10 Cool Longboards in 2017

Longboards are one of the most preferred modes of transportation of many high school and college students as well as some office workers. Its longer design, larger wheels, and a more stable platform allow it to be the most ideal board for cruising and transport. Learn it and master the different tricks of the longboarding and you pretty much compete in downhill racing, long distance racing, and even slalom racing. You can also perform quite a limited number of tricks with the long skateboard such as dancing and sliding. However you choose to use it, these surfboard inspired longboards are the perfect choice when stability over long distance is preferred over acrobatic tricks and stunts. Here are 10 cool longboards in 2017 that we are confident will keep your heart racing.

10 Cool Longboards


Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard by Quest

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Longboards are typically just like your standard skateboards only longer and for a very specific purpose: to give you a really smooth ride with just one push with your foot. This is especially true for cruiser types of longboards. These have the same kick tail seen in traditional skateboards but with higher trucks and larger wheels to give you superb speeds cruising your way to work or even to campus. Such is the performance afforded by the Quest Super Cruiser. One of the major drawbacks of cruisers is that they are known to produce wheel bite when taking it for a sharp turn. The Quest Super Cruiser addresses this by incorporating a unique wheel well into the design of its deck so that you can still perform outrageous sharp turns especially when you have to instantly avoid hitting a hazard or obstacle on the road. Cornering and extremely sharp turns are a lot easier with the Quest Super Cruiser. The deck, made of 7 ply bamboo with super flex technology, feels sturdy and stable even at high speeds. Adding to the structural rigidity of the Quest Super Cruiser is hardwood maple. The PU wheels are highly durable 80A at 70x51mm and are mated to a reverse Kingpin configuration of its aluminum trucks. This gives you superbly smooth riding and cruising experience thanks also to its ABEC 7 precision bearings. Take the Quest Super Cruiser for a spin. It will be like gliding on air. 

What We Like about It – The Quest Super Cruiser provides fun and enjoyable ride thanks to its superb engineering and design. 

Rimable Drop Through Longboard by RIMABLE

Rimable Drop Through Longboard

Measuring 41 inches long, the Rimable Drop Through is a fantastic and artsy looking longboard designed for excellent stability at breakneck speeds because of its much lowered platform or deck. With 9 different color and art designs to pick from, there’s bound to be one that closely reflects your kind of ride. The Rimable comes with a Free Rider shape deck with wheel cutouts that help prevent the much dreaded wheel bite. The deck is also sturdier, thanks to a 9 ply construction made of cold pressed maple laminate. It comes with ABEC 11 bearings that are lubricated especially for high speeds, giving you superb rolling and cruising all over town. The aluminum trucks are made of 7 inch 180 aluminum making it lightweight yet sturdy. The 70mm 85A PU wheels provide you with a Cadillac smooth ride. The Rimable Drop Through’s deck has a low ground clearance allowing for optimum stability. The overall design is perfect for individuals who require the joys and thrills of classic drop throughs but with extremely superb tight turning radius. Its stability and superior carving performance make it a great choice for downhill rolling as well as for carving around tight spots. 

What We Like about It – The Rimable Drop Through Longboard is ideal for weaving through obstacles on the streets. 

White Wave Bamboo Longboards by Whitewave

White Wave Bamboo Longboards

The unique lines created by the grains of bamboo provide it with an exotic and luxurious appeal. Even long skateboards that are not necessarily stylish or luxurious tend to look ultra-posh when produced with bamboo. Such is the elegance and stylish appeal that the White Wave Bamboo Long Board has to offer. This magnificent carver can weave around any obstacle such as people and cones on the streets like a standard skateboard does in professional stunt circuits. Measuring 41 inches long complete with a medium concave deck to allow for greater flexibility especially during abrupt or sudden tight turns, the White Wave is a pleasure to take whether you’re riding downhill or weaving through traffic. One doesn’t need to push with all his might to get the board rolling as its ABEC 9 Helion bearings have been fully integrated with built-in spacers to allow for superb speed and durability. The aluminum trucks are finished with an extreme sheen further adding to the elegance of the bamboo and Canadian maple deck. Bushings are of the ultra-high rebound type to allow for a Rolls Royce of a ride. 

What We Like about It – The White Wave’s bamboo and Canadian maple deck combination plus truly superb engineering make it an exceptionally beautiful and high performing drop through long board. 

