20 Cool Gadgets for Men In 2017

cool gadgets for men

The man of today is a man of sophistication. Sure, they can still pick up an axe and take a swing at a piece of wood then chop it off to bits. There are also those who still prefer getting their hands dirty as nothing can beat good old handiwork. But for many modern men, they now require tools and gadgets that can make life a bit easier. Not to worry because we’ve got you covered. Our 20 cool gadgets for men will help you get acquainted with some of the world’s latest innovations and wonderful creations that have been especially designed for the man of today.

Our Really Amazing Gadgets for Men

1The Ultimate Steak Thermometer by SteakChamp

Men have always been the carnivores in the family. Give them a thick slab of juicy, tender, and oh-so-yummy sirloin or Porterhouse and they will love you for it. And if you’re the man preparing your very own signature take on what a perfectly cooked steak should look like, then it’s a must that you watch the temperature. Of course, you can always go with the more traditional, old school method of feeling for the doneness of the meat by touching or pressing it lightly, taking due consideration for the “bounce” that it creates on your fingertips. But, you can still go wrong with this method. The best way to cook the perfect steak, aside from slathering it with freshly cracked peppercorns and a good sprinkling of salt, is to mind the internal temperature. This is where The Ultimate Steak Thermometer comes in. The SteakChamp comes with a LED indicator that turns green if the meat is already medium rare, yellow if it’s medium, and red if it’s medium well. Of course, you really don’t want your steak to be well done otherwise you’d lose most of its juicy goodness inside. You’ll be left with a big slab of rubber. The good thing with the SteakChamp is that the entire length of the probe actually contains temperature sensors so it measures the whole length meat section. Ordinary meat thermometers have their probes only at the tip so you’ll never have any idea of the temperature of the other regions of the meat. This makes SteakChamp a true champion in helping you cook fabulous steak all the time. It’s also very portable, made of stainless steel, comes with its own storage case, and can withstand temperatures up to 900oF. 

What We Like about It – The extra-long temperature probe within a stainless steel body is what makes the SteakChamp a real champ. 

2The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand by The Noble Collection

Don’t get us wrong but women are not the only ones going ga-ga over Harry Potter. Men can also be avid fans, except that they can control their emotions a lot better. Men are also very fond of watching TV especially during Super Bowl season, the NBA Finals, or any other major sporting or action event. Now, instead of having them fumble through your flimsy, odd, and boring remote controller, why not get the Harry potter Remote Control Wand instead? Technically, the Harry Potter Wand works on any device that has an infrared system. You simply flick your wrist and watch the magic begin. The Harry Potter Wand comes with its very own unique and classic-looking wooden storage case which looks pretty familiar if you’ve been following the exploits of the favorite wizard of Hogwarts. It’s a great gift for Harry Potter fans. It’s a great collector’s item, too. 

What We Like about It – The Harry Potter Wand is a very interesting, almost magical, way of controlling IR devices at home or in the office. 

3Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Money Clip by Roco

Where women love to have big, bulky, and fashionable purses, men prefer to keep it simple, no fuss, and no frills. As long as it can serve its primary purpose, most men really don’t care about the looks. Such is the charm of the ROCO Minimalist Aluminum slim Wallet RFID Blocking Money Clip. The ROCO Money Clip is ideal for the man of today who prefer to use cards in his daily business and personal transactions rather than taking a handful of cash. But this doesn’t mean he cannot keep a few neatly folded dollar bills on the ROCO Money Clip. There’s an elastic silicone strap right across the premium grade aluminum casing of the money clip, perfect for keeping neatly folded bills. The ROCO Money Clip comes with state of the art RFID blocking technology to guard your 20 or so cards from skimming and other unscrupulous activities. Other cards such as health insurance cards, government-issued cards can also be easily slipped into the ROCO. With an ultra-compact design, it is super easy to slip in your front pocket without creating that characteristic “bulge” of wallets. 

What We Like about It – The slim design coupled with superb RFID blocking technology makes the ROCO Money Clip the perfect gift for the busy man of today. 

