15 Cool Halloween Costumes in 2017

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Halloween is a tradition that has been celebrated for many millennia. While the popular notion holds that it is an independent Christian holiday, many scholars argue that the festivities can be traced to the Samhain, a Gaelic festival, which actually marks the culmination of harvest season. Regardless of its origins, Halloween is best celebrated with costume parties, trick or treating, making Jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing, telling scary stories, playing pranks, and visiting haunted and eerie attractions, and many more. Obviously, donning a costume makes Halloween festivities so much fun for everyone, including adults. That’s why we’re presenting to you 15 cool Halloween costumes in 2017 to help you prepare for the party of a lifetime.

15 Cool Halloween Costumes in 2017


Men’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume by Rubie’s Costume Co.

Men’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

Need some really unique Halloween costumes, one that can bring out the thrill and excitement that people had in the Jurassic World film? In that case, we highly recommend the Men’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume. It may not be as fearsome as the Indominus Rex or even the Megalosaurus but the Tyrannosaurus remains the undisputed king of the gigantic lizards. Just imagine yourself walking into the party with the mighty stomp of the T-Rex and everyone else on the dance floor will stop dead on their tracks, frozen in time. This fully inflatable, full sized dinosaur outfit stands tall and proud and comes with highly realistic details such as razor sharp teeth and a really menacing look. You will really have to practice your dino roar, however, to make it very realistic. Putting it on is exceptionally easy also, although we did find some comments about a certain level of difficulty in putting it on. The Jurassic World T-Rex is made of high grade polyester that’s best cared for when washed by hand. This greatly extends its lifespan as its strength and durability is guaranteed. Additionally, the polyester material provides a level of comfort that is surprisingly pleasant. Inflating the dino suit is made possible by a battery operated fan. While it may seem that mobility will be severely affected, it does require some degree of getting used to until you can easily play the piano with the T-Rex donned. These male Halloween costumes make for excellent representation of masculine raw power and dominance.

What We Like about It – It’s tall, easy to wear, and a really fantastic product that projects male power and dominance.

Women’s Ninja Assassin by Leg Avenue

Women’s Ninja Assassin

In the field of Oriental martial arts, nothing has captured the fascination of the world a lot better than the silent, stealthy, and deadly Ninja assassins. But, Ninjas don’t necessarily need to be very stealthy assassins. Just look at Donatello, Michaelangelo, Rafael, and Leonardo, or even Naruto and his pals. Ninjas can be exceptionally sexy, too. Elektra is a classic example. But if you want to combine Elektra’s classic curves with the outfit of Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat franchise, you’d get the Leg Avenue Women’s Ninja Costume. These female adult Halloween outfits are essentially made of a hundred percent polyester giving these products superb comfortable softness so whoever wears them will never have to worry about getting so uneasy and restless. Besides, a ninja requires absolute concentration especially in utilizing the shadows to her advantage. The Ninja outfit comes complete with a hood and mask, wrapped arm warmers, and fully attached leg wraps. Creating a fantastic contrast to the red body is a black belt that crosses in the center. We guess even the mighty T-Rex is no match for the guile and astuteness plus agility and stealthy deadliness of the female ninja who’s going to take the Halloween costume party in a silent fury.

What We Like about It – It’s sexy, comfy, and oozes with realism that men at the party will have to mind their manners, lest they face the wrath of a deadly assassin.

Inflatable Dinosaur T-Rex Adult Fancy Dress Costume by TOLOCO

Inflatable Dinosaur T-Rex Adult Fancy Dress Costume

Going to a costume party like a dinosaur can really be a great way to announce your entrance. The problem is that no one will know who you are because your face will be obscured, if not covered, by the outfit’s material. Why not go to the celebration riding on your own dinosaur instead? Well, the Inflatable Dinosaur T-Rex Adult Fancy Dress outfit can be rightfully called unique Halloween costumers since it’s not every day that you get to see someone drop in a party riding a T-Rex. These adult Halloween costumes make for a superb entrance to the party, making you the center of attraction. Honestly though, if you want really scary Halloween costumes, we’d say the Jurassic World T-Rex does an exceptional job at scaring people and letting them scamper for their lives. On the other hand, if you’re on the lookout for funny Halloween costumes, then the TOLOCO T-Rex is a great choice. We’d say it’s a bit clownish to be riding on a creature that’s actually known for its unrivaled carnivorous appetite. Inflating the TOLOCO T-Rex is made easy as well. You only need to supply batteries to its battery operated fan and you are actually good to go. With the TOLOCO T-Rex you can be riding in style to the party or you can round up some loose Velociraptors and Triceratops along the way to make the evening more fun.