Ten Toes Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser by Ten Toes Board Emporium

Ten Toes Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser by Ten Toes Board Emporium

If the White Wave appealed to you because of its use of bamboo materials and you wish you have a cruiser that is made of bamboo as well, then the Ten Toes Zed Bamboo Long Board Skateboard Cruiser is just for you. Technically, the Ten Toes Zed board is a hybrid of bamboo and maple, while its deck and kick tail are essentially made of 100 percent bamboo giving it certain elegance that only bamboo products can provide. The combination of rugged and super lightweight aluminum reverse kingpin trucks, 70mm 85A polyurethane wheels with black bushings, and precision performance ABEC 7 bearings allow you to take the Ten Toes Zed for a leisurely cruise around town. Cornering or making those really tight turns has been made easy with the integration of wheel wells to help prevent wheel bite, a phenomenon that is characteristic of long board cruisers. The ABEC 7 bearings allow for superior running and cruising accuracy, giving you the ride you need regardless of the terrain you are in. the PU wheels have excellent grip and shock absorbing properties, too. 

What We Like about It – The Ten Toes Zed is a wonderful cruiser that’s even made more wonderful by the correct combination of speed accuracy, stability, and anti-wheel bit technology. 

Volador Free Ride Longboard with Drop Through Camber Deck by Volador

Volador Free Ride Longboard with Drop Through Camber Deck

If you’re after a joyfully smooth ride, you’ll never go wrong with the Volador Free Ride Long Board. The Volador boasts of a very solid 8 ply construction made of hard maple giving it unsurpassed strength. The camber deck is ingeniously symmetrical to give you superb shock absorption emanating from the ground so your ride will never be as tiring as other boards. Each deck comes with its own personality since each board is uniquely constructed with all-natural materials. The wheels have super rebound capabilities while its superb bushings allow for excellent rides. The responsiveness is also splendid especially when making those ultra-tight turns. The Volador is the perfect board for those who love to go on a carefree cruise. Small bumps on the road will never be a problem because of its high rebound 70 mm urethane wheels. One kick with your feet and the Volador can already be cruising saving you enough leg power the rest of the way. Like all drop through styles of boards, the Volador is exceptionally fantastic at break neck speeds because of its low profile and superb stability. Turning is never a problem. 

What We Like about It – The Volador offers a ride like no other. And if that is not enough, the maple laminated deck boasts of really superb graphics for a more personalized touch to the board. 

MBS All Terrain Longboard by MBS

MBS All Terrain Longboard

There are people who prefer the absolutely fantastic maneuverability of short boards especially in making super tight turns and quick switches. While recent developments in drop through long board technologies now allow for excellent cutting maneuvers, these are still not enough to really mimic the performance of standard skateboards. That’s why there are now the hybrids. These are relatively shorter than standard longboards but definitely longer than standard skateboards. These have wheel cutouts that allow the wheels to make sharper turns. The shorter deck also greatly improves stability which is a must when running at high speeds. The MBS All Terrain Longboard promises to be a perfect example of what a true hybrid should be. The wheels are larger at 100 mm and are specifically designed for all-terrain locomotion and casted with an ultra-high rebounding 78A urethane to give you the superb combination and balance between traction and speed. Navigator drone trucks rated at 190mm, longer than the usual 180mm of other long board types, provide for more precise turning and slicing over pavement as well as any other terrain. The maple-lam deck is made to be super sturdy so your center of gravity is kept low, perfect for an off-road experience of a lifetime. 

What We Like about It – The MBS All Terrain provides the agility and stability of a standard skateboard and the structural durability of a long board. And since it’s an all-terrain board, the possibilities for a wonderful ride are endless. 

Atom Drop Deck Longboard by Atom Longboards

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Drop deck longboards should not be confused with drop through styles. These often have decks that sit well below the trucks’ height to give you superbly low center of gravity for splendid stability. Unfortunately, many of the drop deck designs suffer from a reduction in traction as well as loss of maneuverability, making the drop deck more ideal for cruising purposes especially on an otherwise, straight, unhindered line. The Atom Drop Deck Longboard somehow found a way to address this problem as riders have exalted its superb performance especially in downhill carving. With a very stylish and unique design that virtually eliminates wheel bite effects, the Atom Drop deck can provide for a really superb ultra-low riding experience that guarantees remarkable stability and solid performing maneuvers. The bushings and bearings mated to the reverse kingpin trucks with extra-long 245mm axles provide for a really fantastic ride that you will never expect from a drip deck type of board. 

What We Like about It – The Atom Drop Deck looks and feels awesome especially when taken for a spin downhill. The near ground-hugging deck allows for superior stability while ensure the elimination of wheel bite effects for superb cornering. 

