12 Seriously Cool Pool Floats in 2017

In just a few more months, we’ll be greeting the warm days of summer which also coincides with school break. While most will be heading to the beaches and water theme parks, sometimes the best way to enjoy the summer is right in your backyard. You can have a great pool party especially if you get any of these 12 seriously cool pool floats in 2017. Just sit back, lie down, prepare your favorite poolside reading material, and allow us to introduce you to some of the coolest swimming pool inflatables in the market today.

12 Cool Pool Floats


The Original Giant Swan Ride-On by Swimline

The Original Giant Swan Ride-On

One of the most graceful creatures ever to grace the surface of ponds and lakes as well as other bodies of water is the swan. With its streamlined body, it cuts through the water surface with such ease. And when tired, it gently floats, just basking in the warm glow of the sun. With 75 inches of available space, you can now lay your back and let the Original Giant Swan Ride-On take you on a leisurely ride on the surface of your pool. With more than 1,200 Amazon reviewers giving their take on the Giant Swan, this is one of the best pool inflatables you can ever purchase. Constructed of heavy duty vinyl, the Giant Swan will take your tired body on a gentle cruise around your swimming pool, tenderly rocking you back and forth until you fall into slumber. No worries as the wide body of the Giant Swan will never tip you over so you stay safe. It’s large enough for two individuals making it the perfect floatation device for the perfect summer. This iconic creature has graced many water theme parks all over the world. It would simply be great to have one right in your backyard.

What We Like about It – The Original Giant Swan has an extra-large surface area that helps keep it afloat while also providing excellent place for relaxing.

Floating Water Hammock by Kelsyus

Floating Water Hammock

When we think of a tropical beach scene, we always conjure images of hammocks tied between two imposing palm trees. We lay down and let the gentle sea breeze brush up our faces and cool our backs while we’re sipping on our favorite tropical punch with a good pair shades to keep our eyes protected against the glare of the sun. With the Floating Water Hammock, we don’t need to go to a tropical island paradise. We don’t even need to go to the beach. We’ll have our own floating hammock right in our backyard. These modified pool rafts can easily take our weight to let us float on our backs while our heads and neck comfortably lies on the plush pillow. Made of 60 percent high grade polyester and 35 percent PVC, the Water Hammock is buoyant enough to prevent us from sinking. The sturdy frame that’s keeping all the different components of the hammock together is made of premium grade steel, affording superior stability on the water. The mesh nature of the bed allows water to seep through the small holes cooling our bodies as we enjoy the sun. It’s like your ordinary hammock except that it’s not the wind that cools your back but the water itself. The mesh fabric suspends your body so that part of it is immersed in the water to keep you cool for the rest of your stay in the watery environment. The Water Hammock easily folds for instant storage.

What We Like about It – The Water Hammock is literally a comfortable bed on the water. The mesh fabric is pleasingly cool for the body.

Gigantic Donut Pool Float by BigMouth, Inc.

Gigantic Donut Pool Float

For many years BigMouth has been producing some of the most fun and most adorable pool inflatables in the market. One of their bestsellers which continue up until this very day is the Gigantic Donut Pool Float measuring a whopping 4 feet in diameter. Available in strawberry and chocolate frosted with sprinkles, the Gigantic Donut is one delicious inflatable that kids and adults will surely enjoy. These cute pool floats are made of super durable vinyl printed in a variety of colors to give you one fantastic and delectable floating treat. It already comes with a patch kit for those instant repairs. The colorful sprinkles and the frosting have been treated with high grade UV protection to help preserve the glossy finish of the design. You can rest assured that the colors will never fade. The BigMouth Gigantic Donut is such a huge hit that it has already sold millions of it since it was made available to the public in 2012. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, there have been issues related to the growing number of knockoffs or poor quality replicas. That’s why it is highly recommended to purchase the Original Gigantic Donut only from BigMouth itself or from reputable online commerce sites to help prevent being conned.

What We Like about It – The Original Gigantic Donut Pool Float has been around for many years and continues to command the respect of millions. It’s a must therefore, to look only for the original.