What We Like about It – It’s durable, washable, and comes as a one size fits all kind of design. Besides, it should be fun to be running around the venue with a dinosaur right between your legs.

Squirrel Costume by Rasta Imposta

Squirrel Costume

There are individuals who are morbidly scared of critters like chipmunks, raccoons, and squirrels. And what better way to play a great prank on these people than donning really funny Halloween costumes like the Rasta Imposta Squirrel getup? The outfit comes complete with two large acorns and the squirrel’s head is designed with such realism that popping out from the bushes with a head this big is sure to scare the living daylights out of people. While the tail is not as furry and wavy like the real creature, it does provide some sense of realism. Made of polyester of the highest possible quality, the Rasta Imposta Squirrel is a highly durable outfit that can be extended eve further so the next generations of squirrel impostors can still use it. To make certain of this, it is advisable to wash the Squirrel outfit by hand instead of tossing it into your washing machine. While it’s true that it’s made of durable polyester, the delicate construction of its component parts can be significantly affected with the tumbling and spinning action of machine washing. Hence, if you want to keep this costume as a memento of a wonderful Halloween, you’d have to take care of it as well.

What We Like about It – It’s perfect for the squirrel lover or the individual who has a lot of friends who are afraid or scared of the little creature. Just imagine how they’d react if they see a man-sized version of what they’re essentially scared of.

Women’s Nun Costume by Rubie’s Costume Co.

Women’s Nun Costume

Are you Sister Mary Robert or Sister Mary Patrick or Sister Mary Lazarus? Or, are you Sister Mary Clarence or should we say Deloris van Cartier? If you’ve been a fan of this famous 80’s film, then maybe you would like to don the Women’s Nun Costume. These unique Halloween costumes are just what the occasion requires as there are ghouls, evil spirits, monsters, and other unkindly beings roaming the days and nights of this time of the year. Although we don’t know if these Halloween outfits are powerful enough to negate the evil actions of witches, vampires, and other evildoers, this much we know: we will definitely feel a lot safer going to the cemetery and haunted dwellings with someone wearing the nun outfit. Each polyester fabric that’s been loomed into the nun clothing adds to the outfit’s superb comfort as well as exceptional durability and strength. The headpiece does look like the real thing. And like all delicate materials, Rubie’s recommends handwashing the costume to guarantee longer lasting use. Now, you’d have to add a rosary and a prayer book to go with it. If Whoopi was able to pull two successful films playing a nun, then you too, can pull it off. Do it well and cast all evil on Halloween off the face of the Earth.

What We Like about It – It’s a rather unusual yet equally effective way to counter the fear that’s pervasive during these times of the year.

Party Shark Costume by RootSuit

Party Shark Costume

Thanks to media, sharks, especially the Great White, have garnered a really fearsome, albeit undeserved, reputation as mindless killers of the deep blue. Marine biologists are struggling to change the perception of the general public regarding these misunderstood creatures that, alongside snakes and crocodiles, can literally strike fear into the heart of any man. Try donning the Party Shark Costume and you will have the opposite effect. These adult Halloween costumes have been seen in many public places in Miami, Los Angeles, and even in the most unlike places in Minnesota and Nebraska. And these sharks are nowhere near their fearsome predatory reputation. Instead, they come off as very lovable, cuddly, and outright fun to be with. We’ve heard of a lot of individuals who use them not only on special occasions like Halloween but rather on an almost daily basis. It’s just proof of the super comfortable fit of the Party Shark; otherwise, why would you don something that is clearly going to make your whole waking life so miserable? The soft, plush, and fluffy materials used in the manufacture of the Party Shark are exceptionally brilliant as they afford the wearer superior comfort while having the greatest fun in the neighborhood. Moving with the Party Shark on is no problem since you’ve got full control of your legs and your arms. Unfortunately, vision is a bit obscured so this should be quite a concern. Nevertheless, the Party Shark is sure to bring watery fun and plenty of snapshots all year round.

What We Like about It – It’s a very interesting and unique outfit that demystifies one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.

