15 Cool Scooters to Ride On in 2017

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Scooters are one of the most sought after gifts or presents for birthdays or special occasions by children. It gives the sensation of gliding on a skateboard but with some of the controls of a bicycle. Scooters come in a variety of shapes and makes. There are those that run on electricity while some are still propelled by good old leg power. Regardless of the design, these ride-on toys provide pure joy and excitement to kids who already have a good sense of balance. If you want to make sure your kid gets the most fun out of riding a scooter, then you’d really have to give these 15 cool scooters to ride on a try.

15 Cool Scooters

A2 Kick Scooter by Razor

A2 Kick Scooter

Made of aircraft-grade, super-sturdy aluminum, the A2 Kick Scooter promises to be one ride that everyone in your family will be enjoying for a great number of years, provided, however, that you don’t go beyond its 143-pound weight limit. The A2 may look like an ordinary ride-on but it’s got some of the best innovations in scooter technology. Its wheels have a springless shock system that’s guaranteed to make your ride as heavenly smooth as possible. Add to this its wheelie bar that has been redesigned to give you more tons of fun. The heavy duty yet super-lightweight T-tube can be easily folded onto the sturdy deck so you can easily bring it anywhere you go or simply fold it in cases wherein it’s not really safe or not allowed to ride on your board. There are many other ingenious solutions that have been integrated into the A2 making it one of the well-loved ride-ons we have considering that it has gained close to 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon already.

What We Like about It – The A2’s great combination of sturdy built and advanced technological innovations make it a great rideon board to have. It’s entirely up to the rider how to make full use of these innovations and features.

Expo Scooter 12 Inch Wheels by Mongoose

Expo Scooter 12 Inch Wheels

There are people who require a more gradual approach to the learning of how to ride a bike. And then there are also those who would like the feel of riding a bike on their scooter. The great news is that, regardless of which type of rider you are, you’ll feel more confident that the Mongoose Expo is the correct ride-on for the job. With fully pneumatic tires supported by steel spokes on its 12-inch wheels, the Mongoose Expo is one rideon that everyone in the family will simply love to have. It can be an adult scooter owing to the fact that its sturdy frame can carry up to 220 pounds of weight. The Mongoose Expo also features a handlebar that’s characteristically bike-y. Even the brake levers on the handle bar are so bike-y. That’s why we consider the Mongoose Expo to be a great transitional ride-on toy for kids or as a backup board for those who are already bored of their bicycles. And get this. It even has the rotor and axle pegs of classic BMX bikes suggesting that the Mongoose Expo is clearly ready for any tricks that you can come up with.

What We Like about It – The Mongoose Expo is a BMX bike without the drivetrain and seat. It’s one of the best trick scooters you can get because of its superb handling owing to the large pneumatic tires.

Black Super Turbo 1000W Elite 36V Electric Scooter with Econo/Turbo Mode by Super Cycles & Scooters

Black Super Turbo 1000W Elite 36V Electric Scooter with Econo/Turbo Mode

If you don’t like pedaling, we’d recommend the Black Super Turbo 1000W. It’s like a mighty off-roader, an ATV but on 2 wheels, and a wonderful looking electric scooter for everyone. The high capacity motor rated at 36V at 1000 watts gives the Super Turbo 1000 a maddening top speed of 26 miles per hour. However fast it can go understand that the Super Turbo 1000 can only travel 18 miles on a single charge.  The knobby, ultra-wide tires are built for hugging the road. It also comes with a seat so you can effortlessly and comfortably glide along the neighborhood or even at the park. And if the motor is dead because it has already run out of juice, then you can always remove the seat and use it like any other leg-powered scooter. It even has a miniature headlight to keep you safe in darkened environments. The handlebar is a cross between a classic T and the handlebar of a mountain bike. Personally, we think it’s more of the latter.

What We Like about It – The Super Turbo 1000 has a very powerful electric motor which should make your riding experience a lot breezier. The addition of a seat plus headlight is great, too.

