15 Seriously Cool LEGO Sets for Kids in 2017

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Seriously, we have yet to meet someone who doesn’t know LEGO or even hasn’t played with at least one. In fact, this Danish toy manufacturer has been bringing joy to kids and adults since 1932, although it wasn’t until 1934 that it came to be known as LEGO for leg godt, the Danish term for play well. The company has been fascinating the world for a good 8 decades. This year, it continues to do so with our 15 seriously cool LEGO sets for kids.

15 Amazingly Cool LEGO Sets for Kids

21113 MinecraftThe Cave

Minecraft The Cave

Age Range: At least 8 years old

In case you don’t know what Minecraft is, try asking your child and he or she will explain it to you like the Wizard of Oz. Minecraft is one of the most addicting computer video games today that is pretty much like LEGO itself: gamers get to create a world and fashion it in a way that they deem fit. This is very similar to what LEGO espouses or strongly encourages among kids. The company wants children to think outside the box. And while LEGO does provide ample instructions on how to build the different models in it play sets, the mere fact that the building brick or blocks can be pieced together to create an entirely different and new form, makes it one of the most creative ways to stimulate critical and creative thinking among kids. The MinecraftThe Cave follows the adventures of Steve, the iconic character that Minecraft players have come to associate with themselves. Made of 249 beautiful bricks including pieces that are uniquely Minecraft like a zombie and a spider. It also features other accessories that Minecraft players are very familiar with like obsidian, coal, iron, gold, and redstone elements as well as a lava fall and a waterfall.

What We Like about It – Your kid will no longer be glued to his or her chair in front of the computer playing Minecraft as he or she can now build and remodel his or her very own Minecraft world for real.

75105 Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Age Range: 9 to 14 years old

In Star Wars, there’s no other spaceship that has captured the fascination of many generations than Han Solo and Chewbacca’s Millennium Falcon. Once the pride of LandoCalrissian, the Corellian light freighter has clearly taken an entirely different role from being a runner for Han and Chewy to one that has epitomized the struggles of the Rebel Alliance. With its famed hyperdrive mechanism, it is one of a few spaceships capable of outrunning the Star Destroyers of the Galactic Empire. It is also one of a few ships ever to sneak up on the daunting TIE Advanced Fighter of Darth Vader. Now, kids can build their very own Millennium Falcon in this building and construction set. With over 1300 pieces of bricks and 7 mini figures including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, BB8, Tasu Leech, and a member of the Kanjiklub Gang, this building set is sure to provide endless fun to fans of the Star Wars franchise especially kids who have already seen The Force Awakens. And with other sequels and standalones in the pipeline, the Millennium Falcon is sure to stay in the collective consciousness of many generations.

What We Like about It – It’s the most iconic spaceship you’ll ever find. Great for expanding your kid’s own galactic empire of Star Wars playsets and figures.

31032 Creator Red Creatures

Creator Red Creatures

Age Range: 7 to 12 years old

The Creator line of LEGO products is designed primarily to stimulate children’s creativity. The Red Creatures provides kids with the opportunity to create their very own dragon, scorpion, or even snake. This 3-in-1 kit only comes with 221 pieces of bricks but it should enough to create any one of these creatures at any given time. Let your child make full use of his or her imagination when building the dragon and let him or her fly it across a mythical kingdom where knights and dragons rule. Then, convert the dragon into one of the most fascinating creatures of the desert, the scorpion complete with its iconic sting and pincers. Next, transform the scorpion into a slithery snake and try to tame one of the world’s most misunderstood reptiles. And who knows? Your kid just might discover a new species of animal life with the bricks of these particular set.

What We Like about It – The ability to discover and create is one of the greatest joys of being a child. With the Creator series of LEGO, this particular fascination is further enhanced.

