15 Cool Cuff Links You Will Love in 2017

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Cuff links or cufflinks are very important pieces of jewelry that are made and designed specifically for men’s shirts replacing the ubiquitous buttons for formal and semi-formal gatherings. These relatively diminutive metal works function to fasten the sleeves pretty much like a button but provide an aesthetic or decorative appeal that is largely missing in the latter. Today’s cufflinks have truly evolved into something more than just an accessory to formal wear; they have come to define the finer tastes of modern men. Whether it is for business or formal wear or even for everyday casual wear, you’ll find our 15 cool cuff links in 2017 as the missing link to defining your personhood.

15 Cool Cufflinks for Men

1Star Wars Cufflinks for Men with Gift Box by Aove

Designed for the Han Solo or Lando Calrissian or Chewbacca wannabe, although we’re not really sure how Chewy would look in a sport jacket or even a business suit, the Star Wars novelty cufflinks is an absolute necessity. There really is no need to worry as, though the cuff links are designed in very detailed styling, the Aove Star Wars is formal enough to be worn on your sleeves on semi-formal and formal gatherings with a hint of fanfare. This should be perfect for tweens and teens attending a ball or an evening ceremony in school. It might even be the perfect gift for someone attending a gala of the latest confab of Star Wars fanatics. Made of fully electroplated enamel, the exceptional detail of this button or stud type of link is sure to create an impression among the crowd. It comes with a beautiful gift box, too, so giving it to someone will be a cinch. 

What We Like about It – The Aove Star Wars is an excellent gift for Star Wars fans and other men who just happen to want something out of the ordinary. 

2Carbon Fiber Cufflinks for Men by Jstyle

Offering a very contemporary and strong vibe with a very sleek and silvery surface, the Jstyle Carbon Fiber Cufflinks for Men is one of the most popular and most sought out types of men’s fashion jewelry. Designed in the classic bullet back and toggle closure, the Jstyle Carbon Fiber features a checkered pattern on its face to give it a calm yet fashionable design. The clasps are extra-thick for superb sturdiness and durability, allowing greater flexibility of use. The well finish is fully electroplated to give it longer-lasting color retention. The carbon fiber design makes this cuff links stand out but will never look too gaudy, ideal for daily fashion getups. It’s the perfect jewelry for the man who is composed, steady, and calm. 

What We Like about It – The Jstyle Carbon Fiber is a fashion jewelry that speaks of elegance and style for the man of today. 

3Luxury French Tuxedo Gun Metal Textured Cuff Links in Gift Box by Prime Jewelry

For a really masculine and contemporary look, thanks to its excellent combination of a variety of alloys to produce a superbly glossy metal, the Prime Jewelry Luxury French Tuxedo Gun Metal Textured Cufflinks for men is a great choice. It’s ideal to be worn with crisp white shirts to give it a very eye-catching contrast. It’s also perfect for darker hued shirts to complement the thick and thin lines made by the textured pattern on the solid metal. The soft styling of the textured pattern provides personality to your shirt, making it ideal for casual and professional celebrations and gatherings. It’s perfect for the French Tuxedo you’ve been saving for so long. 

What We Like about It – This is one impressive fashion jewelry that speaks well of the man who knows how to convey an aura of confidence in his style. 

4Stainless Steel Classic Men’s Cufflinks by FIBO STEEL

Need cheap cufflinks that do not look cheap at all? Well, if you act fast enough, you might as well get the FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Classic Mens Cufflinks for under $10. Made of premium grade stainless steel, the design of the face of these fashion jewelry can evoke a sense of luxury that you will never think it is this cheap. The concise design of its face is both classic and trendy making you a standout. Its polished finish gives it a superbly elegant look. It also underwent extensive electroplating to help ensure the polish and color stays the same for a good number of years. 

What We Like about It – The FIBO STEEL is one elegant looking shirt accessory that is guaranteed to shout the manliness in you. 

5Cool Watch Movement Cufflinks for Men with a Gift Box by LBFEEL

Novelty cufflinks are usually frowned upon by conservatives especially those who equate cufflinks for men as the exclusive domain of everything formal, old-fashioned, and time-tested. However, there will always be individuals who find change to be somewhat exciting. Just consider the LBFEEL Cool Watch Movement Cufflinks for Men. These pieces of shirt jewelry are designed like the internal mechanism of a classic wristwatch. Don’t worry as this is a non-functional unit so it will not snag onto your shirt’s fabric. You can actually see the gears of the wristwatch which comes as a remarkable contrast to the brushed metal surface of the plate. Now, you’ll be the talk of the town as this can really look good on any type of formal or casual wear. 