Women’s Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume by Fun World

Women’s Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume

Do you think you have what it takes to act as regal as many of the world’s social elite? How about donning a really tight fitting corset that’s guaranteed to make your waist look even slimmer than it already is? One of the favorite adult Halloween outfits is the Women’s Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume that allows young ladies and even matured women to feel more like the elegant ladies of the past, walking down hallways of famous castles and palaces, and charming nobles and ordinary men alike with their timeless appeal. The Renaissance venerates a period in man’s history when everyone simply fell in love with the arts as well as many of the wonderful innovations that we now all enjoy. You don’t need to wait for Halloween to wear the Renaissance outfit as its classic lines and curvaceous appeal is as timeless as the period itself. Use it during special occasions and you’ll be guaranteed star attraction status in no time. Go to balls, dinner parties, and other social gatherings and these unique Halloween costumes will see you through with flying colors. With a lace-up front gown made of silky smooth velvet and completed with a very detailed embroidered ribbon, the Renaissance is nothing less than a marvel of a getup.

What We Like about It – It’s durable and ultra-comfortable and a really great costume for reliving the glorious past. Who knows, a knight might still be available waiting in the crowd.

Women’s Cozy Bat Costume by Leg Avenue

Women’s Cozy Bat Costume

We cannot promise you that people will not be scared or frightened when they see you in the Women’s Cozy Bat Costume especially if you’re going to wear it in the dead of a moonless night. We would like to categorize these as scary Halloween costumes but they can also be downright funny. What is amazing is that the Cozy Bat is indeed cozy and comfy, thanks to its use of high quality polyester as its sole fabric material. This gives the Cozy Bat an ultra-soft and warm fabric that is great for the steely cold of the night. Some even say that the Cozy Bat’s leggings are pretty much like wearing your wonderfully warm pajamas. The intricately designed bat wings with its signature pointy downward curves make for superb fashion statement that talks of the modern woman’s rise to power and fame. It even comes with its own iconic hairy or furry bat headpiece complete with bat ears. While we don’t necessarily know if the costume can give you the ability to jump off a roof and glide to safety like Batman, what we are absolutely certain is that the Cozy Bat will keep everyone cozy warm with you at the party. Just make sure to wash it by hand and you can bet to be flying round parties for many more years to come.

What We Like about It – It’s super comfy, super cozy, and surprisingly warm considering that the bat actually has a rather very thin and delicate skin.

Jabba the Hut Deluxe Inflatable Adult Costume by Star Wars

Jabba the Hut Deluxe Inflatable Adult Costume

Whether you’re a Jedi apprentice or a student of the Dark side, chances are, you’ve already come across the legendary name of Jabba the Hutt. A cross between a Cheshire cat and an oversized toad, JabbaDesiliijicTiure is a very powerful Tatooine crime boss. In fact, he is considered the king of the criminal world on Tatooine. If you’re feeling like the crime boss of these gigantic wormlike creatures, then the Jabba the Hut Deluxe Inflatable Adult Costume is a worthy choice. The outfit comes in two parts: the head and the body. Unfortunately, even with the powerful battery operated fan that already come with the package to inflate the outfit, the body of Jabba simply cannot grow any bigger. Instead of the turd-like shape of Jabba from the movies, you get a slimmed down version of Jabba. It would seem as if this feared Tatooine crime boss has not been eating for many millennia that he has turned quite emaciated. The details are nonetheless quite real, especially the head. It’s designed with Jabba’s iconic angry face, cold hearted, and ruthless. Unlike the other costumes in this list, Jabba the Hutt is made of high grade 100 percent nylon instead of the usual polyester to give it exceptional durability and a certain smoothness that can only be obtained from this kind of material. While Jabba is made f nylon, it should still be hand washed.

What We Like about It – It makes for a great Halloween outfit, thanks to its exceptionally graphic details; just don’t look at the rather emaciated body.