Atom Drop Through Longboard by Atom Longboards

Atom Drop Through Longboard

There’s no mistaking that the Atom Drop Through longboard is different from the Atom Drop Deck. With the full maple laminate platform sitting high above the trucks and wheels, the Atom Drop Through may not provide the same level of stability as the Atom Drop Deck but it sure can nevertheless, provide exceptional stability at substantial speeds. Wheel cutouts are made standard to allow the 70 mm super high rebound wheels to roll effortlessly and at greater distances with each kick or pedal. ABEC 5 bearings provide a surprisingly smooth ride that you’ll forget you are actually riding on a lengthy skateboard. The Atom drop Through longboard comes in 6 different colorful designs so you can choose which one will best represent your idea of a joyride. 

What We Like about It – The Atom Drop Through is uniquely built to combine superb high speed stability and spectacular turning performance. The smoothness of the ride is exceptional as well. 

Rimable Bamboo Pintail Longboard by RIMABLE

Rimable Bamboo Pintail Longboard by RIMABLE

When you look at the Rimable Bamboo Pintail Longboard, you’d think that you are actually seeing a 41 inch long surfboard sans its fins. Additionally, it also has wheels so that it must not really be a surfboard. But pintails are an excellent alternative to cruisers if you are planning to use a longboard to cross different states. As we already know, wheel bite is a very real problem or issue in cruisers. While the integration of wheel wells in these long board types has significantly reduced the incidence of wheel bites, there will always be a tendency that such an issue will arise. The unique design of a pintail helps prevent the wheel from ever getting in contact with the long board. The Rimable Pintail comes with a 9 ply bamboo and maple hybrid laminate that gives it a superior finish and luxurious look. The 70mm 85A PU wheels and the ABEC 11 bearings lubricated with a high speed solution make the Rimable Pintail ride like Cadillac smooth. And with a really fantastic graphic art on the deck, the Rimable Pintail is a wonderful board to take on long cruises. 

What We Like about It – The Rimable Pintail is just perfect for those who like cruising but don’t like getting wheel bites from cruiser types. 

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard by Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard 

Longboards typically range in length from 33 inches to 59 inches. Most of the products we have presented so far are in the range of 40+ inches. The Penny Complete Longboard is a rather odd mix of different types. It is shaped like a pintail long board which should give you the idea that it is excellent for cruising. However, its length of about 36 inches, while still within the range of longboard sizes, also make it a hybrid, except for the fact that the Penny Complete Longboard doesn’t have wheel cutouts. In a way, we would like to think that the Penny Complete is a shortened version of the pintail and a sturdier version of the hybrid. The Penny Complete comes with reverse kingpin trucks, 69mm 83A urethane wheels, and premium quality ABEC 9 bearings in V-channel configuration. The deck is made of superior grip, non-slip material so you get a firm foothold on your ride. This is the perfect longboard for cruising down the beach or even at the park. 

What We Like about It – The Penny Complete is a great option for those who dislike extra-long boards for cruising.

How We Chose the Amazing Longboards in Our List

Because there are those who prefer a certain kind of deck for their long skateboards, we thought it would be more fitting and proper to provide representation for each of the different types of decks currently in the market today. While a great majority of the longboards was of the drop through type, we thought we should also include pintails, cruisers, and even hybrids. This should provide you with an interesting array of options that are specific to your kind of longboarding fun.

To make the shortlist, we had to look at the overall design of the long skateboard. Since these are primarily designed for cruising and long distance locomotion, it was imperative that they provide structural rigidity to carry the weight of the rider for extended periods of time. The construction of the deck was evaluated. Moreover, the wheels have to have excellent rolling capabilities. You don’t want to be pushing and kicking with your legs just to go a few meters. What we would like to see are wheels that can take you over long distances on a single kick or push. This way, we can truly justify the label of the longboard as a long distance cruiser or transporter.

Additionally, the different components of the board were assessed. From the trucks to the bushings to the riser pads and the bearings, each of these components was evaluated as to its design integrity and structural soundness. Any testing or certification that the components have undergone and passed was also considered in the equation.

Lastly, there are manufacturers that really speak of quality and efficiency when it comes to longboards. This is not to say we didn’t consider newcomers to the industry. As long as the product was able to obtain a considerable 4.3 star rating or better in customer satisfaction reviews, we had it shortlisted. We also read what others have written about the product to provide you with a better idea of how these products are enjoyed by real people.

A Look at the Things You Need to Build Your Own Longboard

While it is a lot more convenient to simply buy a long skateboard to save you the hassle of building your own longboard, there is an inherent joy and sense of fulfillment in creating your own. It’s quite simple, actually. You only need the different components of a longboard, put them together, and you’re done. Here are the things you will need.

The Bottom Line

Longboards are a tad different from standard skateboards. Nevertheless, these are such a joy to ride. With the 10 cool longboards in 2017, you’d even look cooler riding in any one of these ride-ons.


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