15 Cool Playing Card Sets in 2017

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Playing cards are not only important tools for enjoying a game of poker or any other card game. It’s also a great tool for performing magic tricks. In fact, it is one of the most common tools used by magicians and illusionists as they start out on their journey. As they say, if you want to look cool, then you’d have to learn at least one magic trick using ordinary playing cards. Fortunately, you don’t have to train in the art of magic to look cool; you only need to get any of these 15 cool playing card sets in 2017 and you will be the star of your group.

15 Cool Playing Card Sets

12 Decks Wide Size Regular Index Playing Cards by Brybelly

12 Decks Wide Size Regular Index Playing Cards

Whether it is for endless hours of fun playing various card games with your family or friends or as presents for birthdays, special occasions, trick or treats, and even Christmas stockings, the Brybelly 12 Decks Wide Size Regular Index Playing Cards is a great choice. Almost 500 Amazon customers have already said that the Brybelly is one of the best they have ever bought. The 12-deck set comes in 2 sets of 6 blues and reds and each card is carefully coated in high grade plastic allowing for ease of cleaning; just a wipe of cloth should return it to its pristine look. The wide size of the index is just perfect for folks who may have problems identifying the shapes on their indices. Enjoying your favorite game is now made more fun with the Brybelly playing card decks.

What We Like about It – The Brybelly has a very unassuming design yet it’s in the quality of its craftsmanship that can be considered spectacular.

24K Gold Playing Cards by Trademark Poker

24K Gold Playing Cards

You don’t necessarily have to play with the 24K Gold Playing Cards; it is best used as a collector’s item. It is something that you will be proud to display in your family room’s collection of many worthwhile objects. And in cases where you will need to show off to your friends, you can easily just flash them off. Of course, this Trademark Poker product can be used for a variety of card games, although we don’t necessarily recommend giving them to kids. It would simply be frustrating if the pristine condition of these standard sized indices gets crumpled when kids start enjoying them. But, then again, it’s actually your call since the 24K Trademark Poker doesn’t really cost a fortune to purchase. Made of pure 24 karat gold foil certified at 99.9 percent, the 24K Gold card deck is one valuable item. The back of the 24K is imprinted with the face of the 100-dollar bill so you get two of the most iconic economic commodities in the world – the dollar and gold – in a convenient 54-card deck.

What We Like about It – The Trademark Poker 24K exudes with richness and economic value that it would be quite a shame not to display it lavishly in one’s collection.

Copag Poker Size Regular Index Playing Cards by Copag

Copag Poker Size Regular Index Playing Cards

With a back design that is made of highly intricate beautiful and artful patterns, the Copag Poker Size Regular Index Playing Cards come as a set of 2 decks which should be great for card games with two groups of friends. These cool card decks come complete with a carefully designed storage and carrying case that is made of hard plastic, securing the integrity and crispness of the indices. The carrying case also comes very handy as you can literally bring the whole 2 decks with you wherever you maybe. Each card is also unique in that it is made of high quality PC plastic which makes it virtually indestructible compared to similar decks made of paper and then layered with thin clear plastic. This makes cleaning a breeze, helping keep the integrity of each and every single piece in the deck. This also helps make sure you will never have to buy another deck soon as its construction is guaranteed to stand the test of time and continued use, especially if you’re one who simply cannot miss a game of poker every day.

What We Like about It – Copag has been making these cards since the early part of the 20th century. This alone is proof of the high quality of their decks.

Luxury 24K Gold Foil Poker Playing Cards Deck Carta de Baralho with Box Good by LLF

Luxury 24K Gold Foil Poker Playing Cards Deck Carta de Baralho with Box Good

Considered as the best quality game cards, the LLF Luxury 24K Gold Foil Poker Playing Cards Deck Carta de Baralho with Box Good is one excellent gift to someone who lives by the game. The design of the Carta de Baralho is so seriously cool and luxurious that it would seem like having fun with gold indices instead of the regular poker cards. Each print comes in three dimensional patterns, refracting light to give it a look like shining gold. It exudes with luxury as if the whole face of the card has been bathed in glittering gold. It’s highly flexible, will never fade, durable, waterproof, and absolutely scratch-resistant. We’d say you cannot play with this as it simply is too luxurious to be played with. Nevertheless, it does make for a very unique game of poker or any other game as you will essentially be trading in one of the most valued commodities of the world.