75916 Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush

Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Aside from the Velociraptor and the mighty T Rex, one of the dinosaurs that has captured the imagination of kids and adults alike is the Dilophosaurus. It may look like an oversized chicken without the wings and feathers especially with its crown but once its 2 cranial crests start to fan out, the Dilophosaurus means business. This particular species was first introduced to the modern consciousness in the film Jurassic Park in 1993 where Dennis Nedry inadvertently called them stupid. As it turned out, these creatures were a lot more cunning than man gave them credit. Today, kids can try to create their very own Dilosphosaurus Ambush in this set from LEGO. However, the setting of this scene is in the fourth installment of the franchise, the Jurassic World shown in 2015. Nevertheless, kids will enjoy building the gyrosphere which Gray will be driving. They’ll be thrilled building the Jurassic World jeep driven by an ACU member. Of course, kids will relive the genius of creating their very own Dilophosaurus.

What We Like about It – It sure is a fascinating way to encourage our kids to play the role of a variety of characters in the Jurassic film franchise. This should help in the growth of their imaginative abilities.

21115 MinecraftThe First Night

MinecraftThe First Night

Age Range: At least 8 years old

We did mention already that Minecraft is pretty much the digital version of an excellent building and construction toy where gamers get to create a world and model it according to how they think it should look like or how it should operate. One of the most iconic structures in the Minecraft world is a shelter for Steve. The First Night highlights the very first time that every beginning player spends in the Minecraft world. Here, your kid will be building Steve’s own shelter complete with all the different fixtures, furnishings, and even household accessories to make Steve live comfortably. There are fences, a crafting table, plants, and trees, as well as other pieces to will be a welcome expansion set to any existing Minecraft play sets. Add this to the MinecraftThe Cave and your child will be on his or her way towards realizing the true potential of crafters.

What We Like about It – The endless possibilities with these bricks are simply superb. Just like its digital version, this is going to be a huge hit among kids who like to have absolute control in their own environments.

60130 City Prison Island

City Prison Island

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Would you like your child to build his or her very own Alcatraz? How about the infamous Guantanamo Bay military prison? With the City line of LEGO, your child can now create, build, and maintain his or her own Prison Island system complete with all the different security measures he or she will need to keep prison inmates from escaping. There’s a helicopter for superb air cover, a speed boat to patrol the waters surrounding the prison island, and a beautifully designed prison building complete with state of the art security towers and a command and control center. Of course, bad guys will attempt to rescue their counterparts from the inside. They’ll be using a hot air balloon which is no match for the prison’s police helicopter and a rubber boat which is, unfortunately, no match either against the prison island’s lightning-quick police speedboat. Now, if these security measures are not enough, for sure the great white shark roaming the depths of the island waters will surely be more than a match to the cunning of these cons.

What We Like about It – The set provides for a great role-playing activity for children who are fascinated with prison systems, good guy-bad guy stuffs, and police work.

21019 Architecture The Eiffel Tower

Architecture The Eiffel Tower

Age Range: At least 12 years old

Europe is home to some of the planet’s best architectural masterpieces. From the medieval castles of Bulgaria to the amphitheaters of Greece to the parliament buildings of the UK, Europe is simply a continent full of marvelous architectures. However, nothing can come close to the fame and stature of the Eiffel Tower right in the heart of Paris. For children, especially preteens, who are studying geography in school, one fantastic way to learn about this iconic tower is to build it themselves. The Eiffel Tower building and construction set from LEGO’s Architecture series is one great learning resource for those who want to learn more about the most photographed tower in the world. The kit already comes complete with a very detailed presentation of its history, its architecture, and of course, its design. What better way to understand the true essence of this tower than to build it from the ground up?

What We Like about It – Building the Eiffel Tower took 3 years to complete. With this playset, your child will build it within hours.

60044 City Mobile Police Unit

City Mobile Police Unit

Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

One of the most trusted professions right after the 9/11 attacks were law enforcement officers. All eyes were glued to their television screens on that fateful day when the world seemed to stop rotating on its axis. Despite recent controversies about police brutality and injustices in the police force, law enforcement officers still command respect and admiration from many kids all over the world. LEGO’s City series’ Mobile Police Unit gives children the unique opportunity to build their own mobile police command that we often see in crisis situations. They’ll build a police command truck complete with sophisticated surveillance equipment, a command and control center and even a mobile jail cell for keeping lawless elements. The command trailer can be detached easily from the tractor head to give way to a more stable police platform. Kids can now play the role of peacekeepers as well as enforcers of the law with this play set.