Hudora RX-205 LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter by VOKUL

Hudora RX-205 LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter

With a carrying strap that’s already attached to the length of the T-bar that also folds easily onto the 14.5 by 4.5 inch deck, the Hudora RX-205 LUX Big Wheel is one very convenient, very portable, very lightweight adult scooter you can get for your family. It has a maximum capacity of about 220 pounds so Mom and dad can actually ride it going to the gym or even to the nearest grocery store. What’s really amazing about the Hudora RX-205 LUX is its 8-inch wheels that are made of high grade urethane. While it may not be as large as the wheels on the Mongoose Expo, it nevertheless provides enough ground clearance to navigate any bumps on the pavement. But here’s the downside. It’s not pneumatic so you can still feel some of the vibrations rattling through the rest of the Hudora RX-205 LUX. Fortunately, holding onto the soft hand grips can help minimize the vibrations you’ll feel. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Hudora RX-205 is one excellent ride-on for the daily grind.  It should last you several years because of its super-sturdy construction.

What We Like about It – The Hudora RX-205 LUX is lightweight, portable, and durable, qualities that we think you will love. The only lament is the use of urethane wheels instead of rubber or pneumatic. Nonetheless, it should add to its lifespan.

A5 Lux Scooter by Razor

A5 Lux Scooter

The Razor A2 is a great piece of pedal powered ride-on board. Unfortunately, if you weigh more than 143 pounds, then you won’t really be able to ride it. You will need a much sturdier, a much stronger type of Razor adult scooter, the A5 Lux. Technically, the A5 Lux is a re-energized and powered up A2. It’s got larger wheels at 200 mm while the A2 only has 98 mm. This gives the A5 Lux superb ground clearance to help you make really fantastic tricks jumping and rolling across any terrain. The splendid ground clearance helps you clear any obstacle with ease. And if it does get bumpy, its patented springless shock system should help absorb all those nasty vibrations so you will clearly not feel a thing. Carrying and storing the Razor A5 Lux is never a problem either. The T bar conveniently folds onto its super strong and wide deck. The height of the handlebar can also be adjusted to accommodate varying heights of riders. Truly, the A5 Lux is one of the best trick scooters you can start with.

What We Like about It – The A5 Lux is a sturdier and more versatile ride-on for bigger, older riders. It has the same patented technology and advancements that have made Razor quite a name in these kinds of products. And if you don’t believe what we’re saying about the A5 Lux, just read the more than 2,000 rave reviews of the product on Amazon and you would also agree with our assessment.

Pro Scooter Super Tough Aluminum Stunt Kick Scooter by VOKUL

Pro Scooter Super Tough Aluminum Stunt Kick Scooter

Extreme athletes require only the best gear whenever they do their thing. And if you’re aspiring to become the champion in the next X-Games, then you’d better start training. Pro scooters require a very sturdy frame and optimum stability as you will be rolling down and hitting a variety of ramps. You’ll be kicking the deck high up in the air and perform a lot of different tricks never before seen. If you weigh around 140 pounds or less, as most extreme adventurers are, then you’ll find the VOKUL Pro just right for your beginning adventures. The VOKUL Pro is constructed of, just like other very sturdy boards, aircraft grade aluminum. Further adding to its strength are heat-treated, reinforced forged plates. And while others can only manage to squeeze in low quality metal on their handlebars, VOKUL Pro sports a hardware that’s forged with carbon steel and then attached with triple bolt clamp to ensure optimum safety while you’re performing various tricks. The PU wheels are just of the right size and come with excellent shock absorption and high rebound capabilities; perfect for tricks on the circuit.

What We Like about It – The VOKUL Pro is designed for the beginning extreme athlete. The combination of durable construction and superb styling make this a marvel to have.

E200 Electric Scooter by Razor

E200 Electric Scooter

One of the most fun electric scooters we’ve had so far is the Razor E200. Just think of the superb engineering of both the A2 and the A5 Lux, add an electric motor, and you’ve got the E200 that purrs like a kitten, allowing you to glide down the streets of your neighborhood without bothering anyone else. The 8 inch fully pneumatic tires add to the super soft operation of the E200 that no one will ever know you’re cruising along. Do take note that the E200 can only accommodate up to 154 pounds of weight so if you’re heavier than this, then you might as well look for another one. With a top speed of 12 mph and a continuous run time of 40 minutes with a 12-hour charging time, the E200 is the A5 Lux’s gentle, electric counterpart.

What We Like about It – The E200 has the same signature quality known of any Razor products. This alone is sufficient to guarantee the superb quality of the E200.