What We Like about It – The LBFEEL is an exciting gift especially for the gentleman who is not afraid to try newer and more contemporary things. 

6Knot Cufflinks for Men by Jstyle

The classic knot design of mens cufflinks is very popular since these are relatively cheap cufflinks. However, this is especially true if you go for the silk knots. However, the Jstyle Knot never looks cheap. The knotted design makes for a very elegant piece of jewelry on any shirt, business or otherwise. It exudes of calmness, confidence, and a fashion sense that is unmistakably masculine in the modern sense. The knotted design, with its sleek lines, makes for a great complement or even contrast to modern wear. So, it won’t matter if you’re going to take it to a business meeting or even an informal gathering, you can confidently wear the Jstyle Knot. Like all fashion jewelry of Jstyle, the Knot comes with the guarantee of color reliability, durability, strength, and all around value. 

What We Like about It – The Jstyle Knot is the perfect accessory for the more laid-back gentleman who simply wants something very versatile yet elegant enough to allow him to exude with confidence. 

7Jewelry Men’s World Map Shirts Cufflinks by Jstyle

For the world traveler or business tourist who really needs to go around the world in style, we cannot think of better cufflinks for men than the Jstyle Men’s World Map. This complementary cool cufflinks jewelry, with one creating a continuous world map design with the other, is perfect for the global gentleman. The unique silver on blue scheme of the design makes it a great partner for similarly colored shirts or even crisp white ones. The superb brass construction of its post, toggle, and member is guaranteed to last a lifetime of use. The same electroplating technology that Jstyle is known for helps ensure that the color and sheen of the Men’s World Map is retained for many years. You can go globetrotting with this accessory and you’d be turning heads around. 

What We Like about It – The Men’s World Map is a unique and really cool cuff links that never fails to communicate one’s global interests. 

8Silver Black Rhodium Plated Celtic Cufflinks by MOWOM

Some say it’s definitely Gothic while others say there’s some form of mysticism to how the wonderfully intricate patterns create a stunning visual on its face. What are people talking about? It’s the MOWOM Silver Black Rhodium Plated Celtic novelty cufflinks. The awesome design is perfect for the man who requires a more elaborate feel to the jewelry that will help secure their cuffs. The intricate iron work design speaks well of man’s evolutionary development, conjuring images of strength, resilience, innovation, and perseverance – qualities that make the man of today. The base metal is dutifully plated with Rhodium, a silvery white transition metal that is closely related to platinum. This gives the MOWOM Celtic cuff links a really luxurious feel, perfect for the highly demanding gentleman of today. 

What We Like about It – The MOWOM Celtic cuff links make for an excellent gift for your man’s special day, anniversaries, or even on not-so-special occasions just so you can give him a taste of platinum luxury at a fraction of the cost. 

9Men’s French Cufflinks by Casoty Jewelry

The first time we saw the Casoty Jewelry Fashion Men’s French Cufflinks we were instantly reminded of the badge of Captain Kirk and his crew aboard the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek saga. True enough the fashion jewelry is actually patterned after the iconic badge of the Starfleet Command making these true novelty cufflinks especially for fans and followers of the media franchise. They can relive the adventures of Captain Kirk or even Mr. Spock and the rest of the crew. With silver adorning the cup member and the signature logo of the Starfleet right in the center of the cuff link’s face, the Casoty exudes with an intergalactic charm that is sure to wow any other fan of the franchise. This should come as an excellent accessory to any shirt as the silver tone design of the link is enough to create visual appeal that’s truly out of this world. 

What We Like about It – The Casoty is perfect for the man of the Starfleet and for those who want to stand out in any occasion. 