What We Like about It – The thought of playing with gold can be a very exciting prospect. Now, if you can feel these glittering decks on your hands and you’ll see just how much happier you can be.

Kikkerland Playing Cards by Kikkerland

Kikkerland Playing Cards

Need a more playful take on the best poker cards? How about this one from Kikkerland? This is excellent for card plays in the dark as the prints of the cards are made of luminous materials. You only need to expose then to light then they should be able to glow for a full 2 hours. It’s the perfect solution to playing your favorite card games when you’re outdoors camping or even when everybody else at home is already deep asleep. You can easily turn out the light and still be able to play. Kikkerland comes with other cool variants as well like a silver masked deck as well as those with cat, dog, mini cowboy, and shark designs. If not, why not try their invisible cards which are phenomenal for humid locations as well as the beach. If you want a truly different way of enjoying your favorite card game, these unique playing cards from Kikkerlandare simply exceptional. Each piece is made of high quality PVC so it’s easy to clean. Plus, it comes with its own storage case so you’ll enjoy more of it for a much longer time.

What We Like about It – The Kikkerland cool card decks offer an exciting new way of relishing your favorite card games. It’s durable and easy to clean, too.

Giant 5 x 7 Inch Playing Cards by U. S. Toy

Giant 5 x 7 Inch Playing Cards

Want really unique playing cards? We propose the one provided by US Toy. Unlike the usual 2.5 x 3.5 inch size of standard game cards, this US Toy product comes in at double the size. A whopping 5 inches by 7 inches to give you tons of laughter trying to conceal your card from the prying eyes of everyone else at the table. While it is true that this gigantic card deck is made of paper, you can bet that it will last a longer time as it has been dutifully treated with enough protection to keep it as pristine as possible. Simply wiping it off with a moistened piece of cloth should be enough to remove any smudges. What’s really fascinating is that these cards look exactly like their standard counterparts, suggesting that it could very well be an excellent tool for kids to learn something about this favorite pastime of some us. Well, if you’re done having fun with it, you can always turn it into a hand fan to cool you down especially when the game is starting to heat up.

What We Like about It – The US Toy Giant provides tons of fun and laughter as everyone will simply be amused at the humongous size of these beauties.

Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards by Bicycle

Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards

If you’re thinking of sponsoring your very own small-time poker tournament, there’s no better way to do it than with the leading brand in game cards. Bicycle cards have been around since the 1880s. In fact, it has become a household name, the brand that people instantly associate with Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Poker, and other card games as well as magic tricks. With a rich heritage and unquestionable dedication to quality, you will never go wrong when you by the Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards. These have been used by many generations and it is not surprising if many more generations will be playing with these. Every year, Bicycle continuously strives to make incremental improvements in their products. Tournament-inspired artwork continue to adorn the faces of these babies, forever bridging generations, and representing the rich heritage of the company and the countless world tournaments that it has been featured in. This pack of 12 decks is just great for those large gatherings. Each piece has been subjected to its classic air cushion finish, giving you superb shuffling, while also improving its overall performance and durability. With such a rich heritage, the Bicycle is one product that will never fail you.

What We Like about It – Professionals use it. And with more than 100 years of unparalleled commitment to quality playing cards, the Bicycle is simply incomparable.

Ellusionist Bicycle Shadow Masters Playing Cards by Bicycle Playing Cards

Ellusionist Bicycle Shadow Masters Playing Cards

Most magicians will use ordinary cards to perform their signature tricks. However, if you really want to mesmerize your audience or even your friends or family, then the Ellusionist Bicycle Shadow Masters cool card decks are the ones to get. It boasts of an unusually thick stock which really feels exclusively posh and luxurious. Its high quality air cushion finish, time-tested with its signature classic glide, further improves its lush look and feel. In keeping with its shadow theme, the product is designed specifically to highlight the mysticism of darkness. The black ink used in the patterns and the prints gives way to the faded, almost dusky approach to the marvelously mysterious artwork. Expect the Ace of Spades to be highly guarded, genuinely stately, and systematically confined in the shadows. Relishing these unique playing cards requires absolute silence and meticulous use. 

