20 Cool iPhone Cases in 2017

cool iphone cases

Millions of adoring fans all over the world are more than willing to brave icy storms, freezing nights, and even cruel hot weather just waiting for the doors of their official Apple store to open the very first day the company makes available to the public its newest creation. It is not surprising to see the great lengths that people go through just to make sure that their iPhone devices stay as pristine and immaculate as the first day they brought it out into their world. With these 20 cool iPhone cases in 2017, we’re absolutely positive you will give your iPhone the kind of protection it needs while also elevating its overall aesthetic qualities.

20 Seriously Cool iPhone Cases


1OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 6/6s Case by OtterBox

Built specifically for Apple’s premium devices, the OtterBox Commuter Series is one of the best protective iPhone 6 cases you’ll ever have. It boasts of the ultimate in rugged device protection protecting your expensive gadget against scratches, drops, shocks, and bumps. It has a variety of port covers to make sure no dust or debris or any other particle will gain entry into the sensitive contact points of these ports. The 2piece lightweight and ultra-thin casing is made of high grade polycarbonate material with an additional layer of highly specialized rubber giving the OtterBox Commuter Series top of the line protective capabilities. The ultra-slim profile is also commendable as it does not make your device look unusually bulky. More than 4,600 out of 7,400 online reviewers gave the OtterBox Commuter Series the whopping 5 stars in their evaluation. And with an average consumer rating of 4.2 stars, we’d say this is one of the best defensive layers you’ll ever have for your 6/6s.

What We Like about It – The OtterBox Commuter Series’ superb drop protection is exceptional. And if we’re to believe the more than 7,000 Amazon reviewers, we’d say it’s the best in its class.

2iPaky Thin Exact Fit Premium Matte Finish iPhone 6/6s Case by AnsTOP

If you’re looking for cute iPhone cases that fit perfectly with your Apple devices, then the iPaky Thin Exact Fit Premium case is one superb option. With only 1 millimeter surface thickness, you won’t even know that there’s a system protecting your premium gadget. The masterfully designed casing with improved shock-resistance and anti-crack properties goes well with its superbly engineered tempered glass that is also guaranteed never to attract prints off your fingers. The overall body of the iPaky is engineered for optimum strength and durability so that you’ll get to enjoy the premium features that only Apple devices can give. The iPaky features a honeycomb design meant to accommodate the volume control buttons as well as other access controls on the iPhone 6 and 6s. You retain the superb quality audio and video capabilities of the device while protecting it from dust particles. The body of the iPaky feels unusually sturdy on the hand while also giving it an anti-slip property as well as an elegant, smooth finish.

What We Like about It – The iPaky is perfect when it comes to the right combination of form and function. The super thin profile is simply remarkable. The stylish design doesn’t disappoint as well.

3Caseology Wavelength Series Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design iPhone 7 Plus Case by Caseology

If you’ve got the just-released iPhone 7 Plus, it’s imperative that you protect it at all cost. Caseology’s Wavelength Series of cool cases for iPhone 7 Plus devices provide an excellent array of features designed primarily to shield your gadget from accidental bumps, drops, and even scratches. The 3D textured pattern of its body, made of a duly engineered polycarbonate bumper and a high quality TPU sleeve, provides for a more comfortable yet fully secure grip. The soothing lines of the Wavelength series add some aesthetic dynamism to one’s mundane life. Best of all, the Caseology Wavelength series has been duly tested with military grade certification to give you superb protection for your premium gadget.

What We Like about It – The Caseology Wavelength series is perfect for owners of the latest Apple iPhone device. With military grade testing certification, this provides superb protection.

4JETech Apple iPhone 6/6s Case Shock Absorption Bumper and Anti-Scratch Clear Back by JETech

Available in 5 different design variants, JETech protective iPhone 6 cases provide exemplary shielding against shocks, drops, and even scratches. The combination of TPU and PC affords the JETech excellent all-around safety and security made even more effective by the inclusion of air cushion technology at the corners of the case. The slim design is just right for those who would like their Apple gadgets to still stand out. The clear back panel is made of highly durable materials rendering it scratch-resistant. Cutouts are duly integrated in the design to allow for ease of access to the controls and ports of the iPhone 6 or 6s smartphone.