Women’s Disney Maleficent Christening Gown Costume by Disney

Women’s Disney Maleficent Christening Gown Costume

Got the pouting lips and the seductively tantalizing eyes of Angelina Jolie? Do you happen to be a fan of the Disney film, Maleficent? In the modern adaptation of the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, giving viewers a rare glimpse of why someone would cast a spell on a hapless newborn. You don’t need to go that far as to cast a spell onto others, though, with the Women’s Disney Maleficent Christening Gown Costume. Faithful to the movie, this wonderfully elegant getup of the most revered fairy in the Moors is sure to get the attention of anyone in the ballroom. With its sculpted shoulders that gently spread outwards and its dramatic bell sleeves, the Maleficent Christening Gown is unlike any other gowns you may have seen or actually worn before. It exudes with confidence while the black color of the 100 percent polyester fabric gives a certain degree of foreboding that other people should really be concerned of. It’s the perfect getup for an eerie Halloween. And if the black dress and horn-like shoulder designs won’t intimidate people, the horn-shaped headpiece will. Technically, the Maleficent Christening Gown is not only good for the Halloween. It’s also excellent for other special occasions. And if you’re up to it, you can even wear it every day. However, it is critical to wash it by hands to help retain its superior fabric quality.

What We Like about It – It’s a fairytale of a costume that reeks of revenge and darkness but only to be overshadowed by genuine love and affection in the end.

Forum Droopers Costume by Forum Novelties

Forum Droopers Costume

Halloween parties need not be scary all the time. In ancient times, this time of the year was celebrated because it’s the last day of harvest and people are now preparing for the darker months. Unfortunately, over time, the essence of the festivities have been largely changed to venerate the dead and, with it, all the things that come with the supernatural. Remaining true to the tradition of merrymaking where everyone is actually encouraged to have fun and really enjoy the night, Forum Novelties decided to come up with outrageously funny Halloween costumes that are guaranteed to have everyone down on the floor, holding their tummies, and trying to catch their breath as they simply cannot stop laughing out loud. The Forum Droopers outfits are outrageously hilarious male Halloween costumes designed not really to mock at girls with sagging breasts but rather to depict the whistle-bait nature of these sexy figures. The outfit is like a one-piece suit that includes a midriff shirt and baggy shorts. Also included in the outfit is a pair of oversized droopy bosoms. If these were real, we’d definitely get a pandemonium in our hands. But since the getup is actually designed for men, just imagine the laughter that will readily infect the entire place. Everyone will be posing for a snapshot with our glamour drooper girl. We really cannot think of anything more hilarious than a sexy woman’s bosoms in a muscled body of a man.

What We Like about It – It’s a really outrageously funny way to draw attention to oneself especially if you’re in the company of avid wolves.

Women’s Lost Puppy Humorous Costume by Fun World

Women’s Lost Puppy Humorous Costume

Remember Big Momma’s House? We’re not saying that you should be as proficient as Martin Lawrence in donning that awfully large, bulky, and obviously heavy padding just to portray the character of a big fat black woman named Big Momma. But, the character did draw a lot of smiles and even more laughs. Wearing funny Halloween costumes that are strikingly similar in design concept to Big Momma is guaranteed to bring the house down as everyone will be stomping their feet to dispel the pressure building up from their tummies because of uncontrollable laughter. Imagine the Women’s Lost Puppy Humorous Costume as Big Momma but with a puppy sticking right in her behind. Now how could a puppy of considerable size fit into this Big Momma-like getup? The stuffed puppy is actually sewn into the costume to give it the appearance that it’s being squeezed by the butt cheeks of Big Momma-lookalike. But if there’s one characteristic of Big Momma that really sticks, it would be her unusually humongous buttocks. In similar fashion, the Lost Puppy has a substantially large butt, thanks to the stuffed bodysuit made of 12 percent spandex and 88 percent polyester. We’re not really sure if you should only use this on your Halloween costume party. Because of the realism of the big butt, we believe it should also work in other situations such as role plays or even doing espionage works.

What We Like about It – It’s hilarious. It’s ingenious. And it’s made of super strong and super elastic materials to give you the much needed extra-wide shape of your bottom.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Set by Fun World

Peanut Butter and Jelly Set

If you’re going to the costume party with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend, you really would want to project an impression of inseparability and compatibility. In the world of food and snacks, nothing can really beat the compatibility of peanut butter and jelly. Some may add bananas to the mix but the base stays the same: peanut butter and jelly. So if you’re going to the party and you really feel the need to convey the message that you and your partner or date are inseparable, then the Peanut Butter and Jelly Set adult Halloween costumes are a great find. You can just imagine if you and your partner will be strutting into the party venue with you dressed as a bread with either peanut butter or jelly printed on the front and your partner wearing another bread also with either peanut butter or jelly. The point is for each one to wear an entirely different ingredient – peanut butter or jelly – so that you will complement each other. The getup comprises of foam tunic that is made of premium quality polyester that should never be machine washed, only hand washed. The excellent thing about this delicacy is that it will never spoil. The only thing that will be spoiled if you don’t wear it is the fun.

