10 Cool Puzzles in 2017

One of the best ways to put our mind at ease is to play puzzles. Really cool puzzles will keep you wanting more, constantly scouring your mind for the single solution to the problem. And while child development psychologists typically frown on the use of puzzles because they don’t necessarily stimulate the development of divergent problem-solving competencies, these types of brainteasers are nevertheless, useful in creating focus and concentration on a single task so the mind won’t be wandering anywhere else. With the 10 cool puzzles in 2017 we’re going to share with you, not only will you be sharpening your mind, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and at peace with yourself, too.

How We Chose the 10 Cool Puzzles in Our List

Honestly, it was never easy coming up with really cool puzzles that you can either use for yourself or to give away as a birthday present or a gift for any special occasion. The fact is that every other type of brainteaser can provide as much enjoyment as any other. So, picking the right one is like choosing a strand of hair from an entire lock. It’s that challenging. Nonetheless, we knew we had to deliver on this one. But then we realized we don’t necessarily have to do it alone.

Part of our screening process was an evaluation of the product’s level of acceptance among consumers. We pegged our minimum at 4.1 stars based on Amazon’s customer satisfaction ratings scheme. Suffice it to say, we carefully analyzed how consumers evaluated these brainteasers so we can also have a fair idea of how these products really stand in the real world.

We then assessed the individual characteristics or features of these items. It was clear that the primary focus will be on the challenge of solving the problem. If it was too easy, then there’s no challenge at all and the puzzle might as well be thrown in the garbage bin. Likewise, if it is taking too long to solve the puzzle, then people might get easily frustrated and throw away the piece altogether. The point we’re trying to make is for us to determine the level of difficulty afforded by each of these products to be appropriate for the mental age of the user or player.

Other properties of the products were also evaluated. This included the possibility of having the puzzle serving a purpose other than what is intended. We presume that people will not really be playing with these every minute of their lives so if it can serve as a wonderful tabletop or desktop décor or even as an accessory in your keychain, then it would really be very useful.

Benefits of Playing with Puzzles

When we talk about puzzles, we automatically think about a specific type of children’s toys. However, these are not only good for children. These are equally important for adults. While puzzles are important for children’s learning, these same products can help adults in a variety of ways, too. To help you better understand why it is necessary to get puzzles either for yourself, your kids, or someone else, here are some of the more common benefits of playing with puzzles.

  • Enhances cognitive abilities – While it is true that puzzles only develop convergent problem-solving skills especially in children, this can nevertheless lay the foundation for the development of more complex cognitive processes such as divergent thinking, scientific problem solving, and logical reasoning. Convergent thinking focuses the brain’s cognitive processes in the determination of a single solution. On the other hand, divergent thinking talks more about endless possibilities that there can be more answers to a particular problem.
  • Helps reduce stress, anxiety, and nervous tension – By focusing our energies on the task at hand, our brains are effectively blocking all other thoughts that may be anxiety-provoking. When we play with puzzles, our attention is on the completion of the task and not certainly the events that are causing us stress.
  • Makes you feel great about yourself – Being able to complete a puzzle can be really rewarding. Now, try displaying this accomplishment in your cabinet or even on your desktop and you will have an instant reminder of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.
  • Improves motor coordination – This is especially true for kids as puzzle pieces will have to be picked up and placed in their respective places. This also requires spatial reasoning. Grasping these puzzle pieces alone can already provide the foundation of future motor development.

The Bottom Line

Playing with puzzles can provide a host of benefits to both kids and adults alike. With the 10 cool puzzles in 2017 you can now have an excellent way to manage your stress, sharpen your cognitive abilities, make you feel good about yourself, and have a fantastic décor to add beauty to your surroundings.

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