10Men’s Stainless Steel Luxury French Tuxedo Shirt Cuff Links for Men by UHIBROS

If it’s superb durability and strength that you’re after at a cost that’s going to surprise you, we recommend the UHIBROS Men’s Stainless Steel Luxury French Tuxedo Shirt Cufflinks for Men. Made of not only one but two layers of premium quality stainless steel electroplating, the UHIBROS is not only elegant in a French tux, it should also look good on any sports jacket. The solid brass construction guarantees optimum strength while its high-quality finish gives it a look that is nothing less than luxurious. But wait, the UHIBROS is one of those really cheap cufflinks that can really be deceiving as their construction and styling truly deserve a much higher price. The UHIBROS is definitely one of those shirt accessories you have to consider either for yourself or for someone else. 

What We Like about It – The superb craftsmanship of the UHIBROS merit a much higher price. With such great value for its superb styling, we’d definitely consider the UHIBROS as one of the best cufflinks around.

11 I love Dad Hero Cufflinks by NexgenCover

Want really cheap cufflinks for under $3 a set? You might not believe it but that’s exactly what the I Love Dad Hero cufflinks for men really are. They are so cheap that you could easily dismiss them as nothing more than obnoxious take on something that speaks of elegance. But, considering that there are more positive reviews about the I Love Dad Hero than some of the high-end, contemporary, and truly plush-looking mens cufflinks in this list, you may have to think twice about the quality of this jewelry. While it is true that some men will be put off by the Captain America shield design of the links’ face, this can be particularly interesting especially for individuals who happen to work for an organization that values individuality and freedom of expression. Made of high-grade metal and enamel, this should make for a fabulous accessory to everyday wear. As for formal gatherings, maybe you should consider getting a more “appropriate”, more conservative look as it would certainly look odd if you’ll be rubbing elbows with the social elite with Captain America’s shield on your cuffs. 

What We Like about It – The I Love Dad Hero is for the real hero in your life. It could be your dad, your husband, your partner, or even your brother. 

12Silk Knot Cufflinks Gift Set by Rammentare

For the funky and trendy, we recommend the Rammentare Silk Knot Cufflinks Gift Set. It’s one cheap cufflink that you can use for your everyday wear. Made of the finest quality fabric material and knotted into the traditional styling of silk knots, the Rammentare is the perfect gift for the man who prefers a more fun and natural take to keeping the cuffs on his shirt together. Each gift set comes with 5 different pairs of cuff links enabling the person you’re giving it to use it every single day of the work week. The shadows and highlight created by the knot make for an interesting visual appeal that should make for a great aesthetic element to any sports jacket. Should you use it on formal wear? Well, it actually depends on how formal the occasion is. If you’re talking about a tuxedoes-only affair, then perhaps a metal cufflinks is better in the offing. However, if you’re talking about a formal gathering that allows individuality to a certain degree, the Rammentare can be a fantastic option. 

What We Like about It – The Rammentare is a great and cheap way to keep your cuffs secure. It provides a certain elegance that only this type of link can provide. 

13Men’s Stainless Steel Round Screw Cap Agate Tuxedo Cufflinks for Men by UHIBROS

For the gentleman who requires a vry simple yet super elegant design with a timeless appeal, the UHIBROS Men’s Stainless Steel Round Screw Cap Agate Tuxedo Cufflinks for Men is an absolute must. The clean lines of its shiny silver cup member surrounding the black satin finished insert member gives the Round Screw Cap Agate an appeal that is best reserved for very formal occasions. Awards night and gala events will never be the same again if you use these mens cufflinks to march your way through the throngs of people who will simply be mesmerized at the hint of luxury on your sleeves. The Round Screw Cap Agate is versatile enough that you can actually wear it for more casual purposes. At any rate, you can rely on the Round Screw Cap Agate’s superb craftsmanship to give you confidence in your wear. 

What We Like about It – The Round Screw Cap Agate’s simple design is what really sells it as a very luxurious looking piece of fashion jewelry. 

14Skull Vintage Fashion Stylish Cuff Links by Three Keys Jewelry

Are you man enough to wear the Skull Vintage Fashion Stylish novelty cufflinks? This is best reserved for the man who is a go-getter, a daredevil, and someone who eats threats and dangers for breakfast. No, you don’t need to be Agent 007 or even the Punisher to insert these through your buttonhole. You only need a certain level of confidence to pull it through. With a uniquely designed skull pattern forming the face of this jewelry, the Skull Vintage is one of the gifts you should consider for the man who is a collector of such things or who would like to add some element of oddity to his wear. The good thing is that, like the Millennium Falcon, the Skull Vintage won’t necessarily draw criticisms from others. In fact, it will be an excellent conversation starter. 