What We Like about It – The JETech’s superior air cushion technology that’s integrated into its bumper design is just one of the many things that more than 4,800 Amazon reviewers are absolutely positive about the casing.

5TORRAS Ultra Slim Fit Shell Hard Plastic Full Protective Scratch Resistant Cover Case for iPhone 7 by TORRAS

Looking for cool cases for iPhone 7? How about the TORRAS Ultra Slim Fit Cover Case? The TORRAS is one ultra-light and ultra-thin protective case that will make you feel as if there’s no shield on your phone. The TORRAS can be easily slipped onto your phone and will give you tactile sensation like no other. The silky feel on its panel will leave you breathless as you’ll be treated to a whole new meaning of comfort. But if you’re worried about having butterhands, the textured finish of the TORRAS will keep your phone right in your hands.

What We Like about It – The TORRAS has a very slim profile which is perfect for letting the features of the new iPhone 7 really stand out.

6Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6S Case with Extreme Heavy Duty Protection and Air Cushion Technology by Spigen

With close to 3,500 mostly positive reviews, the Spigen Tough Armor is one tough act to follow. Designed as super rugged, super cool designer iPhone cases, Spigen Tough Armor cases are built with superb air cushion protective technology to help lessen or even negate the impact of drops. Part of its splendid device shielding is the use of a duly integrated polycarbonate shell and layered with the superb shock-absorbing properties of TPU. While the design of the Spigen Tough Armor invariably makes your iPhone 6s look bulkier than usual, we think it’s a minor misgiving considering the amazing defense the Tough Armor brings to your smartphone.

What We Like about It – The Spigen Tough Armor may have a bulky design but this serves one great purpose: optimum security against nasty drops.

7CaseologySkyfall Series Transparent Clear Enhanced Grip for Apple iPhone 6/6s by Caseology

The CaseologySkyfall Series is not an allusion to the 23rd installment in the James Bond 007 film franchise but it sure does convey a certain elegance that only the world’s best secret agent can muster. The Skyfall Series of designer iPhone cases boasts of super minimalist design that is reminiscent of the spy gadgets of James Bond. The lightweight and ultra slim build of the crystal clear case of iPhone 6 and 6s afford ultra-modern individuals to lead their lives without the bulky discomfort of some types of casings. The frame is made of a combination of anti-shock polycarbonate and a fully scratch-resistant acrylic. Like all Caseology products, the Skyfall series has passed rigorous testing to give you unparalleled protection for your smartphone.

What We Like about It – The Skyfall series continues on the superb craftsmanship and design ingenuity that Caseology is known for. And this is something that more than 3,300 Amazon reviewers find especially noteworthy.

8Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Hybrid Protective Clear Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus by Supcase

Still looking for cool cases for iPhone 7? Many iPhone 7 owners recommend the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series primarily for the ingenious design of its tempered glass that’s marvelously mated to its TPU and PC- enhanced bumper. This creates a raised bezel that gives supreme protection for your smartphone’s sensitive screen, freeing it from the damaging effects of drops and scratches as well as helps prevent screen shattering. With a form fitting and ultra slim design, the Unicorn Beetle Series is just perfect for optimum shielding against accidental bumps and drops. The smooth finish and defined edges also give it a certain look that’s guaranteed to be a major draw.

What We Like about It – The Unicorn Beetle Series is the ideal protective case for Apple’s newest addition to its iPhone lineup. The shock-absorbing capability of its frame is phenomenal.

9Akna New Glamour Series iPhone 6/6s Glossy Pattern Case by Akna

For individuals who love the glossy and posh look of marble on their smartphone, maybe the Akna New Glamour Series designer iPhone cases will appeal to you. Made of a super flexible TPU cover and finished in a variety of glossy patterns, the New Glamour Series feature a raised bezel to help ensure adequate protection for the screen of your iPhone 6 and 6s against scratches as well as shattering. This Akna product boasts of a fingeReaction technology that helps ensure optimum responsiveness of all the buttons and controls of the phone. It is sleek, stylish, and highly fashionable given that there are 23 different design patterns to choose from. Backed by more than 1,300 rave reviews, the New Glamour Series is one serious contender for the best iPhone case in the league.