4Pa014 Fast Wireless Charger 2 Coils QI Charging Stand by Seneo

We are pretty sure you sometimes grow frustrated with the coils of wires and cables that are often strewn on your table top or even inside your cabinet drawer. Additionally, not being able to carefully insert the charging pin onto the slot of your device can bring a host of problems. Many of the gadgets we have today are now moving away from wired technology. Even headsets are now designed to wirelessly connect with other devices. As such, if you want to charge your smartphone wirelessly, you’ll need the Seneo Pa014 Fast Wireless Charger. It’s like an ordinary smartphone cradle which you can sit your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7, and S7 Edge either vertically or horizontally and watch it reach full battery status up to 1.4 times faster than other wireless charging pads. Will it charge devices other than these Galaxy models? As long as your device is Qi-enabled, it should be able to charge it. However, the charging time will be the standard rate of charging. Other models will work as well provided you purchase the correct wireless charging receiver. The Seneo comes with LED indicators: green for charging and blue for power. One added advantage of the Seneo is that it has a separate heat dissipating design enabling you to charge your smartphone without leading to excessive overheating. Now, that is clearly a winner. 

What We Like about It – The Seneo’s dual charging coils and low temperature charging feature make it one of the best wireless fast chargers in town. 

5Blaze Smart Fitness Watch by Fitbit

In a world that is now defined by wearable technologies and smart mobile devices, it is quite a feat to command the respect of thousands of very satisfied customers just by offering them a really great and innovative product. This is what Fitbit accomplished with its Blaze Smart Fitness Watch. Fitbit Blaze is a wearable technology that helps the physically active man of today to keep track of his exercise and fitness programs including his workout goals and summaries for the week as well as a multisport feature that gives instant readouts of stats on running, cardio training, and even biking. It comes with the SmartTrack technology which essentially automates the recognition and recording of various exercises to keep you well ahead of your fitness goals. For men who have not yet started on a particular fitness program, Fitbit’s FitStar app can get Blaze to provide step-by-step instructions on how to initiate a wonderful fitness program. It’s like having a personal trainer right on your wrist. 

What We Like about It – The Blaze has superb GPS connectivity, excellent synchronization with more than 200 smart devices running on Bluetooth 4.0, and superior water resistance. 

6Camera Lens (24-105mm) Coffee Mug and 16GB USB Flash Drive Ultimate Photographer Gift Set by Indie Camera Gear

Nothing can perk up today’s very busy men than a good cup of coffee. Instead of getting a 250 to 300 mL mug, why not get the Camera Lens Coffee Mug? This Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens-inspired coffee mug holds 400 mL or 13.5 ounces of your favorite brew which should be sufficient to perk up your morning breaks as well as afternoon siestas for a much longer period of time. With and exterior made of high quality food grade PVC plastic and an interior surface made of stainless steel, the Camera Lens is the perfect gift for the man who simply cannot last a day without a mug of coffee by his side. Added to the gift set is a 16GB USB flash drive that’s designed like a miniature Canon DSLR to provide you with additional storage solution to your files. 

What We Like about It – The Camera Lens Coffee Mug is an excellent choice if you want to surprise the man who simply cannot live without his favorite brew. 

7Magical Defrosting Tray by VonShef

There is nothing more fulfilling than preparing your own meal. As we have already featured in this set the SteakChamp meat thermometer to give you perfect steaks all the time, we thought it would also be important to give you a gadget that will help you thaw your steak, or any other frozen food for that matter, in a matter of minutes, not hours so you can get right to cooking right there and then. One of the problems of thawing is that you’d have to wait long hours for it to really thaw to the correct temperature before you cook it. With the VonShef Magical Defrosting Tray you don’t need to wait that long. Just place your frozen foods on the VonShef and watch it thaw to room temperature. Thick slabs of meat are no match for the VonShef as they can easily thaw within 30 to 60 minutes. Smaller cuts will thaw even faster. This means you can come home, pull out that rock-hard steak from the freezer, put in on the VonShef, watch TV for an hour, and then you’re ready to cook. It’s that easy. No need to preheat the tray or even immerse in hot water. It does the thawing magic by itself. 

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious and super-fast way of turning frozen solid foods into ready-to-cook items within minutes. 

