15 Seriously Cool PC Cases in 2017

Computers are marvelous pieces of technology. These are essentially made of different components that allow us to perform a lot of computations and other computer-based actions. One of the most important components is the PC case which effectively houses all the other components like the CPU, the motherboard, the video card, and the power supply, among other things. That’s why you’ll need our 15 seriously cool PC cases in 2017 to help you setup a more efficient computer system for home or office use.

15 Really Cool Computer Cases


S340 Mid Tower Computer Case by NZXT 

S340 Mid Tower Computer Case

With an ultra-clean interior and a blemish-free exterior, the S340 Mid Tower Computer Case is perfect for individuals who prefer clean lines and unadulterated surfaces free from any design embellishments whatsoever. The intakes have been fully filtered to allow for optimum dust-protection while the audio jacks have been plated in steel. Captive thumb screws as well as more than 20 cable management points allow for superb cabling arrangement ensuring a very neat and tidy interior setup. At just 17.5 inches high, 7.88 inches wide, and 17 inches long, the S340 will never take up too much of your precious desktop space. Made of a combination of high grade ABS plastic and SECC steel, the latter of which comprises 90 percent of the whole chassis, the S340 also boasts of 7 expansion slots, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and audio and mic ports. Capable of accepting ATX, MicroATX, and MiniITX motherboards, the S340 is one neat-looking box for modern computers.

What We Like about It – The very clean surface and minimalist design of the S340 is really fabulous. It is perfect for providing an uncluttered look to your workspace.

HAF XB II EVO HTPC Computer Case with USB 3.0 by Cooler Master

HAF XB II EVO HTPC Computer Case with USB 3.0

Designed to be more like a sophisticated subwoofer in a deluxe home entertainment system, the HAF XB II EVO HTPC Computer Case is an absolute marvel to behold. Its boxy appearance doesn’t even begin to do justice to the superb engineering of its overall design. We say this because more than 2,700 Amazon reviewers do think so, giving the HAF XB II EVO superb 4.5 star rating. This one’s specifically designed for tweakers and overclockers who want to get the best performance out of their hardware. The problem with such high performance parts is the amount of heat it generates. Good thing the HAF XB II EVO comes with two XtraFlo fans that give it superb airflow to dissipate generated heat. If this is not enough, you can always add a third party radiator to manage heat. The chassis is also spacious enough to accommodate CPU coolers as well as high performance graphics cards that can be as long as 33.4 centimeters. Removable HDD cages allow for storage of up to 4 SSDs or HDDs while USB 3.0 ports allow for lightning fast interfaces.

What We Like about It – The HAF XB II EVO has a very elegant boxy style that is elevated by a design that’s built for high performance parts. The excellent heat dissipation and management system is an added bonus.

Versa N21 Translucent Panel ATX Mid Tower Window Gaming Computer Case by Thermaltake

Versa N21 Translucent Panel ATX Mid Tower Window Gaming Computer Case

With an ultra-futuristic exterior, reminiscent of the sleek lines of some sci-fi gadget, the Versa N21 gaming PC case is built specifically for serious gamers who can literally spend days in front of their hardware without sleeping just so they can finish the gameplay. Like all gaming desktops, the major issue is overheating. With the Versa N21, this is effectively managed by its rear exhaust fan that is beefed up by two 120 mm intake fans up front. This setup allows for better air flow, cooling your high performance gaming hardware. The sad thing about an intake fan is that it also naturally draws in dust. Good thing the Versa N21 comes with an integrated dust filtration system to keep dust particles from clogging the different mechanical parts of your hardware. Adding to the superb ventilation of the Versa N21 is the elevated foot stands which allow for cool air from the bottom to move upward and inward, further cooling the whole system. The Versa N21 comes with all the standard ports, bays, and slots for all of your hardware. Best of all, you’ll never need any hand tools to assemble your ideal gaming PC.

What We Like about It – The Versa N21 is built for serious gamers. The futuristic styling is phenomenal.

CORE P5 ATX Open Frame Wall Mount Mid Tower Liquid Cooling Computer Case by Thermaltake

CORE P5 ATX Open Frame Wall Mount Mid Tower Liquid Cooling Computer Case

There are some of us who are really proud of what we have accomplished. And if you would like to showcase just how organized and neat your cabling and overall hardware setup on your computer, we’d suggest the Core P5 desktop PC case. Unlike other cases in this list, the Core P5 comes with 4 fully transparent side and top panels. Only one side and the bottom are designed to be in solid material. The rest is just like a glass display that showcases your best work. Another amazing thing about the Core P5 is that it can be mounted in three different ways. You can mount it on your wall, have it lying on its side standing tall, or laid down on its broad side for a flatter profile. No matter how you intend to use it, the Core P5’s main attraction is its transparent casing giving you an excellent panoramic view of your desktop architecture. It’s all up to you how you intend to optimize the views inside from the outside. And if you think this is the only thing that’s great about the Core P5, its Thermaltake Liquid Cooling system also helps ensure optimum thermal management, giving you superb computing performance regardless of the workload on your system.