Envy One Scooter by Envy

Envy One Scooter

Some say the Envy One is actually better than similar styles from Razor. One of the major comments is that the deck is actually free from the main rod of the T-handlebar allowing for flips and spins with greater ease. Considering the design, the Envy One is the ideal ride-on toy for young kids. The low ground clearance affords a certain level of safety because kids can easily prop their free leg on the ground for support. And even if they do manage to lose balance, getting off from the Envy One is easy and safe because of the low ground clearance. Yet, the Envy One is also sturdy as the rigidity of its deck and T-bar helps ensure stability regardless of the amount of action that your child will subject it to. Just remember, if you weigh more than 140 pounds, don’t step on the Envy One’s deck.

What We Like about It – Envy One may not have the ratings enjoyed by Razor but it sure is one great toy to give to kids.

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter by Royal Scooters

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Looking at the Royal Guard II Freestyle, you’ll most likely mistake it for the Envy One. It has almost the same design. However, a closer look at its specs and you’ll understand that the Royal Guard II is designed primarily as trick scooters which should be ideal for children who have already mastered the art of riding on two wheels standing and are now ready to try a few tricks and stunts. The PU cast wheels allow for superb rebound which is a fundamental requirement for doing tricks such as spins and flips. ABEC 5 chrome steel bearings ensure the smoothness of the wheels’ rotation giving your kid speeds and maneuverability like never before. The deck may not have any fancy design but it is wide enough for supporting your kid’s foot. Rear wheel activated brakes allow for instantaneous braking as well as for aiding in certain moves and stunts. And if you’re not really that heavy, you can also ride the Royal Guard II Freestyle as it’s designed to handle a fully grown man weighing 220 pounds or less. Heat treated aluminium, adds to the structural rigidity of the Royal Guard II giving it sturdiness capable of supporting your weight.

What We Like about It – The Royal Guard II is intended for beginning stuntmen and tricksters. And if you have a kid who’s starting out on this path, the Royal Guard II is a great tool.

2017 Covenant Pro Scooter by Lucky Scooter

2017 Covenant Pro Scooter

With a wonderful deck art created by master artisan Shogo Ota, the Covenant Pro is one really fabulous and fashionable looking scooter. Aluminum core wheels provide the foundation for its 110 mm Lucky Toaster tires with ABEC 9 bearings ensuring superior fluidity of axial rotation. The Covenant Pro comes with an ultra-wide handlebar so you get optimum control while riding it across town. Performing tricks and stunts is made super easy with the Covenant Pro’s unique styling.

What We Like about It – The Covenant Pro is a star on the rise. It doesn’t have the likes of Razor followers yet but, if it stays on its course, it will be just a matter of time before such recognition can be achieved.

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter by Micro Kickboard

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

If you have kids who are between the ages of 2 and 5, then you cannot give them a two-wheeled scooter yet. A better alternative is a three-wheeled product to help ensure stability and minimize injuries resulting from falls. The Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter is, technically, just like any other ride-on toy we have in this list. The only major difference is that it features two extra-large wheels up front and a much smaller wheel on the rear. Just imagine the Razor A2 but with two large wheels in front. The wide wheelbase at the front helps stabilize the whole structure while your kid is busy learning the ropes of balancing and riding the Micro Mini. In addition to the 3-wheel base, the Micro Mini also features a low ground clearance to provide an additional layer of safety for your kids. Turning is made by shifting their weight to the side where they want to turn. It gives a sensation of surfing right on the sidewalks.

What We Like about It – The Micro Mini is the Razor A2 for young kids. The 3-wheel framework plus low ground clearance help ensure safety while rolling.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter by Fuzion

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The box-shaped deck of the Fuzion X-3 provides an excellent platform for securing your foot while kicking with the other. The polyurethane ABS wheels help ensure you’ve got a smoother ride to complement the soft grips on the handle that has been shaped like a mighty batwing. The handlebar is wide giving you optimum control of the Fuzion X-3 as your arms will be safely distanced from each other. It may have a very simple design but the Fuzion X-3 is sufficient enough to give anyone a superb ride. Because of the combination of its inherent features, even kids will have no issues learning to ride the Fuzion.

What We Like about It – The Fuzion has a low ground clearance for optimum safety. The sturdiness of its deck construction is also noteworthy.