8Beard Shaping Tool Template by Beard Ninja

Women love men who have facial hair. There really is a certain charm to a man who has beard that gently provides a base for his strong jawline. It’s manly. However, shaving your beard often requires absolute precision as you cannot afford to have one side of your face grossly different from the other side. Now you can guarantee more precise shaping of your beard or even goatee. The Beard Ninja Beard Shaping Tool is the only gadget you will need to help you style your beard in a way that even professional stylists cannot match. From Curve cuts to Step cuts, Sideburns, and Straight cuts, you can decide on how you want your facial hair to look like. With an anti-slip grip, you can use the Bead Ninja to create more symmetrical styling on your beard or goatee. Even your neckline will look cleaner and more defined with the Beard Ninja. 

What We Like about It – The Beard Ninja looks very simple but it’s clearly one of those tools that all men with beards will find very useful. 

9KeySmart Compact Key Holder by KeySmart

Designed like the ever-reliable Swiss Army Knife, the KeySmart Compact Key Holder is one unique solution to keep all of your keys organized so they will not be hanging loosely through a key ring. This also helps eliminate the noise of keys banging, jingling, and clanging against each other. Since all of your keys are pushed well into the KeySmart compartment there will be no keys that are running errant. When you put this in your pocket, there will be no annoying keys poking you or keys that create awful bulges in your pocket. The KeySmart also comes with a loop piece so you can attach your electronic car keys or even your key fobs. The capacity of the KeySmart can be expanded to accommodate up to 100 keys. You just need to purchase an expansion pack. Go silent when you’re mobile. Eliminate the jingling sounds of disorganized keys in your pocket. Get the KeySmart. 

What We Like about It – The KeySmart is a really smart way to organize your keys and eliminate the jingling sounds of loose keys. 

10New Upgraded Travel Electronics Organizer by Cladpigeon

Most men are not known for their organizational skills, except if they have an incurable condition of obsessive compulsive disorder. One of the really dreadful tasks that many men hate is organizing their electronic gadgets from PDAs, smartphones, tablets, portable scanners, pocket printers, laptops, music players, mini projectors, and a multitude of others. While you can simply toss everything in a tote bag, a better solution is to organize them in the Cladpigeon New Upgraded Travel Electronics Organizer. The Cladpigeon is a 12×8 inch portfolio type of organizer that is built specifically for modern devices such as chargers, adapters, small accessories, tablets, and smartphones. Elastic straps inside the dadpigeon help keep all of your gadgets in order. Chaos will be a thing of the past as you get superb access to all of your gadgets in one complete and neat package. 

What We Like about It – The Cladpigeon is efficient and highly innovative. 

11SNMC12 Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender by As Seen On TV

The man in the house is often the go-to-guy when there is something that needs fixing. Unfortunately, there are certain home repair or maintenance jobs that require specialized tools to get it done. Sadly, only professional home repairmen have access to these tools. If you’re the DIYer dad in your home, then you will need the Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender as one of those specialty gadgets that will empower you to perform professional-grade jobs without paying that much. The Snake Bit is a great tool to extend the functionality of ordinary drill bits so you can reach tricky corners and hidden spaces with relative ease. Thanks to its unique design, the Snake Bit can be bent a full 90 degrees and in any direction. The kit comes packaged with 6 pieces of circular driver heads, a ratchet tool, and the Snake Bit universal extender. You can also use it for plumbing and automotive repair jobs. Now, anything is possible with the Snake Bit around. 

What We Like about It – The Snake Bit is perfect for managing problems in tight places and hard to reach areas. 

12BBQ Barbecue Kitchen Claws Meat Bear Paw Claws for Shredding by AGPtek

One of the most famous delicacies that men love to chow on is barbecued pulled pork. The recipe is quite easy to make. However, it is in the shredding of the barbecued pork that many simply give up, unless, of course, you can guarantee a fall-off-the-bone kind of pork. Thanks to the BBQ Kitchen Claws Meat Bear Paw Claws, you can now easily shred pork with relative ease. These Bear Paw Claws are designed specifically for tearing at the flesh of your favorite meat. Within 20 seconds, you’ve got for yourself the best tasting pulled pork. You can also use it as a tong to carry your oversized dinner turkey to the table. 

What We Like about It – The AGPtek Bear Paw Claws meat shredder may have a very unpretentious design but it really is effective. 