What We Like about It – The transparent chassis of the Core P5 is something that you’ll definitely love. It’s a very ingenious way to showcase your own work.

X-SNIPER2-BL ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case with Blue Tinted Side Window by Apevia

X-SNIPER2-BL ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case with Blue Tinted Side Window

Its rugged appearance never fails to remind anyone who sees the X-SNIPER BL ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case that it means business when it comes to housing your high-spec’d hardware. With its massive chassis that can fit even the largest high end video cards up to 13 inches long as well as a motherboard panel that can sit even a 12 incher without cramping the rest of the interior. The massive chassis can also accommodate up to a maximum of 8 case fans to really dissipate the heat from these gaming parts. Adding to the cooling effect is a 120mm blue-LED cooing fan which also provides the X-SNIPER an excellent aesthetic appeal. The power supply is conveniently located at the bottom and away from the more sensitive parts of the system. With a rugged and tough design, the X-SNIPER is a great housing for your gaming hardware.

What We Like about It – The rugged design of the X-SNIPER is what’s really cool about it. The massive interior space is also exceptional.

SPEC ALPHA Carbide Series Mid Tower Gaming Case by Corsair

SPEC ALPHA Carbide Series Mid Tower Gaming Case

If you think the Versa N21 is futuristic, just wait until you see the Spec Alpha Carbide Series Mid Tower Gaming Case. It’s got an asymmetrical, futuristic, boldly designed exterior that oozes with a very futuristic, hard-edged appeal. You’ll have the best gaming experience ever with its superb cooling features that include two 120-mm LED fans up front and a 120-mm rear fan to give your hardware the splendid ventilation it requires. The cooling system is engineered to allow the more efficient movement of air across your system’s CPU and GPU as these components are typically the ones that generate the most heat. Air moves from the air intake up front and passes through these key components before exiting through the exhaust with the warm air. The chassis of the Spec Alpha comes with well-designed tie downs and cutouts for various cables which effectively hides unsightly components underneath the motherboard and improving the overall cooling of the interior. For highly intensive gaming, it is recommended that a 240mm hydro series cooler be installed in front of the Spec Alpha to help in the faster and more efficient cooling of the gaming system.

What We Like about It – The Spec Alpha has a styling that is both elegant and very edgy. The superb cooling features make it the ideal case for serious PC gamers.

Cullinan Gaming Computer Case by Rosewill

Cullinan Gaming Computer Case

With a 5-mm tempered glass giving ample protection and superb views of its interior architecture, the Cullinan Gaming PC Case is one fantastic-looking housing that is guaranteed to bring a whole new gaming experience for you. It may not be as edgy and stylish as the other gaming case units in our list but it sure has all the correct and necessary features to enable you hours upon hours of gameplay without worrying about your system giving up on you. Three blue LED fans provide excellent air intake up front to cool down the heat-generating components of your system. A rear blue LED fan helps draw warm air and directs it outside so your system’s interior maintains its optimal operating temperatures. If this is not sufficient, it is possible to install a 360mm liquid cooling radiator up front and on top of the Cullinan. An additional 180mm CPU cooler can also be placed to optimize the cooling efficiency of the gaming case. It comes with all the usual ports, bays, and interfaces that help guarantee superb gameplays.

What We Like about It – The Cullinan has the right combination of aesthetics and functionality owing to the use of a tempered glass panel and the blue LED fans. The cooling efficiency of the system is also exceptional.

SPEC-02 Carbide Series Mid Tower Gaming Case by Corsair

SPEC-02 Carbide Series Mid Tower Gaming Case

With 7 different cooling fan mounts placed in different locations, the Corsair SPEC-02 Carbide Series Gaming Case is one of the best PC cases specially designed for serious gamers. There are 3 cooling fans up front, 2 on top, 1 in the rear, and another one at the bottom to give you unparalleled cooling. However, it should be understood that only 2 of these cooling fans are built into the chassis of the Spec-02; one 120mm blue LED each in front and in the rear. It’s up to you to add the remaining 5 cooling fans into their designated slots. It has 7 fully functioning PCIe slots capable of holding high performance graphics cards which can be as long as 426mm. Hard drive bays allow for the integration of two 2.5-inch drives and three 3.5-inch drives. Dust filters have been duly integrated right at the front air intake to help trap dust and dirt and keep the interior of the chassis relatively dust-free for optimum operating performance. Cutouts and tiedowns are ingeniously embedded in strategic locations to allow for a more organized architecture.