What We Like about It – It’s an amazing piece of costume design intended primarily for couples who would love to portray an image of compatibility and friendship.

Piggyback Ride On Riding Shoulder Adult Costume by Costume Agent

Piggyback Ride On Riding Shoulder Adult Costume

When you were still a kid, can you remember the time when your dad would carry you and let you sit over your shoulders while he held your hands to prevent you from falling? Well, now that you’re grown up, don’t expect your dad, who is by now a senior, to be carrying you on his shoulders to the party. A much better and funnier way is to get Piggyback Ride-On Riding Shoulder adult Halloween costumes that you can easily wear, giving the illusion that you are indeed being carried by someone else over their shoulders. So, who are these “individual carriers”? You’ve got a choice of the leprechaun, a bear, an elephant, a sasquatch, a T-Rex, an elf, a rabbi, a unicorn, a panda, a monkey, a lion, and a reindeer. Here’s the best part. Regardless of the type of carrier character you choose, you’d have superb access to your ice cold beer as it already comes with a built-in beer can holder.

What We Like about It – It’s funny. It’s creative. And it’s very unique especially in giving others the illusion of you being carried around by your mythical creatures and beings or even ordinary animals.

Inflatable Adult Unicorn Rider Halloween Costume by TOLOCO 

Inflatable Adult Unicorn Rider Halloween Costume

Most adult Halloween outfits will never consider the unicorn to be an excellent choice for a character since this one-horned horse is pretty much associated with children’s stories. The TOLOCO Inflatable Adult Unicorn Rider Halloween Costume may look every bit a child’s fantasy outfit but it sure can provide a good laugh especially if the rider on this inflatable unicorn is a man with well-chiseled body. The unicorn comes with a white body, pink horn and hooves, and blue mane and tail. Try to imagine a man riding a pink unicorn and you’d have everyone else bursting in laughter. This should really make for a more interesting, if not downright funny, costume party.

What We Like about It – It’s unique. It’s creative. And it’s a very funny way of representing one of the most famous mythical creatures of our time.

How We Chose the Superbly Amazing Halloween Costumes in Our List

Picking the right costume for you is quite easy as you will simply have to look at your personal preferences. Picking adult Halloween costumes to include in a list of cool getups is not that easy. As we have already said, any form of clothing or fashion accessory is an intensely personal matter. We may deem it cool but you may think it otherwise. Thankfully, we don’t have to bear this dilemma alone since we had to consider what other people think as well. Part of our evaluation is the current standing of these clothing products in online commerce platforms. We focused more on the feedbacks of these products than the actual ratings themselves considering the very subjective nature of the topic. Somehow, it did give us an idea, a confirmation of our earlier assumptions regarding the Halloween outfits’ level of coolness.

Since we’re focusing on specialized outfits, one very important consideration is the ease of putting it on. If it will require several hands to put it on, then maybe it’s worth considering another outfit. The point is that, should you feel uncomfortable at any point in the costume party, you should be able to easily remove the getup to catch a breath of fresh air and then don it again. Additionally, since we already touched on comfort, there should be some built-in mechanism to make sure you don’t suffocate in the getup or that you will still have some level of comfort to enjoy the party itself. If the costume is going to prevent you, limit your movement at the party, then what is the point of attending such a joyous occasion if you cannot even move to have a really good time?

Related to the ease of wearing is the outfit’s overall integrity especially to its construction. The materials used must be strong enough not to break apart at the seams. It should also withstand repeated washings. Overall, the design integrity should match the soundness of its manufacturing. These were very important considerations in our search of the really cool Halloween costumes.

How to Pick the Right Costume

One doesn’t need Halloween to start shopping for a costume. There are numerous online guides on how to choose a Halloween costume but only a few on how to pick the right costume for other occasions. The point is that the tips to picking the right Halloween costumecan also be applied to other types  of outfits. That being said, here’s how you can pick the right costume for you.

The Bottom Line

Halloween may be equated with ghouls and spirits but it sure is that time of the year when everyone simply can have the best time of their lives. Whether it is your intention to wow the crowd or to scare them off, you can now do both with our 15 cool Halloween costumes in 2017.

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