What We Like about It – The glossy fabulous patterns of the New Glamour Series from Akna provides an appeal that is not really that easy to pass. It’s got superb fingeReaction technology, too.

10Ailun Slip-Proof Rugged Bumper Ultra Slim iPhone 6/6s Case by AILUN

The designer iPhone cases from Ailun are perfect for individuals who require a more sophisticated protective covering for their precious Apple gadgets, particularly the iPhone 6/6s. Take the Ailun Slip-Proof Ultra-Slim case, for example. Its seamless design provides for a more exact fit while its 0.8-mm raised bezel is just high enough to protect the screen of your gizmo from accidental scratches especially if you’re going to lay it face down. Its anti-slip back panel gives you slip-proofing like no other, helping prevent drops. The combination of soft TPU and solid PC helps ensure adequate shockproofing in a very compact and lightweight package. Cutouts have been carefully designed to allow for optimum use while its aesthetic design helps give it a luxurious look, reminiscent of the design philosophy of one of the most expensive and truly luxurious mobile phone brands in the world.

What We Like about It – The Ailun case provides for a luxurious feel, a well-formed aesthetics, a slip-proof design, and a superbly slim profile which many iPhone users look for in a casing.

11Ailun Solid Acrylic Back and Reinforced Soft TPU Frame iPhone 6/6s Case by AILUN

For iPhone 6 and 6s owners who are looking for Mandala-themed protective iPhone 6 cases, the Ailun Solid Acrylic proves to be a worthy option. Just like the Ailun Slip-Proof, the Solid Acrylic boasts of superior protection for your Apple devices against drops, scratches, and even minor bumps. Instead of a solid PC forming the back panel, however, the Ailun Solid comes with a premium acrylic backboard and beefed up by the same soft and flexible TPU material. But the real score on this Ailun product is in its wonderful Mandala design. This gives a whole new meaning to the word “luxury” as the intricate patterns are just right for the design perfection of the Apple smartphone.

What We Like about It – The Ailun Solid’s artsy Mandala design affords it an aesthetic that is sure to bring out the best in your iPhone.

12WenBelle Blazers Series Stand Feature Leather Wallet Cover Flip Case for iPhone 6/6s by WenBelle

WenBelle Blazers Series are not just any other ordinary protective iPhone 6 cases. These are fashionable wallets that are made from super-smooth, ultra-rich, faux polyurethane leather that are adorned with intricate hand-stitched accents. The WenBelle includes a currency pocket plus 3 sleek card holders in one convenient, professional package that’s perfect for both men and women. You need not worry about the card holder scratching the surface of your iPhone as it is made of the softest possible material. The overall construction of the WenBelle helps ensure you’ve got all of your valuables within easy reach plus your most prized item of all is adequately guarded against splashes and drops.

What We Like about It – The multifunctional nature of the WenBelle Blazers Series is perfect for the modern-day road warrior who requires a compact carrying and storage case for everything valuable to him or her.

13Zizo ION Series iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus by Zizo

Boasting of military grade drop test certification, the Zizo ION Series iPhone 6s Plus case is oozing with minimalist beauty to match its dependable shock-proofing and impact protection. It also works on the 6 Plus and the 7 Plus models of iPhone. The transparent case comes with a color-matching bumper that is geared for personalizing your style. The case has triple layers of protection without adding to the bulk of the Zizo ION Series. It also comes with a tempered glass screen protector rated at 9H hardness giving 100 percent clarity. The air cushion technology that’s built into the bumper system of the ION Series helps disperse impact energy as tested and certified by a military grade drop test.

What We Like about It – With a chic design and superb impact protection, the Zizo ION Series is proving to be a credible piece of engineering technology that perfectly fits the ingenuity of later iPhone models.

14Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6/6s Case with Air Cushion Technology and Hybrid Drop Protection by Spigen

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid designer iPhone cases come with the company’s signature trademark for quality. Utilizing only the best available PC materials for its clear hard case and mating this to a TPU bumper, Spigen was able to come up with a new radical design in iPhone impact protection. The air cushion technology embedded in its bumper help dissipate impact energies to keep the sensitive electronics of your smartphone fully operational. Raised bezel guarantee scratch-resistance regardless of how you use your phone. The transparent design of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is perfect for flaunting the elegance of the Apple iPhone. Coupled with its super-slim profile, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid should provide you with an awesome-looking smartphone; as if the name Apple isn’t awesome enough.

What We Like about It – The Spigen Ultra Hybrid boasts of superior drop protection plus a transparent styling that brings out the best qualities in an iPhone.

15Diztronic Full Matte Soft Touch Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case for Apple iPhone 6/6s by Diztronic

Made of ultra-soft TPU casing that allows for superior fit, the Diztronic Full Matte case for the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s is the ideal guardian of these premium devices. With more than 1,500 super satisfied customers on Amazon exalting the splendid design and functionality of the Diztronic, it would be quite foolish not to include this in any shortlist of protective iPhone 6 cases. The full matte finish of the TPU case guarantees optimum grip while also preventing the occurrence of fingerprint smudges. The bezel is also raised so there’s no danger of scratching the surface of the screen when the phone is laid down face first. The 1.6-mm thickness of the case gives it a slim profile that’s great for tight-fitting apparel.

What We Like about It – The Diztronic Full Matte provides an exceptional slim-fit design. The matte finish is also remarkably useful.

16Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone 7 Case with Slim Dual Layer Wallet Design by Spigen

While the WenBelle Blazers Series is exceptional when it comes to storing your currency, the Spigen Slim Armor has its own unique charm that is perfect for individuals who dislike carrying cash. Unfortunately, the Spigen Slim Armor does not come with RFID protection. Nevertheless, its secret 2-card compartment is simply a joy to have. No one will ever think that you have two of your credit cards or any other valuable card, for that matter, safely stored at the back panel of the Spigen Slim Armor. This can be easily accessed by sliding open the panel. Now, the Spigen Slim Armor may be great for keeping 2 cards but it’s also exceptionally wonderful in protecting your iPhone 7. Part of the ingenuity of these cool cases for iPhone 7 is the use of a double layer of protection to match its air cushion technology. Furthermore, the Spigen Slim Armor has been duly tested and certified with military grade protection.

What We Like about It – The Spigen Slim Armor is perfect for individuals who prefer cards over cash. And with military grade shielding, it can be a wonderful defensive system for your iPhone 7.

17Vogue Shop 2-in-1 Hybrid Case Cover for iPhone 6 by VoGue

Boasting of an inner layer made of soft rubber cushion and an outer hard, rubberized PC, the Vogue Shop hybrid case is perfect for the preppy iPhone 6 owner. It comes in fun colors to match the yuppie personalities of certain individuals. The corners have been duly reinforced to provide it with exceptional shock absorbing properties. Its bezel is also raised to help prevent scratches. All ports and controls on your iPhone can be easily accessed through its meticulously designed cutouts. With its fun design and comfy textures, the Vogue Shop clearly deserves to be in this list.

What We Like about It – The Vogue Shop combines elegant styling with fun colors, slim build, and superb drop protection to come up with a casing that’s a sure hit as evidenced by the more than 1,200 exalting Amazon customers.

18Yesgo Shockproof Slim Anti-Scratch Protective Kit iPhone 7 Case by Yesgo

The Yesgo cool cases for iPhone 7 have got to have one of the coolest designs we’ve seen. It combines a tactile feel and superb grip that help guarantee drop protection. And in the event that your device gets dropped, the shock absorbing TPU helps dissipate the impact forces while the solid PC helps keep the frame from crumbling. Raised bezels also add to the overall protection afforded by the Yesgo Shockproof Slim iPhone 7 Case. The enlarged cutouts particularly on the back panel are simply amazing.

What We Like about It – The Yesgo’s simple yet effective design has been confirmed by almost a thousand rave reviews on Amazon. It has an elegant look that works best with an iPhone 7’s signature charm.