13Credit Card Survival Tool 11-in-1 Multipurpose Beer Bottle Opener by Tuncily

It’s a credit card holder. No, wait! It’s an ID tag. No? It’s a bottle opener. Say what? The Credit Card Survival Tool 11-in-1 is actually a multipurpose beer bottle opener that is designed to be as large and thin as an ordinary credit card, hence the name. However, this heavy duty metal card has slots and openings that serve a variety of functions, the most important of which is opening the caps of your favorite bottled brew. Instead of getting a more traditional bottle opener complete with its head and handle, the Credit Card Survival Tool can easily slip inside your pocket. There are no bulky appearances and you won’t even know that it’s there. This simply means you’ll never have any reason not to be able to open a beer bottle anymore. The ten other tools make it perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. 

What We Like about It – This multipurpose beer bottle opener has a truly slim yet super strong design that’s perfect for opening beer bottles anytime, anywhere. 

14Army Man Bottle Opener by One Hundred 80 Degrees

If you want a more fun tool to open your favorite bottle of beer, we’d suggest the Army Man Bottle Opener. Made of die cast metal, this figure of a belly-lying, crawling green Army Man reminds us of those action figures we used to play as kids. If you cannot recall that, maybe you can remember the Army men toy friends of both Woody and Buzz in The Toy Story. Yup! Those are the Army Men. Now, imagine one of them going prone on his belly and stretches his arm forward, holding his rifle up front. The space created between the soldier’s face and the stock and barrel of the rifle is what serves as the bottle opener for this product. Just don’t toss this in your kid’s toy organizer as it can get mixed up in his other toy soldier collection. 

What We Like about It – Even if you’re not going to use the Army Man to open your bottle of beer, it should make for a wonderful keychain ornament. 

15BG8-01B01 Bionic Grip by LoggerHead Tools

One of the most important hand tools every home must have is an adjustable wrench. There are a variety of wrenches from the hex, the torque, and the monkey wrenches as well as many others. However, it will be quite cumbersome to get all types of wrenches when you can simply get one that does most of the other jobs. This is what the Loggerhead Bionic Grip has to offer. It is classified as a 13-in-1 adjustable wrench with an open-ended design that covers both SAE and metric systems of measurement. There are no mechanisms to fumble with to make the necessary adjustments. Just slip it onto the bolt or nut that you want held and it will do the rest. An internal locking mechanism helps ensure you’ve got excellent grip with each turn so the Bionic Grip will never slip off your hands. The Bionic Grip can easily cover 13 sizes of fasteners, tubing, and pipes. There’s no need to guess the size of your wrench. The Bionic Grip opens and locks in place when you need it. 

What We Like about It – The Bionic Grip’s open-ended design and durable construction are simply amazing features of this product. 

16Bed Fan with Wireless Remote by Brookstone

For college students living in dormitories or even workers staying in staff houses without ample air-conditioning, getting comfortable under the sheets can be quite difficult especially if you live in a rather warm place. While standard electric fans can help circulate and cool air outside the sheets, your body will still be warm and quite possibly humid inside. The Brookstone Bed Fan helps address this. It is a rectangular electric fan that can be placed at the foot of your bed with the sheets drawn over it so that the air it generates will be circulated underneath the sheets and helps you cool your body. The height of the Brookstone can be adjusted to clear the height of the mattress so you get cool air every time. The Brookstone also comes with a backlit remote control to manage the speed of its fan. If you want to save on energy costs, you can turn off the AC and use the Brookstone instead. 

What We Like about It – The Brookstone Bed Fan is an ingenious way of cooling the body inside the sheets which traditional fans simply cannot reach. 

17Magnetic Wristband by RAK

For the handyman in your home, there is nothing more annoying than a very disorganized tool set. This is especially true for those who work with screws, nails, bolts, drill bits, and washers as well as other small hardware that are important for home improvement projects, carpentry works, construction jobs, auto repairs, and other do it yourself projects. The good news is that all of these can now be conveniently stored and managed using the RAK Magnetic Wristband. The RAK is fully magnetized with 10 super-strong magnets so all of your metal implements and small hardware will stick onto the surface of the RAK. The wristband is lightweight and made of 100 percent nylon complete with a fully padded inner layer composed of soft and breathable mesh. You will never have to scratch your head about that missing screw or even that dropped nail as this will be a thing of the past. 

What We Like about It – The RAK Magnetic Wristband is a great time-saver and an excellent virtual third hand in many DIY projects. 