What We Like about It – The Spec-02 is specifically designed for the modern PC gamer. And this has been attested by more than 1,100 rave reviews on Amazon.

Z1 Neo ATX Mid Tower PC Case by Zalman

Z1 Neo ATX Mid Tower PC Case

The Z1 Neo computer tower provides excellent cooling performance complete with a surprisingly low noise signature owing to its patented Zalman Cooling Solution. The Z1 Neo already comes with built-in 5 standard cooling fans with a superb option of installing an additional 3 to allow for optimum cooling performance. The PSU of the Z1 Neo is conveniently located at the bottom, significantly improving airflow and overall cooling efficiency. The chassis is spacious enough to accommodate a dual liquid cooling radiator system. It has a brushed aluminum styling plus an SFX-styled air vents on top give the Z1 Neo an elegant look. One side panel comes with a transparent window made of acrylic for aesthetic purposes. Aside from the usual ports and interfaces, the Z1 Neo comes with 8 drive bays and 7 PCIe or AGP VGA slots capable of sitting a 400mm high performance graphics card as well as other PCIe/AGP interfaces. A separate CPU cooler installation port has been included to allow for the replacement of the cooler without having to remove the motherboard from its cradle.

What We Like about It – The Z1 Neo is one cheap computer cases that is nevertheless packed with a lot of features that can be found in higher-end brands. This should make it a very interesting buy.

Air 240 High Airflow Carbide Series MicroATX and Mini-ITX PC Case by Corsair

Air 240 High Airflow Carbide Series MicroATX and Mini-ITX PC Case

Build specifically for MicroATX or Mini-ITX platforms, the Air 240 High Airflow Carbide Series PC Case is one small yet superbly stunning piece of computer technology. The exterior reminds you of mini desktop PCs from HP as well as other notable companies. Large, elongated slots up front allow cool air to enter and adequately filtered before being recirculated throughout the interior architecture to give superb cooling efficiency to various pieces of hardware. The ingenious design of its interior ensures the flow of air is directed towards the computer components that generate the most heat such as the CPU and the GPU. Speaking of the GPU, its unique design allows you to install dual GPUs for superb graphics on your computing experience. The Air 240 High Airflow has three standard 120mm cooling fans already built into its chassis with the option of providing for additional cooling using liquid cooling radiator technology. For Mini-ITX setups, two 240mm liquid cooling radiators can be used. If it’s a Micro-ATX setup, a single 240mm should suffice. Adding to the beauty of the Air 240 is a panoramic window, giving you superb viewing of your neat architecture.

What We Like about It – For those who like it small and compact, the Air 240 is a splendid choice. The mix of cooling features, sturdy construction, and versatility make the Air 240 a real knockout.

X-QPACK3-RD Micro ATX Cube Gaming/HTPC Case by Apevia

X-QPACK3-RD Micro ATX Cube Gaming/HTPC Case

PC gamers will love the X-QPACK3-RD Gaming PC case. Available in 8 different color schemes for its tinted panoramic window, the X-QPACK3-RD is an amazing choice for those who require a cubic form of computer case. It has all the required expansion slots, drive bays, and ports to allow for ease of assembly. The VGA slots support cards that can be as long as 320mm. The X-QPACK3-RD also supports CPU coolers that can be as tall as 135mm. It already comes with a dust filter, a bottom-mounted power supply, and a single 140mm LED cooling fan.

What We Like about It – The cubic design is simple enough. However, its ability to support a variety of motherboard platforms is what makes it truly ingenious.

Enthoo PRO M Acrylic Window Computer Case by Phanteks

Enthoo PRO M Acrylic Window Computer Case

Boasting of a brushed aluminum look, the Enthoo PRO computer tower is one elegant looking casing for today’s computer systems. The Pro M provides direct air flow to your system’s CPU and GPU through a 140mm cooling fan in front and another one at the rear. The power supply unit as well as the HDD cages is conveniently stored from view giving you a much cleaner interior. There are mounts for additional cooling accessories as well as offset radiator brackets for improved cooling.

What We Like about It – The Enthoo PRO M’s full view acrylic side panel gives a certain appeal seldom seen in towers like this. The styling is also simple yet elegant.

