hand, add a dash of salt, lick it, follow it up with a bite of lime, and then down your tequila. This famous process of salt-lime-tequila has endured many decades and has been a mainstay in drinking sessions where the main drink is tequila. Experts say the addition of salt and lime is primarily intended to cut down the bitterness associated with poor quality blue agave products. These products often come with a raw burning taste. That’s why you need the salt and the lime to ameliorate this rather unwelcome bitterness. Do take note that if you drink 100 percent pure blue agave tequila, you don’t need salt and lime. A much better alternative is to get high quality tequila and follow it up with a sangrita – a concoction of hot chilies, orange juice, and sweet grenadine syrup. But, until then, you’d have to content yourself with the salt-lick-lime-shot method; unless, you get the Himalayan Salt Shotglass. Yup! You read that correct. These really unusual shot glasses are made of 100 percent Himalayan salt blocks, formed into 3 inch shotglasses, and designed specifically for downing your favorite low grade tequila. The good thing is that this product is approved by the FDA so there’s no danger of any substance leeching into your system with every down. Cleaning and maintenance are also super easy as Himalayan salt has natural anti-bacterial properties so these babies will never grow nasty microorganisms, enabling you to enjoy taking those tequila shots with your friends.

What We Like about It – It’s very seldom you come across a product that’s as unique as the Himalayan Salt shotglass. Even if you don’t use it for drinking, it can still be a magnificent piece of décor.

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe Game by Kovot

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe Game

Sometimes, regardless of how well-planned your party is, you will always run out of ideas to add a new dimension to the drinking session. You can bring out your favorite board game to heat things up. However, if you’re fond of playing the tic tac toe with its characteristic Xs and Os, then having the Kovot Tic Tac Toe Game Shotglass is a much better way to enjoy both the company of your friends and your fave booze. With a 3 by 3 tic tac toe game board beautifully etched into premium grade reflective glass, you get 10 full-sized shotglasses marked with either an X or an O which you’ll use to play the game. It’s basically up to you how you want the game to be played. You can have the liquor vessels filled with booze or empty, with the loser of the game losing a turn at the round of drinks. At any rate, your party will be coming alive with these around. The Tic Tac Toe Game Shot Glass set can also make for a great gift item especially if you have friends who are, quite literally, very fond of throwing parties with lots of booze. It’s also an excellent decorative item as the glass itself looks marvelous enough to place in your display cabinet. It may not have a very strong following, but among those who have already purchased this Kovot product, it’s one of the best shot glasses you can find.

What We Like about It – The Kovot Tic Tac Toe successfully marries a classic board game with the elegance of shotglasses. It makes a great present, too.

Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Lids by Hayley Cherie

Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Lids

Most homes will have mason jars to keep many of their essential items such as sugar and spices as well as essential oils. These are very lovely looking pieces of containers that resemble glass cups complete with a handle but are made different from an ordinary cup by the presence of a lid. In fact, we can say that mason jars are a cross between an ordinary jar and an oversized cup. Obviously, we’re not saying you should turn your mason jars into shotglasses simply because these are too big. Good thing Hayley Cherie thought about designing miniature versions of these jars to give you the Mini Mason Jar shotglasses with lids. These unusual shot glasses are made of only the toughest and sturdiest premium glass materials that are guaranteed never to break easily. These babies are also designed to be dishwasher safe, although the lid should always be hand-washed. The body of the Mini Mason Jar comes embossed with the words Mason Shooter giving it a distinct personality and which serves as an identifier for its primary purpose. At any rate, you’re not going to use the Mini Mason Jar for any other purpose than to contain your booze and spirits. The lid comes imprinted with a beautiful circular design. This is styled to match the logo of the Mason Shooter on its body. Both the body and the lid are guaranteed to be free from BPA and lead so this is indeed welcome news. It won’t leak either as the lid is integrated with a white seal to help prevent leaks and spills. No matter what booze you’ll put in the Mini Mason jar, you can be sure it’s going to be a great drink all the way to the last drop.

What We Like about It – The Mini Mason Jar Shotglasses are a beautiful set of drinking vessels. Of course, if you’re not a drinker, you can always give it as a present to someone who does. Or, you can also get it as a decorative item especially if you’re going to fill it with decorative beads, stones, and other small items.

