15 Cool Onesies in 2017

cool onesies

While originally referring to infant bodysuits that provided warm comfort for young babies instead of having individual pieces of garments for the upper and lower body, onesies have clearly evolved into one of the most trendy, hippest fashion getups at the beginning of the new millennia. Thanks to extensive use by music artists and Hollywood celebrities, these loose-fitting adult casual jumpsuits are no longer just garments for comfortable sleeping; these have become a fashion statement. And if you want to strut your ware down the city streets or even at your favorite watering hole, our 15 cool onesies in 2017 will give you the cutting edge in new age fashion.

15 Seriously Cool Onesies

1Women’s Adult Onesie by OneZip Wear

For those who simply cannot get enough of the stars and stripes, it would really be a must to include the OneZip Wear Women’s Adult Onesies in one’s wardrobe. Made of a superb combination of 1/5th super durable polyester and 4/5th breathable cotton, the OneZip adult body suit is the perfect getup for those 4th of July celebrations as well as in other gatherings where you simply want to show off your love and commitment to the American flag. The OneZip comes with 2 kangaroo pockets to give you excellent storage capabilities for your bulkier personal effects as well as additional 2 zippered pockets on the pants for more valuable stuff. OneZip comes with a hood that provides for a really hipper and cooler personal style. And since the OneZip comes as a non-footed bodysuit, you can complement this with your favorite footwear for a really fantastic getup.

What We Like about It – The OneZip’s combination of cotton and polyester gives it fabric durability and strength that can withstand repeated washings on your ordinary washing machine and still be able to provide the level of comfort that you’d expect in a garment.

2Funsies Bailey the Bear Unisex Costume by RG Costumes

If you want something that has almost all of the superb qualities of wool but at a fraction of its price, then fleece is something worth considering. It provides exceptional insulation to keep you warm and cozy while also giving you superb smoothness. The Funsies Bailey the Bear is not just any other ordinary pajama bodysuit you can wear during those cold nights. It’s designed primarily to be worn on special occasions such as costume parties and other gatherings. Who knows, maybe you might even want to consider wearing the Funsies when you visit the Yelowstone National Park or any other park in the country. Just make sure never to make a growling noise or you’ll be mistaken for Yogi Bear. Made of 100 percent polyester fleece, the Funsies Bailey the Bear is a wonderful getup for those occasions that really call for such unique costumes.

What We Like about It – The Funsies Bailey the Bear provides a very inexpensive yet ultra-comfortable way to enjoy the luxury of wool sans its prohibitive price tag.

3Unisex Adult Kigurumi Onesie Unicorn Pajamas by UBeauty

Babies love wearing flannel fabric garments because of the super softness and smoothness that it provides to their quite sensitive skin. It’s warm and very comfy, too. Now try adding an element of mysticism to the garment, upsize it a bit, and you’ve got the UBeauty Adult Kigurumi Unicorn Onesie Pajama. While the Kigurumi is intended as a sleepwear, we can only guess that it can also be a great option for those costume parties you have in mind. The unicorn design complete with the horn sticking out from the hood of the Kigurumi should make for a fantastic aesthetic element. Just remember to wear something underneath as it sure can be quite embarrassing if not. When worn as a sleepwear, you can always go bare underneath the flannel fabric of the Kigurumi and never worry about ever feeling cold. The thickness is considerably thicker than most, providing excellent insulation for those unusually cold nights.

What We Like about It – The exceptional smoothness and insulation provided by the flannel fabric of Kigurumi make it a really good choice for a onesie.

4Animal Cosplay Costume Unisex Adult Blue Shark Pajamas by WOTOGOLD

If you could wear a body suit that resembles a blue shark, with its razor sharp teeth inside its wide open jaws looking straight at hapless passersby, do you think you’d get people’s attention? We believe you would. And if you’re going to use it in a costume party, you’d definitely be the star of the night. But the WOTOGOLD Blue Shark Cosplay Pajamas is actually not just for certain occasions as it can also be worn on a daily basis as a superb warming sleepwear, thanks to its use of high-quality polyester fleece. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re a girl or a boy as the Blue Shark comes in as unisex pajamas. Whether becoming the star in a costume party, a beloved character in a cosplay affair, or simply walking down the street in a fabulous marine-themed wardrobe, the WOTOGOLD Blue Shark is an exceptionally fantastic way to grab other people’s attention. 