760T Graphite Series Full Tower Windowed Case by Corsair

760T Graphite Series Full Tower Windowed Case

For individuals who would like to assemble the best performing computer system for their needs, Corsair’s 760T Graphite Series computer tower is a great choice. Its spacious interior allow for superb expansion capabilities complete with all the necessary slots, bays, and ports to make the system work. And when you’re done, you can easily marvel at your handiwork through its gorgeous full panoramic window. Fan speed controls allow you to toggle between silent and performance modes to give you superb customization options.

What We Like about It – The 760T is intended for the PC modder. Its drive cage modules allow for exceptional customizability.

303 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Tempered Glass by In Win

303 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Tempered Glass

Some like it simple and very straightforward. That’s what the In Win 303 computer tower is all about. The top-mounted PSU allow for a more organized layout of the system’s architecture. The ventilated side panels allow for high air flows to help aid in the management of heat generated by the system’s CPU and GPU. Graphics card slots are made of premium metal and can support longer cards. The tempered glass panel can be easily removed with a press of a button.

What We Like about It – The clean lines and unpretentious design of the 303 make it the ideal PC case for office and home environments with simple interior designs.

Tek Sugo ABS/SECC Steel MicroATX Desktop Computer Case by SilverStone Technology

Tek Sugo ABS/SECC Steel MicroATX Desktop Computer Case

With a really clean, minimalist, and ultra-modern styling, the Tek Sugo desktop PC case is the perfect solution for individuals who may not have the luxury of space in their workspaces. It has a superb steel structure intended for ultra-silent builds while the overall design is fully optimized for superb cooling efficiency even with high performance requirements. Expansion slots are designed for extended-length interfaces. 

What We Like about It – It’s bulky yet sexy at the same time. The simple styling and superior build make the Tek Sugo a very interesting find.

How We Chose the Top PC Cases in Our List

There were three fundamental parameters that we had to check in our search for the 15 really cool PC cases. These included overall design integrity, ease of setup, and thermal management ability. Other factors that were taken into consideration included the styling of the tower or box, other features, and the product’s current consumer rating.

The design integrity was determined by how well the casing was structured to accommodate all the different components. It is particularly important that we choose only those that will allow the placement of as many PC components, parts, and peripherals without necessarily crowding the interior of the desktop PC case.

Ease of setup is a mandatory requirement. This meant we had to look at the positioning of the different slots in the box. While these can also be taken under design integrity, we chose to make it as a separate entity since many computers today can be easily built from the ground up.

The last major parameter is closely related to our design integrity screen. The different components of the modern computer give off heat. This heat must be effectively managed by a series of systems or mechanisms that can be placed inside the PC case. However, if the design of the box is already crowded, then these devices will not be able to get rid of the excess heat. As such, built-in thermal management mechanisms were evaluated to help ensure your desktop runs cool all the time.

Other features such as LED lights, anti-slip rubberized legs, and clear transparent windows, among other things were also considered. Obviously, almost all computer cases will have these things so we decided to factor in the consumer rating for the product, limiting it to a minimum of 4 stars.

Things to Look for in the Right PC Case

You can always buy a pre-assembled computer set for your simple computing needs. However, if you do require the best performance for a specific task – be it for gaming, media, or office applications – you simply need to build your very own system. It is for this reason that you need to know how to buy a computer case as this will keep all of the other components together. And, if you’re not really familiar how to do it, here are some things to look for in the right PC case.

Depending on the primary purpose of your computer, you can choose between a gaming case and an ordinary computer tower. Gaming computers require a lot of high-performance parts as well as superb cooling. These are quite pricey, too.

Again, it all depends on the primary function of your computer. If it is only for office document purposes, then you may not need a really large case. If you are going into multimedia or extensive gaming, then you might want a larger case as this will give you excellent expansion space.

All computers require superb cooling, particularly for its CPU and GPU. If you’re going to use your computer for gaming purposes, then you really need plenty of cooling fans as well as liquid cooling radiator systems. Ventilation ports and other CPU cooling mechanisms are a must. If you’re going to use your computer for ordinary desktop applications, a single or 2-unit cooling system is often enough.

This is particularly useful if you’re going to build a multimedia or gaming computer. You’ll need expansion slots and additional drive bays. You’ll also need long-length graphics card slots as well as other I/O ports for additional interfaces.

The Bottom Line

Just like your house that protects everything inside it, the PC case also serves to protect all the different components that make up your computer system. With our 15 seriously cool PC cases, you now have the right information on how to protect your computer hardware and fully optimize its performance. Visit our electronics section to find more cool tech gadgets.

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