TroyanoColors Shot Glass Set by Libbey 

TroyanoColors Shot Glass Set

If you need a more straightforward shotglass without the fancy stuff, we’d definitely recommend the TroyanoColors Shot Glass Set. These are your tall yet super slim versions of liquor vessels unlike the usual short and wide pieces. This is just perfect for the individual who likes to take his or her time enjoying every sip of the spirits in the Troyano. The tall nature of the Troyano gives it an appearance of more liquor when in fact it only serves 2 fluid ounces of your favorite drink. It’s all an optical illusion with our brains telling us that there is more liquid in a tall container than in a short one. Creating visual interest to the otherwise simple design of the Troyano is a color-sprayed bottom that gives it a colored reflection for a more visually appealing drink. Like they say, you eat with your eyes. Then, we’d also say you drink with your eyes. If the colors can really stimulate interest in your drink, then you’d be more than happy to down your liquor in one go. One thing that’s really amazing about the Troyano is that it can also serve as an exciting wedding gift or even a housewarming present or for any other special occasion. The thing is that the Troyano can be a fantastic vessel for almost anything you can conjure.

What We Like about It – The Troyano’s classic long lines make it extra-beautiful. The addition of colored bottoms makes for a visually appealing shotglass to have or to give as present.

How We Chose the Cool Shot Glasses in Our List

When we were given this project, we never really knew how to approach it best. Of course, we do admit that we drink occasionally but we never really gave much thought to the vessels that we drink from. So, imagine our surprise when we received quite numerous requests calling for a review of the 10 trendiest, coolest, and perhaps even most stylish alcoholic drinking vessels.

As you may have already noticed, our major focus was on the uniqueness of the vessel itself. Sure, we included some that are still of the classic design but these were chosen because of their rather excellent reviews. For the most part however, we took more notice of the unusual, the bizarre if you may, and the fun. We believed that if we are to truly enjoy our drinks, then we must always have something to drink to. The products we have selected are great conversation pieces which can be a splendid way to prolong the evening in the company of friends. That is why we chose these very unique shot glasses because we know you’ll have absolute enjoyment just using it.

We did mention that we looked at the reviews of these products. We had to limit it, though. We thought that only products with no less than 4 stars should be included in our list. But this was not the only factor we considered. The product rating should also jive with our own assessment and should do justice to the uniqueness or coolness of the product as a shot glass.

Inherent features were also examined. If it’s designed for a particular drink, then we’d examine its properties why it is called as such. Its ability to retain the full flavors and scents of the liquor was also evaluated. Hopefully, we were able to do justice to these really cool shot glasses.

A Primer on Shot Glasses: Choosing the Right One

Alcohol can have a variety of health benefits but only if not abused. Some of the surprising health benefits of alcohol include helping us relax as well as helping strengthen our immune and cardiovascular system. We can also lose fat with it. That’s why shot glasses are so important so that we will be able to take full record of our intake. Each of these shotglasses can only accommodate a few ounces of our favorite drink. For instance, getting two 2-ounce shotglasses means we’ve consumed 4 ounces already. Because a shotglass can give us an idea of how much alcohol we’re taking, it is imperative that we choose the correct glass for booze. Here’s how.

Shotglasses come in different styles, each of which has their different purposes, mostly related to the amount of liquor they can contain. A basic shotglass can contain about 1.5 fluid ounces while a short shotglass should be sufficient for a single ounce. A tall shotglass is actually a more slender alternative to the basic shotglass so it should also contain the same amount of liquor at 1.5 ounces. A fluted shotglass again contains the same amount of liquor like a basic shot glass except that there are flutings on its base. A cheater shotglass provides you with an illusion that you have a very wide vessel. In fact, only the base is thick and should not contain more than 1.5 ounces.

Once you’ve decided on the style of shotglass, it’s time to decide on the material. Glass is a popular material although ceramics offer superb aesthetics. Metal, pewter, and edible shotglasses are also available.

The Bottom Line

Drinking alcohol can bring us a variety of benefits but only if we take it in moderation. And this is where shot glasses come in. Hopefully, our 10 cool shot glasses will empower to a more responsible way of drinking your favorite booze.

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