What We Like about It – The WOTOGOLD Blue Shark’s exceptional smoothness and superb insulation make it a great sleepwear. Its main use, however, is in strutting a truly unique fashion style in certain special events.

5Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Cozy Footie Onesie Pajamas with Hood for Men by Underboss

You don’t really have to be black Jamaican to understand the essence of the Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Cozy Footie Pajamas. Rastafarians believe that one of the most enduring symbols of their religious practice is the act of smoking marijuana or ganja. And we all know what cannabis can bring. While it is true that it has a highly addictive potential, we also cannot discount the fact that, when used as prescribed, marijuana can also produce a variety of beneficial effects. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not here promoting the illicit use of marijuana or for you to try medical marijuana. The point is that, Rastafarians consider the ganja as an integral part of their value-belief system. And if you believe in such a system, then the Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Onesie is for you. This 100 percent polyester-made hooded onesie comes with ganja leaf prints in red, yellow, and green colors on a black background. This should make for an exceptional attire for those who follow the ways of the Rastafarians or those who somehow believe in the medical benefits of marijuana.

What We Like about It – The Rasta Themed Onesie is a rather controversial type of onesie owing to the obvious glorification of a controlled substance. But, if you can look past this, then the Rasta Themed is a great choice for a warm and cozy getup.

6Men’s Unisex Onesie Jumpsuit One Piece Non Footed Pajama Playsuit by SkylineWears

If you’ve ever worn trainers before, then you must already know the superb feel of an excellent 50:50 combination of cotton and polyester on the skin. The SkylineWears Unisex Jumpsuit is perfect for individuals who prefer a very simple style. Looking at it, it is more like the jumpsuit of crew mechanics at airport hangars except that the SkylineWears are actually made of the cotton-polyester combination to create a really soft, smooth, durable, and comfortable fit regardless of the kind of activities that you may have. Ribbed cuffs help make sure the sleeves stay secure while the leggings are anchored right around the ankles with an elastic material. Two kangaroo pockets adorn the front complete with a white lining to provide visual contrast. Two zippered pockets are also included on the sides of the trousers. With several colors to choose from the SkylineWears can really extend your fashion style options for up to 2 weeks.

What We Like about It – The SkylineWears comes as a very simple yet truly fashionable onesie you will never be ashamed to wear to places other than your home.

7Anime Costume Adult Animal Onesie Unicorn Cosplay Pajamas by Dayan

We don’t actually expect middle-aged men and women to be still joining cosplays. However, for the younger ones, we believe the Dayan Anime Costume Adult Animal Onesie unicorn Cosplay Pajamas should be a really interesting wear. But why the unicorn? Well, among the many mythical creatures that have graced comic books and children’s stories, nothing can come to the allure and almost magical stature of the one-horned horse. That is why in almost every other costume party, be it for kids or for adults, there is bound to be someone who is going to wear a unicorn costume. Now, why should you get the Dayan Unicorn Cosplay Pajama? Just look at it this way. You are not going to be cosplaying every day for the rest of your life, right? So, it would be quite a shame if you only get to use your costume during these parties. With the Dayan, you can wear it every night as a warm, fluffy, comfy, and cozy pajama. That’s versatility for you.

What We Like about It – The Dayan Anime Costume’s splendid smoothness provides a level of comfort that is perfect for costume parties as well as for sleeping purposes.

8Unisex Footed Adult Onesie One Piece Pajama Jumpsuit by Forever Lazy and Uni-Lazy

For the ultimate in lazy lounging, we strongly recommend the Forever Lazy and Uni-Lazy Unisex Footed Adult Onesie One Piece Pajama Jumpsuit. With its baggy design offering a more relaxed fit so you get the optimum level of comfort that you need, the Forever Lazy is made of anti-pill, ultra-soft, and super-smooth 100 percent polyester fleece to give it exceptional lazing properties. It will feel like wearing your favorite blanket with you even when you are actually outdoors doing your thing. The Forever Lazy comes in 15 different styles and color and pattern combinations to give you a superbly varied way of integrating a more comfortable fit to your daily getup. It doesn’t have kangaroo pockets. Instead, two side pockets provide amazing storage capabilities. It comes with a complementary hood that should add to your overall style. The Forever Lazy has a footed design to help make sure your feet are kept toasty warm, enabling the more efficient circulation of blood in the lower limbs.

What We Like about It – The Forever Lazy offers the perfect choice for an everyday getup that is more relaxed while also ensuring a fashion sense that is both admirable and enviable.

