15 Cool Keyboards in 2017

Many computers today already have their built-in keyboards which can truly elevate the whole typing experience as one punches or swipes across the screen. But the tactile experience as well as the visual and auditory sensations provided by a good keyboard can never be replaced by digital versions. As such, if you’re looking for really cool keyboards, you’ve come to the right place as we’re here to share with you 15 cool keyboards in 2017.

How We Chose the Fabulous Keyboards in Our List

As there are literally thousands of input devices in the market we had to streamline the list first. We only included those with at least 4 star ratings in their customer reviews. However, even after doing this, we still ended with a few hundreds. It was a tough task going through each one of these, so we focused on what other consumers think about the keyboards that they have already bought. Since these products already have no less than 4 stars, we considered the negatives and determined if these are legitimate concerns. If it’s a design flaw, then we scrapped it. If not, we still gave it the benefit of the doubt.

Depending on the type of keyboard, we examined the features that will make the experience of using the input device truly worthwhile. For instance, keyboards for gamers usually come with backlights. There are also multimedia input devices. We had to examine these features carefully and try to analyze the benefits that they will bring to anyone who uses these computer input devices.

We also considered the company that made the device. There are well-established companies that provide excellent feature-packed keyboards at a reasonable price. There are also certain brands that really command a high price. We had to factor all of these in our evaluation.

Features to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard

If you’re wondering how to buy a gaming keyboard, we’ve prepared this short list of the features that you may want to look for. For some, these may not look essential but they can definitely improve your gaming experience. Before we proceed with the list, understand that it’s a lot better to buy a mechanical keyboard for gaming purposes rather than other types of keys. So here are the features you can look for:

  • Macro functions – Some computer game actions require a combination of keys. Rather than pressing all of these, you can program one particular key as the trigger for the action.
  • Digital displays – Some devices come with touchscreens and LCD trackpads that can elevate the whole gameplay experience.
  • Backlighting – You don’t play a game in a bright room. You play in a darkened environment. However, doing so will make hitting the correct keys particularly difficult. As such, keyboard illumination is very important.
  • Multimedia function – Volume and zoom controls are just two of the most common multimedia functions you’ll see in these computer peripherals. If it has a dedicated key to connect you instantly to your social media account, then that’s good.
  • Gaming mode – While playing, you don’t need the context menus or even Windows to keep on popping up, disturbing your concentration.
  • Extra keys – If there are additional keys you can program, then buy the keyboard.

The Bottom Line

These amazing input devices are meant to provide you with a totally different experience. This 2017 don’t be content on what you have for work or play; get any of these 15 cool keyboards and lead a much more productive life.

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