Watermelon Slice Island Inflatable Raft by Swimline

Watermelon Slice Island Inflatable Raft

Tropical fruits are almost always equated with summer beach fun. What could be more refreshing during these hot summer days than several slices of large, red, ripe watermelon? Filled with watery goodness, a slice of watermelon can quench your thirst and keep you hydrated in the searing heat. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Swimline also decided to design one of its cute pool floats in the shape of a watermelon slice. The Watermelon Slice Island Inflatable Raft is one cool and relaxing way to enjoy summer. With 5 feet of splendid surface area, it should be big enough to accommodate several kids or a couple of adults without sinking. Thanks to its heavy duty construction, this Swimline product can keep you and your loved ones afloat for the rest of the summer and for many years to come. The watermelon-y color design is also a welcome aesthetic to any backyard pool as the red and green should provide a great contrast to the light blue color of the surroundings. This floating island lounger will keep you relaxed while enjoying your tropical fruit punch.

What We Like about It – The large surface area of the Watermelon Slice Island is exceptional. This same feature helps ensure it stays buoyant regardless of who gets to use it.

3-Piece Inflatable Ice Cream Cones by Rhode Island Novelty

3-Piece Inflatable Ice Cream Cones

Summer wouldn’t be complete without the delicious cooling goodness of ice cream. Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or strawberry or any other flavor, nothing can really provide you with the kind of refreshing goodness that these cold treats provide. Now imagine three ice cream cones floating right in your backyard, with their swirly goodness providing a very enticing visual spectacle that you’d feel as if your mouth starts to water. Rhode Island Novelty knows very well the weakness of today’s kids as it has created a monster ice cream that actually serves as a buoyant device. It should be made clear that the Inflatable Ice Cream Cones are not pool rafts and thus, should never be used as a floating bed. Measuring 3 feet long the Ice Cream Cones are pool inflatables that kids can hold onto while they are in the water. You can think of it as your paddle board when you go to the beach; except, of course, that these are shaped like ice cream cones. They can be easily deflated for instant storage.

What We Like about It – The delicious design of the Inflatable Ice Cream Cones is shouting of the refreshing goodness of ice creams during the summer. It’s heavy duty and highly durable, too.

Lobster Ride-On by Intex

Lobster Ride-On

One of the most iconic creatures of the sea is the lobster. For many, it’s a cross between a crab, because of its large pincers, and an oversized shrimp, because of its elongated body. It is also for this reason that Intex’s Lobster Ride-On cute pool floats are one of the most sought-after during this time of the year. With its bright red and yellow colors together with fun details like the eyes attached to its antennae, the tail fins, the crawler legs, and the majestic pincers, the Lobster Ride-On is the perfect inflatable for kids to ride on like a raft. It’s got 4 well-positioned heavy duty grab handles for children to hold onto while they cruise around your backyard pool. The extra-wide base together with the spread out pincers, crawler legs, and tail fin give it superb stability so there’s no danger of it flipping or turning over. It’s long enough to accommodate two kids sitting one behind the other. Designed for children at least 3 years old, the Lobster Ride-On is sure to bring lots of laughter and fun adventures among kids who will be riding on the back of this beautiful crustacean.

What We Like about It – Intex is quite known when it comes to the design and manufacture of quality water activity products. With the Lobster Ride-On, kids now have a more fun way to enjoy their summer.

Ice Cube Fun Float by Swimline

Ice Cube Fun Float

In sweltering heat, only ice-cold products will suffice to bring down our temperatures to sufficiently more comfortable levels. From ice cold beverages to ice creams to smoothies, these icy treats can really complete our summer. What if we had a humongous block of ice that actually floats on your swimming pool? That would really be fun, wouldn’t it? It will be like bringing an iceberg from the North Pole right into your home. But while the Ice Cube Fun Float is not exactly an iceberg, it is nevertheless a cool-looking inflatable for any pool. Measuring a whopping 49 inches on all sides, the Ice Cube Fun Float is an excellent and cool way to relax while enjoying the refreshing feel of the water. Note that these are not pool rafts so you’re not supposed to be lying on them. It has donut holes on four sides to help provide a space for you and your kids to hang onto while paddling with your feet. The top provides splendid cover from the harsh rays of the sun which can actually be made worse by the reflection from the water. At any rate, Ice Cube Fun Floats are cute pool floats that will never melt in the water.

