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Cool Cuff Links You Will Love


Cuff links or cufflinks are very important pieces of jewelry that are made and designed specifically for men’s shirts replacing the ubiquitous buttons for formal and semi-formal gatherings. These relatively diminutive metal works function to fasten the sleeves pretty much like a button but provide an aesthetic or decorative appeal that is largely missing in the latter. Today’s cufflinks have truly evolved into something more than just an accessory to formal wear; they have come to define the finer tastes of modern men. Whether it is for business or formal wear or even for everyday casual wear, you’ll find our cool cuff links in 2017 as the missing link to defining your personhood.

Our Picks Of The Best Cuff Links:

Tips to Choosing the Right Cufflinks

Some prefer ordinary buttons to keep their cuffs together. But for the man who wants to stand out and exude with personality that can only be described as a true gentleman, then cufflinks are a must. If you are only beginning to appreciate the functionality of these pieces of men’s jewelry, there is a variety of men’s guide to cufflinks online. These can provide you with everything you need to know about these fashion accessories. In case you are already on your way to buying your very first cufflinks, choosing the right cufflinks for the stylish man can be quite challenging. Here are  some tips to make the selection process a bit easier for you.

  • Always have an idea of what occasion you are going to use the cuff links in. Know that these items can be used for either formal or informal occasions. If you are going to use it on a formal gathering like a gala night, an awards ceremony, or even a wedding event as well as other formal occasions, then you should always pick something that has a more subtle design. If you are going to a party, a dance ball, or any other informal gathering, novelty cufflinks are the way to go. This also means you may have to have at least two sets of this jewelry to fit your purpose. 
  • The color of the jewelry should always match your shirts whether in a contrast or complementary mode. Classic designs often call for more neutral colors while fashionable clothing will often work well with cuff links with outrageous or flamboyant colors. 
  • Like all jewelry, your cufflinks must represent who you are as a person. If you consider yourself to be the outdoorsy, adventurous type, then you might want to consider a more sporty design. Similarly, if you think of yourself more as conservative or even reserved, then going for more subtle designs is often necessary. 
  • Consider the material of your cufflinks as these are quite dependent on the nature of the occasion. Formal occasions often require more precious stones and metals like diamonds, opals, silver, or gold. For the everyday office grind, glass, enamel, and titanium can truly be versatile. Fabric cufflinks are best reserved for informal wear.

Cufflinks are a man’s best accessory to help him stand out in social gatherings. Our list of the 15 cool cuff links you will love in 2017 will surely point you in the right direction of which of these pieces of men’s jewelry will look best on you.

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