What We Like about It – Made from the same company that gave us the most revered cards of all time, used by and bridging many generations, the Ellusionist Shadow Masters is simply the best there is. This is especially true if you want something very unique.

Artisan Playing Cards by Theory11

Artisan Playing Cards

One of the best playing cards, according to renowned magician David Copperfield, is Theory11’s Artisan. With great artwork from the world famous South African illustrator Simon Frouws, the Artisan boasts of exceptionally breathtaking detail complete with an elegant gold foil that has been marvelously stamped onto a super deluxe white paper. The paper itself is sourced from sustainable forests offering you clean and beautiful artwork in its purest form. What is extraordinary about the Artisan is its gold foil embossed in virginal white before being finished in Theory11’s signature premium 909 technology. This gives the Theory11 Artisan superb handling especially when shuffling this custom deck of cards printed on strong and durable Casino Q1 paper. And with a name that is already synonymous with only the finest quality of playing cards, the White Artisan is simply a joy to have either as a collector’s item or as a worthy gift to someone you love.

What We Like about It – At the pinnacle of playing card artwork, Theory11’s Artisan is simply a marvelous piece of art that deserves to be played not only by the best players in the world but also by ordinary people like us.

Virtuoso Spring/Summer Playing Cards by TheVirts

Virtuoso Spring/Summer Playing Cards

There’s something elegant in the use of geometric shapes as motif or artwork in playing cards. The sharp edges of polygons filled with excellent contrasting colors in a field of pristine white should keep the eye busy with amazement and appreciation. The Virtuoso Spring / Summer cool card decks promise to be a visual spectacle, keeping you glued to your hand as you strategize your way towards a win. The Virtuoso may be made of paper but it sure is one of the slickest papers you’ll ever lay your hands on, giving you superb feel that speaks well of its luxury. We’ve had customers saying how durable the Virtuoso, despite the rather flimsy appearance that it projects. Nevertheless, if there’s one thing you can do to add a certain spice to your game, then the Virtuoso is a sure hit.

What We Like about It – The Virtuoso Spring/Summer collection provides exceptionally smooth and slick feel to the game. But, its greatest strength is in its use of geometric shapes to spark visual interest.

Ellusionist Black Ghost Second Edition Playing Cards Deck by Bicycle

Ellusionist Black Ghost Second Edition Playing Cards Deck

If the Ellusionist Shadow Masters appealed to you because of the sense of mysticism that it conveys but you need something darker, something more exotic, then the Ellusionist Black Ghost Second Edition unique playing cards is the one to buy. These set of wonderfully crafted cards are finished with Bicycle Ellusionist’s signature air glide system to give it a luxury feel and effortless gliding across the palm of your hands and the surfaces of your fingers. It also comes with the same iconic thick stock further stimulating the senses like how master illusionists use sleight of hand to mesmerize their audience and rewire their entire sensory experience. The Jokers come with a very unique design complete with a killer reveal. Never again you’re your underestimate the beauty of these cards. Understand that the original Ellusionist Black Ghost was never actively marketed. It was made available only by private sale. Now, you can get an Ellusionist Black Ghost for your very own collection. Just make sure you know where to buy playing cards of this exceptional quality.

What We Like about It – Made by a company that’s been bringing us world class quality cards since the 1880s, the Ellusionist Black ghost is simply one of the best you’ll ever own. The superb design is really amazing.

Deck of Nude Models  by Forum Novelties

Deck of Nude Models

Have you ever played Strip Poker before? Well, if you have, then the Deck of Nude Models should not be very foreign to you. Unfortunately, the models no longer have to strip because they are already in their birthday wear. Additionally, some found the models to be in the 80s or 90s and as such, it fails to appeal to the younger generation. Nevertheless, these unique playing cards can be a great gift to your officemate who is a fan of Strip Poker.

What We Like about It – The Deck of Nude Models has a very interesting, albeit naught theme. Nonetheless, it is able to retain the same level of sturdiness as in any other card.