What We Like about It – The Ice Cube Fun Float is a very interesting inflatable that everyone can really enjoy. The frosty blue color also mimics the natural color of deep blue icebergs.

SplashNet Xpress UFO Spaceship Squirter by Swimline

SplashNet Xpress UFO Spaceship Squirter

Summertime is always a fun time for kids. There are no lessons to study, no homework to do, and no assignments to finish. It’s freedom and a really great time to whip up their imagination. Instead of going to the town fair or carnival and ride in one of those bump cars, it would be better to get the SplashNet Xpress UFO Spaceship Squirter for your kid. Unfortunately, the SplashNet Xpress does not have any motor that will allow your kid to maneuver it across your pool. Nevertheless, its buoyant effects will help create motion and give your kid the opportunity to blast alien watercrafts in his or her surroundings. Designed like a retro UFO, the SplashNet Xpress UFO Spaceship Squirter is built super tough to withstand attacks from extraterrestrial enemies. Thanks to its heavy duty vinyl construction, the SplashNet Xpress will be very difficult to sink. And while its defense is strong, a solid-performing ray gun water squirter provides the necessary offense to knock down its enemies from the watery space. The SplashNet Xpress measures 45 inches in diameter and can comfortably seat a school age child in its couch-like seat. This is one fantastic spaceship that floats on water.

What We Like about It ­– The SplashNet Xpress UFO Spaceship is an entirely different kind of ride-on toy. It is thus, excellent for aiding in the imaginative or make believe plays of kids.

Sea Saw Rocker by Swimline

Sea Saw Rocker

Kids love to spend countless hours at the playground. They can run all they want, climb ladders, hit the slides, dangle on monkey bars, and enjoy their turn at the swing. One of the favorite playground structures of children is the see-saw. There’s just something to the act of raising somebody while lowering oneself. And then the process is reversed. What if we were to add a water element to the see-saw? Would you think that will be amazing? We believe so. That’s why we’re sharing with you the Sea Saw Rocker. Its design is not like the ordinary see-saw we have in children’s playgrounds, of course. Instead, it features a cup-like section where kids can sit while they hold onto the grab handles on the sides. It’s more like a banana except that there’s a huge inflatable column in the center which supposed to mimic the fulcrum of the actual see-saw. Kids will have to shift their weight back and forth to send the Sea Saw into a fabulous rocking motion. Add to this the effect of ripples or waves made in the water and you’ve got for yourself a really enjoyable ride. Your kids will be floating and sliding all around your backyard pool. A note of caution, however; you’d have to consider the combined weight of the kids. It should not weigh more than 195 pounds to get the full benefits of the Sea Saw Rocker.

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious take to a classic children’s playground activity. Set in a watery environment, the Sea Saw Rocker is one fun way to enjoy a day at the pool.

Giant Luxury Inflatable Pool Float Lounger for Kids and Adults by SweetTooth

Giant Luxury Inflatable Pool Float Lounger for Kids and Adults

If you’re looking for a seriously cool pool float for adults, look no further as SweetTooth’s Giant Luxury Inflatable Pool Float Lounger is the answer. It comes in two different variants. The Golden Pegasus comes with a massive surface area of about 7 feet 7 inches long, 7 feet 11 inches wide, and 4 feet tall. The Poop Emoji comes in with a surface area of 71 inches long and 63 inches wide. Both variants are fully capable of supporting individuals who can weigh up to 400 pounds. The premium quality vinyl is 3 millimeters thick giving it its superb strength and sturdiness. Inflating the SweetTooth has been made easier and up to 10 times faster than other brands. This is made possible by a new improved air valves that no longer requires several minutes of pumping. Additionally, an ordinary blow dryer can be used to inflate the SweetTooth Inflatable Lounger. Choosing the Poop Emoji will surely draw a lot of attention because of the cartoon-like features of the Poop Emoji. Children will be having so much fun taking pictures of them lying and playing on the floating poop. If you choose to get the Golden Pegasus, it will be an entirely different matter as the wingspan of the great winged horse can provide a sea stallion for both you and your partner or for kids to ride on, floating, and cruising in the pool.