9Adult Onesie / Pajamas by Just Love

We all know onesies were primarily designed to give babies the kind of warm comfort they need as they sleep. Through the years however, the idea caught on to now extend into fashionable getup for adults. And one of the most stylish we’ve seen so far is the Just Love Adult Onesie/ Pajamas. The dual purpose nature of the Just Love makes it a great addition to the wardrobe of any animal-loving woman of today. Its fabric is made of highly synthetic material that provides superb softness and smoothness that will never irritate the skin, in the same way as the original baby onesies were designed never to bring discomfort or irritation to baby skin. The thickness of the fabric is just right to help protect your body from the bitter cold without generating too much heat inside that your skin would feel as if it is unable to breathe. The animal patterns on both the hood and the main body of the garment provide for stunning visual interest that not wearing this outside your home will be a gross misunderstanding of its versatile nature.

What We Like about It – The Just Love adult pajamas is cozy, comfy, and cute. The construction of its fabric and the overall styling of its design make the Just Love such a wonder to wear.

10Men’s Fashion Onesie Playsuit One Piece Non Footed Pajamas by SkylineWears

The SkylineWears Jumpsuit is a simple yet stylish bodysuit that’s designed for both sexes. Men who require a more distinctly masculine styling can rejoice in the Playsuit offering of SkylineWears. The Playsuit comes with the same characteristics that make the Jumpsuit a favorite among men and women. However, the Playsuit is trendier, hipper, and looks more fabulous than the plain styling of the Jumpsuit. It’s made of a 1:1 combo of polyester and cotton giving it exceptional resilience, softness, smoothness, and comfort. The cuffs are fully ribbed to help guarantee it won’t slip off your arms while the cuffs on the legs are embedded with an elastic material helping secure it around the ankle. From afar, you will never think of the Playsuit as a onesie since its design is carefully structured to mimic a really stylish fashion wear. This is one pajama that you will never be ashamed of wearing when you have to go to parties or any other social gathering. Of course, since it’s a pajama, you can feel a lot more comfortable wearing it to sleep.

What We Like about It – The SkylineWears Playsuit’s fashionable styling is remarkable that you will never think it’s a garment worn to bed.

11Unisex Plush Animal Onesies Pajamas by Angelina

Thinking of attending a pajama party or even a Halloween costume party in style? How about getting any of the 6 variants of the Angelina Unisex Plush Animal Onesies Pajamas? Choose from a magical unicorn, a leggy giraffe, a milky cow, a playful monkey, an independent cat, and a wily wolf. There is actually a 7th variant of the Angelina. However, we don’t really think it can be rightfully considered as plush animal since the design is that of a human skeleton. The good thing about the Angelina onesies is that they can really make for an interesting costume for any kind of party that calls for such characters. And even if there are no parties to attend to, you can always feel more confident with the fact that the Angelina can keep you warm especially during the unusually cold nights. And you’d be doing this in style.

What We Like about It – The Angelina Plush Animal Onesies are superbly designed with a more child-friendly styling that’s perfect for bringing out the wonders of childhood even from grownup men and women.

12Women’s Ladies Onesie Hoodie Jumpsuit Playsuit by SkylineWears

Ladies who want to wear more comfortable clothing as they go about their usual routine outside the home will find the SkylineWears Women’s Onesie Hoodie Jumpsuit Playsuit to be remarkably stylish that other people will never even think that it’s actually a hooded pajama. Like all SkylineWears onesies, the Women’s Hoodie Jumpsuit comes with fully ribbed cuffs and stretchable leg trims to help secure it. This knitted fleece guarantees excellent comfort fit, exceptional insulation capabilities, luxurious smoothness, and unparalleled durability, thanks to its amazing combination of cotton and polyester in equal proportions. It comes with zippered pockets on both sides of the Hoodie Jumpsuit trousers as well as kangaroo pockets right in front. If any, it is the remarkably stylish designs of the Women’s Hoodie Jumpsuit that make these onesies a true favorite.

What We Like about It – The SkylineWears Women’s Hoodie Jumpsuit’s exceptional styling can be likened to the Playsuit for men. That being said, these onesies can be considered a must-have for any woman.