Trump Presidential Playing Cards by HeroDecks

Trump Presidential Playing Cards

With Trump already in the Oval Office, the Trump Presidential Playing Cards can be a great way to reminisce on the roller coaster ride of the Road to the White House 2016. Complete with all the personalities that have made an impact on the Trump campaign, be it friend or foe, the Trump Presidential cool card decks should provide plenty of fun.

What We Like about It – The Trump Presidential is a clear winner. Its casino quality should project the kind of risk-taking that the Trump campaign was known for.

Tim Burton Playing Cards by Dark Horse Comics

Tim Burton Playing Cards

Renowned film director, animator, writer, producer, and artist Tim Burton is best known for his gothic, quirky, eccentric, and dark fantasy films like Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, and Beetlejuide, just to name a few. You can bring home cute and creepy Aces, Kings, and Queens with the Tim Burton Playing Cards. This custom deck of cards is an awesome collection to have and a wonder to play, especially if you’re a fan of Burton’s classic take on black and white.

What We Like about It – The Tim Burton playing cards offer a creepy yet equally playful way of enjoying your Solitaire or any other card game.

Medallion Playing Cards by Theory11 

Medallion Playing Cards

One of the most luxurious looking deck of cards we’ve ever seen is Theory11’s Medallion. Like the Artisan, it boasts of master artworks penned and inked by French JC Desevre. The design is beautifully accented with stitch elements that have been embossed both in the front and back of the card. The tuck case is finished in deep brown complete with gold foil ornaments to make the Medallion a truly superb-looking and super luxurious deck to enjoy. The Medallion boasts of supreme luxury that can only come from the elegant Victorian era. The striking beauty and sheer elegance of the period has been marvelously captured in the back of each card, making it simply a beauty to behold.

What We Like about It – The Medallion comes as a stunning piece of art. Just like the Artisan, it provides a certain level of taste that can never be replicated by other leading brands.

How We Chose the Amazing Playing Cards in Our List

Picking up the coolest and most amazing playing cards is never easy. Why? Well, they all look almost the same. It’s like choosing the best bamboo chopsticks for your Chinese take-out. Everything looks the same. And even if there are differences, these will often be very tiny that it would take us perhaps, a lifetime to study, analyze, and compare each one. And just like the process of choosing ordinary bamboo chopsticks, choosing cool card decks is simply taxing.

Obviously, we cannot really just list here the usual deck of cards that you already are pretty much knowledgeable of. As such, while we did include the more classic, more traditional of these types of card sets, we also had to take note of other products that may have an inherently different feature from the rest. That’s why you had gold foils, customized products, and even extra-large designs as well as very unique, abstract, and intricate patterns. We knew that if these somehow appealed to your eyes and to your touch, then it would be foolish not to include these in our list. The point we’re making is that, we had to understand how other people look at these products so we’ll get an idea of the item’s level of acceptance among consumers. While product ratings are a good way to go, sometimes, the value placed on the rating scale does not really reflect the objective measure of the product’s qualities. Giving it a 5-star rating doesn’t mean that it’s actually flat 5; maybe a 4.8 or even a 5.2. But, since the choices are whole numbers only, it becomes quite difficult to really gauge the actual level of customer satisfaction. That’s why we had to read through the comments and feedbacks to have an understanding of the sentiments of consumers.

We also looked at the card-maker’s reputation and trustworthiness. You may have noticed several big names in our list and some that are not quite popular. But these companies have been producing these items for a good number of years so we’re confident in factoring these into the equation.

Taking Good Care of Your Playing Cards

Playing cards can come in two basic forms: paper and plastic. While plastic is definitely sturdier, there’s a certain character in the use of paper. Regardless of the material, it is important to know how to care for your playing cards. Here are some tips to help make your playing cards last longer.

These are just some ways you can keep your cards in pristine condition longer. The point is to be gentle with your handling if you want these to last long.

The Bottom Line

Playing card games can bring people together. It can also be an excellent pastime as well as a way to entertain others. With these 15 cool playing card sets, you’re guaranteed to be more successful in such endeavors especially if you know how to take care of these cards.

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