What We Like about It – The Poop Emoji and Golden Pegasus are superbly built inflatables that will bring fond memories to everyone who use them. The large surface area allows for excellent buoyancy and stability while the use of a 3mm thick vinyl is exceptional.

Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy by Jilong

Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy

What’s a water theme park without a water wheel? These summer fun accessories are not only found in water adventure parks, however. They can also be found in beach resorts and other places where there’s plenty of space to roll about. You, too, can now let your kids have fun with their own water wheel in your home. The Jilong Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy is a miniaturized version of its bigger cousins in the beach and water theme parks. If you find enjoyment watching your hamster run around in its exercise wheel, then you will surely be amazed at how your kid will try to run in the Jilong Water Wheel to turn it around. Rainbow strings adorn individual sections of the Jilong. Providing sturdiness to the whole structure are I-beams that divide the wheel into sections which serve as grooved paddles for moving it across the water surface.

What We Like about It – The Jilong is a very colorful and sturdy water wheel built specifically for kids at home.

5000 Giant Inflatable Pool Floating Riding Derby Duck with Cup Holders and Straps by GAME 

5000 Giant Inflatable Pool Floating Riding Derby Duck with Cup Holders and Straps

What if Ernie’s rubber duckie grew big, what would it be like? We guess it would be like the Game 5000 Giant Inflatable Pool Floating Riding Derby Duck. Sporting cool shades and a smiling beak, this yellow giant can accommodate a fully grown adult weighing up to 250 pounds. What makes this pool float for adults so amazing is that it has already cup holders well integrated into its design. This means you will not have to worry about spilling your drinks or beverages as these can be conveniently placed on the cup holder. And if you think you’re in for a wavy ride, there are always heavy duty grab handles on the side of the yellow duckie. Its wide bottom also helps make sure it stays afloat and that it will never tip over.

What We Like about It – The size of the Derby Duck is sufficient enough for a single adult individual. However, it’s the addition of built-in cup holders that really sold us in.

How We Chose the Coolest Swimming Pool Floats in Our List

A floatation device or gadget that sinks won’t be much fun, would it? It is for this reason that the quality construction of these floatation gadgets was carefully evaluated as the primary consideration for our selection. The integrity of the seams as well as the waterproofing properties of the materials were also considered as we knew these will play a major role on how well you will enjoy using these accessories. It would be a shame if you’re going to buy something now, only to be broken or damaged after only several uses.

We then looked at the things that make the product cool in the pool. We tried to imagine ourselves using these products and determine if we’d like them or not. If we did, we’d have to provide at least 5 reasons why we love it. Our team then collected our answers and came up with a thematic approach to organizing data. We then tried to validate our findings with the feedback of customers so we’ll have an idea if the fun things we loved about these products are also the same with the experiences and perceptions of others. This way, we can say that we have represented what majority of consumers think about the product.

The ease of maintenance as well as storage was also taken into consideration. It is essential that these products be easily cleaned as well as stored so you’ll be able to use them for a good many years.

Deciding on Which Pool Float to Buy

Kids can’t wait until it’s summer. The prospect of going to the beach or even spending many hours in the pool are simply too great for them. That’s why it is important for us to know how to choose the right flotation device for kids and other members of our family.

This is one of the most important things you have to consider when buying a pool float or any swimming accessory for that matter. If you’re going to use it for personal use, then that means you are essentially looking at a single pool floats. This also means you’ll be looking for the utmost comfort for your personal needs. At any rate, you will need to brush your knowledge on the different designs of pool inflatables for adults.

If you’re going to share it with someone, then you’d need a much bigger swim accessory. You’d have to look for features that will allow you to share with another person. The same is true if it’s going to be the whole family who’s going to use it. If it is primarily for kids, then, you’d have to look for more fun features, something that will stimulate their imagination and allow them to play to their hearts’ content.

Pool floats can be constructed of different materials although majority will be using heavy duty vinyl. Some will also be using foam as a flotation device while some will use polyester and nylon. All of these are inherently related to who will use the pool float.

The Bottom Line

Pool floats are wonderful accessories to have especially during the swimming and beach-going months of the summer. With these 12 seriously cool pool floats in 2017, you’re now prepared to elevate the whole summer experience of your family.

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