13Plush One Piece Cosplay Flying Squirrel Animal Costume Unisex Adult Pajamas by Silver Lilly

Want a really unique costume for that pajama party your friends have been organizing? Get the Silver Lilly Flying Squirrel and get ready to mesmerize your friends with the plush onesie’s adorable details. The Silver Lilly is made of a hundred percent polyester giving the wearer the kind of comfort that is needed for a really good night’s sleep or hours upon hours of fun interacting with friends donning different costumes. The same material provides splendid insulation to keep you warm and cozy. The loose fit of the Silver Lilly allows for the more efficient heat exchange between the surface of the skin and the immediate environment directly underneath the covers of the Silver Lilly. When used as a cosplay costume, you’ll find the superb details such as facial features, tail, and the extendable body flaps to be great additions to the beauty of the Silver Lilly.

What We Like about It – The Silver Lilly’s fun squirrel design is perfect for pajama parties as well as cosplay events without having to sacrifice optimum comfort.

14American Flag Adult Onesie / Pajamas by Just Love

The American flag is easily the most recognizable flag in the world. Even non-Americans know the iconic stars and stripes of the US national flag. It’s no wonder that many garments are designed after the classic stars and stripes. The Just Love American Flag Adult Onesie / Pajamas follows in the same tradition as other manufacturers but with and inherently lateral design. The Just Love American Flag provides exceptional comfort and warmth to the wearer and in a design that is unmistakably American. The hood also helps keep the head warm during cold nights so you’d still be able to comfortably travel to slumberland in a jiffy.

What We Like about It – The Just Love American Flag Onesie capitalizes on the popularity of the national flag while also guaranteeing optimum warmth and comfort.

15Men’s Star Wars Uniform Union Suit by Star Wars 

The uniforms of the members of the Galactic Empire in Star Wars really look very cool, especially the uniform that is worn by Darth Vader. While the Star Wars Uniform Union Suit doesn’t have Darth Vader’s signature life-sustaining apparatus, its styling should nonetheless, provide an out-of-this-world experience that can be best played out in pajama parties, Star Wars fan club meetings, Star Wars conventions, and even in Halloween costume parties. Forming the fabric of this galactic suit are strands of 100 percent polyester giving the suit amazing properties that can help solidify the stature of the Empire in this galaxy. If there’s one gripe that we have about the Union Suit, it would be the hood. A design that is similar to Darth Vader’s helmet should have been more appropriate.

What We Like about It – The Star Wars Union Suit is built specifically for the fans of the media franchise.

How We Chose the Cool and Hip Onesies in Our List

Comfort and fashionable styling were two of the most important parameters we had to consider in our selection of the cool onesies project. We believed that these pieces of garments should be able to provide you with optimum comfort so that you can enjoy wearing it. That’s why we only included those that have fabric materials that are known to provide excellent breathability and smoothness that should also go hand-in-hand with durability and strength. While most of these adult jumpsuits are designed primarily as a fashion piece, we know that these, too, need to function in other ways. So, if it can serve as a more stylish way to sleep, then we considered it, too. Talking about fashion style, we know that onesies are now one of the hottest craze among celebrities so it would really matter a lot if we could provide you with exceptionally cool-looking pieces to wear. Other parameters that we considered in our search included the ease of washing and maintenance of the overall integrity of the fabric. Color steadfastness was also considered as well as the ease of wearing the onesie.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Onesie for You

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing your first onesie. While almost every other person will have his or her unique way of choosing adult jumpsuits, it is important to develop your own way to choose the right onesie for you. Here are some things you need to consider to help you on your way.

  • Material used – Many onesies today are made of either cotton or polyester or even both. Cotton is thinner and is highly regarded for its breathable comfort. Polyester is excellent for its smooth finish plus superb insulation during the cold months.
  • Specificity or versatility? – Are you going to use the onesie as a sleepwear or do you intend on wearing it as a fashionable wear?
  • Footed or non-footed? – Many onesies come with footed designs, eliminating the need for wearing socks. One downside to the footed design is that the foot part of the onesie can get smelly and dirty.
  • Baggy size or fitted? – If you’re after optimum comfort, go for baggy ones as these help enhance the flow of air circulation underneath the fabric. The point is you want to be able to move freely underneath the onesie.
  • Hooded or not? – If you need extra warmth on your head, then onesies with hoods are a must. If not, you can always go for non-hooded ones.

The Bottom Line

Babies have known for a long time that it is such a joy to wear bodysuits to sleep. You don’t have to be a baby again to enjoy such pleasures because you can now do so by choosing any of the 15 cool onesies we have listed here. The best part is that you can also turn these into highly fashionable getup that will surely get the attention of others.



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