What We Like about It – This play set is a very timely product as it gives children the best opportunity to play the role of a police officer based on their understanding of the actual roles of such professionals.

10693 Classic Creative Supplement

Classic Creative Supplement

Age Range: At least 4 years old

If your kid already has an extensive collection of LEGO play sets or if he or she doesn’t have one yet and you don’t really know what model he or she would like to build, the Classic Creative should be a great starter set. This comes with 303 pieces of blocks and separators in 20 various colors. The idea is for kids to start creating their very own structures, creatures, objects, or anything that their young minds can think of. It’s an open system where kids are not limited in what they can build. This is fantastic for children who don’t like building something that other people have obviously designed for them.

What We Like about It – If you really want to encourage imagination and unparalleled creativity in your child, this is the one to get. The objects that your kid will be creating will be the product of his or her own imagination and not somebody else’s.

41130 Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Age Range: 8 to 12 years old

While the Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster is designed primarily for young girls, it is entirely possible that boys can play with it, too. This is because of the fun theme of the play set. Just imagine being able to build a super cool roller coaster ride complete with 4 carriages that will be used by Matthew, Andrea, Naya, and Emma to experience the thrill of their lifetime. Kids will also be building an elegant Ferris wheel that actually rotates, giving the Friends a bird’s eye view of the Amusement Park. Then, kids will build the famed Drop Tower where the full effects of gravity will be felt by everyone in the gang. Completing the Amusement Park are all the accessories, fixtures, and furnishings your kid will ever need to open and operate a fully functioning park for everyone to enjoy.

What We Like about It – Amusement parks are one of the favorite places of kids especially during school break. With this play set, they are now empowered to create a fun-filled park just the way they have envisioned it.

21006 Architecture White House

Architecture White House

Age Range: At least 12 years old

No other government building is as iconic as the White House, the official residence of the US President. With LEGO’s Architecture series, not only will kids be building this historic structure, they will also be learning more about its design its history, and its architecture.

What We Like about It – It’s a great way to supplement readings on US History classes in school. This hands-on approach to learning the story of the most famous building in our nation should be very beneficial to young historians.

31027 Creator Blue Racer

Creator Blue Racer

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

The Creator series of LEGO allows kids to whip out their ingenuity by transforming one object into two different things. For example, the Blue Racer can actually be converted into a Dune Buggy or a Smart Snowplow. While Blue Racer only comes with 67 bricks, it is not at all a deterrent to stimulating your kid’s full imaginative potential. Since the Creator series is predicated on the belief that kids can do almost anything with these building blocks, it is entirely possible that they will be soon creating an entirely different vehicle. Who knows, they might even conjure an amphibian or even a flying car or a submersible car? Whatever the case, it’s an excellent tool to fuel kids’ imagination.

What We Like about It – Just like the Red Creatures in this list, this Creator line offers three products in one. Looking at things, the possibilities are actually endless. Your kid simply has to use his or her full imagination.

75919 Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout

Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout

Age Range: 7 to 12 years old

Many were wondering if the Indominus Rex could ever be defeated in the movie Jurassic World. Who would have guessed that the combined might of the T. Rex, the wit of Blue the Velociraptor, and the voracious appetite of the Mosasaurus would eventually defeat this genetic monstrosity? Well, kids know just how cunning the Indominus really is. Today, kids can try to act out the scene where the Indominus was able to escape from its impound and the ensuing chase. First, kids will need to build the fortress-like impound complete with security towers, impregnable security walls, and a state of the art control tower. Next, they’ll need to build the helicopter that will give chase to the Indominus and serve as the eyes and ears of the ACU team. Then, there’s the gyrosphere which the Indominus will try to chase. Complete with mini figure characters and other accessories, the Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout provides children with a more fun way of acting out those suspenseful scenes.

