15 Cool Scooters to Ride On in 2017

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Scooters are one of the most sought after gifts or presents for birthdays or special occasions by children. It gives the sensation of gliding on a skateboard but with some of the controls of a bicycle. Scooters come in a variety of shapes and makes. There are those that run on electricity while some are still propelled by good old leg power.

Regardless of the design, these ride-on toys provide pure joy and excitement to kids who already have a good sense of balance. If you want to make sure your kid gets the most fun out of riding a scooter, then you’d really have to give these 15 cool scooters to ride on a try.

How We Chose the Amazing Scooters in Our List

Choosing a cool scooter is more like choosing a cool bike for kids. The only major difference is that a scooter doesn’t necessarily have the drivetrain that connects to the rear wheel. It may also not have a seat. Additionally, the wheels are definitely smaller. With all these differences, it should be a breeze to pick out the really cool ones from the pack.

The soundness of the product’s construction was a major consideration in our search. We had to be sure that it is strong and sturdy enough to carry the weight of its intended rider. This extends well into its durability. If it fails within several months’ use, then what’s the point of getting these ride-on toys? We believed it is essential that these products be able to outlast the enthusiasm of the rider to keep on using or riding it. If it breaks even before the rider has had enough of it, then it’s a waste.

Built-in features were also examined rather carefully. We had to identify the different benefits of these features so we can effectively share them with you. Of course, we do recognize that different people typically have different ways of looking at the same thing. As such, only scooters that have no less than 4 stars on Amazon’s product rating scheme were included. At any rate, we’re confident that there are other people who may have the same views as ours. And this can be an excellent source of encouragement that we are, indeed, heading in the right direction.

Tips for Choosing a Ride-On Toy

There are many well-documented benefits of ride-on toys especially in children’s development. That’s why it’s crucial for us to choose the correct ride-on toys, not only for our kids but also for everyone else in the family. There are many ways in which we can choose the best ride-on toys. Here are some tips to help you pick out the right product for you.

  • Always consider safety.

It is imperative that the scooter or any other ride-on toy has built-in safety features. For instance, fast-paced toys need to have brakes. Additionally, they should have certain features that help prevent tipping, falling, or even colliding with other objects or obstacles.

  • Don’t skip the balance test. 

Before you purchase a ride-on toy, especially 2-wheeled ones, it is essential to perform a balance test. If you cannot perform such a test, then choose one with a lower ground clearance or center of gravity. This helps provide for a more stable stance.

  • Go for age-appropriate models. 

Different products have different weight and height limitations. Make sure you understand these requirements as they can have an impact on the safety of your child.

  • Match your kid’s skill level. 

Riding a scooter requires balance. It goes without saying that, if your child has not established a good sense of balance yet, maybe a 3-wheeler is a better option than a 2-wheeler.

The Bottom Line

Scooters are a fun way to travel around. These are lightweight, uses no fuel, and very portable so you can bring them anywhere you go. With the 15 cool scooters in our list, we’re pretty certain you’d be able to elevate your neighborhood mobility in an instant.

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