What We Like about It – The Skull Vintage is perfect for the man who lives challenging established norms. It’s for the man who is not afraid to experiment simply because he is confident in himself and his unique abilities. 

15Rare Mother of Pearl Cufflinks 18K Platinum Plated Gift Boxed by Digabi 

In the world of metals, nothing compares to the economic and social value of gold. But did you know there is actually a much more valuable metal than gold? Which among your cards have more value? Your gold or your platinum? That said, the Rare Mother of Pearl 18K Platinum Plated Cuff Links for men should merit your full attention. Largely considered as white gold, the 18K platinum plating on the Rare Mother of Pearl gives this jewelry elegance and sophistication that can only come from such precious metals. And if you’re wondering if there really is a mother of pearl in this fashion accessory, we can guarantee there is none. But the appearance of white gold does give it the look of the off-white color of a pearl. Forming a bed for the white gold are premium quality brass plates that give the jewelry superb durability. The Rare Mother of Pearl makes for a truly superb fashion jewelry that can actually rival other more expensive models and brands. The elegance of the Rare Mother of Pearl is perfect for formal wear although you can always add it to your everyday getup to add a unique style. 

What We Like about It – The Rare Mother of Pearl is an exceptionally crafted fashion accessory. The combination of brass and white gold exudes with durability and strength.

How We Chose the Really Cool Men’s Cufflinks in Our List

Choosing cool cufflinks is like picking a cool looking brooch for women. It’s that challenging. Why? No two individuals will have the same exact idea of what cool really looks like. Some will thing that a whale back is better than a bullet back or even a stud or button style. Some will even prefer getting a chain link type of cuff links instead of one that has a locking dual action mechanism. Still, there are others who go for either a ball return, a fabric, of even a knot type of cufflinks. With so many types, and we haven’t discussed the materials used yet, of these men’s jewelry are, picking the really cool ones can prove to be a climb up Mt. Everest without any formal training or preparations. Nonetheless, we know we have to provide you with an exceptionally comprehensive listing of the really cool cufflinks in town.

So, we let customers have a say in the selection process. This does not mean we did not perform an independent assessment of these products. After making sure the items had at least 4 stars on their belts, we examined closely the remarks of customers especially about their experiences with the cufflinks. We then individually assessed each item as to their inherent value in terms of both aesthetics and functionality as well as any other feature that might separate them from the rest.

Tips to Choosing the Right Cufflinks

Some prefer ordinary buttons to keep their cuffs together. But for the man who wants to stand out and exude with personality that can only be described as a true gentleman, then cufflinks are a must. If you are only beginning to appreciate the functionality of these pieces of men’s jewelry, there is a variety of men’s guide to cufflinks online. These can provide you with everything you need to know about these fashion accessories. In case you are already on your way to buying your very first cufflinks, choosing the right cufflinks for the stylish man can be quite challenging. Here are  some tips to make the selection process a bit easier for you.

  • Always have an idea of what occasion you are going to use the cuff links in. Know that these items can be used for either formal or informal occasions. If you are going to use it on a formal gathering like a gala night, an awards ceremony, or even a wedding event as well as other formal occasions, then you should always pick something that has a more subtle design. If you are going to a party, a dance ball, or any other informal gathering, novelty cufflinks are the way to go. This also means you may have to have at least two sets of this jewelry to fit your purpose. 
  • The color of the jewelry should always match your shirts whether in a contrast or complementary mode. Classic designs often call for more neutral colors while fashionable clothing will often work well with cuff links with outrageous or flamboyant colors. 
  • Like all jewelry, your cufflinks must represent who you are as a person. If you consider yourself to be the outdoorsy, adventurous type, then you might want to consider a more sporty design. Similarly, if you think of yourself more as conservative or even reserved, then going for more subtle designs is often necessary. 
  • Consider the material of your cufflinks as these are quite dependent on the nature of the occasion. Formal occasions often require more precious stones and metals like diamonds, opals, silver, or gold. For the everyday office grind, glass, enamel, and titanium can truly be versatile. Fabric cufflinks are best reserved for informal wear.

The Bottom Line

Cufflinks are a man’s best accessory to help him stand out in social gatherings. Our list of the 15 cool cuff links you will love in 2017 will surely point you in the right direction of which of these pieces of men’s jewelry will look best on you.

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