What We Like about It – It’s up to your child how he or she wants to play the scene from the movie. At least, he or she will be in full control of everything.

41062 Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

One of the biggest surprises was the movie Frozen. If you don’t believe us, ask any young girl what their favorite song is and they’ll instantly sing to you Let it Go. The Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is a wonderful gift for children who are die-hard fans of the film including its lovable characters. While the play set may not be as majestic as the one portrayed in the film, it does provide a magical feel to it complete with Princess Anna and Olaf to keep Princess Elsa company in her icy castle.

What We Like about It – Once completed, this should be a marvelous addition to any display cabinet because of its sparkling glass-like design.

75102 Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter 

Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

Age Range: 8 to 14 years old

Dubbed by Finn as the best fighter in the galaxy, Poe Dameron’s unique orange-and-black X-Wing fighter is one super agile space fighter jet. However, it should be noted that the X-Wing is only as good as its pilot. Give it to a novice and this spacecraft will simply be like a stallion not wanting to be reined in. Assign it to someone like Poe and you could single-handedly defeat the First Order’s Starkiller Base. Of course, with a little help from Han, Chewbacca, Finn, and Ray. The superb styling of the iconic X-wing configuration of this starfighter is simply legendary. Kids will have a heyday playing with this especially if they’ve got the other Star Wars sets from LEGO as well.

What We Like about It – Just being able to build one of Star Wars’ iconic fighters is already a feat in itself. Adding this to a collection should boost your kid’s self-esteem.

How We Chose the LEGO Sets in Our List

If you were given the task of coming up with a list of the world’s coolest LEGO sets for all kids to enjoy and be fascinated with, how would you go about it? As we have already said in the beginning of this post, LEGO has been making construction and building play sets since the 1930s and you can just imagine the volume of sets that they have released through the decades. This can easily run in the thousands. So, we had to trim it somehow by focusing more on what is highly relevant for today’s kids.

There’s no question about the developmental appropriateness of these toys as LEGO is well-known for creating designs that are truly in tune with the developmental needs of certain age groups of children. They’ve grown particularly adept at making sure each play set that they send out in the market has a developmental benefit to kids.

As such, we had to look at the experiences of LEGO fans and hobbyists regarding these sets. We’ve also considered the feedbacks of ordinary parents who have bought these play sets as presents to their respective kids. In a way, we looked at the overall product rating of each of these LEGO wonders and decided to include only those with excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

Next, we considered the relevance of the play set especially when taken within the context of current trends. For instance, movie themed play sets are almost always a big hit among kids as well as those sets that are a representation of their favorite characters or even computer games. Of course, there are always the timeless classic designs that never fail to impress children.

This is how we approached our task. We’re confident it’s what you would also do if you were given this project.

Why LEGO is Such an Effective Toy in the Development of Kids’ STEM Skills

Did you know that there are many adults who still play with LEGO? They also join a lot of Technics conventions as well as other gatherings designed and organized specifically for these types of hobbyists. This has stirred the curiosity of some individuals asking if LEGO can really boost kids’ STEM skills.

The short and straightforward answer is, yes, LEGO has been proven to improve the science, technology engineering, and mathematics skills of children.

But how? Scientists say that structured block play can help lay the foundation for the development of a variety of cognitive skills. When kids try to build something based on a model, they will try to analyze the model, mentally break down its parts, and try to determine how each of these parts are related to one another. Adding to these cognitive processes is the child’s ability to think quantitatively as well as to be able to mentally reposition the different geometric shapes to fit a particular space. This, in turn, enhances their spatial intelligence.

While randomized, controlled studies are not available to establish the causal relationship between LEGO toys and STEM skills among children, the various quasi-experimental researches nonetheless, point to one inescapable truth: construction and building toys are beneficial in the development of empirical thinking among children.

The Bottom Line

LEGOs have been instrumental in the successes of many individuals. If you love your children enough that you’d want to invest in toys that will greatly benefit them, our 15 seriously cool LEGO sets for kids are a good way to start.

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