19Ansiwee Reinforced Frame Crystal iPhone 6/6s Plus Case by Ansiwee

Built for the iPhone 6 and 6s, the Ansiwee Reinforced Frame Crystal case boasts of a superb combination of an outer solid PC frame sandwiching the inner soft, shock-absorbing layer of TPU. With a crystal clear backboard adorned with metallized coating, the Ansiwee can enhance the aesthetic feel of your device.

What We Like about It – The Ansiwee iPhone case is ideal for those who require a fused PC and TPU frame for optimum gadget protection against drops and bumps.

20Sahara Case iPhone 6/6s Protective Kit by Sahara Case 

For really excellent protection against accidental drops, more than 2,300 Amazon reviewers recommend the Sahara Case with its superbly rugged design that looks more like an armor that’s built specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6s. Adding to the protection of the Sahara Case is its signature ZeroDamage tempered glass that protects the screen against scratches as well as screen damage. One of the best things about the Sahara Case is the integration of a camera hood which helps reduce lens flares to give you more stunning pictures and captivating videos while also aiding in the protection of the lens. With an ergonomic design, the Sahara Case ensures optimum use of all the different ports and controls of your Apple smartphone. The Sahara Case is one fantastic option if you really want a superb-looking piece of defensive armament for your precious Apple iPhone.

What We Like about It – The Sahara Case is a complete protective system that guarantees superior safety and security for iPhone 6/6s. With 10 color variants to choose from, you can now customize your own Sahara.

How We Chose the Amazing iPhone Cases in Our List

Protection was the primary deciding factor in our search for the best iPhone cases. This was imperative as the mobile device is not some cheap plastic made from a dodgy manufacturing plant in China nor is it an Apple-wannabe that’s struggling with patent infringement issues. This is Apple; a brand that has commanded a cult following for many decades, even before the very first iPhones started rolling off stores. That’s why it was imperative to look for cases that will give the best protection for these premium devices.

Helping us identify which of the hundreds of products deserve a slot in our top 20 were the numerous feedbacks, reviews, and comments posted by verified online consumers. They gave us a first-hand look at how these products are able to perform their fundamental purpose: protecting Apple’s premium gadgets. While it is not unusual to read negative comments about a certain product, it was clear that these negative feedbacks had to be examined a lot closer to determine the veracity of the issues raised.

Excellent protection should also not interfere with the full functionality of the iPhone device. This means that all of the buttons, ports, cameras, and other features of the Apple product can still be accessed with ease while being protected from the elements as well as from accidental bumps and falls. This is equally important as it would simply be foolish to protect our devices but will not be able to use them properly.

Lastly, the wow factor of the product was also considered, although not really an absolute necessity. Like we said, our primary focus was on the amount or level of protection these products are able to provide. If it comes in a wonderfully cool package, then that will also be a big plus.

Other parameters that were given weight in our search for the cool iPhone cases include the company’s reputation and all other features that have been carefully built into the product.

Tips to Taking Care of Your iPhone

We all know how expensive it is to own an Apple iPhone. It is thus, no wonder that people will go to great lengths protecting their precious devices. If this is your very first iPhone, then you must learn how not to use your iPhone in the same manner as you’ll need to learn how to properly care for your iPhone. Here are a few tips worth considering to help you extend the life of your Apple gadget.

  • Know your gadget. A lot of us make the mistake of not fully understanding what the manufacturer is saying about the proper care and use of such devices. This is crucial as Apple knows what you need to do to keep your iPhone in pristine condition for a much longer time. Heed this well.
  • Electronics and water don’t necessarily blend together well. As much as possible, don’t take your iPhone where there is water or even in damp or humid environments. While Apple has a built-in water sensor in its devices, it makes perfect sense to avoid getting near anything damp or humid.
  • Schedule a general cleaning of your device. Dust and dirt can build up over time. In cleaning, it is important to use only materials that are prescribed by Apple.
  • Take good care of your battery. Observe the recommended charging times including discharge cycles.
  • Use the correct iPhone case that will help absorb impact forces in case you accidentally drop your device.

The Bottom Line

The iPhone is a true marvel of communications engineering. It speaks of value. It also speaks of elegance that no other company can equal. That’s why you need to protect your device with any of these 20 cool iPhone cases in 2017.


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