Swagger Electric Powered Scooter by Swagger-1

Swagger Electric Powered Scooter

One of the major issues of electric scooters is that they have a rather very bulky compartment housing the battery and the electric motor. With the Swagger, all of these is about to change as everything has been streamlined to give the Swagger a very thin profile, a lot similar to the ordinary kick scooter. The major advantage, of course, is that it can go 15 mph for 5 miles or a maximum of 15 miles on a single charge. It can also be folded for easier carriage and storage. Best of all, while the others in this list have a cap of 220 pounds, the Swagger ups that to 250 pounds. All the control panels have been digitalized for excellent viewing.

What We Like about It – If you can get past its price tag, the Swagger is an awesome electric scooter to have. The slim profile for an electric scooter is simply superb.

S5 Prodigy Scooter by Envy

S5 Prodigy Scooter

Built to last. That’s what Envy says about its S5 Prodigy. However, if you’re going to look at it from a design standpoint, it is pretty much just like the Envy One, except that the S5 Prodigy is more expensive because of the premium materials put into its construction. Every component of the Prodigy has been designed for durability and strength. You’d make an excellent decision if you’re going to get this instead of the Envy One.

What We Like about It – The use of premium materials on the S5 Prodigy justifies the price. If you can move past this, then it’s a great choice.

OxGord Scooter for Kids by OxGord 

OxGord Scooter for Kids

Just like the Micro Mini, the OxGord is designed with young children in mind. It’s got the same 3-point wheel system for optimum stability. The low ground clearance also adds to the safety feature of the OxGord. Technically, children will have to learn how to first step onto the OxGord, kick with his or her feet, lean to turn, and brake with its rear wheel activated mechanism. High quality bearings help minimize vibrations, enabling your kid to experience a really smooth ride all the way home.

What We Like about It – The OxGord is an excellent alternative for those who don’t like the Micro Mini. It generally has the same features so any would actually do.

How We Chose the Amazing Scooters in Our List

Choosing a cool scooter is more like choosing a cool bike for kids. The only major difference is that a scooter doesn’t necessarily have the drivetrain that connects to the rear wheel. It may also not have a seat. Additionally, the wheels are definitely smaller. With all these differences, it should be a breeze to pick out the really cool ones from the pack.

The soundness of the product’s construction was a major consideration in our search. We had to be sure that it is strong and sturdy enough to carry the weight of its intended rider. This extends well into its durability. If it fails within several months’ use, then what’s the point of getting these ride-on toys? We believed it is essential that these products be able to outlast the enthusiasm of the rider to keep on using or riding it. If it breaks even before the rider has had enough of it, then it’s a waste.

Built-in features were also examined rather carefully. We had to identify the different benefits of these features so we can effectively share them with you. Of course, we do recognize that different people typically have different ways of looking at the same thing. As such, only scooters that have no less than 4 stars on Amazon’s product rating scheme were included. At any rate, we’re confident that there are other people who may have the same views as ours. And this can be an excellent source of encouragement that we are, indeed, heading in the right direction.

Tips for Choosing a Ride-On Toy

There are many well-documented benefits of ride-on toys especially in children’s development. That’s why it’s crucial for us to choose the correct ride-on toys, not only for our kids but also for everyone else in the family. There are many ways in which we can choose the best ride-on toys. Here are some tips to help you pick out the right product for you.

It is imperative that the scooter or any other ride-on toy has built-in safety features. For instance, fast-paced toys need to have brakes. Additionally, they should have certain features that help prevent tipping, falling, or even colliding with other objects or obstacles.

Before you purchase a ride-on toy, especially 2-wheeled ones, it is essential to perform a balance test. If you cannot perform such a test, then choose one with a lower ground clearance or center of gravity. This helps provide for a more stable stance.

Different products have different weight and height limitations. Make sure you understand these requirements as they can have an impact on the safety of your child.

Riding a scooter requires balance. It goes without saying that, if your child has not established a good sense of balance yet, maybe a 3-wheeler is a better option than a 2-wheeler.

The Bottom Line

Scooters are a fun way to travel around. These are lightweight, uses no fuel, and very portable so you can bring them anywhere you go. With the 15 cool scooters in our list, we’re pretty certain you’d be able to elevate your neighborhood mobility in an instant.

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