18Sugru Moldable Glue by Sugru

The real handyman can fix almost anything. While we are not suggesting that you should strive to become the best handyman or DIYer yourself, it would be really interesting if you can get your hands on the Sugru Moldable Glue. This is the only one of its kind glue that can be transformed into rubber, combining the unique qualities of both products to give you a 6-in-1 advantage over any other glue in the market today. Because of its unique chemical formulation, the Sugru can be used to fix, create bond, cushion, seal, and even replace many of your small fixtures at home. The Sugru glue sets by itself, turning into premium grade rubber overnight. You don’t even need strict temperature controls. The setting process only requires room temperature. It is super adhesive on most surfaces, is UV resistant, dishwasher proof, waterproof, and electrically insulating, too. 

What We Like about It – The Sugru is a very unique glue that can have plenty of applications at home or anywhere else where a little fixing is needed. 

19Basketball Ball Claw by K Concepts

If you happen to be a fan of basketball and have an extensive collection of basketballs at home, maybe you have noticed the difficulty of organizing these items as they are naturally inclined to roll. You can place them on a roll of duct tape to prevent the ball from rolling or you can buy the Basketball Ball Claw to provide a sturdy anchor for your basketball. Each of these claws can hold a ball so if you’ve got several, then you simply have to purchase the same number of Ball Claws. Since your basketballs will not be rolling needlessly, you can help preserve their pristine condition while also allowing you to display them in their full glory. 

What We Like about It – The Basketball Ball Claw has a singularly, well-focused objective: to keep your basketball standing proud in your display cabinet. 

20Hyper Dog Ball Launcher by Hyper Pet 

Dogs require plenty of exercise so that any behavioral issues that they may have are dissipated as pure physical energy. This is the reason why physically active dogs are a lot more well-balanced than those that have very limited physical activity. And when it comes to exercises and playtime, playing catch is simply one of the best. Of course, you can throw the ball yourself or you can use the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher instead. You might think that this is a very lazy way to play catch with our pets. But it is actually a lot better especially if you have musculoskeletal problems yourself. Additionally, the Hyper Dog can definitely shoot the ball a lot farther than you can throw it. This helps provide your dog a really good exercise.  

What We Like about It – The Hyper Dog may be a lazy man’s way of playing catch and fetch with his dog but it sure is a lot more fun because it’s hands-free.

How We Chose the Cool Gadgets in Our List

It was easy choosing what cool gadgets for men we have to include. We simply had to look for things or items that men today typically use to make their lives a lot easier. We then looked at how these products fared in real life by considering what customers have to say. This provided the basis for our initial shortlisting of the products to be included in the project. Once we had a fair number of possible product entrants into the list, we began our more in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

The usefulness or utility of the item was thoroughly evaluated. It must serve a really cool function. It should make likes a lot easier for men today. Otherwise, if it fails in this parameter alone, there was clearly no point in examining it any further. So functionality was a very important consideration in our search. The gadget maker’s reputation was also evaluated. While we did focus on companies that have been in the business or the industry for a long time, we also did take note of any new players who may have something definitely new and useful to offer.

Tips to Choosing the Right Gadget for Your Male Friend

Men are inherently more inclined towards technology-oriented products or items in pretty much the same way as women are more inclined to get fashion and style-oriented products. It’s no wonder that gadgets are great gifts for guys. But, how do you choose the right gadget for your male friend? Here are a few tips.

  • Determine the occasion why you’re giving a gift to your friend. Are you looking for birthday gifts for your male friend? Did he just get promoted? Did he win in a bet? Whatever you do, always make sure that the gadget you are going to buy is appropriate for the occasion. 
  • Obviously, you should know your friend very well. This means you should know what he really likes and what things can really brighten his day. The point in choosing a gadget to give your friend is to pick one that will surely make him happy. 
  • Choose a gadget that serves a purpose. More importantly, pick one that can provide a very important benefit for your friend. For instance, if you know that your friend is really having difficulty cooking steaks in their correct level of doneness, then our SteakChamp should be a great option.

The Bottom Line

Men require fully functional gadgets instead of an aesthetically pleasing one. This makes it very easy to choose the right type of cool gadget to give to them. Unfortunately, there’s literally an ocean of these gadgets. But, you can always start with our own selection of 20 cool gadgets for men.



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